Another Look at Andy and Solbi, Alex and Shin Ae 100th Day Wedding Photoshoot

A big hand to _shin_ for grabbing these excellent near HQ quality pictures from Andy and Solbi, Alex and Shin Ae 100th Day Wedding Photoshoot. You might have seen some of them before but it doesn’t hurt to see it again since it’s so beautifully taken. I didn’t know they used the same studio (L Studio)?

And let me set the record straight, there has been news about Andy leaving “We Got Married” in the past day. But that’s just speculation fabricated by someone and then spread by others thinking it’s true since it’s such a big thing. They even said Kim Dong Wan was replacing Andy but how is that possible since he’s going to be enlisted pretty soon. So it’s not real since no one from MBC and Andy nor his management has been quoted. Remember nothing is true until someone related says anything. News can sometimes be so misleading.

Now for a little delayed Episode 20 summary. Loved Alex and Shin Ae interactions, they were acting just like before their “break-up”. Crown J and In Young continues to be the most “entertaining” couple ever. Andy and Solbi was kind of overshadowed I feel, same with Hyun Joong and Hwang Bo. How is it possible that Hyun Joong and Hwang Bo keeps losing games, big or small?

DonDon has been the most improved MC in the studio and as the troublemaker since breaking up with Saori. That new female MC Kang Soo Jung seems to be tying too hard, commenting on PRACTICALLY every scene. Hopefully, her arrival doesn’t signal the end of the show like she always does with previous shows.

From the previews, it looks like they are adding some drama elements again.

58 thoughts on “Another Look at Andy and Solbi, Alex and Shin Ae 100th Day Wedding Photoshoot

  1. The pictures are amazingly beautiful, is it just me or the third pic of AnBi, Andy look a bit awkward just looking at Solbi like that? haha. I love the last pic though, it was nice for Andy to invite Hwang Bo over.

    I feel so bad for Hyun Joong while I was watching ep.20
    he didn’t catch any fish while ShinAe did, he’s being too hard on himself. I don’t get why they make Hyuk Jae and Myung Soo sit together when Myung Soo already barely have any say on the show.

    I’m really start to wonder if Don Don’s behavior is his true self or just his own gag concept.

  2. OMO! i think shin ae and alex’s wedding pixs look hella cuter than solbi and andy’s. just my opinion! thanks for sharing.

  3. Is it me or does Alex and Shin Ae look like a real couple. I know it is a broadcast but they are almost too believing!
    Wow! What great photos!

  4. even tho andy and solbi are my fav couple, i really do hate that big ugly bow on her dress. I think Andy Oppa made a bad choice on the dress. *two thumbs down*

  5. I agree that Alex & Shinae look much more “real” and photogenic than Andy & Solbi but I must say the one of the latter couple in hanbok is really beautiful.

    I think that shot of Shinae lying on a cloud of white with rose petals has to be the most gorgeous shot in the entire WGM wedding album.

  6. thank you so much for the HQ pics!!

    About Andy leaving ppl were just spreading rumors. Andy’s management never stated anything about that. If he was planning to leave it would be big news. Anyways love the pics. Glad to see Hwangbo in one of them.^^ Hopefully we’ll get to see her and HJ’s shoot when the time comes.

  7. i love all the photos
    ahh my 2 favorite couples
    seriously their photos look perfect…like the ones you would see in a magazine or the model pictures for people who are going to do the same
    i think solbi’s short dress is very cute=]

  8. They’re all so pretty! Thanks for sharing…by the way coolsmurf, there are some sites saying that Andy will be leaving soon…is that true? I’m skeptical because the Korean media outlets haven’t picked up on it yet…it might be true, who know. (I hope it’s not.)

  9. omg kangsoojung is an MC???
    noooooooo! i dunno why, but she makes variety programs seem so stifff =SSSSS im sure its just me tho… lol

  10. hmms i have a different take on things…. i felt andy and solbi’s wedding pictures were much …. happier… in terms of props, color tone, and clothing style. my favorite shot is the first one coolsmurf put up. and i love all four couples equally because they’re all so distinct! and i bet L Studio’s business is blooming haha. Truly beautiful photography and photoshop touch ups. AMAZING!

  11. whoo! the pics are amazing!! quality is perfect and so are the models in it!!!

    these two are truly the two couples i’m hoping the best for…cuz they have real potential to have a lasting marriage if they do get married…

  12. lol at Don Don and Saori…HAHAHAHA!!
    the early episodes were hilarious…
    Wow anbi pictures are amazing!!

  13. whoa…i’m looking at the pics carefully and i just realized that Alex and Shin Ae really do give off an aura of an “already married” couple… their pics looks like they’ve been married for years already…

    Andy and Solbi pics gives off an aura of a newly weds totally in love… man…these two couples are really making me want to get married!!!

  14. omg! thanks for the pics!

    and you are soo right! i wanted to kill the new girl mc.
    she kept on talking non-stop even during the important parts! ahhhh!

    thanks for the pics!

  15. Andy is soooo photogenic. He is such a handsome, beautiful man. Solbi looks really happy, like an actual blushing bride in those pictures.

    ALSHIN look as they always do, real life and in photos, flawless and beautiful!

    Totally agree with ss in Post 14. Man love this show!

  16. Thanks for the beautiful wedding pics of AnBi and Alshin. Truely lovely couples especially Alshin. Again hoping they’ll make it real.

  17. awesome pictures! and thanks for clearing that up, i TOTALLY believed andy was leaving.. and made my peace with it.. hahha. but dongwan replacing him.. ahh.. hahha weird. i was thinking that if he really did leave, add a whole new couple to the show.. but yay he’s staying! he’s the sweetest most realistic househusband!

