SBS Response to Your Feedback

This is what reader AJ~AJ~AJ commented on one of my posts earlier this morning. I guess SBS will not budge and so be it.

GUESS WHAT! I EMAILED SBS INTERNATIONAL UNDER THE NAME OF “Non-Koreans for Koreans”. I showed them our petition, comments from your “goodbye people” post, soompi threads about the recent suspensions. I also asked them about what they’re gonna do to us non-korean fans now, cuz it seems like they’re not aware of us. The actual message is an essay long so i cant paste it here, I’ll just post it on soompi later (will update link later).

SBS International, Inc. Response


First of all, thank you for your interest in SBS programs. However, SBS programs that are (were) available for viewing on were posted by parties that are not affiliated with SBS and thus committing copyright infringement. Please understand that what we are trying to do is to eliminate copyright infringers, not neglecting Korean pop culture fans. There are websites that has SBS Programs available for viewing and you will be able to enjoy SBS programs through following websites:

Thank you for your support

SBS International, Inc.

So this is what I replied after going to the websites that they gave

As we have said, we are NON-KOREANS. We loved the Youtube uploaders because they took time to put SUBTITLES on your variety shows so we could all UNDERSTAND and laugh at the funny guests and MC’s. Because of those “subbers” and “uploaders,” your audience have expanded into a worldwide audience. We suggest you reach out to us in that way as well, NOT just by giving us websites that are once again for the Hanggeul-speaking audience.

It has been a drama-filled week for me and the rest of you who have voiced out your opinions here and at other places. Stay tuned for the next chapter, if any.

29 thoughts on “SBS Response to Your Feedback

  1. aaawww. i hope everything will go well for you alvin..
    im so bored without your account in youtube..
    i dont even have the desire to open
    they suck! big time!

  2. Oh man, I hope SBS will reconsider this whole thing. And I guess they really didn’t understand the “Non-Korean” part…

  3. SBS is really aggressive, i notice someone posted some of your charice videos right after your first suspension and now they are all gone from youtube again.
    Maybe someone should just expand soompi to become a file sharing platform instead of bother with youtube!

  4. AJ~AJ~AJ wrote an essay and sbs gave her like 4 sentences, seriously 😦
    keep on fighting coolsmurf~

  5. they have problems understanding basic English i presume. -_- just like how they had problems understanding about that Beijing Olympic rehearsal shouldn’t be shown on television. hmm anyway, WAY TO GO COOLSMURF! ;D if they still refuse to let ‘outsiders’ sub their shows, maybe we should have a petition to have them hire professional subbers to sub their show! -_- ridiculous really.

  6. As a retired fansubber, let me share with you about my feeling about all this commotion.

    Seems that most of the users/viewers here are not aware that subtitles are illegal. This is a lost cause. I bet the mail sent to SBS which is showing the fans concern will cause a lot of harm to other fansubbers like WithS2, KST, and etc,.

    Subtitles made from shows/drama or whatever are derivative works from copyrighted materials. I bet most of you people had never read a Terms of Services or a Copyright license. Read them well and you’ll see that you can’t even create something out of a copyrighted materials.

    Hence, SBS or whatever stations have their right to delete them or file a lawsuit against anybody who are infringing their copyright.

    This was the reason WHY WithS2 squad has a policy NOT to upload their works on streaming website.

    A fansubber is always guilty in the eye of law no matter what his/her contribution to the non-korean speakers community.

    Better leave it and try other things rather than getting yourself deep in trouble.

    Now go figure.

  7. Alvin give us some info on how to contact. We will all flood their site with emails and msgs. Us Non-Koreans need to be heard.

    A lot of thanks to AJ~AJ~AJ for doing that. Now we’ll see how SBS will handle this. They most likely will brush it off since they are probably up to their necks in shit with the Olympics vid.

