Choi Jung Won to be Song Il Gook’s Love Interest in Kingdom of the Winds

Actress Choi Jung Won will make her comeback to the small screen after a long hiatus to be Song Il Kook’s love interest.

Choi Jung Won has been added to KBS2TV saeguk drama “Kingdom of the Winds” which will begin broadcast on 3rd September (subject to change). The drama depicts the life of Jumong’s grandson, Moo Hyul (Song Il Kook), who later goes on and become Daemusin-wang, the 3rd ruler of Goguryeo, northern-most kingdom in the turbulent period known as the Three Kingdoms of Korea.

Choi Jung Won is casted as Moo Hyul’s love interest and a Buyeo princess. She has exceptional medical skills and has an artistic name, Yeon. Her last work was in 2006 for KBS 2TV “The Infamous Chill Sisters” and this will be her comeback drama after 1.5 years of inactivity. This will be her first time challenging saeguk dramas and so many people are anticipating her performance.

According to the production company for choosing Choi Jung Won, “Her character is someone who is skilled in healing and a very ambitious woman. Since her debut, Choi Jung Won has been showing different sides of her in her dramas and movies and thus we feel that she is the best person for this role.”

Choi Jung Won expressed, “I have been resting a lot and this is also my first time taking on a saeguk drama, so I am pretty nervous about it. I decided on acting in this after seeing the script just once because this role is simply too attractive. I hope to show a different side of me to everyone through this role and will do my best to excel in this so that viewers won’t feel disappointed.”

11 thoughts on “Choi Jung Won to be Song Il Gook’s Love Interest in Kingdom of the Winds

  1. yay! i loved her in the ‘chil sisters’ and tried to find more of her work but she hasn’t done that many and there isn’t that much info on her. i’m glad she’s making a comeback

    and she’s so pretty too!

  2. Wow!!!
    you and Sig really will be a perfect couple 😉 !
    can’t wait to see both of you work together n make the best drama worth to watched !!
    Hope you do your best ,Gbu

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