Goodbye People

It’s the end of the road. I didn’t even have time to react. Shock and disbelief engulfed me because I was happily in the midst of uploading Wonder Girls fan meeting videos when this message just hit me.

(extract from Youtube’s email) This is to notify you that we have removed or disabled access to the following material as a result of a third-party notification by SBS International, Inc. claiming that this material is infringing:

Star King #65 – Blind Pianist Ye Eun & Connie Talbot
Star King #65 – Connie Talbot Interview and Sings Again
Star King #65 – Connie Talbot Sings Over The Rainbow

Xman, Love Letter, Wonder Girls, Charice, Yoo Ye Eun and We Got Married. I am glad and hope that you have enjoyed them as much as I did while it lasted.

I am sorry to Charice and her fans that I couldn’t quite keep it going.

(many thanks to for the capture)

Videos: 783 | Subscribers: 23,523 – Stats that will live with me

I am putting subbing at the back of my head. After what has happened, please understand my situation. I am sorry to Connie Talbot and her fans because after being suspended over 3 videos with her in it, who can I blame at that very moment? I know that it’s not her fault nor her management now.

I am surprised I have lasted this long. It’s been fun for the past two years. Anbiholic fan, Orange has gotten a petition going for me and I have my own obituary thread in soompi forums (the place where I got started).

After all the drama, I am touched by all your words. I have read every word that each of you have written and thank you all for the company all these while. All your comments good or bad is the source of energy that drives me on.

873 thoughts on “Goodbye People

  1. Alvin! I just wrote you an email and left a bulletin on YT about your suspension…
    Too bad about your account. It was the best! If you do come back, please let us know ^_^ You have SO many fans out there ^_^ Hwaiting ^_^

  2. I’m sad regarding this news..
    You must be sad too..
    Thanks a lot for all the wonderful videos you have posted and also the subtitle videos..
    We will wait for you if you want to come back…

  3. I am so upset that this happened because you were one of the only people I subscribed to and checked everyday. Omg, all those Xman videos are gone? I can’t believe this happened because I was just on your channel 20 minutes ago. Seriously though, you really do have a lot of fans out there. FIGHTING!

  4. Youtube will never EVER be the same without you. I’m incredibly disappointed with how things ended up and I wish you all the best, seeing as how there’s very little i can do for you.

    If you do choose to remain here, I can assure you, you will have nothing but our gratitude and support. We love you man.


    *cry* this suckk big timeeeee
    really tho i watch every one of your video from
    eun hye x joong kook to wonder girls to we got married to xman
    oh my godd.

  6. we will never forget you alvin
    all ur work and effort into making all those vids and memories happen

  7. oh god this is sick!
    nonooooo 😦 dont leave T_T
    you’re like our one-stop place to get the latest translated news of kpop & you, quitting would mean we’d have one less page to surf 😦 be it the silent readers or the active people who leave comments hoping that they’ll encourage you to continue with your work,
    argh stupid youtube!
    cheerup alvin πŸ˜€

  8. yeah, we love you alvin! but though.. question..
    are you still going to continue this blog? i really love
    this blog!

  9. OMGGG ! wttf ! man i was jst on your channel like 10 mins ago watching the wondergirls teletubies skit,
    wtf is thiss !!! omgggg nooo, we got married *tear*, this sucks and is stupid!, far out … what bad luck, sorry it happened to you :(,

  10. oh WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! connie talbot’s people suck!!!!! how can I live without coolsmurf?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!and my wondergirls???!!! and my we got married????!!!

    coolsmurf, the non-korean k-entertainment lovers community watches your blog like every single minute… and with this gone… I serisouly do not know how are we gonna survive… like really… other sites cannot compare!!!!!!!!!

  11. WHAT??!! i can’t believe they did this to you! i’m so sorry for you alvin =( now i think about it, a lot of my love for everything kpop related wouldn’t have happened without you and all this X-man madness…i’m really grateful for all the work you’ve put into this over time! i’ll miss your videos so much.
    Alvin, fighting !!!

  12. I keep adding onto my last note, but DUDE, I’m just shocked. Please don’t give up BLOGGING at least. You’re one of the only sites worth reading!

  13. I can’t believe this happened.. I’m shocked and I can only imagine how u feel.. All you have done these past few years.. XMAN, all those memories. I thank you for all your hard work.. You have been a major part of my kpop addiction. You introduced me to so many artists, shows etc… You have made me appreciate kpop, so I thank you for that.. Whenever you want to comeback, I’ll be supporting you all the way…

    We all love and appreciate you.
    Much love.

  14. SBS is SO STUPID. Is Connie Talbot’s management company involved in this? If they are they are also stupid. How the hell did international fans know about kpop, and Connie, if not for youtube, and specifically, YOUR youtube account?

    I know for WGM you said others have been subbing as well, but if you notice, people keep coming back and comment on your vids (the other account (for WGM) never has as many comments as you do), because of the quality of the vids and the dedication that you showed us.

    For WG, while there are other accs that also upload WG vids, yours is the most comprehensive, and I always love reading your short comments on each vids. You’re such a nice fan, and it’s nice to watch a vid from a fellow fan, you know? XD

    And your xman vids…your xman vids kept me in the room while i should be outside frolicking with my friends XD XD they were THAT addictive.

    Maybe you are really angry right now – heck, hundreds of vids you spent time on uploading these 2 years were gone in a blink of an eye! But…………………………..when you have had time to recover from the shock, think of us. Think of the (online) friends and fans. Even if you don’t come back…please know that we appreciate all the things you did , and it’d be nice just to see you on youtube once in a while (uploading random vids, not kpop :D)

    I hope you at least keep the blog XD It’s THE ONLY kpop blog that’s clean and objective and nice out there. And wondergirls blog, too.

  15. Yesterday i found out that gomdorii channel was suspended and today it’s yours. NOOOO!!!! Your channel was the best 😦
    It was the channel that made me like youtube.

  16. i can’t believe. suddenly it said “account suspended”. i refreshed my page 6 times to make sure. youtube truly won’t be the same anymore. i always looked forward to your updates. you made me a fan of any show or music group you uploaded. i appreciated your subs so much because I am not korean and do not understand the language. thank you for all your hard work over the years.

  17. NOOO!!!You’re channel was what got me into Kpop in the first place,i watched every single one of your videos.*sniff*
    Stupid SBS and Connie Talbot, well not the girl but her people.

  18. omg i’m really sad about the news. i thought you’d last forever but then again you lasted way longer than other people who also subbed gameshows like x-man etc. thank you so much for all your uploads, it’s your yoon eun hye and kim jong kook videos that got me into the couple and then to kpop and wonder girls. definitely your blog is the ONLY blog that is worth reading. again thank you so much!!

  19. OMG!!!! How can this happen?? Without you, my life won’t be same anymore!! SO sad…. We always support you and never know that this day will come. Thanks for giving us great entertainment with all videos that you upload. son sad that i want to cry now… T___________T



  22. i don’t get it.. why can’t they just take off the videos instead of closing down your channel? you’re the 4th one that i lost on my subscriptions list.. totally not fair. i started into all the korean stuff from coolsmurf first.. from the xman videos, seriously.

  23. oh no….
    I’m one of your subscriber.. i feel sorry about what happened.
    don’t worry we will still be your subscriber & definitely a fan, i will support you.. and we love you..
    don’t be sad.. OK

  24. OH MY GOSH!
    this is horrible. now what am i going to do on youtube??? D:
    sigh. oh well.
    you’ll still be doing this blog right? -hope hope-

  25. This is terrible! I was your fan since the xman days and you made me grown to love Yoon Eun Hye and Kim Jong Kook. Your videos were the best. There are hardly any subbed videos of xman or love letter posted nowadays but it was nice while it lasted. I am YEH&KJK fan to a Wonder Girls fan through your wonderful subbed videos.
    Over the last 2 years you accumulated over thousands of loyal supporters. I think you are a celebrity in your own right. So good luck and thank you.

  26. OMG! I am so sad. Of all people, Connie Talbot???? I mean,she is good but …

    I will miss WGM and Charice’s videos, especially the first one which brought her YT fame. Your videos were part of her professional history. So sad.

  27. oh my gosh
    i reli cudnt believe it
    when i went on yt it said suspended i was like. oh! thts weird. for maintenance?
    then i read on anbiholics fan board
    now this.
    gosh. connie talbot…well she can sing but still …
    i mean…
    thts no need in literally suspending and taking literally everything away from you
    thts SO harsh!
    is there anything tht we can do at all??? to complain for u??
    i mean…to actually do something or say something for u??
    cuz afterall…..ALLLLL the effort tht u put in…..
    i cant imagine no more subbing n updating from uuuuu
    we wil defo alll miss u!!!!
    hang in there pal

  28. WTH… this is rubbish??? Is not like you were uploading the whole show… and futhermore, your youtube video brought fame to a few of them….how could they do this??

    Coolsmurf… just wanna let you know.. that whatever reason your account got suspended..thats just within youtube… alot of us are supporting you and rooting for you…

    So don’t give up… alot of us are supporting you!!!!!!

  29. ay man thanks for all the subs on everything, really enjoyed them all, lol, damn had you subscribed but also on my tab-favorites, so I could get to your chan hella fast. but man you are awesome, continue blogging plox =P

  30. Agreed with hariboocyt can we do anything for you? petition or something?i’m sure with the amount of fans they would definitely take note.

  31. i hope you still do this blog because your blog is the only
    blog of kpop news i can go too and not see bias update from it writer x[

  32. what???
    it was just okay about an hour ago??

    you must be really disappointed alvin, take a rest if you must.
    but please do comeback.
    i enjoyed every minute and every letter of your posts.
    it was a blast.
    i don’t know where to go now.
    almost all of the decent and credible bloggers and uploaders are suspended or have quit.
    i am lost…

  33. didnt they warned you before?

