Get Your Own “A!” T-Shirts

Some have asked about where to get the “A!” t-shirts which is modeled excessively by Crown J and even Seo In Young in “We Got Married”. I got mine through a spree earlier this month through a Singapore Zipia spree forum. The organizer has once again opened the monthly spree for August (deadline: 6th August) so if you are interested, head over there to place your order. Item code is D307421 and name rotta-A town T-21-E21237. Absolutely reliable as I’ve ordered many times from Zipia through him and you can visit Zipia for others.

It retails for just US$13 including shipping. Because it’s a spree, the shipping is alright compared to ordering it on your own. For your information, I got one white and black each. If do not live in Singapore but overseas, I believe he will post it for you with postage depending on your location.

33 thoughts on “Get Your Own “A!” T-Shirts

  1. @nothing— I was just about to ask the same thing. haha
    Awww engrish it never fails to amaze me. lol

  2. i went to the site, tried to order a few A Town tshirts, but the site says i have to have a minimum order of US $500.
    how did you get just two?

  3. Heys people:

    Follow the link to the forums and create an account there.

    There are white and black colours available, as for the sizes, they are M and L, around 38-40 for M, 41-42 for L. Sizes stated are men’s sizes.

    In the forum post there are details and FAQs pertaining to your orders. Read them carefully.

    You may need to create an account in the forum site to submit your orders. I submitted mine via PM-ing the spree organizer.

  4. thanks very much for the info! maybe we will see lots of people wearing this shirt at orchard =p

  5. only for guys?? =(

    can’t they at least have it in S? at least, it won’t look so big even if its a guys shirt.

    but i really feel like having one.. i wonder if i should just buy the M one…

  6. Or you can just make your own “A!” shirt. I would prefer that since I have no idea what “BRONEW” means.

  7. the “O” stands for “and” or “&”. I’m guessing… somehow… in a engrish way lol….

    maybe it has something to do with the strips thats on the “O”

    i want one.

  8. For girls, M size will do fine, if you’re wearing UK size 6-10. It will be kind of big, but will look fine with bermudas and a vintage belt. That’s what I think.

  9. assuming from what Crown J usually says in the show, BRONEW could mean brand new if u piece what the words on the shirt say together. That’s my thinking. The black is good on it’s own but the white one, you might like to wear some accessories so that it doesn’t look too plain.

    I would say M-size is like S-size and L-size is like M-size. I have worn my L-size and after 1 wash, it feels like a M, luckily I am not fat and still can fit into it.

  10. Hi Alvin,
    I noticed that your BRONEW is different from the original “2-much” one. I need to get my hands on one of the shirts.

  11. Maybe it’s meant to be read this way:

    Special Bro (as in “wassup bro!” LOL!)
    New Edition

    Haha, yeah that was so lame -____-”

    Anyway, if you REALLY want small. For us ladies =D,
    buy it at gmarket.

  12. instead of buying the shirt i made it myself. and it looks just like the original. but i just didn’t find time to work on the back yet.

    all you need is a hanes plane white t shirt and just go on word art.

    my sister is very amazed that i was capable to do an exact replica

  13. coolsmurf..
    u ordered which size ah?
    is M equivilant to out M sizes in Singapore?
    like those in girdano?

  14. @eileen, ok i have worn it once and washed it once. I would say M is like S size and M is like L size.

  15. Ive thought about making my own and replacing the back with like…”alyson edition”. But like what someone else said earlier, what font is used?

  16. hiii errr i tried to order it before august 6th, and created an account on zipia + the forums.
    but it kept on saying that it wouldn’t be shown till … the 12th of august
    but i went to go check today. and i could finally put it into my cart.
    i added some other things that i saw that i wanted.
    but.. after i clicked the CHECK OUT, a pop up showing that i had to have a minimum of $500 ……. if i continue to buy from this site (which i hope i will be) i think i’ll reach 500…. but not right now 0o
    can someone explain to me how i can correctly submit my order?! i really want the t-shirt and some other stuff i saw :c

  17. there’s another spree at the forum where the deadline is 17th August, go for that if you missed the 6th August one.

  18. I just finished watching WGM featuring Crown J and In Young and would love to have the A! t-shirt. Do you know if the shirt is still available? I’ve been searching the web and was not able to find any site that still offers the t-shirt. Thanks!

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