Looks Like It’s Really The End For Now

I created a Goodbye People post immediately after the suspension. I wanted to give up. But seeing all your comments from the post, petitions, blogs, soompi, I decided to start back up slow, I created another account coolsmurf2 and also filed a counter-claim offering to delete all the SBS-related videos and reinstating my original account with the non-SBS related videos remaining intact.

But this morning, I opened up my email and got this

Your YouTube account has been suspended due to repeated claims of copyright infringement. Suspended accounts cannot be reinstated. Federal law requires that we terminate accounts when there are repeated claims of copyright infringement.

Guess what, I tried logging into coolsmurf2 after reading that because I suspected something and true enough, it was suspended as well. This time, there was not even a warning, cool. I didn’t tell anyone nor promote about this new account because I wasn’t sure whether to resume. But now I’m sure, I am quitting for GOOD. If they want it to be this way, so be it. I will find a way to make my comeback but please don’t expect too much.

Check here for the videos that SBS International, Inc. has claim copyright for.

313 thoughts on “Looks Like It’s Really The End For Now

  1. Guess it’s really the end?
    But whenever you feel like it, there are still veoh, crunchyroll, and a bunch of other sites out there πŸ™‚ We’ll watch your vids, wherever they are, and you know that ^_^
    I hope you’re not too upset about this incident. Copyright law is iffy, and unless we’re lawyers, there’s little we can do.
    I wonder, though, how some other people can create 2nd accounts w/o being busted? o_O Maybe they know how to change IPs?
    Do feel better. Anger is not good for your…hair ❀

    Wonderfuls are cool. Coolsmurf is of course cool. Cool people are not angry πŸ˜€ [great logic by me]

  2. I’m going to miss you so much.

    You subbing their shows really should be seen as a positive way since they’re getting more fans this way. And personally, you motivated me to learn Korean just so I can learn to sub as well.

    I’m really going to miss your shows, Alvin. Thanks for all the hard work you’ve put into all your videos. We really appreciate it.


    Much love!

  3. Alvin, Alvin…you need to make an account using a different email address (make one using Youtube) and then make a new Youtube username that does not say ‘coolsmurf’.

    This way, Youtube would have a hard time looking for your new identity. How would I know this? Youtube ALSO love to delete MY account and it’s ridiculously STUPID!!!!

    It took me awhile to get Youtube out of the radar, but so far so good!!! Good luck and don’t mind Youtube! If you get suspended again, get new account. hahah It’s almost like “Catch me if you can!!!”

  4. aww i got so excited for a min before i read the quote >_<” argg well i guess u can give it some time and try to start it up again later but that’s totally up to u of course ^^

    but anyways i want to say THANK-YOU so much for everything u’ve done and all the wonderful vids u’ve brought us… i hope u will still continue ur blog tho

    stay strong… Alvin aka coolsmurf FIGHTING!!!

  5. I guess everything happens for a reason? :l
    I’ll miss your youtube account, but please stay with us through this blog and wonder girls blog. I won’t know what to do without you!

    Or perhaps have downloadable links through this blog or something?

    stay stronggg, we’re with you ❀

  6. please. continue subbing.

    it’s really disheartening to hear about this…
    i can’t imagine weeks without your subbing.

    I’m truly sadden.
    i hope that you make a comeback…

  7. All I can say is they suck. Honestly, like everyone else, I got into Korean dramas and variety shows because of you. I second the going to crunchyroll comment. I hate veoh. Don’t give up Alvin. Seriously, I can understand why you are (gonna use Singlish here) sibeh TL with them but you have loads of loyals fans and supporters who are now going “I will follow you”. Dun give up.

  8. awww thats so sad… =[
    였빠~ ν™”μ΄νŒ…!

    well tys for all the work though~ im korean and even though i acn understand korean, i still like reading subtitles which are proper english and not konglish =.=

    – s2 ❀ ❀ ❀

  9. NOOO!!!
    what happened? Did you use the same email address as that of the one you used in your first account? If that’s so, then your account will automatically be suspended again…
    If that’s not the case, then youtube is just plain unfair and stupid!!!

    Dang!! and I’m so pissed now!


  10. I was gonna suggest the same thing as insertusernamehere, I mean if you still have it in you, you can shift to other video hosting sites. Veoh is quite fantastic. But thats for you to decide. It’s kind of weird and random how they just suddenly decided to…you know never mind. What’s done is done and you have even appealed to YT, which is prolly more than what I would have done in teh same situation.

    I’ll just watch out for your announcements but just be cool. πŸ™‚ I will definitely miss your cuts of WGM and all your fantastic Charice cuts (I was actually reprimanded for a Charice clip a while back, but they just asked me to remove it and it was ok. But now I’m really kind of paranoid about investing so much in my (comparably) measely YT account. Oh well.)

    Just remember you did this because you wanted to share and you have a lot of people supporting you and who have been touched and entertained by your clips. You’ve succeeded and just, yeah πŸ˜€


  11. regardless of whether i created a new account, I will eventually suffer through all this again in future, why bother? I did not even use the same email. so great.

  12. please don’t give up the blog! i didn’t have the chance to even check out your youtube account, i’m sure i missed out on a lot. since you have all our email addresses throught this comment box, maybe you can advise us of your whereabouts in cyberworld?
    don’t give up the blog 😦

  13. youtube seriously sucks. i cant believe they deleted your account without warning. they deleted a lot of people’s account too, including mine, without warning.
    your youtube account was what lead me to be addicted to kvariety shows and dramas in the first place. i hope this barrier (aka stupid youtube) does not prevent you from continuing to share the korean love with us.

    stay strong! FIGHTING!!!

    also i wanted to say thanks. thank you so much for everything that you do, all the hard work that you put into your subs, uploads, and providing us with up to date info. i really am thankful=]

  14. this is so sad! every week i look forward to all your WGM videos! now i will just die of boredom!
    thanks so much for all the subbed videos! please dont give up, we will all be waiting for your return.

    thanks a million! πŸ™‚

  15. So sorry to see that your site is gone. I visit your site often because the videos you subs are my favorite ones to watch. Don’t worry you will some place better. Gambatte.. Cool Smurf on your new search.

  16. That sucks! Thank you for all the videos you uploaded for those two wonderful years. I’m also a Non-Korean and depended on your english subbed videos. About half my subscriptions were also suspended too. Youtube is official stupid now. They should just take those certain videos off but decide to suspend the account. Again, thank you and just know your fans will support you no matter what you decide to do.


  17. -__- youtube is lame. It’s so sad to see you’re videos gone. thaank you for all your vids, subs, etc. I will definently miss all your videos. T_T

  18. Thanks for all the hard work. It’s sad to see to you go. You will be missed. I would say that yeah youtube can suck and so can some networks that don’t want overseas fans. I wish you the best..Are you still gonna keep up your blog? I hope so. Take care and best wishes!

  19. don’t say ‘ why bother?’ !
    so many people are backing you up. why are you the one giving up when you have HUNDREDS of people still waiting for you to upload videos with subs.

    UNLESS WE, your supporters, give up you aren’t permitted to give up.

    Save multiple copies of your videos…

    hwaiting. ! ^^

  20. no no no no no no no i’m so pissed and sad now! don’t quit please!! don’t give up! try again on veoh please!
    aaah youtube sucks and sbs sucks too!! please continue subbing!! i hate youtube now!!!
    coolsmurf thank you so much for all your hard work man!! you are really someone exceptionnal !!coolsmurf fighting!!! don’t give up! stay strong !! if you give up i’m gonna miss you so much! i can’t believe it T.T

  21. i’m not going to beg or tell you to start again because i’m in no position to say that to you, but thank you for all your hard work and even trying to start all over again. i understand your frustration, and if you ever decide to come back again, remember that you have all these people supporting you πŸ™‚

  22. T____T I’m pissed and sad! WTHECK!?!!!!
    What the freak is wrong with SBS?! I was just showing my friend the EHB episodes, some part of it is still on there, and like she really wanted to watch it. And now we’re cursing out SBS, and Youtube. We’ll miss youuuu~
    One day, they will realize that the popularities of there show has decrease because there are no international fans. And when that day comes, you’ll be with us right???

  23. Cheer up!Thanks for all your hard work. I liked your site. Always checked for we got married updates!

  24. no you can’t !what are we going to do without you ? you have so many supporters don’t give up please!!

  25. That is pathatic move by Youtube.
    Such a lame and unprofessional action.
    Whatever decision you make it is your choice, I will respect that and I understand how hurts that has caused you. Can’t be compared by what we feel.

    Just a suggestion and it is up to you in reading it, maybe after some time you can open a new account using a new user name, so that if there is someone who disheartening you intentionally wouldn’t succeed in making you suffered OR trying a new video hosting i.e, Crunchyroll etc.

    But this is mere suggestion, it is all up to you. For all the handworks and kind efforts, I say big thank you.

  26. That’s sad

    what going on??? You make a new account with same email? If like that you’ll automatically suspended again. But If that way still don’t work, there are veoh and crunchyroll out there.

    Big hope you will keep subbing. I cross my finger right now.

  27. I can’t believe YT! I had a ray of hope when I found out that you were possibly going to give it another try with #2… [Maybe it was because your user name was so similar.]
    I just hope that you realize that you have made a positive influence and that your work was much appreciated ^_^
    The famous words of Hall of Fame coach Jim Valvano (aka Jimmy V) come to mind: “Cancer can take away all of my physical abilities. It cannot touch my mind, it cannot touch my heart, and it cannot touch my soul. And those three things are going to carry on forever.” YT may have taken your videos. But it did not take away the memories your videos have given to so many of us; sad ones (Micky Yoochun and JunJin on YSMM), funny ones (Dangyunhaji) & creepy ones (Lee Jong Soo). Those will be will us forever. Thank you ^_^

  28. Well you gavve it your best!
    They want to play dirty, then let em.
    I appreciated your hard work. You rock man..

