SBS Draws Flak for Leaking Beijing Olympics Opening Ceremony Footage

Update (credit Anna L): SBS spokesman Park Jae Man said on 1st August, “It was regrettable if Olympics organizers felt offended by the broadcast. The purpose of the broadcast was aimed at heightening enthusiasm toward the Beijing Olympics by showing South Korean viewers the magnificence of the opening ceremony. There was no other intention.” (no repentance whatsoever)

The rehearsals for the Beijing Olympics opening ceremony was held last night as every spectator who walked into the stadium to watch the event had to sign an agreement to not reveal anything they saw to the world. But alas, a television station from South Korea has caused huge embarrassment by leaking footage from the rehearsals to the entire world just nine days before the opening ceremony, as it incurred the wrath of Chinese netizens.

In this news item that lasted 2min 9secs, the anchor even did a detailed introduction and review of the content. Many China netizens were incensed after knowing this and was angry with what SBS Korea had done. One wrote angrily, “The organizers had gone to great lengths and effort to keep everything shrouded in secrecy. The Korean media is really unethical.” Another wrote, “There are so many media in the world but only Korea’s SBS are capable of doing this thing. I am not sure whether they are ignorant or shameless.”

The news also angered Chinese students currently studying in Korea as one wrote, “SBS is one of three major national South Korean television and radio networks. This irresponsible reporting is really undesirable. Many of my Korean friends also felt that SBS did wrong on it’s part.” The Beijing Olympics spokesman, Sun Weide, said last night that the footage was obtained by “irregular means” and questioned the professional standards of the reporter.

The video was uploaded yesterday on a video sharing website with over 50,000 hits in a flash and many comments. But it was deleted due to COPYRIGHT violations late last night. But you can still view the video here while it lasts.

One KBS spokesperson expressed, “For such a big event like the Olympics, the media shouldn’t try to leak any footage that it had managed to obtain beforehand. SBS has a history of commiting similar offences in the past and we are just disappointed at their actions.” Meanwhile a MBC spokesperson replied in unison, “This is their sole doing and has nothing to do with MBC or KBS.”

What worries KBS and MBC the most is that it might affect their broadcast of the Beijing Olympics. The three major tv networks had joined together and signed a broadcast agreement with the IOC. If the IOC decides to pursue the matter, it might affect KBS and MBC. The worst scenario might see it being stripped of the rights to show the opening ceremony. KBS and MBC expressed that SBS should bear sole responsibility and they should be absolved of any links.

It’s not known whether SBS will face censure from the Beijing Olympics organizers over this unfortunate security breach by their reporting crew.

141 thoughts on “SBS Draws Flak for Leaking Beijing Olympics Opening Ceremony Footage

  1. WOW, what a coincidence. I just saw that same exact clip before coming here. O_O

    They kind of ruined the fun for some of those who are awaiting patiently for the Olympics (like me!), but can’t do much now since the video will spread like fire since it is the internet.

  2. You had something to do with this, huh? j/k Well, that’s what they get.. For deleting everyone on the face of youtube. (thought it was sbs international, its still sbs)

  3. It’s only an opening ceremony with lots of people dancing.

    But China thinks it is a state secret.

    If the goons and thugs in Beijing can decide to reneg on their promises over the past few years about free and open reporting and access to the Internet during the Olympics, who cares about the opening being leaked.

    It’s going to be North Korean style anyway, with thousands of people performing to show how great China is.

    Did SBS sign any declaration? If so, then let’s see the proof that they broke the silence.

  4. hmmm, they ordered the vids in youtube to be taken down bcoz of copyright thing, but look at what they are doing now..can’t they just wait for the real opening date to reveal everything??gosh..

  5. OH SWEET KARMA……now who is being accused of COPYRIGHT violations. lol

    Coolsmurf I bet you have a big smile on you face now…..because I do. hahahahah

  6. Ok, I hope SBS get deleted their account from the tv world. πŸ˜›

    The secrecy surrounding the opening ceremony has been so intense that design and production teams and the thousands of cast members have been required to sign confidentiality agreements. Breaches are punishable by up to seven years jail.

    Jail..jail..jail… for SBS, for breaching the secrecy and Banning Coolsmurf. ::PPP

  7. shame on you SBS ~ i wish they gotta pay the price fr what they did .. yeap, i believe in karma πŸ™‚

  8. that’s really unfortunate of SBS. what a week…

    but despite that, it looks like the opening ceremony is going to be really impressive. i won’t be able to watch, but hopefully i’ll be able to watch online.