    I dont like it when they just delete you without any warning

    youtube sucks ~ many of my friends were deleted already often just because of one video from any not interesting star

    maybe just upload the really important things but 2 years are gone now ~
    its too bad
    we all know what you did for us ~ we keep in our mind forever
    and I think everyone know that youtube smells like poo lol

  34. omo!!!!
    i can’t believe this!!!
    i was on ur channel everyday for this whole week..
    i’m watching We Got Married..
    actually i’m Joongbo couple follower..
    suddenly i hv time to watch all..
    i knew ur the only one that sub WGM at yt..
    i’ve just finish watching Crown J n In Young epi 11..
    i want to continue..
    suddenly they said video no longer..
    i was so so shocked!!
    and i went to ur account..
    i really can’t believe this..Y___Y
    then i google ur username..
    i’ve found this..
    i’ve been watching WG too..
    i’m so sad..
    u must feel horrible..
    i’m feel sorry bout this..
    thanks a lot on ur subbed vids all this time..
    i’m really enjoying it..
    just in case ur back in yt..
    let we all know..
    we sure will be supporting u again..^^

  35. Oh my god.. I was just on your channel watching Yoobin’s solo and now its gone :/… I saw on the news recently that there were companies threatening youtube, wonder if they pick popular channels to suspend so that viewers will put pressure on those companies.

    Thanks for all those subbing you’ve done.

  36. First, I just want to say I’ve enjoyed MANY of your videos and really appreciate your effort in subbing them. It was through your account that I got exposed to Xman.

    But wow, this really sucks. Honestly I’m surprised your account lasted this long as well but I think the Korean networks didn’t really mind. You weren’t making money and it helped expose their shows and the stars to an English-speaking audience they couldn’t reach otherwise.

    I also suspect it’s Connie Talbot’s people doing this. American entertainment and retarded organizations like the RIAA, MPAA, etc. have an obssession with copyrights. It all stems from corporate greed really. I’m completely convinced it’s Connie Talbot’s people. Way to go making a hater out people like me who don’t even know or care who Connie Talbot is.

    Were you DMCA’d (Digital Millenium Copyright Act)? You may want to check out Renetto’s latest video about this topic:

    You can file a counter-claim and likely get the rest of your videos back up (see Renetto’s video, they usually won’t pursue it further if you file a counter-claim). I’m no lawyer but I would think the vids you posted can be considered commentary, which falls under fair use – you only posted short clips and you added subtitles, often adding explanations.

    Even if you weren’t DMCA’d, I suspect you got a notice from SBS instead of Connie Talbot’s (CT) people because CT doesn’t hold the rights to the show. SBS would have to initiate a very troublesome process (especially since they’re a foreign corp) to prove in court you infringed. File a counter-claim! In the end I’m sure they’d be happy if you just removed those 3 videos and you can get everything else back up.

    Also, Youtube can restore every single one of your videos if they want to. They’re not gone forever. Anyway, if you’re quitting anyway, I don’t blame you. Take care!

    Disclaimer: I’m not a lawyer and this should not be interpreted as completely reliable legal advice.

  37. TT___________TT
    wow. That must be really frustrating!
    I know that there’s not much you (or we) can do now, but just know that you have been a savior to all us kpop fanatics and have done so much for us! We’ll all miss you and your videos very much! THANK YOU <33

    I hope you will keep up this great blog in the future, though!

    34 – “had you subscribed but also on my tab-favorites”
    me toooo TT___________TT

  38. sorry to hear about your youtube account. i actually was afraid this day was going to come so i saved most of your youtube vids onto my computer.

    your account was one of the major reasons i got into korean variety shows, especially through your xman clips. i was even so inspired by your selflessness in providing xman episodes to everyone, that i started to share raw HQ xman episodes with everyone on the soompi forum just to give back to the show that started me off (all thanks to you).

    thank you for all the time you spent subbing and uploading vids.

    i hope you continue to update your blogs (both WG and this one). your blogs always keep me, along with everyone else, up to date with a lot of what’s going on in k-pop.

    much love and respect to you, bro. hope this set back doesn’t bring you down too much. peace.

  39. I agree we should start a petition. They surely can’t expect to ban someone with 25 thousand+ subscribers and expect nothing to happen.

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  41. Thank you coolsmurf for all your hard work over these years. It is because of you and your videos that I have been able to enjoy so many classic moments in Korean entertainment. It is a true shame that this has happened.

  42. OMG. I was just watching all the We Got Married Ep 19 episodes an hour or two ago and suddenly this happened? Sheesh! What’s wrong with subbing??? All your hard work and time wasted. Cheer up Alvin! There’s plenty of people still supporting you!

  43. what the heck?! this is really coming as a shock. you don’t believe how much i feel like crying now. i tune in to your acct SEVERAL times a day. how can youtube ever be the same without you. i’ll miss your work real bad. where can i ever get so many korean variety shows sub from now )))))):

    do come back~! *cries*

  44. WAITTTTTTTTTTTT whaT??!?!?!
    you’re one of the few sites out there that isnt like …… crazily bashing people.. i always loved reading you news… i LOOKED FORWARD to checking what’s new EACH AND EVERY MORNING…. wait what whyyyyyyyy???!?!?!

  45. I really do want to cry at this moment. I hope
    you are going to still keep your blogs alive.
    I love ya for putting up all the YEH and KJK clips as well as Xman. I’ve been a subscriber for the longest time and this is really depressing to hear.

    you really helped put kpop and the culture on the map for international fans. It pisses me off that Connie Talbot and party didn’t think. You helped put Charice out there. You put Xman and We got married out there too.

    I’m forever grateful and indebted to you.

    Let’s start a petition or something. I’m so pissed off now.
    If you ever need people to petition for you send a message my way and I’ll do it in a heartbeat.

  46. I’m so sad at this news!! I can’t believe it! T^T You were the best, I’m just stunned! I love your updates! Sometimes I’m just shocked that they do stuff like that, cuz you think that they would want an international audience… More the word is spread the better off for profits you would think, ne? What are we going to do with out you? You were the best! Take care and if you ever change your mind please spread the word!

  47. For the sake of the fans out there please do comeback and post more sutff on blogs and maybe even on youtube again.From all the comments written, i can see you have brought kpop in to almost everyones life, even my, you brought me into watching WG videos.Please come back!

  48. I’m so distraught about that. Over the past years , your channel has been my source of comfort and fun. Thinking that it is gone really makes me want to cry… Thank you for all your hard work and dedication. All the best.

  49. 2 words can describe how I’m feeling right now, THIS SUCKS! If all your fans are really sad/mad, I can’t imagine how you’re feeling at this point. 2 years worth of videos and hard work vanished in a couple of minutes 😦 Anyways, hope things start looking up sometime and please do continue your blog.

  50. =((( this seriously ruined my day, thank you soo muchhh for all the hard work you’ve done ! Because of you I’ve found many addictions & actually started appreciating Kpop Variety Shows like XMAN & LOVELETTER & WGM ! obviously I can’t express the effort you put into subbing all those 700+ videos, but really thank you. I’ll continue with going to this site though :DDDDD

    SBS is stupidddd ! how else did kpop become so famous these days with foreign fans like us? through people like you & the effort you put into subbing the latest hot shows & sites like this to show the latest issues, they are seriously seriouslyyyy…stupid.


  51. Gahh sorry, was too angry so I didn’t bother fitting the last 2 comments into one. One last note: if someone starts a petition for you, can you put the link up on here. Once again, ty for all your hard work into subs etc. I didn’t know any korean stars except Rain before finding your channel. Your channel had transited from a channel that I visited whenever I was free to more of an addiction.

    Now I have no idea what to do with the time spent watching WGM and re-watching the old videos you’ve uploaded on youtube. If you are final on letting everything go then I respect your decision. Although I believe I will still try and visit in future just to see if your account will be reactivated.

    Good luck in whatever you do in life! =)

  52. w0w,seriously i can’t believe this..h0pefully u will keep this blog update n we,internati0nal kp0p fanz will alwayz support u.anyway,thanx 4 ur hardwork n l0ve ur work damnly much..
    wargh,l0ts of sh0w will we miss.coolsmurf fighting!!??

  53. ?? I just woke up and your site is the first I open and then your youtube, it’s my daily routine. and WHAT A TERRIBLE NEWS!!!

    Im so sad, angry and sorry. but dang…. Alvin, what should I do, without being bale to see all your x-man and goodies ??

    argh…. Collsmurh you are still the best.

  54. Alvin!

    I’m too surprised for words..

    Oh, I don’t care much about the program but I still can’t accept youtube without coolsmurf is boring and they are ignorant to did that.


    I just can say thanks for everything, Alvin.*So sad..speachless, T T

  55. oh i get it now.
    😦 thanks so much for your hard work & generosity!
    reading your blogs & watching your videos helped me to get through college. there were no korean people around & watching the videos that i had watched at home with my family before helped me feel at home. πŸ™‚ thanks.

    & i concur with everyone else–SBS should be thanking you like the rest of us are. you + youtube have had a hand in spreading korean media to other parts of the WORLD.

    i really hope you will continue to update your blogs because they are the best means of getting korean media news. theyre the first things i check when i get on the computer!

    we understand if you dont want to anymore, but i hope that you’ll bounce back up. dont let the man get you down! haha πŸ™‚ aja aja fighting, eh~?

    thank you again & remember we love you & are behind you !!! ❀

  56. well, i think you have another reason to not quit!!!!…………………..

    REVENGE lol!

    I’m going to miss the Eun hye and Jong Kook action in xman…Man…

    if anything, i think you should take FRESH02 advice and try to make an amazing comeback where everyone will start crying because of your awesomeness lol!!!

  57. WHAT?!?!?!? WHAATTTTT?!?!?!?!?! NO WAY!!!!! That’s not fair!!! With all the hard work you’ve done and all the videos you’ve had!?!?! NOOOOOOOOO!!!!

  58. Er, I don’t know whats happening now. “I can’t believe I am ousted by SBS and I believe it’s Connie Talbot.” – From what I read, coolsmurf literally means he can’t believe that SBS would do this and he suspects Connie Talbot.

    Why is everyone blaming SBS :/

  59. i feel like a part of me has just died…

    the Korean entertainment industry will never be the same for me ever again…

    what a disapointment to all fans out there….

  60. T_T
    im really angry to those who reported…
    and sad cuz it happened to our great blogger cum kpop show uploader coolsmurf…
    i just wish this never ever happened…
    im so cursing those ppl who did this…
    maybe they just rott to death.. =x

    wut does having coolsmurf uploading those vids do to them?
    its not like he’s selling clips without their concern or something…
    with his vids we get to know who the hell is Connie Talbot n watch n know bout korean shows which we non koreans who do not have korean cable tv…
    we also then start to craze bout korean stuff…
    isnt tat making their artist n shows more known worldwide and this could even increase the fan base or particular celeb?

    haih, enough ranting…
    things had happened…
    although i hate such incident…
    wut else could we do…
    i just hope coolsmurf stay strong and hang on…
    dun stop blogger at least…
    all d best to u…

    thanks lots for all d hard work u’ve done..
    we really appreciate them…
    only we your fans/readers knew how great u were…


  62. noo they cant to this to u!! 😦
    w8 is this mean that the wonder girls wordpress is closing too ?