  29. i noticed that there was a coolsmurf2, but i wasnt sure if it was an imposter (like when monmonsnow2 got suspended), so i didn’t subscribe to it.
    i’m sad that i didn’t subscribe to it now, but im even more disappointed that you got suspended twice in less than a week =[
    i hope you remember that you have one of the most people who support what you have done for us, and we all thank you for all your effort (and possibly loss of sleep) that you have sacrificed for us.

    please continue to blog =]

  30. GRR! You know what you just keep you head held high.. it always gets worse b4 it gets better… i loved your you tube acount ..with the YEH & KJK background …

    take some time to rest… god knows you need it …
    p(^^)p FIGHT!!

  31. Ahh don’t let this get you down. YouTube got gay when it became international, so don’t take them seriously. No one really does anyway.

    We still love you man =] You’ve got a LOT of supporters from everywhere just so you know. We’ll support you through and through.

    You know, you don’t need to upload videos. Why don’t you just put them up for downloads instead? Less hassle. Just a suggestion for those people that want videos. Whatever your decision, I still support it.

  32. SBS is soooo freaking stupid. GR! and stupid YOUTUBE!!!
    uhhhhhh!! im soo pissed.

    can you try to upload your video somewhere else? like dailymotion or iono. bc i really want to see more of your work.

  33. Aww… 😦 There are other sites you can upload to! I’m sure Crunchyroll or Veoh wouldn’t delete your stuff like that…

    I hope you would reconsider from quitting because as you can see, lots of people love what you do! Please don’t stop because of YouTube!

  34. That sucks, youtube is shit, aarrgg I’m so mad at them now. Still you did a pretty good job with all the videos. Thank you so much, I was waiting for every update. But please don’t give up, can you upload them anywhere else? Like daily motion or veoh? or anything like that? It will be a big lost if you stop.

    SBS is really stupid, why can they think that it’s like a publicity for them to have their video sub, it will get them more fans for the stars and all.

    Please don’t give up!!!

  35. OMG! i just realize that your 2nd account got suspended today…you didn’t even have SBS videos in it
    gosh, cant believe it T__T
    i’m so pissed right now 😦 😦 *i’m officially youtube hater now >.<*
    hope you’ll keep this blog alive though @@
    you blog keeps me update about korean artist ~~

  36. oh… real goodbye huh???
    i just hope that you will not give up in blogging as well…
    i really enjoy reading the drama and movie updates~
    mostly kr entertainment~

    don’t be too upset of SBS… they just don’t know what kind of advertisement they have missed out~

    cheer up!!

  37. @ coolsmurf

    Yeah, I see your point T_T I just went to the YouTomb link you posted and OMG, some of the clips from another YT user I frequent has been put down T_T If they suspend her account I’m just…IDEK @_@

    Gah. I’m kind of glad now that I ripped most of the clips that I like :-/ so I still have a bunch of your WGM clips πŸ˜€

    I’m just, WTF SBS :X

    (I thought this sort of thing happened with AVEX clips, because I KNOW they are very strict, but it seems SBS is becoming stricter too. Still. The YT exposure was good for them I mean on regular media, they wouldn’t have 4 M hits on thier shows. Isn’t that still good exposure for them? But, if its the financial and/or IPR thing, well.Yeah.IRDEK)

  38. We love you and your subs =(. I think you should attempt once more to create an account using a different email and a different username (w/o the wood coolsmurf =P).
    It’s kind of ridiculous that SBS is doing this. Unsubbed versions of We Got Married are still available on Youtube yet they don’t allow subbed videos to stay on? It’s not like SBS is losing any viewers from deleting subbed videos considering most of the people who watch these clips can’t understand Korean to begin with. Ughh. No matter what your decision is, we’ll support you. Once again, thank you for all you have done.

  39. OH MAN~ i hate youtube. how can they do this. i was so so so glad to see you coming back. *cries* whyyyyy~~~~

  40. ugh…SBS is so lame…its not like you were selling the videos for money…you were advertising their shows to the whole world…they should be indebted to you!

  41. cant you make another email then created another youtube account??? and change your name.. just post your name up here and we will definately find you…

  42. Coolsmurf,
    Thanks for the years, buddy. You have no idea how much your videos made my day. – This isn’t to pressure you into coming back. But when you do or if you do, I’m so ready to jump back on the banwagon! Hopefully, you’ll still continue your blog tho. I’m pretty sure SBS has no voice in that. haha.

    Ps. I love Singapore. Went back there last summer – had a BLAST!

  43. wow… well i guess being #1 on subscribers almost the moment coolsmurf2 was opened might have given you away..But that also shows how many fans YOU have out there, since you didn’t even tell us about it. I hope at some point SBS and others will realize just how much promo they are getting from fans like you… maybe they’ll start to compensate instead of punishing.. ahh wishful thinking. keep up the great work on the blog! we’ll support you whatever you do.

  44. Creating another youtube account will not work. The videos will still be deleted since SBS is on a hunt right now.

    I just can’t believe youtube deletes accounts that has nothing in it. They deleted my account with the videos in it and then the other account w/o any videos, just favorites, like they did to yours. It’s ridiculous how they deleted accounts like that. Now I can’t even view my favorite videos, none were Korean whatsoever.

    If you still want to go back to subbing, then you would have to do it privately per say. The public won’t be able to see it like Youtube, but people can still watch it if you link it. Badongo allows this. You can have people view your account publicly and allow them search through for videos.

  45. i think youtube is being so gay for deleting your accounts. ugh my day is not the same when i dont watch a single video on your page.

    is it possible that you open another youtube account but like this time don;t use coolsmurf like do a different screenname so they wont delete it as fast. or you can open another account on veoh or dailymotion or something. we need your videos. especially me! haha

  46. cheer up!
    they are really suckers huh …..

    that’s the thing abt copyright
    even it’s downright crap but we can’t do anything

    yt is just so sucky ( i don’t use now )
    SBS just lost more international viewership ..
    seriously i can’t believe why they are nt even thanking you & yet still threw a punch across the face ouch , that hurts!

    I’m dead disappointed with SBS …. to think non korean viewers had been following all the programs painstakingly & this is what happens…..sad

    relax, chill …
    we are ALL behind you ….

  47. I understand where you’re coming from as many other YT accounts recently have been suspended. It sucks, but yeah.
    Thanks for everything you’ve done and your work will be missed. It was greatly appreciated. <333

  48. I am in denial. I still refuse to remove the bookmark of your YT account. Its my must visit place everytime I log on…

    Thanks for everything Alvin… Ah… this is too sad, too sudden… I dun even know what to say 😦

  49. My gosh! I’m actually pissed off at SBS now. I mean, youtube is doing their job ‘coz SBS hunted and reported.

    BUT SBS… c’mon… I’m boycotting them now. They TOTALLY suck now Since they doing all these “copyright infridgement” thing, heck, they are losing a GREAT deal. Coz without any English subtitles, there won’t be international fans. It’s outrageous and absurd. Like Tiffy said earlier, “you were advertising their shows to the whole world…they should be indebted to you!”

    Whatever it is, coolsmurf, you are still awesome ‘coz taking the time to sub and uploading to youtube. I totally appreciate that. Thank you so much!!!! πŸ˜€

  50. We will really miss you, but yeah I think you should rest and relax from now on.
    Big Thanks for all your hard work !

    … maybe a comeback someday ? πŸ˜€

  51. oooh…how sad..and im sad too..I’ll be missing your account on youtube. smile.. πŸ™‚ πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜€

  52. Sorry Alvin/Coolsmurf Oppa for whats happening.. We wished this never happened. We will continue supporting you no matter what.

  53. Awww Oppa….

    Just thought u might be back and now your not….T_T
    Stoopid YouTube agrrrrr….
    The only reason YT is interesting is because of you.

    This morning i went on it just to check your MV and it saddens me to know once again they shut you down!!!! >_<

    Welpz just to let you know that you got all my support and there is so many fans out there supporting you too.!!!


    Thank you for all the hard work you put in the videos.
    I loved every single one ^_^V especially WGM & Xman Dangyunhaji clips!!!!!

    We are here and waiting for you!!!! ^_^V

  54. Wow that is just wack i say!! i’m so pissed off at sbs too!! at least they should have gave you a warning.. but PLEASE try continue subbing and updating your blogs because even though i’m a silent reader.. i love your blogs no matter what!! updates on wonder girls and everything.. you are truely the best!! dont give up just yet! we are all here for you coolsmurf/alvin!! at least don’t stop updating your blogs.. u must not =(

  55. They are so brutal!
    OMG i’m going to miss your vids so much
    thanks for all your time and effort it will never
    be forgotten! I was completely taken back and still am
    that your channel is gone ahhhhhhh sooo sad!!!
    Too bad SBS didn’t realize what a big asset you were
    to them 😦 poo poo poo
    Thanks again for all the subs/vid you are awesome!

  56. ohmaigawd, sbs really sucks 😑

    I’ll miss your videos, especially the xman ones 😦
    Thanks for taking time to sub them, you’re awesome man.

  57. fuck sbs not like we’re going to see this shit ever on real korean television those dumb corporate fucks.

  58. It’s their loss too.
    You’ve introduced all of us to many many different shows and groups. I for one would feel disappointed in this situation as well, but don’t forget that you have our support regardless of the decision you wish to make.

    Don’t let this get you down, your hard work did not go unnoticed. Thank you for taking all your time to sub.

    Best of luck.

  59. Coolsmurf! Don’t give up. You can create a new account with a more obscure name. That’s what other subbers did. YouTube will have a difficult time finding you that way. I’m willing to give you my YouTube account if you want. That way it’s registered from a different country, email address, and name.

    I think all the subbers should steer away from SBS shows until this whole thing dies down. But please don’t give up! You’ve brought so much joy and fun to many people. YouTube just wouldn’t be the same without you.

    Coolsmurf, FIGHTING~!!!

  60. AWWW Man.

    Well coolsmurf I hope your don’t stop blogging. Have you tried using that chinese site that is like youtube?

    Well keep up the good work.

  61. NOO!!!!

    I loved you!!!
    coolsmurf!!! I was a total silent fan TT__TT

    SBS is annoying!!!! They’re taking away everything I love on youtube!!!