  9. lol man this is majorly ironic…
    this sux for both the olympics and SBS.
    though like other people have said…this seems eerily like karma

  10. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!serves them right! it’s so timely. revenge is really sweet!

    the universe is truly helping all supporters of coolsmurf. YAY! for Coolsmurf!

    We have the last laugh… BWAHAHAHA!

    that’s what they get for screwing with the people!
    I knew I always believed karma existed in this world…


    on July 31, 2008 at 12:48 pm10 John
    It’s only an opening ceremony with lots of people dancing.

    But China thinks it is a state secret.

    If the goons and thugs in Beijing can decide to reneg on their promises over the past few years about free and open reporting and access to the Internet during the Olympics, who cares about the opening being leaked.

    It’s going to be North Korean style anyway, with thousands of people performing to show how great China is.

    Did SBS sign any declaration? If so, then let’s see the proof that they broke the silence.


    I think you should start your research between China and North Korea. Just because their both communist countries doesn’t mean they share the same policies/rules. Have you ever lived in China? They are completely different.

    Also, the opening act has nothing to do with politics. The olympics isn’t even suppose to be associated with any form of politics (although it cannot be completely avoided) so why are you dragging it in when it’s unnessacary? And why is it wrong to want to show the beauty of China despite it’s problems. Every country would want to put on a good show, is that the North Korean style now? China still has a lot of culture, history and good people. Show some respect. The point of the matter is that the people of CHINA (not the government) worked hard on the opening, you clearly have no idea what a big show like that takes and the amount of effort, organization and sweat it takes. It’s suppose to be something that’s cherished the first time it’s seen on the actual date of the olympics but now it’s ruined thanks to just a few people from SBS. It’s not just for China but every country participating in the olympics and it’s fans. There is obviously many reasons why so many people (not just in China) are upset over this. SO STOP BEING SO IGNORANT.

  13. aigoo. this does not look good for sbs. they’re such a huge broadcasting company with years of experience and a reputation, but they didn’t have enough common sense not to air this? they should have known better. tsk tsk.

    putting aside the fact that sbs SERIOUSLY shouldn’t have done that, i must say that the report made me even more excited about the olympics and the opening ceremony [which looks absolutely amazing btw. it looks like they put a lot of thought and EFFORT into it].

  14. Oh god, the irony here is beautiful. Karma at its finest. I could possibly die happy at this moment. Haha, SBS. Ha. Ha. Haaaaa. Now you know what it is like to appreciate and promote something and have it thrown back in your face. Except– oh, wait– you appreciated and promoted something before it even initially aired. I don’t recall coolsmurf doing anything that heinous. Tsk-tsk-tsk, SBS.

    Yes, I just became a vindictive little child, but I don’t think anyone here would blame me. :p

  15. I completely agree with Jessica’s views in Post 25. There are indeed many global issues in the world, but when people judge the ENTIRE COUNTRY over certain negative aspects that does not improve anything. We have to strive forward against atrocities and definitely not encourage them, but to discourage and put down the PEOPLE of the country (even though it is somewhat indirectly) does not foster good relations and future improvement between foreign relations.

    And speaking about this whole SBS matter, WOW they are really really stupid. Like I’m sure it makes a great news story, but the opening ceremony is in a week. Why ruin it? The opening ceremony of the Olympics is supposed to be filled with like mysterious grandeur and awe because it is the first time seeing it and looking at all the effort they put into showing the beauty of their country. Like really it isn’t a super big deal, but bad move SBS bad move. And it’s CHINA, of course they’re gonna be on your ass, probably more than any other country in the past. But really what other neighboring nation or whatever would have revealed this in the past?

  16. aww thats kinda sadd xD even if i think SBS deserves karma, i don’t think its a good thing that they embarrassed themselves.
    but on the brightside, we got to see whats going to be in the olympic.

  17. how IRONIC…

    SBS is getting their videos out of youtube when they themselves have committed one great act of ‘copyright infringement’.

  18. oh that serves SBS right! what goes around, comes around. so, can they be shut down too? for a big network, they should have known better… i wonder how many of the clips of thier boo boo they will manage to remove from the internet?!

  19. ahahahaha StationBullShit. D:
    Who asked them to be so unappropriate.
    first the disappoint overseas fans,
    now the whole china.

