Kim Tae Hee Eats Nearly 30 Sandwiches for New CF

Kim Tae Hee recently signed a one year contract with Paris Baguette and has filmed a TVCF for it. She replaced actress Lee Na Young who was the previous endorser. The change is expected to be good for Paris Baguette especially considering Kim Tae Hee’s beautiful image and CF ability.

love the colors and pose

love the colors, DOF and pose

The TVCF shoot took place at a Paris Baguette outlet in Kang-nam where Kim Tae Hee had to wolf down nearly 30 sandwiches in the searing summer heat because of repeated takes for the TVCF. But she still managed to have a smile on her face throughout the shoot although the scene was quite comical and led to laughters all around. Meanwhile, many people gathered to watch the filming, especially attracted by Kim Tae Hee’s presence. She also showed her friendliness by greeting those who had stayed to watch the filming.

She is now studying English for a month in Los Angeles.

17 thoughts on “Kim Tae Hee Eats Nearly 30 Sandwiches for New CF

  1. i live near a paris baguette XD
    kimtaehees pretty here
    it makes you want to have that sandwich XP

  2. lol tht sandwich sounds 1000+ calorie to me, but i’ll eat it anyway
    her smile makes it superdelicious!

  3. well, she’s pretty…very pretty…just hope that she’ll never get “phat” with that huge Zandwitch.

  4. She’s so beautiful….I love her hair in this.
    Haven’t heard much about her acting career lately, but I think that’s a good thing. She should really just stick to CFs.

  5. i usually don’t find kimtaehee to be all that special but i’ve got to say, she looks GORGEOUS in that first pic!!! makes me want sandwiches 😀

    thanks for sharing!

  6. I just read this news over at another site too! 30 sandwiches is just.. wow.. haha.
    & she’s taking English courses in LA? ^^ I wonder if I’ll be able to meet in her real life =D

  7. Kim tae hee is one of the worst actress’ I’ve ever seen in my life, seriously what is with her daniel henny, and Song hye gyo? seems like their pathetic acting careers are built on nothing but CF after CF, talk about overrated. lol

  8. haha poor kim tae hee. must have been hard eating all those. ^^;
    wow she looks really pretty~~
    how can she have such a flawless appearance? :O

  9. her beauty reminds me of a goddess… that whenever you see her smile, you can’t help but smile even when you’re alone in a room…

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