  62. Alvin, this may be the end of Youtube, but not the end of YOU. Just take your business elsewhere. There are tons of streaming sites just like YT, but lesser known. Of course just to be safe, rename the vids in a special way. You know all of us will follow you wherever you go. Its the internet man. All it takes is one click.

    Please, please, please think about it.

  63. i’ll really miss your sub videos!!! T_T
    i dont blame u for quitting. I would be pissed (& devastated) too if all my hard work and dedication to share with everyone is completely wiped out w/o me having the time to save it all up. We’re talking about videos with millions of hits and unforgettable moments that touch us deep down inside. *sad face* 😦
    Everyone is unhappy.
    Coolsmurf, I really appreciate what you’ve done for everyone for the past couple of years. It’s remarkable!
    THANK YOU. If there’s anything we (the viewers) can do, u let us know, okay? I check your blog (and Wonderland) everyday! XD

  64. I know you feel like it’s all hopeless now and I’m sure a part of you is pissed off. I just want to tell you I really appreciated all of your work, and if you decide to give up, then so be it. I’ll support whatever decision you make, because keeping an account like that for 2 years is a lot of dedication and hard work. I admire you for that. Thanks so much for bringing so many smiles on people’s faces. You won’t be forgotten. Long live coolsmurf!!!

  65. OMG. AGAIN?!

    This is really a low right now, isn’t it? Youtube, youtube. They bring so much pain sometimes over videos. I still don’t get it, cause it’s not like you are earning money off of it. Stupid SBS international. People should boycott that station or something.

    I guess this is really the end of it for you, since you got suspended twice. I know that you wanted the old videos back, but I thought you should of not filed a compliant/counter sue because it will just bring more trouble. But, what’s done has been done.

    I wish you the best of luck, and if you ever decide to come back.. We will welcome you with love~!

    Hwaiting coolsmurf!


  66. NOOOOOOOOOOOO you were the best of the best. If you don’t plan on starting up another account on any other site or stupdi Youtube, just wanted to thank you for everything you did. THANK YOU !

  67. OMG again????????

    FIGHTING ALVIN!!!!!!!!!

    we all love you and your work so don’t give up. I know u are very disappointed right now. And feel unfair. But it’s no the end there are another website that will support you.

  68. i cant believe yt did this to you…
    im so sad, why it must end up like this?
    after all your hard work….

    i respect your decision….
    but i still hope you will not give up and continue to
    start it again with a new identity…..

    whatever you do, please dont give up
    i will still visit you blog….

    please be strong….
    last words from me….
    coolsmurf aja~aja~hwaiting
    we all love you…

  69. OMO im gon cry 😦
    but again, big THANK YOU for all your hardwork
    many people appreciated what you did alot.
    i can hear people cussing after seeing that you got suspended AGAIN. lol.
    ohwell, it was a good two years and 700++ videos.
    i will sure miss your xman videos, tho.
    but if you EVER come back, we will support you!

    coolsmurf, FIGHTING!!!

  70. Honestly, screw you SBS.

    Coolsmurf please don’t give up, youtube is not the only media streaming site.

    Either move to crunchyroll.com or veoh.com

    You have inspired a lot of people including me to look into Korean studies because you grasped our interests with your delightful videos i wake up to see every morning. Please continue, we all love what you do HONESTLY. We all think highly of you and respect you and i don’t think we should let let SBS, Youtube (now owned by Google=copyright infringing heaven) and it’s business sense ruin all of our entertainment, enjoyment and influences.

    I hope you read this post and reconsider because the work you do brings joys to many. HWAITING!

    Thankyou very much Coolsmurf.

  71. Although I’m not a big commenter on YT, I was always a silent subscriber & viewer! ❀ I’m so upset that your account got suspended because that was one of the only sources I go for subbed clips. It’s really up to you if you still want to sub for us =) But I’m so glad that I’ve stumbled across youtube & found you , helping me understand Korean better.

    P.S. Don’t let the unhappy things in life prevent you from doing what you love most.
    ^ Meaning, don’t let these barriers stop you from doing what you’ve put effort into and your dedication has brought us.

    With love,

    Haha, that’s like a letter to you! =)

  72. i think youtube is in for a major meltdown!
    alvin! why not transfer to an alternate site??
    hope to see you soon on a new earth!

  73. alvin opppaaaaa!
    well thank you for trying! ^^
    whateveer happens im still here!
    im upset by what they did, but i will be here for you!
    my offer still stands. ^^

    im still one of your loyal and grateful fans!
    aja! aja!

  74. So saaaddd~

    Coolsmurf, don’t give up!

    Thanks for all your hard work, you’re the 1st person who introduce me for EHB and WGM with subs, I will always remember that.
    Thank you so much…

    We love you and will always support you, ganbatte! ^^

  75. thanks for all you have done
    keeping us all updated and entertain
    i hope in the future you reconsider
    thanks you are the best!!!

  76. i really dont get this..
    there are still billions and billions of SBS clips on youtube.
    how in the world are they going to delete all those accounts??

    why don’t you stop uploading your SBS clips??
    that SBS is a crap!!
    bet they are just plain jealous that MBC is more popular now than their station.

    alvin, i still have no right to dictate whatsover you want to do, but still.. if you want to come back, we’ll all welcome you with open arms.. believe us..

    haven’t told you, your name is my older brother’s name as well. πŸ˜€

    sorry off-topic..
    love yah~!! ^_^

  77. youtube is getting on my nerves!
    they nearly deleted all the best people on it!!!
    its just soo stupid!
    coolsmurf there is alwys veoh and other video web by ur side πŸ™‚

    youtube isn’t the same without coolsmurf 😦

  78. aww…I will miss you (well, I don’t know you, but…) I will definitely miss your work. Through all you videos, I was more in touch with the Korean Entertainment!!! THANK YOU!!!

    please come back…

  79. Dear Coolsmurf ..

    I can’t believe you decided to stop..but anyhow it’s your decision, you have been absolutely generous to us non-koreans and actually helped to spread the interest on Korean Entertainment !!

    However, I hope you will not stop blogging ! we will miss u very much indeed, and your past generosity will always be remembered. Cheers ! and Fun always !

    – amareally –
    Your Fan and loyal subscriber

  80. that’s really sad to hear BUT you’ll get through all this — see how many people are supporting you from all over the globe….. FIGHTING!!!!

  81. this isn’t right at all! they suspended you again when you didn’t even have any videos uploaded yet right? i was about to rejoice when i was reading your blog, thinking you came back…but i read further and it’s official. you’re done. NO!!! arggh. i’m pissed. and depressed.

  82. I honestly know of people who’ve only become interested in Korean entertainment via subbed videos (such as yours and maybe yours :)), and then subscribed to Korean channels in the USA, or even paid for the online subscriptions like MBC has. So while I realize that they don’t make money when other people upload and stream, they really don’t lose money. And with variety shows like Star King, YSMM, etc, companies never release DVDs (never subbed, atleast), so its not like they’re losing that money either. Its really frustrating, then, when SBS goes after accounts like this. It is, in a way, free advertising on a huge, international scale, and based on my personal experience, it really works. Who else would spend so much time subbing and uploading videos, and for whom, but fans? And no matter how I think about it, I don’t see their reasoning to just totally shut down accounts like yours was. I don’t condone piracy, but clips such as what you were putting, of variety shows and other events, and shows that SBS would never sub or release otherwise, does not seem wrong at all. They aren’t losing any money, and who knows, they may actually be making a bit by the new viewers they gain who are drawn to Korean Television Channels.
    How aggravating. Regardless, you clearly have a lot, lot of fans, and we all appreciate what you have done. Your time has not been wasted, nor your hard work. Thank you for all of that. You gave us some good memories and viewing experiences πŸ™‚

  83. Since I saw the 2nd suspension by Youtube (and I’m almost ready to call it quits on Youtube now), I figured I’d thank you for sticking with it for so long. Like SO MANY, you got me into Korean culture. Haha, I still remember stumbling on your Shootdori clips, and wondering what the heck I just found on Youtube. Now, two years later, I’ve studied in Korea, and I find Korean television more interesting than the stuff in America (and I’m not Asian, nor was I interested before this).

    Seriously, coolsmurf, though Youtube’s decided to save its own butt by taking off anything claimed, what you’ve done over the past two years has been incredible. From X-Man (the Chae Yeon / KJK interaction was my favorite… sorry!), to We Got Married (I’m now a fan of that show, haha), to even the Wonder Girls (I even bought their CD… I really dislike pop, haha). My interest came from stumbling upon your Youtube site, and I’ve relied on you to keep me update on what’s interesting.

    I’ll definitely keep reading the blog, to see what’s going on. What I especially liked was the fact that you never did anything NEGATIVE (unlike some blogs). Ya just showed what you liked, and never tried to put anything else down. Plus, you were always really fast with everything, and quick to fix mistakes. Extremely professional. Many of the Korean shows / groups (especially Wonder Girls) have you to thank for much of their popularity on Youtube.

    Again, thanks for the two years, coolsmurf. I never commented in Youtube, but I kept watching your channel. If you decide to keep trying, awesome! But if not, completely understandable.

    P.S. – Soshified (another big subbing group) has decided to go to Viddler. I don’t know much about the site, but apparently you can upload longer videos with a better quality? Just something to look at if you’re still wanting to upload stuff.

  84. Aww!! How can they be sooo cruel!

    However, thank you so much for putting all of our thoughts to heart, and planned on not giving up. This current event is yet another blow, so we will understand if it truly is the end. But like the others stated there are other sites that are available (veoh. com for example ) and we will continue to support you where ever you are.

    Also thank you for not stopping to blog! This is the first site I check when I go online. =)


  85. coolsmurf, good gracious.. how could they..

    why don’t you try uploading to other places other than youtube?
    and don’t use coolsmurf as ur login name?


    don’t bother uploading to crunchyroll.com, cos if it is copyrighted stuff, it will all be deleted.. it’s exasperating!!!

    i love your work!! fighting!!

