Mixed Reaction to Kara’s Comeback

Kara has completed all their comeback stages starting with M! Countdown last Thursday and ending it with Inkigayo yesterday afternoon. So how was their comeback like? Well, they will need to do more than what they have done considering what an earlier news said earlier about their comeback and asking the two leading girl groups Wonder Girls and SNSD to take note of them.

Kara’s comeback track “Rock U” is a song that presents a cute and bubbly image of teenagers which no doubt was bought upon by the addition of two new young members and breaking away from their old image which didn’t quite take off for them. They have also been frequently saddled with the term of “Fink.K.L 2” and this has sort of become a burden on them.

Their first two performances on M! Countdown and Music Bank was quite bad frankly. Not that I am biased, but you can see it for yourself that they were probably nervous or simply not ready yet to make their comeback. They were slightly better on Music Core and Inkigayo. And it didn’t help that their fans didn’t expect them to go for the bubblegum pop concept and even then their nervous performances really didn’t help them. What has happened to the once promising group with boundless potential? Some fans defended them by saying they did quite well considering what had happened and they needed more time.

Some blame it on DSP Entertainment for rushing things and making them comeback without proper training. Some said the departure of Kim Sung Hee has hurt the group really badly because she was the most important member. Regardless, their comeback has been less than ideal and they seriously need to find a better song to create their own identity.

Not the best time to make your comeback either with the highly popular Lee Hyori, Seo In Young currently promoting their songs.

65 thoughts on “Mixed Reaction to Kara’s Comeback

  1. I will describe their comeback in two words: It sucked.

    They really do need to find another song to promote.

  2. By the way do you have any recent news regarding “Female Big Bang”? aren’t they going to debut soon? just wondering.

  3. I alwayed adore Kara as one of the decent vocal girls group out there. They have the strongest vocal ever before this and has their own identity. It is just such a pity their comeback is ruin by their rush company to promote them as the same of others girls group ( which I’m not a fan of any of them ).

  4. Ugh as much as I like Kara, their comeback was..-_-”
    Anyways, thanks coolsmurf, im really glad you did not quit blogging.

  5. E song and image concept is quite gross.. cute doesn’t seem to suit them… SNSD alrdy has that sealed..

    besides they seem to be crossing the line from “bubbly cute” to “sickly i’m-trying-so-so-so-hard-to-be-cute cute”.. it only makes e audience uncomfortable and want to vomit..

    e song is seriously quite terrible.. i don’t knw if it’s their singing or e song.. but it really grated..

  6. I loved Kara when they debuted.. their songs were awesome… now with their new album not so much.. I didn’t even bother listening to the other songs after hearing their 1st single of their album -_-

    a group needs one strong vocal.. I don’t think they have one =/

  7. OMG, i was so scared that you would stop updating your blog!!
    i’ll definitely come here everyday…like i have been for the past few months =]

  8. great, you’re back. I was afraid you were going to do something silly yesterday.

    Whoa. Back up on the sugar please.

    I think the song is cute but for KARA, it’s taking a step backward. When they mature, WG and this group were almost on the same level with the maturity, charismatic image. but what? now they’re going to cotton candy style.


    Anyway, with KARA, definitely not digging the new image. I feel like they’re just copying the whole SNSD cute “Kissing You” image and the WG charisma thing. I don’t like the whole cutesy image on KARA at all.

  10. ^^

    i wanted to give kara a shot. but then this song and their performances were a disaster.. its all over the place.
    but hope they will do better, but it will tough on them.

  11. didnt WG had a major image change too?
    from Irony to Tell Me.
    not that many people accepted Tell Me at first right?

    i like Kara, and it sucked to know that people are only judging them for their outfits. Yea, i admit. the 1st two performances were shaky, but they did improved on Music Core and Inkigayo right? doesnt that what matters the most? to keep on improving with every performance?

    they are not following SNSD. KARA already had a cute image last year with If U Wanna. and that was BEFORE SNSD debuted.


    im GLAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. YES! your still blogging xD!

    but I still can’t get over the fact that that new girl is like Sohee … it kind of bugs me LOL ^^

  14. I was a huge KARA fan and the feeling kinda stagnated for a while .. and when I saw their comeback, I had the same reaction with everyone “WTF!” .. From a promising group that performed songs such as Break It, Secret World and If U Wanna, I knew they could do so much better. Then, I checked out the mini-album and surprisingly, the songs in the album is quite good.. well, I guess except for Rock U.. That song is the worse.. I don’t know what crack DSP has been taking for making it the title track.. I really think they should’ve chosen Good Day or Bad Boy ..

  15. the song sucks..point blank… i’m a kara fan, but i’m so disappointed..they won’t go far with that song and nervous performances.. they need to believe in themselves more… i’m very saddened by this..since they are my # 2 fav girl group.. Its not sunghee leaving, its the whole thing..especially that damn song … but the new members are cute..i’ll support Kara, but this is such a disappointment.

