Crown J feat. Seo In Young Too Much Live Performance

Never thought it would take that long to see the Ant Couple, Crown J and Seo In Young perform their theme song, Too Much live considering how popular the song and them are with fans. It’s not the most polished performance, but just seeing them on stage performing the song together with energy, with love and the “A! A!” reaction from the crowd is more than enough. A! A! Double A!

They are just so cute and adorable!

31 thoughts on “Crown J feat. Seo In Young Too Much Live Performance

  1. OUCH! His friend fell straight down on his butt at 2:56 must have hurt. hehehe got to see the piano bit haha.

  2. i have been waiting for this day!
    they’re so swt tgt~
    =D hope more of e couples get to perf tgt more outside…
    crown J is simply loved !
    i wan a HQ of it man! =D

  3. Hahah where was this???

    Ant mania at its most powerful! Somehow it tickles me that the Gaemi couple has a THEME SONG. Which other couple could say they do huh? Hahah they are too adorable and it seems that their roles in WGM has really helped them tremendously.

    Ps: I don’t think In Young was singing live. That’s too bad cos I’ve heard her sing live and it’s not bad. LOVE CROWN J!

  4. i LOVE this song and i’ve been dying to see it live. as sweet as i imagined. *sighs* i just wish crown j would shut up at the parts where in young was singing lol–yeah, it does seem like she’s not singing live, which bewilders me because she has an excellent live voice. with a bit more polish (and minus crown j’s posse) this woulda been the live of the week for me (lol, ’cause i watch a lot of lives).

  5. i like crown J and seo in young to, but Alex and Shin ae is my faovrite couple, buut still , i thiiink this song is amazing!!! i just wish that seo in young was singing, and that they would actually be a REAL couple!

  6. You could hear a little bit of Seo In Young in the performance! Very little and yes, I think she has a great voice and she sings well!!! Let’s hope they’ll be more performance of “Too Much” and she’ll sing those time!! 😀

  7. whoa… it’s been so long since they released the song… but finally!!! a performance of the Ant-Witch couple of their song!!!

    i’m surprise at myself that i actually like the song… not usually the type of music i listen to, but this song was very addicting and good to listen to….A! A! DOUBLE A!!

  8. Too bad she didn’t sang it live. anyway .. the perf was worth waiting for.. this is their first Too Much Perf together rite ??

  9. aww how cute. :]
    seo in young and crown j really do look compatible.
    “A!” 🙂

    i think someone is impersonating you on youtube with the name of wondersmurf. is that really you? i don’t think so because it says that person is from south korea, but you’re from singapore right? just letting you know. it would be great to have you back by the way.

  10. haha aww their such an irresistible couple! =)
    the “A” thing is so popular! xD
    ah I love the Crown J – In Young couple

    QUESTION: I was wondering, since Solbi – Andy are Anbi and ShinAe and Alex are – Alshin what are In Young and Crown J?

  11. I think she didn’t sing live because her throat was bothering her at the time. In WJM she has been saying she doesn’t feel good.


  13. they seemed to be the most realistic couple to me now….before it was AnBi but its them now…

  14. I LOVE the energy on that stage man. The whole vibe just makes you wanna cheese so hard haha. Dang. I feel the love in the air. SIY’s smile is so genuine, loving and shy when Crown J was rapping to her. They are so adorable. Goodness, it almost feels like they’re going out forreal. Hehe. Loving them<3.

  15. wow they have gotten so close from first days of WGM.
    not a perfect perf but entertaining enough 😛
    they must be very close outside work… explains why crown j wont cross the line by kissing her lol.

  16. I love this couple. They are just too funny. :). Actually all the WGM couples match quite well ( except for Don Don).

    Is Crown J english name Kevin, cuz In Young sang “kevin I love u”.

    @ Yomee, I think that Crown J and In Young are called the GEamei (ant) couple.

  17. @ zaza.

    yes its kevin. otherwise thatd be weird O.o

    @ yomee

    haha itd be cool if they were the YoungCrown couple =D

    but geamei couple works too =)

  18. aww..that poor guy. fell on his butt. you can hear the thump. i had to rewind again to see what it
    but the performance was okay. heehee.

  19. You’re right, it wasn’t very polished. His rapping was a little uncomfortable to listen to and you could tell the girl was lypsyncing. All in all, it wasn’t bad, but not good either.

  20. i think crown J was tired.. thats why the rap part was a bit ‘uncomfortable’??? anyway… love this couple soooo much. waiting for their better performance in the future.. there are so sweet together!!!! ^o^/

  21. @ magheritera
    just watch some WGM episodes and you’ll know why.
    in young surprised us all with her personnality. she’s adorable and she’s some skills really

  22. can someone tell me where i can find a clip of this to download?!?!?! even though it’s not the best performance of it i’m just so hapy that they’re FINALLY performing together!

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