  63. oh, i feel so bad. i loved your channel.
    i hope you feel better soon, i know its disappointing to have all that work taken away just like that.. 😦

  64. Hey … Coolsmurf

    Thank you for all your hard work for 2 years ^^
    I am aboard and don’t understand Korean language at all.
    I’d started to watch X-man from your channel 3 months ago then We got married ^^ …. I had a lot of fun.

    I would like to express my appliciated toword your work ^^

    I wish you all the best …. ^^

    Take care

  65. “I can’t believe I am ousted by SBS and I believe it’s Connie Talbot.”

    I KNOW!!!!
    TO ALL the wonderful video you share…
    its so unexpected that it is Connie Talbot.


    THANK YOU!!!!!

    we will surely miss you^^

  66. OMG why????
    god is so cruel , i’m gonna miss you , and thank you so much for all your hard work , wish you the best in the futur.
    no more WGM , i wanna brake down n cry.
    thank again.

  67. We should do a relly to protest against this. They should be grateful coz you’re promoting their freaking programs. Man, I’m so mad. I’m such a fan of coolsmurf!!
    I can’t believe they all got deleted, but you should come back. I’ll be waiting for any news.

    Alvin FIGHTING!!!!!!!!!!!!


  69. =O WHAT?!


    I’m just speechless. You’re like a YouTube personality. I can’t believe they would do this.

    gomdorii’s suspended, too?!

    I can’t believe this. I’m just at a loss for words. Don’t quit coolsmurf! Keep this wordpress!

    Your channel was my favorite on YouTube. It was what introduced me to the Korean Ent. World with Xman and then, Love Letter. Then, I found out you liked Wonder Girls, too, so that made me even love your channel even more because I like WG, too!

    It was YOU who introduced the Korean Ent. to the WORLD! When Kang Ho Dong would boast that people watch him throughout the world, I bet it was through YOUR channel! ToT

    I don’t even know what to say anymore. Couldn’t they just have asked to take off the Connie Talbot vids??! Why do they have to take out everything else??! WGM is MBC anyway. Ugh. I can’t believe this. Connie Talbot should be happy we were watching her on Youtube Star King. Ugh.

    I’m so angry and sad at the same time! Please don’t give up, Alvin! Look at all of us supporting you! Please keep your blogs!!

  70. OMG!! this is so unfair. I’m soooo angry! I don’t understand korean at all, and have always been waiting for you to sub the vids. But I just wanted to say a huge THANK YOU for everything! I hope you come back soon!

  71. i was so shocked when i heard about the news, cuz i just watched Sohee, Yoobin, and Sunye’s solo stages like 20 mins before i knew about this.

    i’m so sad that you’re suspended. and i’m so disappointed and mad that it’s SBS who reported you. thousands of people wouldn’t even know about X-Man, Love Letter, Star King, We Got Married, etc if it’s not because of you. thanks to you, thousands of people got interested in those shows and eventually fell for K-Pop. i hope those Korean TV channels will soon realize that you’re actually benefitting them.

    after all of your hard work, i think all i wanna say is that i’m so thankful for everything you’ve done. THANK YOU SO MUCH for letting me know about those shows, and keeping me updated about K-Pop πŸ™‚ you did awesome jobs subbing, uploading, fulfilling people’s requests, etc. i seriously think you’re the best uploader ever! and i hope you’re making a comeback soon! (cuz nobody will ever replace you!)


  72. OH NO!!! This is bad news to Anbiholics and other WGM fans…

    Coolsmurf… dun be too disheartened… we’ll try to get some justice for you!!! we’re really thankful to you for all the hard work tt you hav done!!!

    WGM fans…
    i’m thinkin of startin a new thread in soompi in the form of accumulatin petition to at least get some justice for Coolsmurf, shall we?
    there’s a high possibility tt we’ll be ignored, but at least we voiced out our unhappiness and Coolsmurf’s grievance… so long as we reach a thousand ppl on our list, i’ll summit a FEEDBACK to SBS and YT!!! i’ll need the help of fellow WGM fans…
    i’ll be leaving details here after i’ve gotten a new thread link and the details needed for a petition…


  73. Alvin Coolsmurf, I echo many of the previous commentors…. I also got into watching xman and the wondergirls and we got married through your youtube channel…. you totally added to SBS’s overseas market share by making these programs and groups more accesible to non-koreans as well as gyopos like me in America. Thanks for all of your hard work and dedication, this must be a serious blow to you. I still can’t quite believe it when I log onto my youtube subscriptions and see the black picture icon above your name. Not to mention my favorites list has been cut in half or more…

  74. why?! why?! why?!

    i’m just flabbergasted. you’re the reason why i started sharing on yt and now they had to do this.

    thank you for all your hard work during these 2 years.

    you still have everyone’s support!

  75. and oh one more thing, i hope that soon Connie realizes that lots of people got to know her and become her fans because we first saw her videos that YOU uploaded on YouTube. she should be thanking you! what the hell is her company thinking?! they should look at the view counts on her videos YOU uploaded. geez.

    i believe you have made quite a big impact on Korean entertainment’s recognition. thousands of people throughout the world got into K-Pop because of YOU!


    PS: i hope you’re still gonna update this blog.

  76. Omg, I just woke up and went to you account [as usual] and am shocked! Im really going to miss your subs for Xman, WGM and much more. Ty so much for all your hard work on subbing WGM! πŸ˜€ Please come back!

  77. Would somebody please clarify for me? I don’t get what happened at all to coolsmurf and his youtube account and ALL of Wonder Girls videos at all.

  78. Wow! This is sad! I was shocked when I read about this on crunchyroll. Please dont stop updating your blog its the only way we can know if you are ok and alive.
    Ganbatte kudasai, Alvin!
    Aja Aja!

  79. i’m so sorry to hear the news alvin. you were the best of the best. please don’t stop subbing. we know you have put a lot of effort into this but this is your world now. i can’t imagine not watching your videos and i don’t think you can imagine life without the subbing etc. if you do make a comeback, we will be here waiting. you gave all of us so much enjoyment over these videos and introduced us to a whole new culture. for that, i am forever thankful.

  80. Thank you for everything ! Alvin ! you got fans out there !

    Believe me, there are ton of sites that allow sharing vdo, dont give up ! If you move to new place, I believe,……..there are tons of fan following you!

    I still remember the 1st time I’ve been introduce to Korean world…………My sister said “Go Google COOLSMURF”

    Just want to let you know, You are NO 1 bookmark for NON-KOREAN speaking fan !

  81. Wtf .. >..< noo ..we will miss you
    and x-man .. so many cut you made .. omg T.T

    hope you still upload here

  82. oh no!!please don’t give!!ur YT channel is the best!!ur xman vids were the only reason i’m into kpop and that’s how i got to know the wonder girls!!i felt sorry for you!damn Connie Talbot !!


  83. ohmygawd! this sux so bad, anyway thanks for all the videos that you’ve subbed for us. we all greatly appreciate it, and please dont stop subbing! you should go and take arest but you have so many followers out there, we’d be lost if you stopped subbing. >.<

  84. coolsmurf…PLS BE STRONG…
    would like to thank u from the bottom of my heart for introducing me to korean variety shows…
    b’cos of u….me and my sister got hooked to X-MAN…particularly our ‘STRONG COUPLE’
    and through ur channel also i got to know WGM…

    really wish u the best and ofcourse we will respect ur decision whether or now u will make a come back

  85. I don’t think any of us realized that this can happen to you. I hope you can move on and forget about what happened. I’m sorry this happened to you and I hope everything will get better for you soon.

    Your not closing down the blog right!??!

  86. well
    The only thing i can say is THANK YOU
    i’m from brazil and is really hard to get something subbed here
    but thanks to you i could see a lot
    i had a great time watching xman and love letter in your channel
    and as a wonderfull I Thank You again for suport our wonder girls
    you know what i think is funny
    you had so many videos about so many famous people
    and you got suspeded because someone i have never heard about
    I dont blame you for quit
    is really understadable
    but i really hope you realiza how many k-poppers need you
    THANK YOU for all Alvin/coolsmurf

  87. I can’t believe this is happening.I’ve been with you since the x-man days and now,everything just ended so abruptly.I thank you for all the effort you’ve put in and hope you’ll not be dishearten by this sage.jia you! fighting!

  88. this sucks. i’ll miss your videos. thanks so much for your hard work on subbing & uploading, i would have never been able to find & enjoy We Got Married or X Man or YEH & KJK. if you could still sub but upload the videos somewhere else like dailymotion or megaupload or sendspace that would be awesome. thanks.

  89. Oh man, i can’t believe this. I haven’t got time to finish watching WGM yet! T-T This is real saddening. You’re great Alvin / Coolsmurf! Thank you so much.

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  91. hey man, really thanks for all the hardwork u put in. i started watching xman because i happened to chance upon your channel, and got addicted to it. very addicted actually. however i hope u will continue to post news here is your domain. be strong, there are tons of pple out there supporting you i believe. take care.

  92. NOOOOOOO!!!! You can’t leave us!!! Please don’t tell me you’ll give up on blogging too!!!

    I just really loved your videos and was one of your many loyal subscribers. I’m still a fan of yours! Thanks so much for everything. You have no idea how much your videos have meant to me. ^_^

  93. aww this is really unfortunate… your videos have been awesome! i loved every single one of them. thanks for subbing/uploading them, esp x-man and wgm. will you keep writing on your blog?

    so once again, THANK YOUU :3
    hwaiting! from canada

  94. How come??? (O_O)

    Don’t wanna belive this.

    How can I do from now on? (-_-“)…..So Saddddd (T_T)

    However, thanks a lot for your wonderful job.