  20. i agree with cjlatina and everyone else here.
    its their fault for banning your youtube.
    yess. like everyone said. karma, what goes around comes around, etc.

    lol i am so suprised right now. in a good way.
    im smiling too. ahah

  21. SBS your fucking idiots. =_=

    This week they have continued to piss me off. *sigh* There lucky I’m not as narrow minded as to stop watching their shows.

    its karma.. ho ho ho..
    indeed, what goes around comes back around..

  23. “shameless or ignorant”, i agree, they’re at least one of those!

    I don’t always agree with what China does, but the olympics is a pretty big thing for them and they’ve work hard at it…i can’t believe SBS could spoil it just like that. damn those people, no work ethic, really, tssk tssk 😦 hope they’ll get what they deserve

  24. SBS…. what can I say, payback is a b***ch. So does karma too. Besides Olympic is where people become together, compete with each other with sportsmanship. Can we leave the politics for a few days? Does it matter where Olympic is being held?

  25. That was really stupid act!!! They like spitting on own face. Somehow I fell happy. πŸ™‚ Hahaha….

  26. lol.SBS is a bunch of jokes. what goes around, comes around definitely.Well lets hope SBS my start turning kinder to others.
    Anyway, thanks coolsmurf for still updating WG blog and KPOP news blog.

    CoolSmurf Hwaiting!

  27. ah! this thing is so serious! mbc and kbs shouldnt be dragged down. sbs must take full responsible.

  28. omg … I couldn’t find this earlier and it said that it had been suspended I was about to cry
    thank goodness it’s still here! T_T

    but yes, it serves them right for suspending everyones favorite YT accounts! =(

    but if this is SBS’s fault (must I say very embarrassing fault) then they should take it themselves not try to bring down other stations!

  29. hahaha… i love everyone’s comments… KARMA IS TRULY A PAIN IN THE BUTT!!! LOL…

    SBS deserved it for making life hell for everyone around the world… serves them right… LOL…

    i have nothing more to say cuz you all said them!!! hahaha… can’t still stop laughing….LOL


  30. oh yeah coolsmurf…

    i do hope you continue to keep your blog here… even though you no longer have a YT account, we still come here for our latest reliable news…. so hopefully, you’ll keep up your blog here…

  31. well i hope the ‘worst scenario’ happens!!!!


    owhhhhhhh revenge is suuuuweeeeeeeet!!!

  32. I say it’s karma as well! I mean, they were so over-sensitive over what, 3 video clips and shut down your entire account? That’s so petty of ’em.

    I say it’s due response. What part of the contract did they not understand? Even if they obtained it by irregular means, it did not warrant them showing it on TV!! I mean, seriously, I think it’s a matter of principles… if they had any bit of respect for the Olympics in China, they wouldn’t have broadcasted it. SBS is just making themselves look stupid.

  33. LOL SBS!
    Hmm… I think SBS and YT should consider bringing back those who’ve been suspended on YT. Hahaha!

  34. I saw it on the national news in the US this morning so it’s everywhere now. SBS should be held responsible for their actions. I dont care for their tactics. I hope that KBS and MBC will now air the Olympics and SBS be stripped of that right.

  35. lolololol

    SBS is such a joke!!!!


    seriously i can’t help laughing..

  36. LOL, i’m commenting again, but OMG, Good Morning America broadcasted the clip as well XD
    i think half of the world’s population already saw that preview, lol, china must be FURIOUS as sbs…

  37. How embarassing…not to mention the utter stupidity on SBS’ part to air it.

    I laughed reading MBC KBS’s statement regarding the ‘incident’…clearly not much love between the stations…hehehe.

  38. lol…drama…
    poor SBS
    luckily i didnt watch the clip…
    i dont need spoiler for my anitcipated event of the year…

  39. i think only only do they disappoint the Chinese, SBS also disappoint the whole lot of ppl in the world….
    the olympics is such a grand event.
    of coz the country who organise (china) wanted to make it the finest….
    and now, SBS had broken this.

    KARMA….i totally agree….
    moreover, didnt they know that it’s bcoz of ppl like coolsmurf, ppl from overseas like us get to know alot of their programms???
    and i mean ALOT….
    what the hell were they thinking of removng the videos in Youtube??/

  40. This is what SBS get for suspending you from youtube coolsmurf but how can they be so stupid to do tht to the Olympics?

  41. hah! sbs and their copyright infringement thingy. they should learn to deal with bigger issue than going all over youtube suspending accounts. πŸ˜€

  42. SBS are also involved in infringement issues?? *tsk tsk* after all that hooha bout suspending your account and all…its like the pot calling the kettle black. i want to see how they will live this down!! muahahaha….what goes around, comes around!