  86. its such a sad thing that you are quitting for good.
    but if you do decide to start afresh again, you can go to other sites rather than youtube…

    SBS is cruel…
    and youtube doesn`t want to break laws so they are being cruel too.

    luckily, you are still going to continue this blog (:
    i check it out, EVERYDAY (:

    i hope you don`t get to gloomy, PUT a (: on your face
    and no matter what, we will support you to the end.
    (well, i hope there isn`t ever an end)


  87. That’s just messed up! What the heck is SBS gaining from taking these vids of the net? I don’t think that they’re going to start selling DVD’s of xman or star king or change. Whatever, they’re the ones who are losing international fans in the process.

    Thank you for trying to continue again though. I know that it takes much to start a channel again and I think I speak for everyone when I say that we appreciate all that you have done. Thank you for translating, subbing, timing and coding korean videos for us international fans. And although I’m truly going to miss those xman clips, REALLY going to miss them, I’m gonna support you with quitting. You really got me into korean entertainment with your xman clips and I can’t express how thankful I am for those. You have no idea how much your YT channel has affected my life. I still can’t get over the loss of all those hilarious xman clips. Sigh. Such is life.

    Despite all this, please continue to blog. It really keeps me up with the latest in korean (and wg) news. Please continue!

  88. Awww,

    well whatever you do decide to do will be there to support you and be great fans of you and your great and amazing works. If you decide to quit for sure, will respect that and support you. But if you like doing the things you do, and decide to work elsewhere for instance veoh.com or other sites that will be great and will also be there to support you! But whatever you do will be there!

    And I know this must be really painful for you! But every obstacle that gets in your way you have to get up and get back in track, and you’ll be better than ever!

    So do feel better and this is just another obstacle you have to overcome and it will just make you stronger!




  89. coolsmurf PLEASE DONT GIVE UP!!!
    this is so sad(T.T)
    sbs and yt being so harsh!!!





    i’ll miss you(T.T)

  90. If you ever do consider taking on veoh or other streaming sites, I hope you do succeed with it. Thanks for all the past work you’ve done. Such a shame its gone.

    Also, maybe they’re tracking you by your ISP? Could you upload from a different place?

    Anyway… thanks again for everything.

  91. I really am upset with SBS,
    Korea is going global/known because of their celebrities, People around the world don’t even know them if not because of people like ALVIN. who upload it and share the best sub to us.

    I was quilty for thinking that Korean just an underdog, untill I stumbled upon the tv show, provided by COOLSMURF, ELENA, MACKIE, HOPEZZ and other great x youtube uploader.

    Who will ever know about Kim Jong Kook, Kang ho dong,Mc Yoo, Solbi ,HAHA, park myong soo, and the whole nine yard, these stars eventually, the tv station owed their now globalized status to people whom willing to put lots of time and hard work for subbing, splitting and uploading their performance at YOUTUBE. and open up the eyes of other part of world to like and love Korea.

    Look at Chae Yeon, after being famous from the tv show, and being watched at youtube, she can expand her career to China. and many other Korean stars.

    I think , People show interest to Korea after watching the tv program THAT’S PROVIDED BY coolsmurf and the gang via YOUTUBE…

    SBS, YOUTUBE, YOU GUYS owed a big time to the uploader.

    Alvin let’s go move somewhere else.

  92. You gave me (and hundreds of people) lot of joy by posting you videos and subbing them. Even if it makes me sad to see u leave, please always remember that we are here to support u whether u decide to quit indefinitely or eventually return

    peace man… !

  93. What a depressing week…seriously!!
    I thought I saw a glimmer of hope when I found your second acc. But when I saw in soompi that that one got axed too….
    Just want to let you know that most of your vids contributed a lot in my fandom…haha. Yup, coolsmurf is definitely in my history of ‘discovering Kpop’ xD
    I know I’m in no position to ask you to stay, I know it must be hard on you. Well, at least we still have this blog to look forward too ^^
    Thanks again for all the vids you shared, we greatly appreciate it!!
    But should you decide sometime in the future, to continue (maybe in other sites), you know you’ll be welcomed with open arms right ? ^_____^


  94. coolsmurf you heard them…some s willing to give their account for you, some other thought about petition…we all care for you and what you did in the past. whatever you decide…we will respect it.

  95. .. sad face !
    but anyway thanks so much for your past hardwork
    thanks to you i’ve discovered a lot of stuff from korea and thanks to you i’ve become a totally addict of drama and all those show

    thanks for everything !

  96. Alvin,

    I was in the exact same place you were after Youtube deleted my account twice. It only took a few days to get me back on it and think, F* Youtube! I even lost videos that I don’t have a copy of anymore….

    Afterawhile, Youtube hasn’t really bothered me. I don’t allow my videos to be embedded, I changed my username completely (to not make myself an easy target to them) and limit my ‘tags’. In fact, I just add something random as my ‘tag’….it helps! Since you’re pretty much wanted and appreciated by many Korea and international fans (like myself), they’ll eventually find you. hahah

    Just whatever you do, no more “Connie Talbot” videos! Her copyrighted issue started all this! I’m sorry that this has happened to you! It’s sad because there are all these other videos related to nudity or porn clips that Youtube isn’t really doing much about!!! It’s ridiculous!!!

    I hope you continue adding English subtitles!!! You’re awesome!!!! If you decide to end your ties with Youtube indefinitely, please consider other website such as Crunchyroll; although they have their ‘Licenced’ aka copyrighted issues as well. So far, it’s limited but stay away from Veoh.com! They are hell!!!

    All the best and I will still visit your WordPress because it’s better than Popseoul! hahah

    Good luck and thank you! πŸ™‚

  97. Guess this means the korean networks like SBS don’t wanna share their stuff with the rest of the world. It’s not easy for us non-koreans to find these programs, even if we had to pay for it. I only discovered them on YT. Doesn’t exist in my country or even neighbouring countries & yes I’ve checked. Nothing much interesting at this point. From now on, I think I will stop watching or buy anything related to SBS since this is their wish.
    Also, thus begin the slow erosion of youtube…
    Once again, thanks a million coolsmurf for all yr hard work/efforts. Like all those lovely folks who’ve been subbing/uploading for the pleasure of thousands, you’ve been an absolute angel. I’m sorry the petition did not work out (I’m one of the petitioners too) but on to better things, I guess… take care & all the best!

  98. P.S.

    I came about your Coolsmurf YouTube account a couple of months ago regarding ‘WE GOT MARRIED’. My thanks to you because I completely love that show. In fact, I started watching other Korean shows because of that show (from other users, too….w/English subtitles).

    Umm…that’s it for now! hahah Take care. πŸ˜€

  99. wow, that’s dedication..thanks for trying.
    i know this is hard ’cause theres so much work that was put into your account, but it hasnt been wasted since people from around the world have accounted for the effect that your efforts have had on them!
    i hope you will continue to share your wonderful blogging & fighting!

  100. did you use the same email as last time? because they suspended both of my accounts using the same email address..

  101. whenever you feel like please come back on any streaming websites

    i suggest viddler b/c soshified is also posting on there

  102. oh my efffin gawd,
    that is so gayy, wtf is this !
    thts bs…
    thats sooo unfair :(:(,
    i was really hopin you wouldnt quit for good,
    butt this had to happen, naw im sorry,
    thats so damn sad 😦

  103. youtube is being mean..
    im one of those people who love visiting your youtube channel. and having it banned/suspended is just so unfair.
    i hope it’s not really the end.
    there are still other sites. like imeem perhaps…
    keep it cool, just like your name.. πŸ˜€ coolsmurf, fighting!!!

  104. oh well don’t worri coolsmurf its SBS big loss,by deletin’ ur acc. dea ratin’ will drop to ZERO, u just continue doin’ wt u luv u hve given us so mani nd we luv it but will miss u BIG TIME, dis wuz de onli way da world can sees some of korean best films nd dramas…GOD BLESS nd continue with wat ur best @ it……

  105. just tell us where you are back, we’ll definitely watch your videos, no matter where it is~

  106. Hey Alvin, regardless of your choice to quit or not quit I just wanted to thank you for providing your uploads and sharing your videos for the public. Your hard work and dedication has not gone unnoticed. Anyways iknow there are many people behind you around the globe but you got at least one Canadian here giving you full support πŸ™‚

  107. thnk u so much for ur hard and subbing for us!!
    u were the first one who got my hooked on xman shows!!
    and im completely happy that u subbed those videos for all of us crazy (in a good way) fans out thre!!!
    thnx soo much again~!

  108. alvin, rest for a while and think things over if subbing /YT is really over… SBS is just so stupid!.. i hope that MBC will not follow or else, i don’t know where to watch We Got Married, i’m not korean (very obvious with my username) but i love korean shows so SBS and YT sucks big time!… maybe in the future you can try another site……..

    I’m just wondering why YT suspended your 2nd account?.. is it because of the name COOLSMURF in it? there were no SBS vids there right?…..is it the same case as FALSEVOICE?.. because FOfansubs YT account was not suspended but ALL of their videos of family outing are gone, YT should have just deleted those freaking connie talbot vids and not suspend your account…

    thanks again for introducing me to KPOP world…

    We will be waiting whatever your final decision will be…

  109. i always relied on your youtube account for subbed vids and my favourite classic XMAN vids…. but HWAITING ! thank you so much for subbing all those vids and you put so much enjoyment in our lives πŸ˜€

  110. oh by the way Alvin, remember that i re-uploaded some of your vids?..you warn me then..after reading your latest blog, i will now rename those all (i dont want to delete it)..and i will stop uploading them..i wont let get down my gokusen3vids..lol..you know it..

    oh and the lee jong soo, and others, i am planning to upload those in direct link, because someone from soompi requested to me..
    ill just pm you on friendster..

    Thank you a billion times..Just keep on blogging!
    We love you!

