Son Tae Young Breaks Her Silence over Marriage to Kwon Sang Woo

Kwon Sang Woo bride-to-be, Son Tae Young made her first public statement on 25th July since their wedding announcement was made known.

She accepted an interview on 25th during the recording of her cable program, “Kwon Sang Woo has always been continuously doing his best to take care and protect me. I was really moved by his actions and decided to marry him.” Son Tae Young was in good spirits that day as she told reporters of their first meeting, “I met Kwon Sang Woo during a dinner gathering with friends by chance. He was very much different from the initial image I had of him. He was very humorous and kind-hearted and I developed an affection for him.”

She also shot down rumors that she was pregnant, “This is not the truth. After marriage, I will discuss with Kwon Sang Woo about the next generation.”

Although Son Tae Young looked to be in good spirits, but negativity had surrounded her in particular which has caused great hurt to her as she broke into tears during the interview saying, “I was in the wrong for all these being made known (her relationships). But I think I can take all the criticism as long as Kwon Sang Woo is by my side.” Their big day is set for 28th September.

36 thoughts on “Son Tae Young Breaks Her Silence over Marriage to Kwon Sang Woo

  1. Sooo glad seeing you post again. I was worried seeing no sign from your part. I love reading your blog so thank you for continuing bringing us news.

  2. These two really seem to be soo in love. they are cute together.Hope they won’t have any more bad comments and that they will get married peacefully.

  3. i thought coolsmurf will also stop blogging. ehehe. i love reading your blogs! so i’m glad that you’re still blogging. kwon sang woo is so sweet. ehehe. best wishes to both of them. ^__^

  4. I think people should just leave these two alone and let them marry happily..


  5. oh happy day! you are back…i hope it’s for good. judging by the number of those who reacted to your goodbye, there really is support for you to continue. more power to you!

    now i feel sorry for her, she looks deeply hurt (i watched a clip although i didn’t understand a word…) but at least she has the guy by her side. i wish them luck and hopefully, his fans will accept her as his partner for life.

    here’s to more fun blogging 🙂

  6. Glad to finally read yr post! 🙂 Thanks for so much news you brought us, hope to hear even more from you! Do take care! 🙂

    Kwon sang woo ftw ~

  7. YOURE BACK! i will never be a silent reader again! ^^ i dont know much about son taeyoung, but i wish her & KSW good luck

  8. Awww…of course the negativity towards her newly fiance, Kwon Sang Woo, would hurt her deeply and it’s too bad it had to happen! I’m sure her feelings for KSW is genuine and everyone (especially his fans) should respect that!

    Congratulations for these two! I wish them both well and all the happiness!!!

  9. Coolsmurf ! i’m happy that you’re still blogging ! Thanks so much for the news 🙂 !!

  10. Hey glad you’re back! We all got worried!

    She seems nice and kind.
    I never believed the rumours about her, and I wasn’t sceptic about KSW’s life choice at all.
    I knew he was a smart,cool guy 🙂

  11. i am soo glad that you’re still blogging, ill seriously be screwed if you stop blogging. thaxn coolsmurf

    I think this couple is super cute, damn all the anti-fans

  12. reading your blogs daily is one of my routine already and i was so pleased that you didn’t stop this… you’ve introduced me to kpop and i’m so thankful that there is somewhere who is willing to spend a lot of time subbing these wonderful shows.

    i just hope that you will continue what you are doing right now (making someone kpop addict hehehe) because you do brighten somebody’s day.

    KSW! just be happy being married and everything will be water under the bridge soon…though you did break my heart! hehehe

  13. Sorry I’ll just post this here instead of the blog about your accnt. Too many posts there already. I’ve got a question 🙂 is coolsmurf2 your new account in youtube? I was just told about that but pls tell us here in your blog if that’s yours. There are just posers out there in youtube so I’m asking… 🙂

  14. I rly wish them all the best, fans need to realise that their idols are capable of making their own decisions and they should respect those decisions. I’m sure that STY knew she would be under great scrutiny from KSW’s fans therefore she must be genuine – if that makes any sense! Anyway wish them all the best 🙂

  15. i watched the clip too and didn’t understand a single word. =(

    but she looked damn nervous; fidgeting throughout the whole interview. but yeah, it was kinda heartbreaking to see her tear up. netizens can be so malicious. -sighs-

    all the best to the both of em’! i can’t wait to read about their star-studded wedding! woohoo!!

  16. I am really glad you are back, Alvin! I wasn’t sure if you were saying goodbye to posting on coolsmurt.wordpress, but I am super happy you are continuing updating!

  17. Hi Alvin, glad you’re back! Carry on coolsmurf !.

    Did she appared a few months ago crying as the victim, and now she appeared again laughing and smiling and admitting her mistakes. Wow! the tool power of media, journalism and public relations – CONTROL DAMAGE. Next episode, Mr Kwon will appear crying and wooing his fans again, real korean drama alive. Bad Love haunting…………….

  18. I really want to believe that she’s a good woman, but there’s something about her that rubs me the wrong way. :\

  19. good 4 u coolsmurf keep um comming
    shes really brave and i love what she says in the end
    even thoits none of anybodys business who or what she did in the oast as long as her fiance stand by her side shes ok
    i wish them both the best fighting!!!!!

  20. hopefuly someone not shoot me after i post my comment here……

    I think KSW is a very nice romantic person, Iam soo pround of KSW he is soo brave to announce his married plan to the public, Iam sure he knows the consequencies for that. and i even love him more when he was announce his protecting word to STY, that he love her more than anything (money, fame etc). He is really the man that should followed by other actor who concern more to their carrier than their love.

    I think if we love KSW, we should support him as long as he happy, about his future bride, let time will answer your question

  21. yay~
    congratulations to the pair.
    hopefully we’ll hear some good news after they get married~~ :]

  22. whoa… finally she spoke up! honestly i didnt like her but bcoz of sang woo i will now start to like her…they seem to be very in love. congrats to both of them.

  23. Hold your head high, Son Tae Young, the true fans of KSW will love you because they love KSW! You are lucky, be thankful that no matter what some people say negative things about you, KSW loves you. That is the most important thing and you must nurture and take care of that love. God bless both of you!

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