Lee Hyori vs Seo In Young Dance Battle on Ya Shim Man Man Season 2

Ok, so SBS International Inc. caused the downfall of my Youtube channel and misery for me over the weekend and for many. But this doesn’t mean I will boycott watching their shows because I am not so narrow-minded to do that.

“Ya Shim Man Man” Season 2 kicked off a new era in late Monday night variety with a new format after having been on a long hiatus since stopping in January 2008. Much was made beforehand about the competition between SBS “Ya Shim Man Man”, MBC “Come To Play” and KBS “Chit Chat of Beauties”. But “Ya Shim Man Man” came out tops last night with 11.1% while “Chit Chat of Beauties” got 10.1% with “Come To Play” last with just 6.9%.

Ya Shim Man Man Season kicks off with a bang

Ya Shim Man Man Season kicks off with a bang

The new format for “Ya Shim Man Man” Season 2 saw a gathering of possibly the strongest MC teams of all-time with Kang Ho Dong, Yoon Jong Shin, Kim Jae Dong, MC Mong, Jun Jin, Seo In Young, Nic Khun (he wasn’t mentioned and hardly featured) plus special guests Lee Hyori and pretty boy Jang Geun Suk.

The highlight of the show belonged to Lee Hyori and Seo In Young who had recently made their album comebacks as they did a dance battle which grabbed the attention of the mostly male artistes recording the show. Seo In Young started off by saying, “I could show my sexiness even to a children song”, as the show PD started playing a children song “Little Tadpole” but she really managed to show her stuff even with that. Hyori was up next as she danced her sexy dance item from “U-Go-Girl” showing the sexiness of a female.

After watching the two sexy ladies dance battle, Jang Geun Suk decided on Lee Hyori in the end as his dance partner. He showed his dancing prowess as shown in UCC videos as he did a techtonique dance solo and then with Hyori as his chosen dance partner winning the applause of everyone.

Another highlight of the show was when Lee Hyori talked about the intense media scrutiny on her in the past and even now. Back then, she was always tagged with the label of “whatever Lee Hyori does, it would be a success”. It would be good if it was a success, but if not, any small mistake would result in everyone ganging up against you. The higher you go, the harder you fall. And it became a huge burden to her when her drama “Three Leaf Clover” started badly and eventually flopped big-time as she teared while talking about this.

“Ya Shim Man Man” has make a successful comeback with their debut episode but it remains to be seen if viewers would still tune in next week. The episode was splitted into two and part 2 will be shown next Monday night.

43 thoughts on “Lee Hyori vs Seo In Young Dance Battle on Ya Shim Man Man Season 2

  1. Yessss. you’re continuing what you’ve been doing! 🙂

    Seo In Young looks still weird with longer bowl cut hair. Hyori looks really nice.

  2. I really understand how Hyori feel, but everytime she make a comeback, she always come back with a bang, and make everyone love her more and more. Personally, to me, Hyori win over Seo In Yong hands down. Jang Geun Suk look so cute doing his dance haha. excited to watch this.

  3. Dance battle??? Sounds interesting though we all know the sexy queen is the automatic winner…*Jaw drops at the thought of Jang Geun Suk and Hyori dancing together* … I wish I could watch it (with subtitles) … Poor Hyori crying!

  4. SBS International Inc is seriously going through will all this madness. This morning I was watching Family Outing uploaded by FOFanSubs and a few hours later most of them were deleted. But the weird thing was that they didn’t suspend the uploaders account, just deleted a few videos.

    Man this sucks. Now I don’t even know where to watch Ya Shim Man Man with subs now that they’re not gonna even be able to upload them >:l geesus christ.

  5. Same, I was watching FO too but by siwonsaranghae and a few hours later, her account got suspended >.>

    Looks like I’d have to download everything and watch it because so many accounts got suspended – -“

  6. thank’s Alvin. you are a good person. keep on bloging with all this good stuff, and I ( all of us ) will wait patiently for your new youtube account if you shall have one later. ^_^

  7. I totally adore Hyori! She’s come a long way and I say it’s okay, honey, let it out! You don’t have to perfect, cause we still LOVE you!!!!
    Never knew Jang Geun Suk could be so hot! Where have you been pretty boy!

  8. sooo mad! all my fav shows are being deleted because of sbs! i didn’t even get to finish “family outing!”
    DAMN THEM!!!!!!