    -from Philippines

  111. I really want to thank you.
    your the reason why i feel in love with K-Pop
    thank you for putting all you hard work and time
    into subbing the episodes
    i really do hope that this isnt the end for you
    but if it is…
    i wish you the best in life
    and one last thing
    alvin fighting~ πŸ™‚

  112. Oh no… please don’t stop. find other video hosting website.. and carry on! i will support you!

  113. nawww..
    arrrghh i hate SBS !!
    stupid youtube >=[
    please dont give up.!
    thank for everything
    much appreciated

  114. SAD news for us all 😦
    No matter what, I believe you’ve made a change πŸ˜‰
    You’re the best and always will be THE coolsmurf πŸ˜‰
    No matter whatever you decide, I’ll support you!!
    Wish you all the best, Alvin πŸ˜‰

    Much love,
    Your fan πŸ˜‰

  115. When I read these posts, my heart sank. But oh well, I get how annoying Youtube can be. Copyright videos can barely be posted up for a day or two before its taken down and deleted. Whether you decide to come back or not I really appreciate what you’ve done for the kpop fandom. I practically fell into the fandom head first after watching YSMM and Xman subbed. Without your subs Charice might still have been unknown, imagine that. XD Anyhow, if you do decide to make one last forage into youtubeI suggest friendslocking all your videos. So far xiaholic/ginaya has been doing that for all of her Jihwaza subbed episodes (I believe its also under SBS?) and the account’s been safe for quite a while. Or Veoh is pretty relaxed on their copyright laws.

    Whatever your decision I’ll continue to love and support your blog. ❀

    a fan.

  116. >=( youtube really sucks!
    gosh now other uploaders might
    rename their videos & i can`t find them =(
    but anyway coolsmurf stay strong~
    don`t be too sad~~~

    stupid SBS~

  117. I’m a name you don’t know but I know yours. I first was introduced to wonderful Korean shows because of your subbed videos (Xman etc) and became addicted. I’m not Korean (nor Asian) but have had my world broadened by these videos – as many many others have. So, HUGE thanks to you for doing what you’ve done.

    Feel good about your work, the time spent subbing videos, all those hours uploading – they’ve done so much for so many who never knew about Korean entertainment until YouTube and subbers like you. It’s so sad that these companies can’t see that this didn’t hurt their business but quite oppositely it was HUGE free marketing for them (and the online sites that sell the videos).

    I’d stay away from Veoh since they’re cracking down there too (and have excluded many countries from using the site now). Viddler is the new site soshisubs went to – it looks pretty good.

    Best of luck with whatever you do in the future.

  118. Youtube should go cliff itself.

    But the fact that you tried to create another account means a lot. Thanks. (:

  119. OH NO!
    I WAS REALLY HAPPY WHEN I SAW THIS POST, and then it turned out to be like this D;

    use other sites like veoh? please?


  120. Coolsmurf, I’m really sorry you are going through this. I really miss watching your videos. It’s just not the same without your video. I can respect your decision to do what you feel is best. Just wanted you to know that I appreciate all the video that you subbed and I got to enjoy them. I don’t speak korean, and you totally introduce me to lots of great variety shows about korean.

    I miss you Coolsmurf:(

  121. soshisubs are trying again but this time, they won’t post SBS stuff anymore. Anyway, thanks for your vids coolsmurf, you’re teh coolest!!!!!1111oneoneone

  122. i don’t think utube is wrong…
    they just follow orders right? or am i wrong?
    it’s a lost to SBS…people know SBS’s shows thru utube…
    so, don’t mind them coolsmurf..
    keep going on and we’ll support u..
    as many people suggested that u can change to other streaming website veoh (not all can use it), crunchy, megavid..
    so i hope u wont give up…

  123. I HATE THEM..seriously..so what if they suspend ur account we will stop watching the shows?? O.o i don’t get them at all

  124. why don’t you create an account and post videos in veoh ?
    i want to see more of the videos you’ve sub ! ):
    comeon ! dun give up man πŸ˜€

  125. All your videos might be gone from YT but your hard work isn’t forgotten. Thanks alot for everything you’ve done πŸ™‚

  126. Also, I’m pretty confused. How did YT get popular? The first answer that pops into my head = watching copyrighted stuff on it easily

  127. Well, I do see your point.
    Of course we respect your decision as much as we love you. If there are nothing to do with SBS’s aggresive campaign, with those people who try to pick on Non-Korean community, who think they are so good enough to do whatever they want, I personally think you should REST a while (pls never say quitting!!!)
    There are many way to show your work (as I saw those suggesting comment above), not just the Youtube. So pls dont let us down as we have been followed you, watched your effort for over last 2 year. Hope to see a Coolsmurf again…

  128. yea! try viddler. pls. T.T don’t stop subbing. i love all ur videos because you don’t just upload whatever u have. i can see that u will filter the vids u upload. that’s why everytime i go on to youtube i’ll first check the vids u uploaded.

    it’s ok if u decided not to do it anymore. but we’ll all be really sad. =(

  129. Huaa.. Its really.. really… (damn)

    Coolsmurf, you are so fantastics, i love it, your subs so amazing, details, complete, love it. Your News, woww… up2date. Everyday, i never forget to browse ur site.
    Saranghae… Choa..

    Dont give up.
    You’re the best.

    Fighthooo…ooo ^_^

    PS :
    If you want to upload, please not in Veoh. I cant watch it, they banned my country. Crunchyroll, perhaps.

  130. i forgot to share..
    less than 3 months ago, i had yt id FK(gokusen vids, conan-live,infinity challenge), then yt banned me because of gokusen..then I created FK2 (conan-live) and TrueAsian01(gokusen again)..I rename all the title and no tags in it..but, but, but, i changed the email add of FK2 to the email of FK’s..then after 2 days or less, i cant open my FK2, i checked my email, then it says

    “Your YouTube account has been suspended due to repeated claims of copyright infringement. Suspended accounts cannot be reinstated. Federal law requires that we terminate accounts when there are repeated claims of copyright infringement.”

    too bad i didnt save that message coz i deleted all the messages in my inbox..i have no proof..but i do sure that i got that message exactly..

    so my “TA01” account is successful, it’s active nearly 2 months..lol..so if i got suspended,
    >removing tags
    >renaming titles
    are not effective in hiding those vids that are not from us-the copyrights..

    anyway, that’s my experience in the world of yt..and im not lying..im not blaming yt here..they just do their part, they do what companies have to….

    that’s all for now..i hope we will see coolsmurf around on youtube, someday..

    so keep on fighting!..

  131. Thank you so much for trying for the second time though, it was definitely effort not wasted.

    Thank you again for providing enjoyment through your videos through your unwavering dedication. (lol I sound deep)


  132. C’MON just because your youtube account is gone, doesnt mean that all of us fans and lovers are gone!!

    just make new hotmail to register the account with and then a different name! I mean, what can shitty youtube do about it!

    Well well… im just so SAD that you gonna quit and your subbed videos are gone that i dont know what do to… I miss my laugh times to Kang Ho Dong that i almost rolled on the floor… And Yoo Jae Suk….

    Man you have no idea how good person you are Coolsmurf. Thanks for everything… Will pray every day for you to continue.

  133. Thanks a lot coolsmurf for your effort..for sure it won’t be wasted.I’ve been happy for the past 4 months because of the files you’ve uploaded into youtube
    I know it’s coming, coz i just found that another channel that i usually check has been suspended as well. but i just didn’t expect it would be this quick…and the most important thing it’s your channel….
    anyway…thanks for all ur effort
    i really appreciate all the things you have done πŸ˜€

  134. sorry for what had happened on you…. why don’t you put the vids on other site not like youtube since your very well known And because youtube is internationally known it is easily traced… hope to see your uploads soon… also hope there’s super junior show with eng sub… thanks alot for the past uploads and next uploads πŸ™‚

  135. Aww again, and i was really happy for a short while when i found coolsmurf2. I understand you tho, and wish you the best of luck. Thanks again.

  136. hi Alvin! I’m your huge fan from Indonesia, I just found out your blog after your account on youtube is suspended. This is so devostating, I mean I learned a lot from watching your sub from all those shows especially WGM and suddenly all your work are gone. I hope this is not the end for u, there is must be a way for u to handle these.
    so much hope that I can reach your subbing work again, or at least you can write the review on your blog so we all still can cath up newest episode. keep it up Alvin!!!

  137. i am sorry to hear that again but i hope you will continue!!

    please let us know where you will be, i am sure, i will follow you whereever you go!!


    There are so many people appreciating your vids, why don’t you want to use crunchycroll, or vimeo or so? : (

  139. when i found out that i could no longer watch your subbed videos (which are a great joy to me, because i do not understand korean), i was really sad about it. well, i just want to say thanks for all the videos that you have subbed, since i never got the chance too. =)

  140. When u i saw your last post i thought that you would not be consedering a comeback but u did!

    Because of us and well i am really touched by it because really,you do not have a need to.

    Although youtube suspended your account again
    Still a thanks for your thoughts!

  141. Coolsmurf, Did you use the same email to register your second account? cuz that’s the only way this happen again.

  142. well i guess u can continue ur work elsewhere right?
    like megavideo??

    really hope to see ur work. your subs are the best

  143. I might sound childish.

    But, there are sites like Veoh for you to continue if you still hope too~


  144. COOLSMURF! i was pretty happy that you had made coolsmurf2 (though it didn’t last long)

    you haven’t been gone off youtube for a long time, and i’m already bored to death -_-
    i used to get home, go on youtube, and you’d always have lots of new stuff waiting for me to watch…
    and now…since like a lot of the harworking subbers have been suspended by youtube…it’s just plain boring

    i miss you! and i’m really touched by all the hard work you’d put in!

    thanks for all your hardwork in the past, and just…keep us posted mmk?
    and don’t feel too down about it πŸ™‚
    we’ll always be here…as a ‘pillar of support(?)’
    so keep smiling…things’ll only get better (?) πŸ˜€



  145. this really sucks that they would have deleted the account even before uploading anything or promoting it! hmph…

    But I really miss your uploads…

    Thank you for your efforts! πŸ˜€


  146. I am so sorry to hear that. It must’ve been so frustrating, especially even after you had offered to compromise and remove whatever was “copyrighted.” I find that so stupid! I’m sorry you had to deal with that. Hopefully you don’t lose your passion for the Korean industry and translating. Like others have mentioned, there are always other venues other than youtube. ^^ ❀ Thanks for your dedication to us fans all this time! Coolsmurf fighting!