    Hope that I can c u again on Youtube, you r the best. (^_^)

  95. It’s such a shame that SBS did that. Without your subbing, I would’ve never gotten to love Korean Variety Shows. With you subbing for the old X-Man my love grew for those shows so much and I immediately headed over to your YT channel and subscribed.
    I don’t blame you for quitting, 2 years of hard work is all deleted by a company’s stupid move. If you do start over, it’s such a bleh to reupload all of those video files and everything. I didn’t think that the Korean companies would ever catch up like the Japanese companies. -sigh-
    Please don’t stop this blog and the wonder girls blog. These blogs keep me updated and everything. I can imagine my friend Leta freakin’ out when she finds out you’re gone for good, lol.
    Well I hope you continue posting on Soompi and stuff πŸ˜‰ Bye bye coolsmurf’s awesome youtube account -sigh-
    You know I never thought this day would come… depressing

  96. Oh no!!!!!!
    It’s just horrible, horrible news!
    I can’t understand a single Korean word and if it wasn’t for you, I won’t be even seeing those Korean videos in the first place. It’s just a shame to know that you’re quitting this entirely.

    Whatever it is, Thank you so much for all your hard work of subbing and uploading those videos! We all appreciate for you have done. Thank you so much, coolsmurf! You’re awesome! πŸ˜€

  97. I never leave a comment on your channel, but now it’s time to speak. Thank you for bringing all the Korean entertainment to non-korean-speaking-people like us. SBS does not know how much your work mean to us. I hope you’ll continue your wonderful work. Thank you for your 783 wondeful videos.

    Aja aja fighting πŸ™‚

  98. this is d saddest…. will miss u v much & thanx millions fr introducing me to d wonderful world of k-entertainment. U r the coolest. Yr “absence” left a huge hole & at the rate things go, I’m sure YT won’t last long. I hope u will be back soon, making lots of non-korean fans happy. SBS Inc is an idiot & really should pay u for free marketing/advertising instead. I hope a petition goes up soon so that I can join the legions who will rooting for you. Take care & fighting!

  99. when i heard your youtube account got suspended i got really sad, it was the best youtube account for short clips especially, if you wanted a good laugh! anyways, it was nice watching your videos with subtitle for all the funniest moment on variety, and everything. i just hope one day you feel like doing it again! THANKS FOR EVERYTHING THOUGH πŸ™‚

  100. I’m seriously lost for words. When I tried going to your youtube I had to double checked if I typed in correctly because it kept saying that it was suspended. And, having you clarified this, makes me really sad. Not only sad for me and us others, but yourself as well. Because I know how much time and effort you put uploading and subbing god knows how many videos you put up!

    But thank you for giving us 2 years of your convenience! I’m still trying to take this all in! I hope this is still around though!

  101. Crap, this can’t be happening. =(
    I was just watching the wg performances today.
    It was your youtube channel that got me hooked onto kpop.
    All your subbed videos, I definitely appreciate it.
    Whatever the outcome is, thanks for all the hard work you put in for the videos. Don’t give up!

  102. I’m so shocked as well. Thank you for everything that you have done for us – all the time that you spent simply because you wanted to share with us. I will never forget your dedication and your videos. Although you may not realize it, please know that the magnitude of how much your videos helped for new & old K-Pop fans is indescribable. Heck, many people who appeared on Star King have you to thank too for making them more well known. Thank you is not enough. Please don’t feel sad about it, it ended on a great note. :] We will continue to support you here at your blog.

  103. what the heck is happening?
    i just check on your yt account 10 min before i heard this, i’m your subscriber, and now who will i check on YT?

    if there’s anything I/we can help to get your account back

    please LET ME KNOW!! I’ll do whatever it takes

    i’m your big fan and owned a lot to you,
    I love Wonder Girls ‘coz of you,
    I’ve seen the cool&fun korean show ‘coz of you,

    wish you to come back TT__TT

  104. Hi Coolsmurf/Alvin:

    I am also one of the silent readers, and thanks to you, I got introduced to WGM! Isn’t it WGM from MBC…….?

    Well, I really appreciated all your hardwork and dedication in the past 2 years. I am not a Korean, and not really a K-pop fan to begin with, but due to your work, I am starting to learn and like the shows and culture. Please do not stop your blog, it is one of the best!!!! You have all your FANS out there to support you!

  105. OMG! Those youtube bastards!
    Anyways we are very thankful for your hard work and for all those videos!
    PLease if you feel like coming back Let us know!

  106. Are you kidding me? I am so shocked to be hearing this news… quite frankly I’m pissed that this happened. I’m been going here for a while to get the latest news in the k-pop world and then this happens. Oh well… Thanks for all the video and content you provided for the international fans out there. And not the mention that you did contribute to the explosive stardom of Charice on an international stage. We’ll all miss our daily dose of coolsmurf!

  107. no!!!! god dang it…thanks..i appreciate all the subbing you did…just sad that i wont be able to view anymore of your videos…

    so many ppl getting suspended these days on youtube..gosh, just this week 3 other ppl that i love to go to their channels has been suspended…

  108. I think, we should start a petition to have Coolsmurf’s account and videos reinstated.

    Maybe sent to Sbs Youtube Google and the kid.

    A/S/L + Way coolsmurf has impacted you.

    My Name is Eli Xian, USA. Coolsmurf introduced me to korean entertainment, kept me up to date. Because of him, I lost many hours of sleep watching his videos/reading his posts. SBS may think this is a very insignificant viewerbase but that’s wrong. I hope this petition will prove that.

    Coolsmurf’s blood has bee spilled. Bitches must pay.

  109. I’m freaking pissed at youtube/SBS but whatever! Anyways, do let us know if you ever decide to upload and sub again. Much Love!!!!!! ^.^

  110. Without you i’d never had that overlucky feelings… to wait for ur release and subs and then smile, laugh and be happy to watch ur vids. ur skill to cut, form, and translate was a gift every week to me – so far away from switzerland. Thank you thank you thank you, don’t give up!

  111. Nooooooooo T_T
    … no more WGM, no more xman with yoon eunhye and kim jong kook, no more shoot dori. I’m sad now 😦
    I just want to let you know that im so thankful of your videos, and i dont know how im going to watch those shows again… i love watching them over and over when i feel bored hehe >.< I always checked your account if you have no videos but now i guess i won’t be doing that. Youtube won’t be the same without coolsmurf. Thank you for the time you spent on uploading them! We love you coolsmurf and we will totally support you if you come back again πŸ˜‰ hehehe

  112. omg! Im so upset! I was just watching WGM last night on your page! When I just got up, I was gonna watch the rest, and now its all gone!

    Thanks so much for all your hard work, you’re the only youtube page, i look up. Heck, you’re the only one i have on my favourites and shortcuts, cuz you always have updates on the stuff I like.

    I’m sure you’re just as upset as everyone else. now, i really dont know where to find all the stuff you’ve uploaded. ahhh!

    I wish you all the best, and I do hope you’ll come back. thanks for all your hard work on subbing!

  113. AWW ~
    im on of those silent readers and im so sad to hear about this >.<
    Coolsmurf your on of the reasons i got into korean variety shows
    your subs were the best that i’ve seen in youtube..
    thanks for the dedication that you’ve put in for The past two yearss! Thanks for letting us international fans get a chance to watch these videos ^^
    Please keep up the good work through your blog!~~

  114. This…this is NOT RIGHT. Whenever I’m having a horrible, dreadful day, I always tell myself: A few hours of Coolsmurf’s channel will get me right back up. But now…-sigh- I’m speechless. You are the BEST subber ever&I can’t believe some little girl just ruined everything! I know how distressful this must be to you. Whatever you do, we’ll all be right behind you!!

  115. Freaking A. Are you serious? I just went to check and surprise surprise – my account got suspended because of SBS too! -_-

  116. omg noo γ… γ… 
    but you will still keep up with this website and wondergirls right????

  117. OMG!! I can’t believe SBS did this to you. I always look foward to your new video updates. You’re practically the only person i subscribe to. But nonetheless thanks for your hard work in putting up the videos of Xman and We Got Married in subs! Those were my favs. Hope you continue your blog and if you make a comeback I will totally support you =)

  118. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  119. Awh, goodbye.
    Hope you continue the blog, all the hard work lost!
    If you come let us know!
    We’ll miss you, thanks for everything. 3:

  120. noooooooooo!i can’t believe it! i’m so sad right now ! i don’t know what to say…SBS management really suck! coz it’s thank to you if their shows are that popular abroad !your YT account was the reference for me! it’s thanks to you if we get to know the korean culture! it’s even thanks to you that charice became famous around the world! that can’t finish just like that! can’t we do something?

    what a shock! i’m sorry for you coolsmurf! ! i already feel bored without your videos! you are the best i’m so thankful toward you ! thank you for all your hard work! i hope you’re ok and you know that we will support you no matter what happens! cheer up !

  121. So sorry that this had to happen to someone who was so kind enough to share with us so many wonderful entertaining vids!
    i wish they hadn’t taken you down 😦
    now us non korean speakers will have to go crazy not knowing what unsubbed vids are saying

    i always went to your youtube account for hwang bo and hilarious xman clips
    so sad they’re gone 😦

  122. Thank you for sharing.I never comment your video in youtube because I’m not the member of youtube .

    I just want to say thank you and I will support you .

    your video is great cause I don’t know korean and your video make me understand.

    I don’t know what to say ,only word I know right now is Thank you.



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  125. Thank you Coolsmurf for all the videos you have put up on youtube with subs. Because of you I got to know about Korean entertainment and since then I’m addicted to it. So I thank you because without your videos I would have never understood what they were saying. I loved X-Man and the We Got Married clips, so thank you for all your hard work!!!!

  126. All I have to sad is THANK TOU SO SO MUCH, for all the videos you have posted and youtube will never ever be the same with out you.

  127. I was watching your some of ur xman vids and suddenlly all of the vids were gone! I’m really sad that your account get suspended.. I just started liking Korean shows and one of the reason is because of your translation.. 😦 Ahhh that copyright problem.. Doesn’t the company realize that their artists get famous overseas because of the fansubbing?

    Cheer up coolsmurf.. we’re gonna miss you A LOT.. thank you for all of your hard work and thank you for sharing them to us.. we’re still supporting you !!

  128. OMG I screamed when I saw “this account is now suspended” What the FUCK??? I can’t believe it
    I was with you since Xman OMG…I just can’t believe it
    Youtube is a bunch of fucker and who is this Connie Talbot anyway? JUST DIE IN HELL, with all my gratitude DAMN!!!!!