  16. their comeback was terrible to the max, especially their mnet one. oh my goodness. i will admit that their performances got better, but not by much. i’m not even being biased, i’m just being honest…

    i mentioned this on an article at allkpop, but i guess i’ll mention it again: when wg and kara debuted last year in february/march, it really seemed as though kara was going to do better, but then they just disappeared. i actually thought their songs were catchy and absolutely adored sunghee and seungyeon [while nicole and gyuri…i did not have so much love for them].

    three problems that kara faced before comeback:
    -they didn’t come back until snsd and wg had already established themselves as the princesses of the girl group scene.
    -sunghee [their BEST/STRONGEST/PRETTIEST member] left due to personal reasons
    -with sunghee gone, there is only one member left that is vocally decent [seungyeon]

    three problems with kara’s comeback that will make it difficult for them to compete with snsd and wg:
    -very very very weak new members who can’t fill even half of the space left by sunghee. [i have nothing against member changes as long as the new member(s) are of equal or better talent…i.e. yoobin of wg]
    -weak song [does not showcase vocal ability, makes them sound like amateurs…seriously]
    -weak choreography

    three benefits that could maybe help them:
    -they seem to have a strong fan base
    -their title song, while it hurts my ears, gets stuck in one’s head after a few listens.
    -the fact that they did so well when they debuted makes people give them more chances

    unfortunately, i think kara has to step it up 100 times over in order to make the same impact that snsd and wg have made in the music industry. unlike snsd who have beautiful, charismatic faces and tight, sharp dancing; and wg who have catchy and instantly infectious songs, yummy vocals and amazing charisma, kara doesn’t seem to have anything that makes them stand out in the sea of girl groups.

  17. Ah..it was bad their song and performance honestly i can’t keep listening more than 30 seconds they are keep cracking and stuff -_- i’m so sure that there are talented girls who can sing out there !! why choosing these ones?
    And honestly the CUTE concept that they chose for GG or kara is just too much..

  18. they seem like genuine girls, and thats why i like them. i hope they do well this year! πŸ™‚

  19. wth was that? they suck man! i’m not a fan of snsd but damn kara sucks compared to snsd. and i don’t even pay much attention to snsd. the only decent girl group i would actually watch on youtube is wg. omg! i’m sorry but i just can’t get over how bad that performance was by kara on mnet. i mean… wth? how can they be allowed on stage with that? the dance was stupid and the song? do you even call that a song? and their voices! man, seriously, i’m traumatized. *_*

  20. Why don’t they just goaway and give up already. lol the two top girl groups are WONDER GIRLS and SNSD. NOT KARA. lol

    Clearly Kara didn’t cut it to make it past all the competition and WG and SNSD did, time to give up.

  21. hmmm I don’t rly like the song and I’m a big fan of WG so maybe I’m biased but their singing is just.. well not rly gd in my opinion :/ I suppose the one gd thing is that they can pull off the cute image πŸ™‚

  22. Even during the Sunghee-era, the only reason why I’d watch KARA was Sunghee herself. She’s SO talented and beautiful. While the rest are not horrendous, let’s be honest: they’re not the strongest vocals around. Gyuri can’t sing low notes, Nicole’s voice is weak when going for high notes, and Seungyeon is just so-so. I was hoping the 2 new members could fill Sunghee’s void, but one of them (the 17 year-old) can’t sing, and the other is another so-so.
    The song is actually not THAT bad. It sounds sort of like anime music to me, and this kind of music takes some getting used to. I hated the song at first, and now quite like it.
    The problem is indeed their image. I don’t blame them for going cute, but, while you can say they had the cute image BEFORE snsd, “If you wanna” has a totally different feel – its more relaxed, more of the cool-cute type rather than the jumping jumping oh my god im so cute type (that they’re doing now). That type of cute has been made successful by snsd, and you seriously can’t stop people from associating that image with snsd from now on (even if for the 2nd album snsd goes with a rock image and shed their cute image).
    I still like KARA previous “cool tomboy” style. What they lacked before was songs that truly stand out (their songs were very generic pop, and what’s worse, its not generic CATCHY pop like snsd).

    oh and excuse me, Irony was a wayyy bigger hit than Break it πŸ˜€ KARA has always been trailing behind despite the potential. I’m not saying that they are necessarily not as talented as WG or SNSD. They just don’t have what make the other 2 groups successful (a superhuman PD or a superhuman CEO).

  23. Lol you can’t say WG and SNSD made it past all the competition simply because of their companies, Wasn’t HYORI in DSP ent. for awhile? she certainly had no problem getting attention and fame did she. kara SUCKS. lol this was the second worst performance I’ve ever seen in my life.

  24. i think that when trying to promote they should pay attention to who they are trying to appeal in the audience, and this was a terrible disaster for them… why…

    well they are using a cutesy song that appeals to elementary kids and maybe middle schoolers, when they should be trying to appeal to their audience, which is young adults, and teenagers, also around the adult age, their previous image was very mature and to this, its definetely going to backlash with their fans, i just hope they choose to promote another song, bubble pop is not their genre, or i guess they were too nervous or didnt feel comfortable because now with the 2 new members the other ones have to hinder their potential…

  25. You know whats hilarious! You guys said that they pulled a SNSD thing. Well that picture of Kara in there, Gyuri is doing an Omona! xDD Lol She’s pulling a Tell Me Omona. Gyuri looks horrible in this new haircut too..