  147. this is really frustrating…..suspended again?…….haiizzz.

    i think you can try other sites…..crunchyroll, overstream, etc.
    since we’re hooked on all your videos, we’ll follow you to
    any other sites.

    so please think this over …please dont give up on us.
    coz we’re not giving up.

  148. Not that I can’t be bothered to think of a proper original comment but post #3 took the words right out of my mouth.

    No matter where your videos are there are many of us who will still continue to support you and your subbed videos. Where else can I get good quality We Got Married videos? I looked forward to your videos every week it’s a pity everything got deleted cos I rewatch most of your videos during my spare time (in the weekends).

    If you’ve really decided that you’ve had enough of subbing, I’m sure many of us will understand!
    If not, Veoh/Crunchyroll would be a good alternative πŸ™‚ As long as you provide us with the links here on your blog, which most of us still loyally read everyday, and we will definitely view it and support you!

  149. Hi, so sorry to hear that you lost you YOUTUBE account and all the contents.

    I am a K-Drama fanmade MV maker and never upload any full drama or TV shows on YOUTUBE but few days ago I also had 1 of my Fashion 70s MV deleted and I’ve been told it was a request from SBS. My account is still exist though, but in order to save my other fanmade MVs I am now starting to remove all tags, try to display as less information as possible on the video description on YOUTUBE but I will repost the vid on my blog or discussion forum with the full details. I dunno if it will work but I just copy what other people did in VEOH (Veoh also started to delete K-drama posted there). I try my best to stay under radar as I do not want to lose the vid I upload. Whatever video people post , they all need hard work. Now it is SBS related videos that have been removed, but I think it is just a matter of time that other Korean TV stations will follow as well.

  150. probably my last post..
    clue: “i am coolsmurf here and everywhere”..
    i cant exactly recall what alvin says..but it will give you a hint

  151. OMG, not again! Stupid f&*king YouTube, when the f%^k have you put copyrighted videos?! D; Umbrella – Epik High and all WonderGirls performances! My gawd, open your eyes YOUTUBE. You’re losing a lot of profit by doing that. D”:
    Sorry, Alvin.

  152. i guess it really is the end
    i mean i will still follow up with your blog =]
    don’t worry there always be supports from me and others people too.

    thanks for all your hard work for the
    wonder girls =D

  153. I feel so sorry for your account…

    When I found that your youtube account was suspended, I was shocked and devastated.

    I also told my friend who watches xman, and she was like
    ” omg! Coolsmurf’s account suspended! thats where I watch all my videos!Who is going to sub and upload those videos!!!”
    she was totally freaking out…and so was I since I look for We got married episode’s on your youtube…

    You did your best! Good job ^^

  154. damn it. WHYY??? WAHHHHHHH. *sobbing*

    lol. i support you. whatever you wanna do. fine with me! YOU STILL ROCK!!! but i’ll come back to this website. everyday! =( wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. noooooooooo.

  155. btw, alvin.

    why don’t you upload your sub video here by using mediafire,sendspace or whatever..

    we still can download and watch it. pleaseeee…

  156. Pls dont be disheartened Alvin. Think of it positively, you’ve made Singapore proud (unlike stephen lim), and your blog is popular. And you’ve gain lots of supports from fans who appreciate your hardwork. All the best in your future endeavours.

  157. im going to miss you so bad.
    im not watching any koreans show anymore coz i dont understand them.
    well maybe it is really time to say goodbye to you.
    but im still going to check this site.lol

  158. i found another blog. its still new, but she has a web for the subbed we got married. her blog is miumiu099.wordpress.com.
    try it! im so happy that i found this blog.
    thank you coolsmurf for everything that you’ve done for us.
    for your sleepless nights..

  159. I can’t believe this is the end.
    After everything they you have given us it’s finally come to an end. This is so sad.
    totally gonna miss you coolsmurf

  160. have you tried dailymotion? lyptika’s account was suspended/closed at veoh so she moved everything to dailymotion! its sweet~ πŸ˜€ but ur totally awesome and its a pity that ur leaving us. i do hope u maintain your blog cuz it really is my only insight on korean entertainment industry

  161. i agree with guacamoby. youtube is bullshit. and the logic behind copyright infringement in this case is lost in me. it’s just plain bull, especially in your case. we all know that this is ultimately about money. i’m sure if they’re some out of every video you put out they wouldn’t even give a fuck how many versions of videos you set up online. i mean we all know that these capitalists only think about what’s in it for them.

    anyway, there must be a way to go around this copyright sh*t without running across them powers-that-be. have you tried other video sites?

  162. kind of schok knowing that ur acc got suspended again…WT???
    i love ur xman vid.. u r my fav uploader…
    damn.. i have to search around for the vids that u use to upload..
    hate sbs now…
    really hate them.. wat is their problem by suspended ur acc again…

  163. i agree with guacamoby. youtube is bullsh*t. and the logic behind copyright infringement is completely lost in me. it’s just plain bull, especially in your case. we all know that this is ultimately about money. i’m sure if they’re getting some out of every video you put out, they wouldn’t even give a f*ck how many versions of videos you set up online. it’s not uncommon knowledge that these capitalists only think about what’s in it for them.

    anyway, i hope you find your way around youtube’s fucked up protocols. and maybe be more careful next time. don’t let anyone keep you; we all got your back.

  164. Ugh, what’s with youtube’s sudden mass deletion? All these accounts suspended and vids deleted. The site makes money off traffic but it’s deleting all these? And suspending your second account like that? Serious wtf there =/

    Coolsmurf, I really hope this isn’t the end for you and your subs (blog, too). If it is, I’m grateful to you for your efforts. With kpop, I was only ever interested in certain idols but because of you, I was exposed to many more artists and excellent music, drama and humour. So, thank you! You’ve made a difference to me (huge one at that).

    And I hope you’ll keep going – you have all the encouragement and support of all your blog readers, like myself. There’s plenty of alternatives mentioned above, but it’s up to you. But either way, thank you Alvin. Coolsmurf hwaiting!

  165. Aww..ugh >< That must’ve broken your heart again! They’re so silly! No worries, we feel your anger and frustration and saddness too! But thank you for trying! I really do appreciate all that you have done and do! Please continue to believe in yourself and be strong okk?? ❀ FIGHTING!!

  166. This is so sad!
    Please don’t stop subbing!! πŸ˜› Why don’t you start uploading videos on dailymotion or other streaming site?

  167. This is totally ridiculous, it’s all about the money. I’m even more pissed now. But like Yukino said, there are other streaming sites and whenever you feel like coming back, your fans will be there lol.
    I’m so attached to your work, so cheer up; we’re all with you!!

  168. With the account name coolsmurf2 I think they could handle it without much work at all! Anyways, you should try to find a solution, and i don’t think that is doing same thing again.

  169. what? they suspended your new channel again! grrrhhh..i was so looking forward to your new post after getting home from work…-:(
    its ok alvin…if it makes your feel better , just take a break right now. its been a tough week for us , but especially for you. we understand if you want to lay low for a while.we’re just here to support you..hope you still continue to maintain your blog.:)

  170. pleaseee noo!
    please don’t give up! I always turn to your video’s when I’m bored or sad!
    and your the only user i know who can upload Wonder Girls performances so fast!

    please try your best!
    we will continue to support you!

  171. Hi CoolSmurf!

    Please,try to upload your videos in another site,there are many sites to post videos on internet,like DailyMotion and others!

    Don’t let Youtube and SBS break our fun!

  172. Was the problem with SBS because of “We Got Married”? I still see people posting “We Got Married” videos. Personally, I think they should hire you. You are promoting their show. I am Korean but don’t speak Korean at all. I have never consistently watched Korean shows, until you starting posting “We Got Married” sith subtitles. I hope you don’t give up (I’m totally into it :)). If you post somewhere else please let me know… Good luck and it was (hopefully will be) much appreciated.

  173. Don’t you guys get it? It doesn’t matter if coolsmurf used the same email to make another account. That is not the reason why his second account got deleted. Youtube was being a jerk and deleted his second one.

    Furthermore, it doesn’t matter if coolsmurf uploads vids on dailymotion or veoh. They are the same as Youtube and will delete any accounts that upload vids from SBS. Veoh has already done that to SBS dramas.

    And it would be pointless if coolsmurf has to use a different username. Everyone has the right to “free culture”. He should have the right to use his original username, instead of having to resort to sneaky methods to dodge copy-right infringement. Coolsmurf just wants to uphold a level of integrity so you should respect that. Why does he have to come back with a different username to not get caught? Doesn’t that make him look guilty when we all know that he is a nice, innocent guy?

  174. i didn’t know about this til today and im PISSED!!! Alvin,i signed the petition too ,here is what i wrote ,i hope this may help you ,we want u back!!! ^____^ hwaiting!!!!

    this is just unfair!Here are people who love korea and its culture but we do not have a great access to it since some of us are not korean-speaking people and korean shows are broadcasted for the korean tv only .Coolsmurf did an excellent job bringing us laughter ,tears ,emotions by uploading korean variety shows and subbing them.We are truthfully thankful for all the hours/days/months he spent at doing this and all for free and for us ,viewers.We are supporting him because we think this is more than unfair to him,to us,to the viewers all around the world.
    We are disappointed in SBS/Youtube who claim to be opening a window to the world but how can you claim this and be proud when you are doing this,you Youtube/Sbs are nothing without the audience ,please do reconsider about his account suspension and also about how this can be useful/profitable to you .

    We are now waiting for a real change about this and we are expecting a lot from you.Thank You


  175. aww at least you tried right??^^
    I have to say youtube is gettingr eally boring and plain without you ~.~
    Alvin you are the best uploader ever and will always be !!!!!
    Thank you soo much for at least trying!!

  176. *tears* This sucks cause u were the reason why “us” non-korean speakers could watch the shows from korea. I will seriously miss your videos especially We Got Married. Good luck on your future endevours and i hope that you will still continue this blof cause this is were I get info abt the korean entertainment!