    Doesn’t SBS think before acting, it’s people like you who spread the Kpop love and with that the Korean culture. Man ,I’m so pissed…but I know this can’t be compared to how you feel. All this effort you put in that channel, and all those vids.I’m sorry for you. FUCK!!! FUCK!!! FUCK!!! I have the urge to punch my laptop with a passion.

    Take care I will miss you.

  129. OmG I can’t believe this!!!!
    AAAAh! I really feel like crying!
    😦 I’m from Puerto Rico and all this time I have been a silent supporter of your work and I tell you I will always support you.
    You really did open a brand new world for me, so I thank you very much for that.
    Thank you for all the time spend subbing those videos.
    And remember we all love you!!!!

  130. awww…my heart just broke 😦 i absolutely loved all your vids. thanks for all your hardwork. please don’t think of it as a wasted effort. we really loved your vids. you’ve made my last year and a half bearable! really. everytime i needed to laugh or smile, i’d just go to your channel.

    gosh i’m so depressed right now. sigh. i’ll miss seeing your kjk/yeh background. πŸ˜‰ anyways. hope you’re ok. thanks for all you’ve done for us.

    take care. fighting!

  131. How terrible :(.

    But thank you for everything you have done <3333. It was your videos that got me interested in k-variety in the first place. You’re the best, one of the coolest people in fandom.

    coolsmurf fighting ❀

  132. Thats so sad. All of that work subbing those videos. Would you consider subbing and just uploading the videos and puting the links here. That way you wouldn’t have to worry about them getting found by SBS.

  133. OMG! Seriouslly! To be honest, u are the one who leads me to korean variety shows. When I was so new to the whole Korean Entertainment in general, I encounter your Xman vids while searching for Yoon Eun Hye. Since then, I began to know more about shows, celebs, etc. U have introduced me, as well as many others to Korean Entertainment and I just have so much fun with it. I bet a lot of fans out there are just like me. We all really appreciate all the vids u sub and all the hard works u have done. I really regret not downloading all of ur vids coz whenever I feel depressed, I always went to look for ur Xmen vids. They are really funny. I hope u do come back, even though u may not be as active as before. U do have a lot of fans out there, including me. Oh well, at least u still have this blog. I can imagine how u must have felt when u got suspended. I got three warnings before but lucky for me, I’m still alive. I may join u very soon though. Anyway, I’m glad I can still leave u a comment, coz some people got suspended and I had no idea where to find them . Thanks a lot again. Hwaiting!

  134. wow…a life without you… it’s hard to imagine it already…

    i never thought something like this would ever happen to you… it’s shocking!

    nonetheless, you have done a wonderful job in translating and helping out international fans… we all love you for your hard work over the years….it’s really a pity that you won’t be around anymore… but keep in mind, there are thousands of us who will support you in whatever you do… cuz you have made us all happy for the past 2 years!!! FIGHTING!

  135. U have done more than amazing work that made u have lots of fans and people that would continually check ur pages.

    i personally live in the middle east which is 0% of having the opportunity to watch such great shows, but thanks to you i’ve been introduced to this world, which i became so addicted to it..

    We respect ur decision, yet deep inside we really want u to continue ur best…

    coolsmurf fighting ❀

  136. wtf!!!! NOOOO!!! they can’t do that to you! i’m like one of your biggest fan! anyway, i’m still going to come to your blog! also, thanks for all your hard work! take care! oh and let me know if you’re back on again! once again thanks!!!

  137. omg i don’t freakin believe this! Coolsmurf you were like the first person I subscribed to in youtube. You were the one who totally opened my eyes to Xman and other Korean stuff. Please don’t say its over.

  138. Thank goodness I downloaded most of your videos. Although I didn’t do it for the latest SIY, CJ eps… Stupid SBS, I guess I’ll have to watch We Got Married in Korea and figure out what they’re saying on my own. It’ll be like charades, with no clear cut answer.

  139. We all get suspended. I got suspended back in April. Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeease reconsider this decision. Its because you that ppl know Charice Pempengco, Connie Talbot, and etc. All your hard work was not in vain. You have so many ppl who enjoy your work.

  140. Thank you so much for your time and dedication in uploading each and every one of your vids. You were the ultimate source and one of the reasons why I’ve grown to become the Wonder Girls fan I am.

    Personally, I feel like this whole page of comments is a petition in itself and I really wish there is something that can be done about this. I hope that all of you work was not lost and that there is some way to recover it all.

    Thanks again and if there are any efforts needed to help revive your account, I will definitely take part in action.

    You were one of the only people I subscribed to on YouTube…

  141. awww. i’m so sad that your account got suspended. i’ve totally loved and appreciated the videos you posted. i am definitely going to miss your videos :[

    thanks for the great videos these past two years.

  142. Son of a 8itch! I cant believe they would do this to you! If it wasnt for your Star King clips, that little girl wouldnt be known world wide for her talent. Charice wouldnt be on Oprah! You’ve done more for them than any marketing exec coud do! Jeesh!

    Anyway, I am so thankful for all of your clips through the years. Your dangyunhaji clips made me laugh on my bad days. Thank you so much for all your hard work.

    Love ya Alvin!!

  143. TT_TT

    Thank you so much for your dedication and hard work in uploading and subbing. I loved watching all of your vids and I truly appreciated your work.

    Thanks for spreading the kpop love to those who don’t understand Korean and/or aren’t korean.

    I’m sad that your suspended 😦

    Thanks for the past 2 years full of videos and entertainment I won’t forget.

    I’m going to miss your videos ❀

  144. That, was an incredibly dumb move on SBS’ part. So, so dumb.

    Thank you for all that you’ve done.

  145. Alvin, I want to say thank you really. You’ve been so amazing by sharing all those. So many hours I spent watching Xman and your other vids. I’m really grateful. I’ll keep coming back and leaving you msgs here.
    – Youtube user 80slitenite


  147. I can’t believe what just happened!!!!!??? T__T

    I feel so sorry …

    Just want to tell you :

    HUGE thanks for all the videos you uploaded for us !

    Thanks to you, I remember that I discovered Xman! My favorite Korean game show so far now.
    The dangyunhaji cuts you subbed were my favorites videos i keep watching!

    Thanks to you, I begin to be fond of the Korean entertaiment!

    Thanks a lot for all your hard work at subbing!!! and so your subber teammates too.


  148. im sad right now, its like sum1 just chopped my arm off, i wouldnt b losing sleep just reading / waiting to watch kpop etc if it wasnt for u, i wouldnt had died from laffter hours upon hours if it wasnt for ur subbed xmans, just got married, everything was so good! i hope u really do change ur mind like alot of the comments have posted, but sigh anyhow, i at least hope u keep posting on ur own site…

  149. omg!!! i can’t believe this!! no, i don’t want to believe this!! how can they do this to you?! why!! what copyright infringement!? we just want to watch your subbbbbbs!! im sooo soo sad! you worked so hard for all of us & now they suspended your account!! they suckkk! thank you so much for all you’ve doneee!!! don’t give upp!!!

  150. Thank you so much for all those videos in ur youtube acc…
    the subs made many of us out there understand and enjoy the video so much better…
    Thank you for all the hard work the past 2 years…
    and, dun be disheartened…

  151. really!
    i know i didnt tell you this and now i am regreting for not telling you.
    you ARE the person i admire most in youtube.
    ‘cuz i am really a BIG BIG CRAZY fan of JYC. and i have a dream to make all the Vietnamese sub version (b/c I’m Vietnamese) of all the subbed videos of you for Jong Kook oppa and Eun Hye unnie.
    really, i am doing that project and think that i will tell you when i finish smt. i will spread JYC love all over Vietnam.

    and now, that’s out of my hands, that’s impossible!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I still cant believe in my eyes when i read Boo’s post.
    Yes i am crying right now.
    i have an suspended account, too. that’s the account of our subbing team, with over 500 subbed videos, many non-subbed and subscribers. I can understand your feeling.
    get well soon, friend! let me call you friend! we do miss you, come back and be strong!
    i wish i had downloaded all your videos or you still have all the files in your hdd. :((
    i wanna see them :((
    not fair :((
    I HATE utube :((

  152. WHAT!?

    AHHHH, this can’t be happening! All your hardwork, I’ll miss you and your videos….

  153. just want to thank you for all the time and work you’ve put into all those videos as well as this blog – k-entertainment won’t be the same without you!

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  155. OH. MY.GOD.


    i friggin HATE youtube.

    if muishie’s account get suspended too,

    im never ever ever going on youtube again.

  156. NNNOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    This is the saddest thing ever!!!! first it was symbelmyn in YT where i watch my SUJU vids that got suspended then next is GOMDORII then now COOLSMURF???… that is freaking F#@k UP!! … I just don’t understand why in the world are they doing this?… don’t they think this is free advertising to such shows especially for us non korean spreaking people?… i am just so sad and dissappointed now alvin…. i know it’s hard for you too but i know something good in return will be next after all this YT bitching around…

    Do you have plans of creating another account in YT?… please update us thru this blog….

    I’ll pray for you and thank you for all the wonderful videos you shared with us…

    It is because of you that i became addicted to korean entertainment…thanks alvin …

  157. it’s really a sad news…I luv all of your video, espcially WGM…but now they’re gone…Thanks for all you hard works…

  158. Alvin thank you for all the joys you have given us, you will always be in our hearts.
    Please let us know if you decided to stay or come back, we will always be there to support you.

    You will be a big loss to us, bigger loss to SBS and biggest loss
    to Connie Talbot.

  159. OMG , NO πŸ˜₯ @#$%^
    please do tell us if you’re going to make a new acc ^^
    youtube wont be the same without you :@





    WGM πŸ˜₯

  160. man!
    this is awwwfuuuul!
    your youtube channel was my favorite.
    i dont know where im supposed to watch everything now. T_T
    will you be continuing your weblog though?
    i hope so.

  161. no WGM? can’t you use some other video sharing site? keep subbing please! we could just direct download it. please. please. i can’t believe this. stupid SBS. you’ve been great. thank you for everything.

  162. alvin
    hope you’re not sad! you’re a great guy seriously! thank you for everything that you did!