  9. thanks for this blog coolsmurf.. hope the petition filed will help your YT account be back up again..(i’ve signed numerous times for it)…

    Is coolsmurf2 really you?… i was just thinking because it was opened july 26 and you never confirm it here in your blog plus the country says south korea
    , i know for a fact that you are from singapore… i have subscribe to it though.. can you please confirm if it’s really you?… thanks again

  10. i like YSMM a lot it’s a shame that all the episodes don’t have subtitles, i cant wait to see the new episodes but not that one tho…

    i was also wondering if any of you guys know where i can have subtitled episodes of “Chit Chat with beauty”

    it looks like an interesting show for foreigners and all but i don’t see any ep with eng. sub

    can someone help me ? thanks

  11. jang guen suk<33 must watch this ep ^^

    and yeh.. a lot of youtube accs are getting suspended (the ones that upload k-dramas,shows) :[

  12. Hyori and Jang Geun Suk look great together! And who can resist a sexy dance from kpop’s diva Hyori?

    Still trying to get used to the new format but with two of Korea’s hotties as guests, they’ve pulled me in! Can’t wait for the next episode to air!

  13. Coolsmurf, you are not narrow minded but a BIG HEARTED and GENEROUS PERSON!
    Thanks for everything. Fighting!!!
    Hyori or SIY, they’re good with their trades.

  14. so thats why I can’t see new uploads in youtube. OMG!!! I hope quainte501 wont be suspended tooo… because he is my source for WGM Hwang Bo and Hyun Joong part!!! Ow no… Where will I view WGM now????

  15. Hi Coolsmurf. Hope you create a new username in Youtube. Please. Please. Please.

    May I ask how I can send you personal messages? Mostly questions, sorry. I user to email you through your youtube username account but now….:(



  16. I’m glad to see you’re back. I was worried that you would give up on everything. And I admire you for not boycotting SBS. Seriously, good for you for being the bigger person.

  17. OMG!!!
    Hyori and Geun seok in the same variety
    can’t wait to watch
    Seo inyong is so pretty in black hair like this
    thank you very much
    It’s my first time here

    I don’t really know what happened to you in youtube or something
    but I just want to cheer you up and don’t give up

  18. its good to know that you’re above all this, so generous, and understand of the situation. MAN UR AN INSPIRATION TT__TT

    The dancing in this episode was hilarious

  19. 20 leah

    so thats why I can’t see new uploads in youtube. OMG!!! I hope quainte501 wont be suspended tooo… because he is my source for WGM Hwang Bo and Hyun Joong part!!! Ow no… Where will I view WGM now????

    ….well, there’s always crunchyroll.. but it’s all full episodes and not cuts. T_T

  20. oh..so they changed the MC’s too??I didnt know cuz the guy i subscribed in youtube havent uploaded videos in a while..

  21. Are you still posting this?! Youtube is STUPID and the people who report the infridgement are inconsiderate! To be honest, most international shows gets more popularity if other parts of the world could watch it especially with English subtitles.

    They should just agree to the free publicity and on with it!

  22. ^haha.. i doubt it.. almost every asians have black or really dark brown hair.. not unless if they’re mixed with Caucasian.
    she must have dyed it all the time.

  23. Wow, they nabbed awesome guests for their first episode!
    Hyori and Jang Guen Suk are such hotties!!!!
    Can’t believe Nick Khun is one of the new MCs! He’s adorable!

  24. The dance with Hyori and Jang Geunsuk was hot! The format is different but I guess the second season is still good!

  25. I agree! Jang Geun Suk made a nice choice! The dance WAS hot! He was kinda dancing dorky a while there, but with Hyori, he got into the groove!

  26. 😦 i hope someone sub this and upload it. somewhere else but youtube,
    since youtube is being a pain in the butt. <_<

  27. I dled this episode the other day, wondering why Nic Khun was one of the hosts. I guess I wanted to see what he was like, but it was a huge disappointment to me as he didn’t get much screen time. Probably due to the language barrier and also the fact that he was a newbie, he didn’t act out more and seemed very nervous. Once he gets comfortable with everyone, I hope he’s able to be himself more on screen.

    Also, anyone notice a little nonstop 4 reunion? Jun Jin, Jang Geun Suk, MC Mong, and Yun Jong Shin. ^^

  28. i got an idea.
    why dont u post the video.. but write the title backwards?

    if u wanna put ya shim man man’s vids ep 87 part 2 eng sub.. then type the title as “naMnaMmihSaY87pt2engsb”
    n on the tags, write ur username only. i know it’ll make it harder for ppl to find ur vid, but cmon.. ur a legend, dude! lol ppl should b able to find ur username easily.. xD

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