  43. omg this is quite annoying
    something else i noticed is that now no one even enjoyed the beauty of the opening and all people are caring about is SBS TT

  44. hahaha..i find this so hilarious how SBS wanted you to take down your videos and they go ahead a report on a something that should have been reported….they are such a hypocrite!!!

  45. Karma is a bitch isn’t she? πŸ˜‰

    Oh well, hopefully no people out of Asia watch sbs news. Heh..

  46. …now we have proof that SBS is run by idiots…don’t we all feel good about this!?

    …and I agree to the comment that SBS be stripped of the rights to air the Olympics…that would be a great slap in SBS’s face hah!

    …Coolsmurf/Alvin, the gods of cyberspace has avenged you themselves…there ain’t nothin’ better than this!

    …Long Live Coolsmurf!!!

  47. Karma is a biotch!!
    They try to play it cool.. Hope the Chinese take them to the cleaner.. assholes!! YOUTUBERS, They are only getting what they deserve!!

  48. SUCK THAT SBS!!!!! muahahahaha

    I saw the footage today on Good Morning America.

    And 3 out of the 4 cohost didn’t want to see it cause they wanted to wait and be surprised til it was the Olympics. And I wanted too, but I see bits of it and I couldn’t really make out what I saw[too dark and GMA kindof fast fowarded it]

  49. i find that so funny…its karma for sure…to create problems without actually weighing the situation, and that comes back to bite them. Ha. Pretty messed up though, I can totally understand the sentiments of the Chinese organizers. That was very, very unethical, especially being such a big media company in Korea.

  50. Well that’s what they get…
    They just had a taste of Karma & Karma is a bitch.
    Funny how MBC & KBS ditched SBS on this. I don’t blame them because this crap makes them look bad too. & they don’t want that. They didn’t do anything wrong. Plus they didn’t take down their videos from YT (yet) but only SBS did so now they just got a taste of it back.
    SBS are a bunch of idiots. It’s so unethical of them to upload the clip right after they signed an agreement.
    I’m hoping they do get penalize for going back on the agreement because them doing that shows they don’t respect what they signed & they should get in trouble.

    I mean Alvin you got suspended & many other YT’ers got suspended because of SBS clips so SBS should get in trouble as well.

  51. @John: Seriously you better go visit China. They’ve changed a hell lot and the bull that you are talking about isn’t the truth about China. Its communism state is almost gone and they are modernizing their way to success. I agree with Jessica, you haven’t seen China today. China today probably blows wherever you are living in today. If you compare China to North Korea, thats just ignorant bull. They are so much better than North Korea. North Korea doesn’t even have food to feed their nation. Everything that people say about China is usually a lie. They always say that they sell cheap low quality stuff and they rip people off and they have communist ways, but just like Jessica said, their ways have changed. You also shouldn’t be judging China’s Olympics by China’s government. The Olympics is just a mere sporting event of bringing the world together.

  52. Wow after banning people from Youtube, this is what they get. I think it’s seriously stupid since it’s the olympics here we’re talking about. They just ruined it for people =//, but good thing I didn’t watch the clip :DDD I won’t be surprised if China does something about it.

  53. ya…. are they crazy hahha. i could understand a single person secretly recording or something, but this is sbs… they’re.. crazy.. haha

  54. i agree!!!!.with everyone, this is Karma to them..

    now they know how its like for their videos be deleted due to copyright.. and a bigger embarassment to the world for spoiling the opening ceremony of the olympics..

    good thing i haven’t watched the video.. i would really wanna watch the opening ceremony on that official day..

  55. dumb .. just dumb. Can’t really believe that some people believe SBS hasn’t done anything “wrong”.

    Regardless of whatever violations you believe that China have committed .. two wrongs don’t make a right.

    Comparisons to North Korea … ignorant.

  56. This is just awesome haha. This is what SBS gets for shutting down your channel, soshisubs, and everyone else they shut down.

  57. Seesh, Good Job SBS. This year so far, it seems SBS likes to start convrosal stuff.

    we’re all slowly hating SBS.

  58. good stuff! ahaha that’s what you get from banning coolsmurf’s youtube! and this had me all smile! tsk tsk sbs.. be smart, this is really a stupid act!

  59. SBS again ???????????????????????

    that’s karma from what they do in youtube.

    Slowly but sure i started hate SBS.