  163. I am one of the 23,523 subscribers… =) I am glad you were there to sub the videos… and you know “things happen for a reason”… even if it isn’t apparent now, maybe one day you’ll look back and say, “ooh so that’s why..” heeee! the same thing happened to one of my fav youtube channel a while ago but now she has opened up a new account and I FOUND her and ofcourse subscribed to her again… Just to tell you that you’ve got swarms of supporters out here.. haha!

    I have enjoyed the videos you uploaded and subbed!! ^_^


  164. oh i have a question i’m still sad about the sudden heart attack i got this morning. anyways, alvin! are you still gonnna post news on your wordpress it’s the only wordpress i actually have on bookmark i check it everyday to have updates…. i’ll be waiting for your comeback! i hope you think about it……..

  165. T__________T..I’m so sad….!!!!!

    why???? who is Connie Talbot anyway?? !!!!

    this is so unfair….because of you .. i got to know XMAN AND LOVE LETTER and ESPECIALLY WE GOT MARRIED!!!!!

    but are you going to make a new account at other places??
    like crunchyroll or veoh..???? please do… casue i like your videos….!!!

    T___T please dont stop subbing!!!!

  166. NOOOOO!!!
    I’m going to miss all your videos!
    Thanks so much for subbing/uploading all the videos
    esp. Xman, Loveletter and We got married
    i really enjoyed your videos and am so sad that
    your account got suspended *tears*
    I really hope that you will comeback
    thanks again!!

  167. wow, i’m in shock. i was off for two days sick and come back to this news. i can’t believe yt shut you down over the star king stuff. geez…
    you are always an inspiration to me, coolsmurf, and i really really really appreciate all you’ve done. you inspired me to improve my korean to the point i can help others by subbing and the like. i really do admire all the work you’ve done.

  168. I am extremely disappointed in Youtube and Connie Talbot’s management team. They got tons of free publicity from those video. That’s millions and millions of views. How selfish to take down all your videos/ban your account. They could have just taken down those 3 Connie videos. I’m saddest that the million views So Hot finally reached is all gone because of something completely unrelated to the Wonder Girls. Is there any other video site you could upload on? I know it you said you quit, but I’m hoping against the odds. We really do appreciate your work and dedication.

  169. “You too?, is that what it mean?” after a few minutes of huh?

    I just want to thank you for your hard work and dedication to subbing korean shows and summaries.

    It was your blog and yt channel that got me hook on Xman for YEH & KJK and of course the rest of the gangs. I’ve enjoyed all of your english subs. W/O them, I would not understand a thing, since I am korean illiterate.

    Your blog and yt channel are my daily morning doses,now I am going to miss it! I hope you will continue your blog, w/o you, like above, us interational fans wouldn’t be insync with all the K-juicy news.

    Thanks again and good luck!

  170. someone get Ellen DeGeneres on the phone … it’s a crying shame … if it wasn’t for you, she and the whole of the US wouldn’t know Charice … somone get Charice on the phone … geez … some people have absolutely no sense whatsoever.

    I’ve long enjoyed your subbed clips – it’s thanks to you that I became a fan of Chae Yeon through Xman. You’ve done the community such a great service with your uploads. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  171. Man! That sucks. Stupid youtube. Hopefully you change your mind and come back. You have so many subscribers/fans that support you. Thank you for all the hard work you had done. Hoping its not the last and hear from you in the future. Good luck!


  172. NO!!
    You were what made me into me
    A obsessed kpop + kdrama + Korean show fanatic!
    Im so sad that ur gonna be quitting
    Thanks for all the subs that you put onto the videos
    Thanks for uploading all the wondergirls stuff
    Thanks for uploading everything that you did
    Im sure millions of us had enjoyed it and will really miss you!

    Best of luck in whatever you do


  173. Wow, i’m feeling completely devastated and at loss right now. As many have mentioned before me, you were the one who introduced me to kpop, from the hilarious exchanges on xman through to we got married. Your videos made me laugh out loud way more than any other. I and I’m sure many others will feel the loss of your presence deeply. What ever we’re feeling you must be feeling ten times more, please remember that we all appreciate your love and dedication coolsmurf and you will never be forgotten.

    coolsmurf + yeh & kjk forever

  174. well thank you very much for everything!
    if it wasnt for you, i wouldn’t like kpop this much!
    thank you thank you thank you very much!
    you will always beee in my heart!
    i hope that everything will workout well..
    and that you will continue doing what you like best!
    thank you!
    whatever happens, whatever you do!
    i am here for you! as well as the 23000 subscribers
    and 123425364342 readers you have! thanks!
    xoxo jaime!

  175. im going to keep my promise! when you come to the states for a WG concert, contact me! ill give you a treat! ^^ =)
    because i am your biggest fan!

  176. Actually, I was surprised that this didn’t happen sooner. And yeah, this is very sad news 😦 But it’s not like you don’t have your copies right? And I don’t see the point in stopping your current activity just because YouTube sucks. You should just take this opportunity to make your blog here the source for your sharing! There are many ways you could share stuff, why not move on to megashare and such sites? And it would be really nice to read people’s comments here, rather than on YouTube. Anyways, try look on the bright side of it!

  177. I’ve been watchin ur vedios for a long time….
    and its such a sad thing to hear dat ur acc was suspensed….

    Thnx to u dat we, people who dont understand korean, were able to watch and understand KOREA SHOWS….

    No matter wat decision u’ve make, we will support you…..

    Whether u stop or come back, please always keep in mind dat you have the love of people who r always wait for u to stand back up…..


    WE LOVE U and will be MISSING U…….

  178. oy! that connie talbot and those sbs ppl…ARG!!

    you will be terribly missed!!
    i’ll still support you via wordpress!!
    thank you so much for all your hard work and dedication.

    shine on,

  179. I really can’t believe this…this is so sudden….I was speechless when I checked this post and then pissed when youtube suspended you. You were the one that got me started in watching korean variety shows and the one that made me become a fan of WG…I’m really going to miss you on youtube…but hopefully you will open a new account?
    But, please keep your wordpress account! Its my daily routine to check it out every day to read the lastest celebrity news…and Thanks for your hard work for the last 2 years…everyone who had subscribed to you, really apperciate your hard work…so Thanks…for everything. πŸ™‚

  180. Aww so sad to hear this..I always watched your videos on Wonder Girls :(…But at least you got a lot of subscribers and helped people by providing videos to them! πŸ™‚ I’ll miss your videos!

  181. I’ve followed this blog from the very beginning and your videos every since the X-Man days.

    I know that if everyone who has seen your videos or posts leaves just one comment, then you’ll have thousands and thousands of them here thanking you for everything that you’ve done.

    I find it amazing how you and only you have been able to inspire and brighten so many viewers/readers through your tremendous effort.

    Quite honestly, I don’t know what else to say outside of pure shock and dismay…but I sincerely hope you’ll continue to be with us in one form or another. The thought of you not around anymore makes me (and I’m sure plenty of others) incredibly sad.

    Don’t lose hope. You are and will always be a wonderful person in our minds. Thank you…for everything.

  182. NOOOOO!! Can’t believe it! I am speechless. So frickin pissed off right now. When i was just checking in on the new stuff you uploaded, and it told me you got suspended, im like “….WTF” I just cant believe it. Thank you soooo damn much for everything you’ve done. Its thanks to you that i found WG… Dammit, still can’t believe this is happening. Hopefully you will make a new account.
    Augh, this totally ruined my day. 😦

  183. nooooo, esto es terrible!!!! tu canal era el mejor!!! yo siempre esperaba tus nuevos videos… odio a la SBS… 😦

    gracias por todos los videos de Alex and Shinae que subiste…. espero y crees otra cuenta y vuelvassss a seguir subiendo mas videos.

  184. I was so bumed about YT account suspension =(
    i thought my computer has problem when it said account suspension =(
    Nywaiis CoolsmurfHWAITING! i really enjoyed your hardwork for subbing xman,we got married and uploading wonder girl’s videos. i hope you do keep on updating your blog, otherwise i would be lost whats happening in the korean industry (sinc ei live oversea) HWAITING!! AJA AJA!”

  185. i cant believe they suspended your account.
    that really sucks for us fans who cant watch the real thing, you know?

    coolsmurf/alvin, thanks for always uploading all the best shows for us! i’m gonna miss the WG stuff the most. i just realized they deleted the million hit for so hot! 😦

    well, thanks for you hard work buddy!
    oppa fighting! πŸ˜€

  186. This really sucks, You were the person whose videos I watched the most, and I’m such a fan of yours. Just know that you have fans out there and we are behind you always.
    well thanx so much for all the wondergirls subs, and fun clips. Youtube will never be the same without you.

    Coolsmurf Fighting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!******

  187. Alvin, i no word to say,
    one thing i can.

    Many people and i alway support
    and thankful u for everything.

  188. i couldnt believed it, i just watched your video like 12 hours ago.. and now its all gone..
    im so sad i almost cried.. 😦
    im gonna miss you alvin!!

    aja aja fighting!!

  189. NOOOO!!! why must it be why?
    I love all the subbings that you did. No else does them better then you do. What are we to do without your subbings.

  190. wait… goodbye from subbing/uploading YT vids… or goodbye altogether no more blog??

    Noooo!!!! You can’t quit!!!

  191. i really felt sad that you got suspended… =( you’re definitely one of the best uploaders of korean stuff with english subtitles in youtube! it’s your channel that i look forward to everyday, and now it’s gone…

    from xman times to now in we got married, you’re our reliable source of videos that made us laugh and smile after a long day’s work… THANK YOU!!! and i really mean it!

    for all your hard work, kudos! we’ll continue to support you!

    fighting! =)

  192. Omg! I’m so shocked and speechless when I saw “This account is suspended” T T How could they do this? Argg… Yours is my favorite channel too b/c I always checked every morning for new clips T T It’s so sad and what about So Hot mv that got over million hits? NOOO!!!!!

    Even though I haven’t been your fan for long but thank you so much for your hard work and don’t give up. If you decided to start again, I will sure support you. Never give up, Alvin hwaiting!

