Jang Hyuk, Han Ye Seul and Kim Min Joon Tazza Drama Promotional Posters

Olive9 production behind new SBS drama “Tazza” has unveiled the promotional posters of the three main leads Jang Hyuk, Han Ye Seul and Kim Min Joon.

Han Ye Seul, Jang Hyuk, Kim Min Joon

Han Ye Seul, Jang Hyuk, Kim Min Joon

The drama version of “Tazza” is adapted from the comic version of the same title by author Hur Yeong Man with Jang Hyuk playing Go Ni, Han Ye Seul as Kwan Suk Eun and Kim Min Joon as Young Min. The posters were taken by photographer, Kim Jong Min of playstudio situated in Cheongdam-dong whose previous works included SBS “King and I” and KBS2TV “Hong Gil Dong” (no wonder it looks slick) as it showed the different charisma of each character.

The production company claims that “Tazz” is one of the highly-anticipated dramas in the latter half of 2008 and believes that each of the cast has their unique charisma which will help the drama greatly. There was an earlier movie version in 2006 which was quite well-received and slight modifications would be made to the drama version. In case you didn’t know, “Tazza” is about someone who is good at cheating in gambling and the genre is expected to score well with viewers just like the movie. Filming will commence on 31st July.

“Tazza” will takeover “Gourmet” which is currently showing on the Mon-Tue timeslot. But there are now widespread rumors of an extension to “Gourmet” which is doing extremely well in the ratings so there’s no confirmed date for “Tazza” yet. But it will definitely be debuting sometime in September.

20 thoughts on “Jang Hyuk, Han Ye Seul and Kim Min Joon Tazza Drama Promotional Posters

  1. I did watch the movie and that is still my fave ^^ i hope they don’t dissapoint me in the drama though..but still with Jang Hyuk…it’ll be great..i bet ^^

  2. i dunno if you’ll see this. please come back. you’re my source of k-entertainment. im so sad now… come back…. pleaseeeee

  3. HI, JUST CURIOUS. but why didn’t you post up news on iljimae’s episode 19 & 20? (:

    what’s the ending? i don’t understand the RAW version.

  4. omg coolsmurf did your other account get suspended too?
    I just checked & coolsmurf2 is not there.

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  6. Oh my goodness, I just checked the coolsmurf2 account, it’s suspended? What the heck? This is total bullshit. Did SBS out of boredom and desperation develop a team of youtube savvy teenagers willing to spend 24/7 on the computer in search of destroying any video pertaining to Korean culture?!

  7. No sign of Madam Jung? I thought her role is pretty important in the movie. Why is Han Ye Seul’s character getting more attention? I forgot who her character is. She plays Go-nee’s gf or something?

  8. Looks interesting but wth is the other guy? Couldn’t they find someone else better lookin? hahah I hated the drama “Thank You” but hopefully the lead actor acts better and that this drama is actually WORTH watching!!! 🙂

  9. Ah i see~ was looking forward to that post. but it’s alright! thanks i’ll go see the other link (:

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