Kang Soo Jung Criticised for A Bad Hosting Job on We Got Married

New female MC Kang Soo Jung have hosted the past two episodes of MBC star wedding variety “We Got Married”, relegating the original MC Lee Hyuk Jae into becoming a consultant beside Park Myung Soo. Viewers originally viewed her appointment with anticipation, hoping that she would offer a female perspective to the excessive male MCs. But their anticipation has turned into bubbles.

Since original female MC Kim Won Hee left the show to film a drama, the viewers were anticipating the performance of Kang Soo Jung to fill up the void left behind by Kim Won Hee and offer views as a housewife and from a female perspective. But it has become glaringly obvious that Kang Soo Jung is unable to do a adequate job of even filling her shoes after two weeks of hosting.

Many commented on the official website, “She speaks too much, she is not the main focus of the show but the host, she should just stick to fulfiling her MC duties”, “Hope that she can restrain herself. The viewers are not idiots (she was like doing commentary for every scene). Hope that she can just stick to offering perspectives that only married women have.”

26 thoughts on “Kang Soo Jung Criticised for A Bad Hosting Job on We Got Married

  1. first…alright..lol (i know i’m dork sorry..lol)

    any who i didn’t know she was doing a bad job probably because i haven’t watched WGM since you got suspended..but i’m happy your back..welcome back wondersmurf.

  2. she’s a curse to all variety show’s she is in. she’s horrible. very noisy. i hope she gets kicked out before its too late.

    — im just annoyed. bring back Kim Won Hee.

  3. they need to get rid of so many MC’s

    i think LHJ and PMS need to leave, and this female MC was really annoying…she needs to either talk less, or they should replace her *sigh*

    it was annoying to hear SO MANY people talking in the background during the last 2 eps

  4. i actually like the four male mcs
    at times you just laugh at what they say 😀
    but i am not really liking kang soo jung as the mc in wgm

  5. oh she kept ruining moments… like everytime she spoke… was a critical moment for the couple and she keeps butting in. i miss the lady whose belt kept coming off during one show. AHAH loved that! and the four guys as mcs… haha don don’s my favorite.. AHAHAHA

  6. I think when people expect someone to fill someone else’s shoes, it’s impossible to meet expectations. Kim Won Hee was fabulous. I loved her as an MC and I enjoy her acting as well. But, I think viewers need to remember that Kang Soo Jung is not the second Kim Won Hee. Just because she is a woman MC does not make her Kim Won Hee’s replacement.

    If people focus so much on the negatives of a person, then won’t those negatives seem more exaggerated than they really are? I’ve been an avid fan and watcher of WGM since the very beginning and Kang Soo Jung doesn’t bother me a bit.

    With that being said, I agree with the opinions of those who believe that there are too many MCs already. What were the PDs thinking? To have that many people MCing is ridiculous. If anything they should rotate the MCs.

    Anyway, I still love the show and I find nothing wrong with Kang Soo Jung. In fact, more power to her for being the only woman MC.

  7. She does comment too much. None of those comments are particularly enlightening but none of of the MC’s on that shows are useful in my opinion.
    Maybe Don Don is useful, as much as I dislike him, he is a good punching bag from time to time.

  8. i know.. she butt into so many moments with “o-mo~” and none of the comments she made was of any importance.. they were all comments like “oh! look at that!” “look at what they’re doing” … it’s like she’s an audience member. =_=

  9. what the hell were they thinking of putting another MC in WGM ~ and kang soo jung (forever commentator)! AIGO!!!!
    as if we don’t know what’s going on… she’s a nuisance…
    she should just shut up and let the viewers enjoy the show…

  10. Its true you know she speaks sooooooo much and what she says isn’t even enjoyable. She si really annoying.

    When Kim Won Hee was there her comments were very relevant and the things she said were funny and intersting. Personally i think Kim Won Hee’s personality match with the show more.

    Btw coolsmurf thanks for still posting vdo on YT.

  11. can someone clear this for me? what exactly do the consultants do? I rarely see Park Myung Soo do anything so i dont understand how Lee Hyuk Jae is also there to join him? :/?

  12. I don’t want to be mean because I like her as an MC but it’s so true…she talks way too much.

  13. It is true that all shows she’s part of gets cancelled shortly after she joins? I hope its not true because WGM might get cancelled. 😦 I really don’t know her. First time I’ve seen her was during Anbi’s housewarming.

    If the MC’s have contracts which makes it hard to fire them, then they should just be rotated. 4 couples v. 5 MCs – way too much!

  14. i have never seen any of the shows she hosts, so i have no prior opinion of her…

    but her commenting on WGM did annoyed me a bit… she talked more than any of the other MCs and usually, they’re a loud group…Park Myung Soo, Lee Hyuk Jae, Jung Hyung Don, and Lee Hwi Jae….they’re very talkative and loud…but she surpassed all the guys…

    i really wish Kim Won Hee would just come back… i loved everything she commented on… she makes it cute, sweet, adorable, and funny all at the same time….


  15. I definitely miss Won Hee on the show. She was cool. I think there’s so many MCs now. The PMS made a good point two weeks ago about wondering what the PDs were thinking when PMS barely even get screentime while he’s at his desk, and then, they add HyukJae with him. It’s unnecessary to have all these MCs on WGM.

  16. wow, it must be stressful to be an mc! so much pressure! it’s only been 2 episodes and i’m guessing it was all one taping? she did a good job on YSMM s1 so i’m sure she’ll improve once she’s settled in more. plus i thought she got a lot prettier since she got married. 😛

    at the same time i kinda miss having hyuk jae next to hyung don. they seemed to bounce off each other well, and i always found their comments super funny. i noticed less of that since they changed things around… but maybe this concern is premature too! ^^

  17. I say they should get the lady host (with the cartoon but cute voice) Hyun Young!!!

    She’s really great and entertaining!!!

  18. Don Don is the best MC IMO… as for the others, they need to get rid of two or three. As many have said, the background was so noisy that there were times we couldn’t even hear what the couples were saying.

  19. they should fire her & LJH, since she talks too much, he barely says much since he came back after being a couple, & maybe PMS too, i like him but he rarely says anything.

    i like LHJ & Hyun Don, they are funny, especially Hyun Don, he knows when to comment & make jokes.

    i hope Kim Won Hee returns, she was funny & had an interesting perspective.

    KSJ adds nothing but a lot of talking/narrating. if they had Hyun Young, it would be difficult to watch/listen because her voice is annoying.

  20. well I agree, she did comment a lot and she didn’t really bring any laughs like the other MCs did. Won Hee Unni did a great job hosting since she had a nice personality and she was really funny, too bad she had to film a drama during wgm </3

    they have just left the hosts as is, unless they can get a spunky female comedian to do the job XD

  21. I agree! Fire her immediately!
    It’s really annoying to hear such comments in the background. I’d rather hear background music.

    Why did the PD hire her anyway since the WGM shows has been doing so well? She’s like a novice.
    Don-Don was kinda good as an MC also Hyuk Jae
    but the other 2 male especially PMS? what is he doing anyway???!!!

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