    Thank you so much for giving us the subbed videos, I really appreciated it cause your videos usually brighten up my day.

    Good luck (FIGHTING),

  177. Alvin,
    Thanks a lot for trying again …I really appreciate all your effort! awww YT is really upsetting!
    I think YT deleted your new acount because you have the same IP address…

    But What ever would happen in the futur, I will keep surfing in your blog!
    HUGE thanks for updating your blog with news for us!

    Don’t be sad!

  178. This is a SAD SAD day for all Coolsmurf fan/supporter out there.

    First I would like to thank Coolsmurf for all his effort in making the translation, so that all of us have the possibility to understand and enjoy Korean shows. His work is not only for singles but also for married couples like me, where my wife is a Korean. Through the help of Coolsmurf, I can enjoy and share the laughter with my wife on all those shows that Coolsmurf has helped to translate.
    Thus, Thanks ALOT Alvin (hwaiting) !!!

    I hope our voices will be heard by SBS/YouTube and that they can understand the goodwill of your work and reinstate your Coolsmurf acct.


  179. that’s sad…
    even though we don’t have the videos, please continue “review” episode.
    I love to read about it even though I don’t watch the episode ^^

    look alvin… look how many silence reader turning into non-silence ^^
    You do have a huge support group.

    Keep up your good work

  180. gosh..that’s so regretting!
    your vids are awesome and you’re always do a great job.
    it’s so sad that you’re quitting.
    and youtube surely has no manner to do it.
    i will be missing all your vids.. T__T

  181. Omgod I really hate those people.. because you have put all the effort in subbing and sharing it with people and they just take it away. This feels like my heart is ripped apart T_T
    I really want to thank you for sharing the shows!
    I’ll support you~!

  182. this is so sad.. and so unreasonable.. makes me more disappointed and mad at youtube and SBS..


    thanks for trying to get back at subbing.. really appreciate that.. youtube is nothing without your videos!!!!.. but if ever you do feel like subbing again.. just let us know where and we’ll definitely be glad to watch your videos again.. =)

    goodluck!!!.never give up!!!.Fighting!!!!.. we will be looking forward on watching your videos again.. =)

  183. uggh. grrr! and i was totally commenting on and favoriting your wonder girls fan meeting videos!
    i checked back again the next day cause i wanted to watch sohee’s dance then realized it got suspended too. darn you youtube! but i guess i can understand. but darn you again!

  184. …like docmitasha, Avyran, annie and the rest who had voiced their honest opinion regarding SBS’s action against your account, I am pissed. SBS didn’t really know that they’re getting free publicity when fans sub their shows. International fans wouldn’t understand anything without subbers like you, they wouldn’t even be interested to visit Korea or buy dvd’s of dramas and movies if they weren’t hooked by subbers like you, SBS should be grateful that their shows were understood and appreciated inspite of the language barrier, again because of subbers like you! They don’t realize what they’re losing by asking for your suspension and I hope they learn the hard way…
    …like the rest of your fans, I am thankful for all you’ve done and worked for, and for giving me hours of entertainment. I’m wishing for your success in the future and even if we never meet personally, remember that I’m one of those whom you have made happy with your subs. Thank you from the bottom of my heart…and much love.

  185. why dont you try dailymotion.com ? or some other vid site
    dont lose hope!
    it’s the internet

    You were one of the reasons why I started my interest in kpop! =___= did you use a different email address for your second youtube account? you need a different email address.

    If you really decide to stop, i just want to say thank you so much for your hard work and thank you for giving me something to watch everyday! Your videos were awsome..really, without you, i wouldn’t be obsessing over kpop.

  187. oppa…. please continue….
    life would never be the same without coolsmurf….
    try using veoh… its good too…

    no matter what… i thank u for providing us with all the videos.. thank u..

  188. Thanks for trying..

    At the rate YT is suspending accts, I wont be surprise YT will no longer attracts the mass as before, for there will be nothing to see anymore….

    anyway leave us a note in your blog, should your ‘translating’ bug bugs you again…

    in the meantime, keep Cool hehe…

  189. Thank you so much. I was wondering what happened to you so i did a search on google…and I found your website. I’m going to subscribe to your website here now. Please let me know when are you going to resume your site. We all miss you!!! CoolSmurf rocks!

  190. You should totally try Veoh. It has great video quality and they never delete videos. You could give it a try and see. Keep up the entertainment blog!

  191. ah, why is SBS doing this all of the sudden? Out of the blue too! Alvin, there’s still other places where you can upload that SBS won’t have to know about! Please don’t quit subbing and uploading D; I spend most of my time on the computer watching your uploads, instead of being outside, getting my Vitamin D’s! Hahaha, but yeah. please don’t quit D;

  192. did you my heart breaks?
    it’s okay alvin.
    but i do hope, sincerely do hope you will continue subbing. there are a lot of place to upload vids.
    take a step at a time. you are already well known among k-variety fans.
    please be strong (and we have too)
    whatever it is… alvin jjang!

  193. Oh my gosh….we’re going to miss you so much…thanks so much for all the hard work! Seriously, I don’t even know what to do on Mondays now, where we usually watch we got married!

  194. I don’t know how can I say!!! Just wanna tell u, I always support you. It’s hard working, I know that!

    Miss U

  195. Gees, this is so sad but don’t give up!!

    Thank you for your hard work and hope you can create a new account if not on Youtube maybe another place but please don’t on veoh cos I can’t open it 😦

  196. i think there’s someone “undercover” stalking coolsmurf and check up on him. otherwise, there’s no way YT can delete the 2nd acct that fast & unreasonable

    however, u can hav my acct since i dont use it. i dont upload anything. hardly go there anyway

    take care

  197. Don’t you have another account on another site? any way to upload them all there so we have a chance to dl them again … arrrghhh …… so bored at work these days ……. this sucks!!!!

  198. thanks for trying again. u r the best. thanks for always made my day. dont ever think the word give up n hope u r doing fine. tho we r sad couldnt watch ur videos, yet u must be more sad to go trough this crazy account suspension stuff. no matter how long it takes, dont give up bcause u know u r the real hero. thanks aloads alvin! ^__^

  199. hi alvin..i dont know if u rememner this but i once personally msg u regarding seung gi vid..i feel very sorry n lots of YT users will definitely miss u..keep up d hard work n juz ignore wat ppl say..evry1 of us has d power on our own life..

  200. wow….what is youtube without coolsmurf yo??
    you’re one of the reasons why i tune into youtube in the first place..

    quit or not,it’s your decision so i guess i’ve to respect that ^^

    i will always support u : )

    thank you for the videos so far.

    will be waiting for your comeback : )

  201. aww… that’s really sad… i look forward to the WGM episodes every week!! and all the other videos you sub for the non-korean speaking but k-culture loving people like me!!!
    hope that u make a madd comeback one day…
    we’re all really grateful to you!!
    we all want u to know that ur kindness n hard work is greatly appreciated!!!
    [hehe im ur fan from australia!]

  202. Ugh. I’m totally disgusted! BAH! SBS is really stupid to do this.

    First, I think Charice Pempengco should have a fit. To think that she’s famous now because someone uploaded her guesting on Star King.

    Also, I think SBS shows would find that they would have less international people supporting their shows, especially Star King, which has people who get to watch Star King on Youtube and wanting to get on the show.

    Finally, I think we gotta boycott SBS, meaning we’re not buying their dvds and whatnots anymore! Although I support the entertainers, we’ll have to do something about this because it’s not just coolsmurf, we’re talking about whose account has gotten suspended because of stupid SBS, we’re talking about LOADS of other people who has uploaded SBS shows and took time to sub these shows.

    Whatta stupid decision. Alot of people will end up losing interest in SBS and possibly Korean shows.

    Alvin, I hope you know that we’re all behind you all the way! We appreciate everything you’ve done for us!!!

  203. “Never, never, never give up” -Churchill

    There are so many other video upload sites out there like VEOH !!!!. Youtube can go k*ss my ass.

    But whatever your decisions, we are behind you 100%.

  204. well. whetever you do.. ppl will always have a very deep and nice memory of you and your vids.. the vids gave many ppl laughs and tears(referring to the video content^^) and yeah.. of course everyone silently hopes for a comeback of coolsmurf.. but weΒ΄ll always have a nice pic of you even if you wonΒ΄t come back..



  205. wow this sucks. I no longer have a reason to check youtube daily anymore, in fact I haven’t even been checking it at all since i heard of your suspension. I have nothing to look forward to now and honestly, it’s bullcrap that you have to go out of your way to upload your vids for the fans. Seriously, Youtube and SBS should be thanking you for making them more popular.

    I’m hoping you will make your silent comeback. JIA YOU! FIGHTING! if you ever need help, you have your loyal subscribers supporting you.

  206. i fee sooo sad…knowing that u would never upload anything~
    i’m only staying in YT because of your channel… your interesting videos……….. but now… my subscription page will have nothing to be updated at all…

    i’m hoping for your COMEBACK!
    i’ll always be your loyal subscriber!

  207. Coolsmurf don’t give up ok. Just cuz they suck doesn’t mean u lose. Seriously SBS just lost their best opportunity to make their shows known. The only reason I started to watch korean shows was cuz of you. You subs are really easy to understand compared to otheres.

    I understand the way you feel. You put in soo much effort and this is how they repay you. If it was me i would also take a break and come back stronger.

    Alvin Oppa hwaiting!!! πŸ™‚

  208. you and other subbers should be recognized for what you do. most people don’t realize it but by easing the nuisances of language difference, people like you actually pave the way for others to move across what they thought were barriers and divisions but need not be.

    i’m still upset about the termination of your account in YouTube. you bridge gaps where others can’t and it’s a shame SBS cannot appreciate that. i truly pity them for their narrow views and conservative ways because they may have gained their rights back, but they lost a substantial number of audience along the way.

  209. You’ve done so much for us.. maybe we should do something for you?

    Anyone else can obtain and upload Korean videos.. translation/subbing is a different matter though.

    But whatever happens man, we’ll support you.

