Return of the Nine-Tailed Fox Sneak Preview

Park Min Young makes a return to the small screen in the opening act of Hometown Legends titled “Return of the Nine-Tailed Fox” tonight on KBS2TV.

It’s a creepy tale about a young woman who was brutally murdered by her own brother but she is reincarnated as the legendary gumiho (nine-tailed fox). Legend says that the gumiho can transform into anything. Usually the imaginary creature is known to change itself into a pretty lady and seduce men, and the story eventually leads to a deadly revenge or murder. Basically, it’s a horror story with a Korean traditional twist to chill hot summer nights.

31 thoughts on “Return of the Nine-Tailed Fox Sneak Preview

  1. copying Jane,

    It looked pretty freaky until the added the cute fluffy tails

    I’m excited, looking foward for this one. ^_^

  2. So is park min young playing the lead?

    any who I agree with looked good & somewhat scary til they added the CG in the killed the trailer.

  3. When I first saw the title I thought it was something about Naruto or something like that but, back to the topic now, I would like to watch that. 🙂

  4. I want to watch it but Im too scared… =.= Park Min Young looks nice in “Nine Tail Fox” role. Thats what I call a beautiful gumiho 🙂 Thanks for the news. Anyway, it will be nice if you post the eps’s story..

  5. ahahahaha! I laugh at anyone could possibly be scared by that “horror” piece of crap. I thought Korean horror movies were pretty good, until now. Crap CG and blotchy white makeup? You’ve got to be kidding.

  6. uh, lalalie, it came out, and its sorta freaky >.>
    They made it really scary, and you should know why.

    I was mostly intrerested of the nine tails xD I like

  7. This like a remake of “Gumiho” that was on KBS2? I just got into that series today. On the third episode. Pretty nice. I liked the idea of the tails here… but the CG was pretty fakey.

  8. Every movie and drama Park Min-yeong’s in must be good, mustn’t they? I’m gonna watch this horror no matter what.

  9. she’s attractive and sexy in her gown, even if the episode’s genre was horror. she made this episode fashionable in her own way.

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