  26. please dont say kara suck, commenters.
    i know the song is wrong for a comeback
    but i feel inkigayo n MU bank was good..
    anyway different people have different taste to concept..
    im okay to pop n bubbly concepts

  27. awwww i’m glad to see you’re providing kpop news!!! thanks coolsmurf πŸ˜€

    and yea… DSP is SO lame. poor girls. they stand no chance against wondergeneration. besides, SNSD already have the cutesy/innocent thing covered.

    and if i ever have to hear nicole’s ‘shake it shake it!!” i’m gonna blow a fuse >:/

  28. HI ALVIN WELCOME BACK <333 lol its your site, doesnt really make sense to say that :X

    the only thing i like about kara is their dr. martens.

  29. I feel kind of bad for Kara. They really did lose a GREAT member but I still found their comeback to be quite satisfying. I was disappointed with the cute image though but I guess they had to take that route ever since adding two young members. I completely DETEST the cute image but so far, it actually looks quite nice on Kara. They did lose their uniqueness though. 😦 KARA FIGHTING!

  30. coolsmurf your back, did you know I miss you. (Especially on youtube) Anyways I think people need to back off on Kara’s performance. Even though it was one of the worst song and dance I’ve ever seen (to me) I think they did their best and they will get better (with the new members hopefully). I think the only reason why you guys don’t like their new image is because their is already a girl group (SNSD) that has it. If Kara had begin that image first no one would of said bad but their first image was punk and hip-hop? (Okay I don’t really know, I’m not a Kara fan so whatever) So who cares if this song is actually cute; SNSD is ALWAYS cute (Which is kind of disgusting to me LOL but I still like some of their song >_<) I hope they show more of their talents (vocals; Break It song) more and not about looks like some groups out there that depends on it.

    Kara Fighting!!!!!
    coolsmurf Fighting!!

  31. as much as i love kara! i really feel like this song isn’t for them! to me they seem like they are doing something they are not!!! i guess since they have two new memebers! i like their old songs and image more! but i’m a fan of their so whatever they chose i will support! anyway, thanks for the news!!!

  32. i was anticipating their comeback but i’m sorry to say that i was dissapointed, they tried but -_- i wasn’t feeling it… its a lot of pressure to be stage as the next finkl, so hopefully they better bring their A game next time they perform or change songs… idk, but gluck! ^^

  33. Their management is on crack! This image/concept is so overly done and it doesn’t look right. Comebacks are supposed to be good, this is just terrible.. like Gyuri’s hair. WHAT IS THAT?

  34. Their picture reminds me of Wonder Girls so much. The first thing that popped out was the farthest girl on the left, Hara, I think. Her hair and face reminds me of So Hee…and then next to her, hey, I automatically think Sun Mi, and they’re both so young. Kang Ji Young is only 13-14? She looks the same age as Hara. Anyways, so the girl in the middle doing the OMONA pose has hair like YooBin did for a while. She looks old in this picture…Even their outfits, the puffy skirts and vests, look like WG, but that’s not a big deal because a lot of people wear that style I think.

    Something about them just seems like WG…too bad they had to be overshadowed by WG. I bet they would’ve been able to keep their old image and make a real impact.

  35. to those who say snsd already has cute concept, kara already did cute for If U Wanna n that’s before snsd even debut. sheesh. where were you ppl at that time?

    to those compare them with wonder girls, well, i’ll try to not be too harsh considering owner of this blog is wonder girls fan. but i only think their perf wasn’t good enuff for the mnet one, the rest showed what Kara is…they sprang their perfs to perfection. i dare say they can still beat WG vocally any day even without sunghee.

    thanks for the news, altho so many hurting comments on their comeback, for someone who has seen Kara grow since their early days, i don’t see anything wrong with them. i love how strong Gyuri’s live has grown, n the energy all members show esp Nicole with her jumping and all at her parts, and still sound perfect. it’s funny to see more ppl bashing on Kara after seeing some people did. following the trend, oh boy. n before criticizing, i wish those bashers would care to do some research on this group, or just shut up. it’s annoying seeing ppl who know nothing taking like they knew everything. (not saying this to blog owner, i’m saying the bashers)


  36. It’s not them. Don’t blame them. They just need a decent producer.

    Say what you like about Lee Soo Man and Park Jin Young, but those two are veteran producers who really know what they’re doing. They know what makes a hit song, how to cover for weak vocalists and dancers, how to push their people hard with the carrot and stick, and how to get the publicity snowball rolling.

    DSP seems to have missed the ball on just about all of those.

  37. i actually quite like the song “rock you”
    but definitely not live…
    kara is improving in their live…
    so i guess just have to give them more time~
    kara fighting!

  38. They should really stick with their old concept
    the whole tomboy cute thing work for them and their vocal
    this concept clearly push them into the shadow of snsd.

    and their vocal doesn’t suck but the song suck badly
    esp. the chorus, give me a scared everytime, but i do love
    the beginning.

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