  60. Karma………….I hope they’ll get bann from broadcasting Olympic to teach them a lesson.
    stop abusing minority. they are so pity and i get annoyed with them now

  61. Gosh, SBS ruins everything for everyone. They’re being quite hypocritical, I’d say. They don’t want people on youtube showing SBS shows, but they go and leak footage of the Olympics? How low is that??
    It’s not bad for just SBS, but all of Korea, which probably has a bad name right now…. Stupid actions of stupid SBS.

  62. wat goes around comes around..!!! lol…
    sweet karma for SBS..
    how fool r they leaked the footage..

  63. *sticks tongue out to SBS*

    (yeah real mature but I’m still annoyed at them.)

    HA! So who’s calling the kettle black? Lmao.

  64. to post #26

    26 bambooshoots

    kekeke, there’s gonna be a lotta haters for SBS now…

    lol they already have a lot of haters πŸ˜€


  65. I just think it’s insanely ironic how they shut coolsmurf down for “copyright infringement”, and then they go and do something like this. haha.

  66. Definately karma… plus a stupid things to do tooo….
    They can say all they want that ppl infringe the copyrights but what are they doing..
    The fact that they sign the agreement not to disclosed but choose to show it to the whole country MEANS that they themselves dont have any self respects for others…

    Only one thing to say… serves them right ^_^

  67. I am one to avoid watching the clip because I want the surprise and surely, China will have one heck of an opening!!! I’ll wait a few more weeks for the real thing!!!

    They should’ve been more considerate before revealing the rehearsal on national TV!!!

  68. pwahahaha~!! i had the same thoughts like #2 amy. after what they did to you~ it’s like right back at ya SBS!! xD feel coolsmurf & coolsmurf’s loyal fans wrath!!

  69. Agree with everybody here…. one word:


    after suspended coolsmurf, gomdori, muishie and others…..
    SBS!! just taste it as you please….

    I can laugh now!!


  70. I’m just surprised it wasn’t MBC that leaked the footage. They were the ones that made that bullshit documentary about American beef. It’s about time these unethical Korean television stations get the international chastising they deserve.

    SBS will simply blame someone else for their ignorance and refuse to take any responsibility.

  71. Sbs has been blaming by other companies from all over the worlds. However I don’t care…
    Even if i’m Korean and i don’t like China, I really don’t understand that SBS’ brainless behaviour…..
    What a shameful…

  72. To be fair, the Chinese should blame themselves for their own stupidity in trusting the korean !……. In some countries in Southeast Asia, 90% of the Sales people will just walk away if they know that their prospective customer would happen to be a korean ! why ?…..because to them, korean is the least trust-worthy people. So sad….now SBS proved them right !

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  74. SBS made a big mistake. that sucks they should have just let people wait for the actual airing. makes me think about the show Spotlight, i was thinking do networks really do dumb things, i guess they do.

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  77. just one word : K.A.R.M.A

    Cant believe big broadcasting company like SBS done such stupid and irresponsible things…

  78. how embarassing.
    “SBS has a history of commiting similar offences in the past” so it’s not the first time they did something like this.

    “The purpose of the broadcast was aimed at heightening enthusiasm toward the Beijing Olympics by showing South Korean viewers the magnificence of the opening ceremony. There was no other intention.” yeah yeah yeah.. but the agreement said not to reveal anything. so.. they didn’t understand the agreement? such a stupid thing to do, SBS.

    @ Comment #126; that’s steoreotyping and it’s offensive.

  79. What can I say… ah Karma? What come around goes around?

    Oh yes, and I hope they are EATING their words now… I wonder what it taste like.

  80. haha…how shameless…now I really don’t like Koreans.. looks like they really enjoy stealing things, haha now they really damned their embarrassed and shameless..

    Koreans = thieves, they are so stupid and irresponsible, they totally ruined the whole thing

  81. What’ve you got against Koreans, #139? It’s a Korean NETWORK that screwed up and did stupid things, not the entire population (and no, I am not Korean or Chinese). If you wanted to judge entire nations by the stupid behaviour and content of their TV networks, Fox News would lead me to believe the majority of Americans are ignorant, arrogant warmongerers (I know they’re not).

    SBS blew the Youtube thing way out of proportion, suspending you over 3 clips was idiotic. But karma can’t be escaped, it serves them right. (also, the opening ceremony is a big deal. Spoilering it was downright petty of SBS).

  82. one third of these comments are stereotyping koreans thats wrong.
    ANd also I disagree with SBS for banning coolsmurf he only showed 5 to 10 minutes clips of SBS shows which were not copyrighting like showing the whole 1 hour episode

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