  193. when my friend told me ur account got suspended i was really shocked and upset. it was all cause of you that i was reintroduced to the kpop scene with all those xman clips. thanks for always uploading the latest stuff (WG, WGM, XMAN, etc) and for all your hard work. =[

  194. Dear Alvin,
    I have to thank you first for getting me into Korean stuff. It’s your vids from YT that get me into Korean variety shows on the first place especially X-Man. I don’t know Korean so I depend a lot on your vids for subs. From your vids, I’ve come to know and recognize all those Korean artists (I’m a big fan of Shinhwa now thanks to you). So I was really shocked and disappointed to see this happens. I don’t really see where’s the copyright infringement is. I mean you only do like cuts of clips not the whole show. If that is called copyright infringement or whatever, then probably most of the people vids will definitely be taken down. In fact there are tons more people who uploaded not just clips, but the whole show on YT. I’m seeing some proper injustice here. Cheer up. We as your YT vids fans will always be behind and supporting you. Hwaiting!

  195. NOOOOO! I hate whoever did this!!!

    where am I going to watch the latest performances of Wonder Girls and the clips of “We Got Married” ?

    I feel like crying!
    pleaseeeee come back ! TT_TT
    please don’t quit

    I’ll support you!

  196. thanks for all the videos coolsmurf, so sorry about the suspension.. if you ever come back to YT again, please do let us know .. u do have lots of friends and fans πŸ™‚

  197. This is so aweful news. 😦 SBS is making a terrible BIG mistake. They’d loose international audience who has been supporting them. Who the hell is Connie Talbot???
    I just came to know you and within this short period I’ve grown to love your site and all the video clips you uploaded. I’m so sad. Thank you for your hard work.

  198. Coolsmurf, I am so devastated by this news. You’ve worked so hard over the past two years. You have no idea how much we appreciate you’re hard work and dedication. It so ridiculous how your account was suspended – you’re work helped to promote celebrities on an international level. If it weren’t for you the majority of us wouldn’t have gotten the chance to enjoy korean entertainment shows to the extent that we have. All I want to say is thank you and I hope that one day you’ll decide to come back. But really, thank you for the past two years…

  199. I am so sad to hear this. I watch your youtube channel and read your blogs everyday.

    Your translations are always great and helpful, and your insight into the latest dramas are extremely helpful and entertaining to read.

    I really do hope that you do a second account at youtube (only if you don’t mind), and continue to your blog postings on the Wonder Girls and here at this site.

    Best Wishes to you, Coolsmurf

  200. coolsmurf, you were the best on YT. if it wasn’t for you, I would never have found xman. because of you, my obsession for everything JKJ and YEH related began. I fell in love with kpop and kdrama!!!! Please let us know when you come back. I’ve been a silent reader of your blog for so and have enjoyed all your videos. you brought soompi/popseoul to me!! you are the best. hwaiting!!!!!

  201. I just wanted to say ‘Thank You’ for your dedication these past two years.

    Although your decision to quit leaves a bitter taste in my mouth, as I’m sure it does with many others as well, I’ll respect the choice that you have made. The circumstances of your leaving, said plainly and simply, SUCKS.

    Just know that if you ever decide to return to Youtube, you’ll have plenty of supporters to back you up. Sometimes you’ve got to hit rock bottom in order to be able to rise up to the top. Thanks again for being my introduction/connection to Korean entertainment.


  202. Coolsmurf, such a devastating news. I enjoyed all your videos and I appreciate all the effort that you have put into it. Unfortunately, things don’t turn the way we want them to be. I think YT is getting stricter because it’s not only your account that got suspended. Most of the K-pop uploaders that I’ve subscribed to are all now suspended. Good luck.

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  204. ahhhhh…………I was already upset that gomdorii’s account was you?! god…this sucks. I love your videos too!!!! so you’re not going to continue subbing..? *sigh* stupid connie talbot..whoever that is……

  205. thank you so much for everything and all the videos.
    half my life is spent watching coolsmurf videos on youtube.
    and especially watching xman videos at 3 am.
    thanks a lot and you have to update all of us once you’re back again.
    we’ll miss you and thanks for everything again.

  206. Man fuck Connie Talbot. Those 1,000,000+ views of Wonder Girl’s So Hot is lost forever because of gayass Connie.

  207. OMGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!. obviously im surprised. im really really surprised.

    but i jst wanna say. THANK YOU. actually tht is NOT enough. i wish i can do something. gosh.
    THANK YOU FR SUBBING ALL OF THT. the x-mans omg. thts how i fell in love with koreans lol. and a billion THANK YOU for subbing we got married. and wonder girls performance <3.


  208. aigoooooo ok i cooled down now but still this is some serious BS i wanna cry or fight somebody 😦
    keep your head up coolsmurf…..
    if you keep blogging i ll be happy you always r two steps ahead on WG info thanks for keeping me informed daily
    😦 im really sad cause i had like 20 of ur vids and my fav was ye eun man won ……aigooo

  209. WTH?! so many accounts that get suspended these days! youtube is suck! i hate it 😦
    gosh! its so unfair! i’m spechless *sigh*
    thank you so much for all your hardwork! i really love your videos! you have all our support Alvin!
    i’m so sad, don’t know what else to say 😦 😦 😦

  210. Dude I’m so pissed about Connie Talbot. coolsmurf uploads Connie Talbot related shit, he gets busted for it.

  211. omg !!!!! I was really shocked when a read ‘ This account has been suspended ‘ I was like nooooooooooooooooooo why ? I didn’t even have the time to watch wondergirls has teletubies -_- and where am i going to watch we got married !? well thank you very much for all the videos and the effort that you have put into it ! I hope that you will comeback =) FIGHTING !!

  212. OMG coolsmurfff! Why did this happen….. but no matter what we’ll always be here supporting you. Coolsmurf, Hwaiting! πŸ˜€

  213. it really sucks! my account got suspended too and i think the new one that i created got suspended too! aish! stupid youtube! thank you for the videos for all these years hehe ^_^

  214. I’m surprised you lasted that long too! I blame JYP for encouraging Korea to jump on the youtube bandwagon. Without Korean interest in Youtube the networks would have been in ignorant bliss!

  215. Noooo! youtube wouldnt be the same without you!
    all the hard work gone =(
    but thank you for all the vids u ahve subbed and uploaded! much appreciated =)

  216. ohhh man, for 2 years is not even that long. you have entertain me with the videos you upload and i subscribe you but then…now you have been suspended just for 2 damn years i have nothing to watch.
    and i think your right that you got suspended by Connie Talbot.

  217. I love your blog, please don’t be discouraged. Please don’t let this get you down.

    Alvin Hwaiting!

  218. Coolsmurf, you’ll still as awesome as ever!
    We’ll miss you a lot. YouTube is nothing without you man. If there’s any chance that you’ll ever come back to us, we’ll be here waiting.

    Alvin Hwaiting!

  219. noooo, thanks so much for everything, especially the wonder girls videos hope that you come back

    Coolsmurf FIGHTING!

  220. I’m back D:

    I know it hurts, but you’ll get back into it.
    With less passion
    But from there, you’re passion shall return.

    It’s like when I got frozen on neopets D:

  221. firstly, i want to thanks to you so much
    the first korean video that i watched was xman..
    i watch all your subbed xman cut..
    what i want to thanks to you is because now i can speak korean and translate my own korean video cuts.. so bad that my subbed video also deleted….

    thanks so much for giving such a great job..
    you not only translate n subbed the video but you also spread korean culture…


  222. I have one thing to say…
    SBS is way stupid for doing this!
    Do they know how many people are now really into all their shows and things because of you?
    I mean COME ON!
    And Connie Talbot… who is she anyways… Does her management know what they’ve just done? idiots…
    Oh well…
    does this mean your blog is gone too? NOOO!!! I read this like every day! I won’t live without it….
    Ok, now I’m mad.

    so that wasn’t only one thing. But if you ever come back or anything, just know we’re all here to back you up!


  223. omg this is soooo aweful! i loove everything you do!
    please keep the blog going! i will keep following youuu (in whatever you do next, lol)!!
    you rock!

  224. i’m sad that the road ends here, alvin!
    i’ve enjoyed all the videos you’ve posted up, thanks for your hard work!
    all your 23,523 subscribers are going to miss you dearly!
    but the least you can do is keep updating this blog, right? x.x
    anyways, the decision is all yours, and like many people already said, we will support you all the way ^^

  225. i think that Connie Talbot, whoever she is, just earned herself a few antis. It’s really disheartening to read this news.. especially just after you woke up. It was your channel that led me into the whole kpop and kvariety scene.. in particular, KJK and YEH.. damnn.. i really should have downloaded all your uploaded videos.. thankyou for all your work the past few years.. regardless of whether your might stop or maybe pick it up a few years down the track..
    aja aja! HWAITING!

  226. SCREW SBS!!!!!

    oh…this is soo sad. well, bye…i dont really know what else to say… but i thank you very much for subbing all of the we got married videos, and all of the other videos you uploaded on youtube.

    if you ever come back again, tell me!

  227. Alvin, I’m devastated! I check your word press everyday and really appreciate your videos for those who can’t understand korean! I can’t believe it, who would do that to you?! Ahh! I don’t know what you mean by stopping everything (if that includes your word press as well) but if you ever decide to start it again, please let us know! Thanks for all your hard work! If you do decide to stop everything, we or I will miss you dearly as well. Sigh…

  228. connie talbots ppl should be grateful that some of her videos were on your account.. i wouldnt even have known who she was if you didnt upload and sub them :@

    wow.. i am truly depressed and sad.

    i think everyone who commented here already expressed what i wanted to say…
    but i just wanted to say thanks coolsmurf.. your videos, subs and your blog were all greatly appreciated.. and it will be TOTALLY different going on youtube now.. it wont be as exciting 😦
    like hana said up there ^ if you DO ever come back all your subscribers and viewers will still be here to welcome you!!

    THANK YOU for ALL your work! WE ALL LOVE YOU πŸ™‚

  229. noo!! u r awasome @subbing! u r one of the reason i can keep watching youtube! It’s been a great time shared moment with your video! Hope you will keep subbing in the future!

  230. What!!! No way. We will miss you. I love rewatching all the xman an WGM videos. Thank you for all your hard work. Hopefully you will continue to update ur blog. If ever you decide to start over again, we will support you 110%.

  231. OMG
    the only reason i even knew of xman wonder girls and we got married
    cause YOU uploaded it
    practically everything you sub is amazing

    if you really are leaving
    at least continue on doing this blog
    it’s okay if you don’t sub videos
    as long as you continue on informing us news

    oh and if it really was connie talbot then

  232. Omg. I can’t believe its all gone now. I loved watching your videos and you were the best subber out there. It seems like all these Kpop sites are going down. First it was PopSeoul… This stinks. Youtube will not be the same anymore. Your videos were always great to watch. I watched every Wonder Girls performance on your account. That Connie should really go to hell. D: I will always support whatever you do in the future.