  210. I couldn’t really express my feelings since i can’t even get to watch YT..so this doesn’t really make any different to me.. i have not log in for the longest time..YT used to be my favourite website..but erghh..no way, i’m switching to blogs and soompi as my favourite site!

  211. yo, coolsmurf!!

    Wanna say you have been doing a great job!! Thanks!! I am a Singaporean who is very interested in Korean variety shows. Thanks to your effort!!

    Jia you!! When the going gets tough, the tough gets going!!

    We will always support you!!

  212. By read this, I really happy with you that you have many of supporters (including me).

    Anyway, thanks a lot for you return consideration, really hope that you can back to Youtube soon. I’m look forward to see you.


  213. TT…
    it’s sad for you to leave
    but im loving thatsuspended video XDD it’s pretty funny
    don’t worry you have a lot of supporters out there
    and we hope you will continue throughout other websites : )

    Coolsmurf Hwaiting!

    Its funnie how when stream sites gets popular they get demanding!..
    First time i went on youtube they dont delete a single video and it wasnt as strict as it is now..

  215. Speechless ~~
    I don’t know what is with them ??!!
    Alvin, I don’t know what to say …sorry but I’m with ya !!

  216. =[ I hate youtube for doing that.
    I’m so sorry!
    But thanks for all them shows you have uploaded and subbed. I’m so thankful you have subbed so many of my favourite shows for so long.
    I hope you can make your big comeback/
    We’ll all be waiting. xD

  217. GUESS WHAT I EMAILED SBS INTERNATIONAL UNDER THE NAME OF “Non-Koreans for Koreans” I showed them our petition, comments from your “goodbye people” post, and soompi threads about the recent suspensions… I also asked them about what theyre gonna do to us non-korean fans now, cuz it seems like theyre not aware of us. The actual message is an essay long so i cant paste it here, ill just post it on soompi later…

    this is what sbs said:


    First of all, thank you for your interest in SBS programs. However, SBS programs that are (were) available for viewing on Youtube.com were posted by parties that are not affiliated with SBS and thus committing copyright infringement. Please understand that what we are trying to do is to eliminate copyright infringers, not neglecting Korean pop culture fans. There are websites that has SBS Programs available for viewing and you will be able to enjoy SBS programs through following websites:


    Thank you for your support

    SBS International, Inc.

    James Han jhan@sbs-int.com

    so this is what i replied after going to the websites that they gave:
    “As we have said, we are NON-KOREANS. We loved the Youtube uploaders because they took time to put SUBTITLES on your variety shows so we could all UNDERSTAND and laugh at the funny guests and MC’s. Because of those “subbers” and “uploaders,” your audience have expanded into a worldwide audience. We suggest you reach out to us in that way as well, NOT just by giving us websites that are once again for the Hanggeul-speaking audience.”

  218. Wuuuuuuuut!! I’m surprised they hadn’t caught your account for so long as well lol. I’m glad it lasted that long anywho. I didn’t even get to finish watching We Got Married. Buuuuhuu. I regret putting it off.

    Rrr, if they subbed their own shows we wouldn’t have this problem D: mean.

  219. Don’t give up Coolsmurf! I’m glad for all the work you’ve done over the past 2 years! But you know what, theirs plenty of other sites where you can start fresh again :]

  220. oh my, muishe and muish got suspended also!.. this is not good people… she has deleted all her SBS vids and still they suspend her..

  221. omfg.
    WTF. You were like, my major source for subbed videos. All your hard work gone? You worked so hard, an in an instant it was gone. I’m going to miss you so much.
    Coolsmurf, HWAITING!

  222. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  223. WHAT!!!!!!!! this is stink…this mean i don’t get to watch anymore of your wonderful sub videos TT_TT argg damn youtube and sbs people….i really hope that you can make a comeback

  224. funny thing is SBS does this to you yet they themselves dont show respect for others like the Olympics… dicks

  225. NOT AGAIN?!?!?!

    I tried looking for coolsmurf2 just now and guess what?! I got nothing!! I was sooo afraid that you might get suspended again and so i went here and i guess my worst fear has come true!! You DID get suspended!!

    WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOUTUBE?!?!!? I hate it now that you’re gone!!!!

    Sigh…whatever your decision is, Alvin, I’ll always support you!! Thanks once again for all your hardwork!!

  226. 276 comments supporting you.

    i think you have quite the crowd behind you dont you think ?

    open on another site, youtube isnt the only one.

  227. dont be sad coolsmurf we wont forget you… you will always be in our heart …..oh wait what am i saying hhehehehe lol
    cheer up there are others ways and stuff.

    YOU ROCK COOLSMURF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  228. Maybe you can argue to youtube in your claim that it’s not a “repeated” offense since all three videos are from the same episode and then blame youtube for putting in the stupid 10min limit!

  229. DON’T give up!!

    take a break and we know you’ll be back stronger and better than before,please stay strong!

    but for now, i’d like to thank you immensely for introducing me to a world which i would have otherwise never heard off. Thank you soo very much for all your hard work over the pass years!


  230. OMG, are they serious or not abt that reply ???

    does it really TAKES A GENIUS TO DECIPHER THE MESSAGE posted on SBS???? i think they did not even read the message in the lst place!

    If we are koreans or understand korean language, DO WE EVEN NEED SUBtittles in the lst place??? period!!

    i really hope they do nt disappoint further ….

  231. im not trying to be a mean person or what… but i agree to AJ~AJ~AJ to us NON-KOREANS who want to watch Korean shows WITH SUBS that is totally unfair…. How about they solve there OLYMPIC leakage, before they suspend upladers and subbers like you…..

  232. Wow. What the freak is wrong with the people ‘up there’?? They need to chill and realize that many of us can’t even watch these videos because we’re overseas. It’s not like we’re going to BUY the things we watch cuz they’re not gonna be subbed anyways.

    They need to get a life.

    In the meantime, thanks for posting important news on your blog, Alvin!

  233. Another fan of your work, needless to say, my family and myself miss seeing your updates (specially xman and we got married); and also wanted to throw my suggestion on other places you can upload your videos at.

    what about crunchyroll.com

    however, if that doesn’t work, i’d agree with the idea to have your stuff from a torrent.

    anything to give my family their coolsmurf fix =]

  234. i just want to say thank you for everything all these years. you really were a great contribution to the whole fandom.

  235. Hi! its me again… I just want to say.. atleast you tried again.. I thought im going to be happy again because i found your 2nd account but now it is suspended again! what the heck… anywayz, just want to say i am very thankful for all your hard wrk at least a lot of people really got the interest in korean culture.. I missed your videos..

  236. thanks for all your vids.
    i looked through the youtomb thing and realized about 80% of the videos i had saved were all from you. haha.
    i loved your vids and thanks for subbing everything that you did. (:

  237. oh that is just so sad. tsss, you’re the only who subs we got married tssssss man, they should just take out the vids that they are blabbing about deeeeeng.

  238. thanks for all your vids!
    apparently you’re not the only one cuz i’m about to cry now thinking about where i’m gonna be able to locate my sbs shows like star king, family outing and yadda yadda cuz they suspended quite a number of those that i subscribe to (gomdorii etc). WAHHH!

    damn it.

    nevertheless. still a fan of your blog.

    ‘A’!!! lol

  239. waaaaaaahhhhs! ;_; I wanna cry no!!!!! I can’t live without your videos!

    Thanks for all your videos though! I loved them!! We’ll all support you no matter whatt!!!! ❀

  240. Just like everyone else here.. i wanted to thank u soo muchh for alll or ur hard work and dedication!

    Just want you to know that we’ll be here waiting for you to be back…. and we’ll support you know matter what!

    Stay strong! πŸ˜€

    Thanks for everything again!

  241. you got deleted …..

    I’m so upset T__________T

    What am I supposed to do about WGM????? All the other WGM subs have bad qualities and your subs are funnier ;_;

    I’ll work really hard at learning about computers even though I suck at software stuff so I can create a new website (like youtube…except not) ONLY for you so you can post up all your videos and make the world a better place. Thanks for all your hard work anyways

  242. OMO!!!! MY TOP YT FRIEND!!!!!!! T______________T

    THANKS for all your hard work!!!!!!!!! PLEWASE, PLEASE I SUPPORT YOU ALL THE WAY!!!!!!! KJK<3EH!!! WGM!!! 😦



  243. hi coolsmurf! i always watched your videos and i rly appreciated the subs!
    it sucks for what happened but you could just post videos on a lesser known website like imeen which almost never gets vids removed

    well good luck and thanks for the vids while they lasted.

    p.s. i can kinda read chinese subs so i was wondering where you get your vids.. maybe ill just watch them that way πŸ˜›

  244. ohhhhh so thats what happened haha when i got onto youtube, i was like”where’s coolsmurf’s account?!” i kinda figured but i didn know if you did it or youtube did it. well thanks for all the great subbed videos. you got me really interested into the gameshows!!! itll be cool if you could keep doing it but if its the end, then its the end :]

  245. oh!…so sad

    i just keep looking for the one that hyesung appears in PKL wonderful outing, i saw them before..TT..

    so i found out the problem… i should download it before…. oh……soooo sadddd……

    thanks anyway… hope to see you in youtube again very soon.

  246. no wonder when i try to find coolsmurf2 it says “the acc has been suspended”. GODDD,wht sbs problem? im really sad for coolsmurf. please don’t stop subbing. or you can subs all the videos and put on your blog. lovelovelove coolsmurf…..

    lots of love,
    shahera πŸ˜€

  247. i got my old yt acc banned too, i somewhat know how you feel. thanks for all the videos you uploaded =]

    i hate how these companies do this, i mean uploading their content on youtube will increase the popularity of their channel and such.

    soo much that i myself wanted to order the channel. i will though (when i get a job)

  248. It’s been 2 years now, I wish you could upload videos without getting banned again. Especially the MUHAN DOJEON! We really loved that but its really hard nowadays to find a site w/ english subs. Youtube is starting to delete muhan dojeon episodes and that really sucks. PLEASE COME BACK!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE WE NEED YOU!!!!!!!!

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