  8. hmmmmmmmmm i think it happened a long time ago, as i know of a friend sister who is into HK show and wrote to them to ask them to have it for Non Canto speaking people.. THEY never listen, and looked what happened… the death of them and now that they have it in sub.. who bothers!!!!!

    ya, give us their contact and we can again write to them… nothing last forever but if they are still insistent to keep it local, good for them, people move on… nothing to it….like Jdrama, it was once the hot thing and now… i must admit they still have their fans but a lot slowed down.. oh well…

  9. Yeah, so much for infringement.
    I wonder how their Chinese Partners will react or HAVE
    reacted to this incident.
    Being that two of their foreign partners are:

    # China Beijing TV Station, People’s Republic of China
    # Shanghai Media & Entertainment Group, People’s Republic
    of China

    There may be a chance that their ties will be cut off.
    What a shallow move that SBS had made.. this was an utterly appalling behaviour, even from them..


  10. What… That email from SBS doesn’t exactly have any new logical information :S

    I know it’s important to look after your local viewers first in Korea but it’s not like youtube is reducing those viewers, and by the way it’s increasing sales revenue for merchandise, etc. generally overseas.

    Aish~ Anyways we still support you Alvin and hopefully we can get the result that we want 🙂

  11. I think you should just stop subbing using youtube. It is true that fansubbers commit copyright infringement no matter what their intentions are. I’m very upset about this too, but now that I’ve thought about it in their view point.. you can’t blame them.
    Whats done is done, they’ve already taken everything off and its not like they’re targeting you as an individual. There are other means to fansub such as crunchyroll. It is a waste that all the videos you have uploaded has been deleted but its not like all your hard work was done for nothing, the amount of supporters for you is evident.

    Fighting! 🙂

  12. my account just got suspended as well but they only gave me a warning to take off the vid. so i did, and then the next day, they just suspended my account so im just flabbergasted.

    anyways, what sbs really means is “if u really want to watch our stuff, then pay.” effing ridiculous.

    and while theyre taking care of their copyrights, they reveal Olympics stuff. ridiculous.

    give us their email. all of us should just flood them with complaints

  13. But these companies should realize that non-Korean’s have no way of understanding their show if they don’t understand the language. Understand?

    In addition, the shows that are found (with English subtitles) on Youtube or other websites is not available in (most) other parts of the world and that’s a huge problem. Because of the shows posted online and with English subtitles, I grew to enjoy Korean cinema and its entertainment world. In fact, I believe their shows more entertaining than most that I’ve experienced and they are really funny!

    Even though I do understand why these companies would file infrindgement, they should be more understanding as well.

  14. Kudos to the person who sent the mails!!!! i also doubt SBS will budge, but in memory of Coolsmurf’s youtube channel, it had to be said!!

    Still hope things will work out for you!! fighthing~~

  15. You should understand that sending repeated mails to them would only harm other fansubbers. Better leave it off and find another way. Stop being stubborn and childish. Y

    ou can’t win and you won’t win against them. Whatever had happened with SBS concerning the Beijing Olympics, only concerns them. It’s in no matter what relates to the fansubbing issue.

    For the sake of other fansubbers, stop this immediately. No need to cause such a commotion and blow it out of proportion. Please.

  16. Unless you want thousands of lawsuit against you for all the infringement… then sure go ahead.

    But that’s just my word of caution. Like I said earlier in my comments. A fansubber is always guilty no matter what are his/her contribution to the popularity of a show/drama/station/success. That’s the LAW.

  17. Jmx: we totally understand copyright matters. what we’re asking for now is for them to think of a way for us non-koreans to access their shows now that they’ve stopped subbers.. we’re not asking them to allow subbers to upload their vids once again. we’re just making them aware of how much of their audience would be left hanging or would simply stop watching their shows if there are no subtitles, so hopefully they’d acknowledge us and find a way for us to LEGALLY view subtitled variety/talk/music shows [cuz i know there are DVDs for dramas].. but guess what, SBS doesnt seem to care, see what they replied to us?

  18. I think it was a little foolish to have given the soompi thread away. I’m not sure if they’d waste time looking through a forum, but if they did, they’d see the names of other subbers who are still operating on youtube. It seems as if we’re just handing over the remaining subbers on a silver platter IMO.

  19. maybe they should hire you to sub the shows that they post on their official sites. hehehe. that way, we are all happy and youre compensated;)

  20. It’s cool that u tried to fight for the youtubers to keep their accounts, but its simply that SBS doesnt really care that it has international fans unless they in someway or another give money to SBS. SBS doesnt get money from people watching videos on youtube. They would prefer if u went to their site or watched it on TV since they get money from that stuff

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