Zia Beseiged by Lipsyncing Rumor

Zia started promotions last week for her first studio album “Road Movie” and having endured countless rumors in the past of being ‘ugly’, ‘fat’, etc, has had to contend with a new rumor recently, lipsyncing at music show performances.

Zia released her first album “Road Movie” on 14th July and subsequently performing on KBS Music Bank and SBS Inkigayo over the weekend and revealed her face to the public for the first time, causing an explosive reaction from netizens. She became the No.1 search term immediately after the shows and her song “I Love You, I’m Sorry” also gained immense popularity and sales.

But amist the euphoria, some netizens also voiced their suspicions that Zia might have lipsynced during her performances. This was her first time singing in public, having previously only released digital singles online without much promotion nor showing her face. Netizens commented, “Doesn’t seem to be singing live. Is she lipsyncing with the CD playing in the background?”.

Zia management company expressed, “It’s not unusual to have doubts like this since this is the first time she is singing in public. No matter what, she will prove herself with her vocals, she will definitely not attempt lipsyncing by any means.” Zia had never shown her face before this and had adopted a mysterious concept which unfortunately led to many rumors surfacing about her.

32 thoughts on “Zia Beseiged by Lipsyncing Rumor

  1. hmmm…
    personally i can’t tell whether she’s lipsyncing or not.
    but to have her lipsync for her comeback would be horrendous. :O

  2. ^ lol lots of people actually have lipsynced for comebacks. snsd actually DEBUTED with lipsyncing (not bashing). its just weird cuz they are really good singers but i guess its lee soo man’s decision..

    i dont think she lipsynced. i could hear her breathing & stuff & it didnt sound exaclty like the cd version. shes just THAT GOOD!

  3. You can’t tell coz you aren’t Musician.
    Mostly musician can tell different between LIVE and LIPsync.

    ZiA is REAL, SHE’S SANG LIVE. (k-netizen must go to hell)

    Just read another news from OSEN they said “next time she(zia) may have to downgrade the (live) voice so that kind of people can’t blame”

    Super Joke ? Even NEWS media commenting on that.

    BTW, Mostly in dance song, kasoo(singer) usually lipsync but for ballad like this … NO! They’re Not (mostly)

  4. i think it is obvious that she is not lip syncing- i mean, the orchestra is playing live and you can CLEARLY hear her breathing after each verse to grasp for air. the cruelty that people can do to a human being who just want to be heard.

    whether she ‘had’ ‘has’ ‘have’ plastic surgery or not, it does not matter, it’s her talent that give her strengths and courage to face the audience.

    for someone to assume and accuse her of lip syncing just mean she is a REALLY good singer to sound like her re-touch CD version. just like every other celebrities who are very famous or well known at the moment. why cant people give others a chance?

    by the way, who is she? i dont even know her.

  5. Ooooooooooh please netizens
    She’s live singing
    Come ooooooooooooooooooooooooooon

    I don’t understand why in the world Koreans calling her ugly???
    Seriously she looks very ordinary
    not like plastiky people out there thats makes her unique bring closer to life which I love about her
    she have some awesome vocals
    Zia hi5 sista !!!!!
    show your talent kick those netizens with your awesome voice !!!!

  6. Only thing that I need to tell Zia
    Girl need some cheeseburger she’s very skinny
    literally have nothing
    her leg is a toothpick

  7. it’s pretty obvious she did not lipsync.
    you can hear her breath between lines and also the mic buzz when she’s singing into the mic. and the overall sound quality is definitely not recorded.
    but she hides it well, since her facial expression doesn’t change that much when she hits her high notes.
    but she’s a great live singer no doubt : )

  8. I don’t think she’s lipsyncing. You can clearly hear her breathing into the mic and you can hear the echoes from the stage.

    I think she’s pretty good. Even though I know who she is, this is my first listening to it.

    Netizen’s seriously need to get a life.

  9. truthfully, i think media should stop quoting what netizen says because its ridiculous, who cares? they have no life

    on the other hand, im getting tired of these kind of promotion, “mysterious concept”. bleh
    if she came out just like regular singer from the start, im sure people will react so so, because no offense i think she’s okay but that “omg great!”
    netizen’s reaction (whether stupid or not) is actually what her company needs

  10. wa… this is pretty lame. i haven’t even heard the whole thing yet…(still loading). But just 2 sentences of her singing i know its live. netizens…. its time to clean your ear!!

  11. I kinda get why some might think she was lipsyncing. I mean, the movements of her lips seemed too … restrained (perhaps?) to match the strength and power of her voice. To be as loud and as powerful as she was usually requires larger, more obvious lip movements, but she seemed to be able to project with limited lip movement.

    … Still, the massive breaths she had to take seem to prove a lack of lipsyncing. And, honestly, her voice is FANTASTIC, so even if she WERE lipsyncing, we know she’s able to sing well. Less able singers with far more evident plastic surgery aren’t being bashed as much, so why should she be?

  12. She didn’t lipsync, I heard and watched her breathe into the microphone when she sang. That netizen has sight/hearing problems.

  13. Uhm… if that’s lipsyncing then all other singers are doomed.

    That looks and sounds nothing like lipsyncing and the type of muffling sound you get from microphones is there and when she switched from impactive notes you can see the small gaps left which usually aren’t left in recorded tracks…

    They just like to make noise and wrongfully critisise peoples hard work.

    The only reason people can think she’s lipsyncing is because of the lack of lip movement.

  14. she wasn’t lipsyncing!! and who cares if she did?? every other singer/idol group lipsyncs the first time they perform!!

  15. so what if she is ugly and she lip syncing! what is wrong with people these days! as long as her voice is good and that she is able to hold a note should be enough! anyway, i think she rocks! like her songs! thanks for sharing the news with us! i hope people will be welling to accept more then looks in the future!!!

  16. This only proves 1) idiots have a voice in media 2) some people can’t tell if it’s a talent or not.

  17. Actually every idol/group doesn’t lip synch when they first perform, lol. only SNSD and other untalented retards. WG debut live ❤

    She wasn’t lip synching though, I can hear her breathing, she sounds flawless though which is probably why the netizens are being assholes.

  18. this ia not the first time she´s singing in public. she once did it before on YDH’s Love Letter last year. then her face wasn´t like this btw. so evidently she´s done her nose, lips and a lil of eyes– but I guess that´ll make her more confident on stage? but before she wasn´t ugly looking, she was just not outstanding and jkust averge.. so, why the large attention over her face? hm..

    check it out if u want:


  19. I don’t why people cannot accept the fact that she has a wonderful voice, she’s amazing – Zia fighting!!

  20. wow, powerful vocal… she’s good~
    and she sings so easily…
    but i dont think she’s lipsyncing =)

  21. if u guys have heard the song over n over like i had, u wld know she’s not lip synching cuz it sounds kinda different to me… i dink her vocals r good…

  22. lol the netizens dont have anything good to do….i dont think she’s lipsinging…she’s OBVIOUSLY singing LIVE! i mean just hear her excessive breaths and all! lol she has an amazing voice! Zia HwaitinG!

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