  18. Loveee the photos, and the one with Andy & Solbi on the scooter and him doing that hand motion seems like the he always does, the “whoooo”while moving his clenched fist around. hahah so cute!!

    Oh THANK YOU SO MUCH for that info that Andy leaving the show is false. I was getting so worried!! Hahaha and I dont know about Ansol being overshadowed by the Ant couple. It’s hard not to be. It’s like a ordinary couple alongside a celebrity couple. Haha! Love them both to bits.

  19. Beautiful!!! Beautiful!!! Beautiful!!! Beautiful!!!

    There is nothing more that I could say about these photos!!! hahah Thank you for sharing them, Alvin!!! You’re awesome!!!

    Did they post anymore pictures especially with Crown J & In Young? I’m anticipating their pictures with the “Love is”…I think many others are hoping for that picture to be revealed! hahah

  20. Oh, and I must agree with you! Rumors and facts can be misleading and you’re right, noone has yet to confirm regarding Andy ‘leaving’ the show but it is (could be) quite a sad story especially for We Got Married, Andy & Solbi, fans!

    Anyway, isn’t the show “We Got Married” on MBC and not SBS? Atleast, I thought it was but then again…I’m not Korean or would have this knowledge. I’m just wondering what if fans have been emailing the wrong company! hahah That would be bad!

  21. nice pics esp alshin couple!!! out for Hwang Bo and Hyun Joong 100th wedding photoshhot on the 10th!! (this according to another blog that i’ve read)…

  22. Thanks Alvin!!

    So loving it…

    But do you have the pictures of Alex piggy back Shin Ae?
    That one if one of beautiful pictures to watch. The on that wasn’t displayed to us.

    Anyway, great pics all around..

  23. Pictures again, i love them!!! Yah…..I don’t mind whoever is the MC for the show as long they pull it off. I love all the couples but last episodes, although i love them, Crown J couple……i am not keen on……basically the way they react and going on vacation bringing all their clothes……it is just my opinion, and it irritates me but it is their style. (especially not bringing the food hee hee)
    Hwang Bo Couple, i love how Hyun Joong speaks and makes her laugh. Alex-Shinae they are lovely, but i adore Andy & Solbi the most, they are more pure!. it is my opinion anyway!

  24. AIYIYIYIYI i was wondering when alshin’s HQ photos were going to surface on the net 😀

    and no one can forget about our adorable AnBi couple ^^

    thank you SOOOO much for sharing!!!

  25. waww!!!!
    love the picture sooo much,,,,thank you alvin !!!!!!
    solbi looks so pretty,,,shinae too,,,,,

  26. Thank’s for the HQ pictures…LOVE ANBI’s picture..especially SOLBI on hanbook,she look so cute & pretty…Regarding ep.20 I still enjoy watch anbi couple a lot..They had so much fun with crown J couple…No akward moment for them..

  27. thanks. the AlShin photos are the best & AnSol hanbok too. ep20 was good, i liked AlShin, too cute, the trip with AntWitch & AnSol was funny, HyunDon was funny too. i don’t like MC Kang Soo Jung, she doesn’t add anything, i wonder how netizens feel about her, most comments i’ve heard from soompi is that she is annoying, i agree. there are too many MCs i think HyunDon is way better an MC than tv husband, PMS only says like 1 or 2 things, the other MC that use to be on as married couple but left without explanation he doesn’t add much lately, i like that other MC Lee that did that ‘bobo’ thing with HyunDon. i miss MC Kim Won Hee, she was great, i hope she comes back & they drop that lady & the other 2 males.

  28. Alex and Shinae are so beautiful together! Just loved their wedding pictures! I could stare at them all day! LOL!

  29. I want balloons on my wedding too!!! ^^
    And I love Solbi’s pretty mini-dress!

    It’s such a shame that you’re not subbing anymore, Alvin. I miss your work tons!!!

  30. andy is so cute here…thanks for posting the pics…
    dondon is so funny in WGM ep 20..hahaha! -:) yes , i agree with vicky, i sometimes wonder as well if its the real him..or just him acting to make us laugh…

    alvin , hope ur doing ok after what happened…we all mis ur subs…

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  32. Coolsmurf/Alvin!!

    How r U?… btw love the photos of anbi & alshin which u posted! beautiful! 😀

    Btw juz wondering…heard that andy & solbi wasn’t on good terms? but that was in early July… Eric (Shinhwa) said that in an interview. But i hope all is well with them now.. i dun want them to break up! 😦

  33. SWEET pics! hehe… i have to admit… when the couples were taking their pics, they looked awkward, but the photos came out nicely. =P lol. you can see andy’s mic in like all of the pics. –;;

  34. WHOA.
    Hell…if only people’s wedding photos were like that…
    AISH~! almost makes me want to get married in the future, even though I swore I wouldn’t.

    Alex and Shin Ae…fighting! the best couple!

  35. Thanks for the photoshoots of them, the couples looks great in the photoshoots. I really love the show that i’ve been addicted, unknowingly. Eventually, I hope them can continue in their real lives, it seems impossible. T_T;

  36. I love anbi couple. Their photos, in my opinion turned out a lot better and prettier. Solbi has always been true about her feelings from the beginning about Andy and knowing how she feels makes the the wedding pictures a whole lot greater. I also love the first picture coolsmurf put up first of the anbi couple, that is my favorite wedding picture. Alex and Shinae wedding pictures turned out great too. Its just that I don’t find them all that great like anbi couple.

  37. alsin wedding photo concept’s is great…
    I like the scene where they sat together & watched flowers petals from above falling to the ground…

  38. but still not real couple at all..very sad..both of them acting..good acting..but still not real couple at all..very sad..both of them acting..good acting..

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