  233. its sad its a short notice goodbye =x if you ever come back ^^ i’ll be short on your tail =3 i am a big fan of your subbing ^^ and i know you’ll never be forgotten

    all the best for the future =x but i guess now most of your fans will leech onto your blog now XD”

  234. you mean everything even blogging? I got banned by SBS Int’l. too.. no more uploading for me anymore..

  235. oh my 😦 your site is about the only reason why i visit youtube nowadays! 😦 sighhhh. oh well. i hope you can come back (maybe post your videos somewhere else and tell us here) but yeah, for now THANKS FOR EVERYTHING! πŸ˜€

  236. Andue!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    whats happening now?
    its really unfair!
    i cant believe this.
    im your fan !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i watch your videos whenever i open youtube.
    its so unfair!

  237. -gives big bear hug-

    Thank you so much for all your hard work that you did, I’ll/we’ll miss youuuuuuuuu~ -gives another hug-

    But like everyone, I’ll support you for whatever you do next!

  238. What if you upload your subs on rapidshare or alike ?
    sure it’s a lot bigger and more hassle for us viewers, but consider this Alvin, you are practically doing the same thing anyway when you upload to youtube

    but for the sake of WGM, i’ll waste my bandwidth happily

  239. Coolsmurf, its very sad that your acct got suspended.
    Most of my favourites are from your acct.
    The Xmans eps especially.
    I think most of the 283 msgs have a few things in common:-

    1. Your videos are awesome.
    2. Your blogs are up to dates
    3. Most of us are intro to kculture thru’ u
    4. Your subbed videos are appreciated immensely
    5. You are respected in the cyberspace for your works.

    With the above, dont be sadden by this one setback.

    I for one is waiting for your comeback. πŸ™‚

    Hwaiting Coolsmurf!!!

  240. alvin, please don’t stop blogging 😦 I love all the hard work and enthusiasm you had for kpop. as long as you don’t stop writing here, i won’t even mind the loss of videos on youtube. you got me into ‘we got married’ and it totally changed my life πŸ˜‰ thanks so much for all your hard work and i look forward to seeing you around.

  241. Show ur support to coolsmurf by signing this petition… details of petition description will be updated shortly.…MURFsuspension/

    Also, if you can copy this link to your respective threads so that we can finally have the 1,000 signatures. Again, this is regardless if Alvin continues to sub or not. This is just to show our support for him. Also, so that they will know how much we appreciate him very much.

  242. blame it on the ye olde englishman of connie talbot management (or maybe her parents) for acting greedy like crap

    connie got famous from youtube in the first place anyway
    sometimes people do forget where they come from


  243. i am stunned! If it wasn’t for you SBS would not have a viewer ship of strength outside of the limited broadcast viewing areas. I was brought up by advocates and I will be writing to SBS (not that it will make a difference) but they need to know about the rest of us here. There will be an interesting backlash I think. SBS will be losing some face here. Coolsmurf they should be giving you a salary for marketing and publicity. Not wise on the part of SBS but when it comes to network egos and greed nothing can be surpassed. Thank you Coolsmurf for ALL your efforts over this time. I only hope the others don’t follow suit.

  244. Honestly, it is true Youtube will never be the same without you to the majority of people who used your channel everyday to see the wonderful updates you provided.
    I hope you continue this blog and we will always support you. Continue your hard work. HWAITING!

  245. aye yo what the hell ._., i dunno if saying “its okay” is good enough right now cause it isn’t. pretty much nothing we people can do but to cheer ya up and keep faithful to ya =)
    dont stop blogging!, the best WG stuff comes from you and i’ve greatly appreciated it.

    id yoobie tele-tub air kick youtube and sbs in the face :p

    fight on! >:D

  246. i say SBS , Connie talbot or whoever are really dumb to do this.They shd be GLAD we are even into watching their programmes!

    thanks to you,i had been updated regularly of wgm,xman etc ….yr snubbing efforts are so commendable. e efforts,time spent on snubbing…. & i think you are OBVIOUSLY helping to spread love on korean programmes …apparently they did not even care abt FOREIGN VIEWERS/FANS/SUPPORTERS! thats is so UNGRATEFUL& UNGRACIOUS!! SHAME ON YOU, SBS!

    …it’s so hard without you.. you are awesome & great!
    will still support you to the end! don’t despair! every cloud has its own silver lining !

    cheers & take care! ^^

  247. Alvin, I really appreciated all you have done. Without you, I don’t think I’ll ever notice Korean variety shows. Those xman episodes that you subbed really led to the Korean fanatic I am now.

    I agree, Youtube will never be the same without you. Thanks for all your hard work the past 2 years. You can take a well-deserved rest now πŸ™‚

    We’ll always support you. Jiayou!

  248. Im stunned,
    What the hell?! I loved your videos!! please at least don’t stop blogging T.T Your the best, thankssssss!

  249. hi! so sad to learn this morning. how could they do this? many people are depending on your unselfish love of sharing to us non-koreans the shows that truly delight us. i am a constant lurker here and on your other account.
    thank you for all the joy you’ve given us.

  250. I don’t usually comment on blogs when I read one but this time I’m going to. I never would have discovered Star King without you, it was through your YT account that I’ve watcehd and loved Star King. Then WGM came, I loved Andy Lee because I’m a Shinhwa fan so I tried to keep track of their television appearances. I was so grateful for discovering you and your blogs.
    But then the surprised of my life came, I was browsing on my subscription page and click on your channel to find it suspended! I’m not one of those to curse and swear at people but this time, I feel that I needed to.
    SBS owed you for free advertisements! They should be grateful for your hard work, good God! You’re not even earning a single cent for this!
    It takes a lot of love and dedication for some one like you to subbed and upload videos from SBS. You practically loved almost all their shows and through that you’d allowed us to experience the world of SBS. But what did they do? Ask YT to suspend your account, foolish people!
    They’ve done an injustice to you Alvin, I hoped this will not let you stop from doing what you want. I will pray and support you Alvin. Keep on doing the things you love the most.
    Lots of thanks for your hard work and dedication Alvin, I am grateful for you. God bless you.

  251. WHAT! pah! this makes me so sad!! Thank you so so so so so so much coolsmurf for all you did especially for wgm! You are awesome! Remember you have many fans and supporters everywhere! Always FIGHTING~

  252. ahhh. no i still need you. ugh.
    im gonna miss u.
    this is so sad.
    youtube will be boring without u.
    well i guess this is my goodbye.

  253. omg. that was so sudden. i didn’t check Youtube for a day and all of a sudden i couldn’t find your account. i wish i saved some of the subbed music videos like Charice’s, WG’s, Hyori’s… oh nooo… where am i going to go for my kpop/WG/WGM/Xman fix? ALEX! SHINAE! *cry*

    i’ve been a loyal follower for SO LONG. i don’t even remember when, but i think the early subbed xman danghyunhaji days. i constantly check to see your newest videos and always rewatch the older ones. any group or show that you introduce to us through youtube, i automatically fall in love with it.

    is there some way to get back your videos excluding Connie Talbots? (i skipped that vid….can’t believe its the one that got your account suspended). omg. all the subbed videos TT___TT


  254. omg. this really sucks, stupid youtube! rawr.
    anyways, thanks man for the past year of uploading these awesome videos!
    appreciate it, your an awesome dude ;]

  255. everybody is going crazy . i am going crazy .
    you are going down in the history books .
    you are a legend . know that , believe that .
    we are all fighting for you , coolsmurf / alvin , hwaiting !
    please , don’t give up . this is not a goodbye .
    this is simply a ‘ see you next time ‘

  256. Oh damn! Your the reason why I got into Korean Pop and its game shows! Your great videos will be missed! You are the best my friend! Take care of yourself and have a wonderful/healthy life! FIGHTING!!!

  257. I’m in complete shock right now~! :O
    Thank you for everything you gave us and to me.
    I’ve learned so much from you and even new fandoms along with it. It’s been so great reading about it all and I hope one day we’ll get to see it happen again! You brought us the latest laughs, news, hits, etc. Thank you so much!!! <3333

  258. hmm too bad about your account, I’m sure im not the only one who feels terrible about this. You channel was/is the best channel ive subscribed to and i hope you will rethink about stopping. I’ve been subscribed to you for just a bit over a year and have loved all your xman clips and wegotmarried clips. Thanks for your 2 years of subbing,and i hope you really do come back. You’re the best.


  259. Oh God. I don’t even know how to say what I’m feeling right now. I’m so grateful for all of your amazing work, and I wish you the best for the future. I can’t even imagine looking at my subscriptions and not seeing your name. x_x

  260. Are you quitting your wordpress (this site), as well?!? You have the best news source (Popseoul sucks a bit)!!!

  261. is Connie Talbot that we’re talking about is a singer who sung over the rainbow? if it’s her, she’s just turn 7 this year! WTH!?

  262. I really like your shows. Dont be so childish guys it’s not Connie fault. I think it’s more of Youtube fault. Just one bit of crossing the line of legal and right issue, they just freaking wipe out every vdos and close down the account. And they do that all the time.

    sad man

  263. I want to thank you for everything you’ve done up till now! I’ll miss all your videos! Thanks for you hard work! ):

  264. It’s such a waste..your YT account was the only one i checked everyday for updates!!! Thanks for all the videos over the years..really appreciate it! Hope you return soon!!
    All the best!

  265. I’d like to take this chance to thank you for uploading and subbing those WGM episodes. Thank you for making me a fan of Korean shows again (I kind of stopped watching, but after watching WGM, I became an addict again =X)

    Thank you so much for your dedication and hard work!!!

  266. Hi Coolsmurf,
    I feel sad ,I really like your videos.your postings is one of
    the best.Anyways,if you happen to change you mind we are here to support and continue watching your videos.
    Good luck.

  267. come to think of it.. maybe SBS purposely did it coz they were jealous that you were making WGM so popular and thus was supporting MBC. since you used to sub a lot of xman vids.. but that would just be childish on their part.. *shrugs*


    Oh yeah… She’s gonna go over that fuckin’ rainbow. I’M GONNA KNOCK HER ASS WAYYY OVER THAT FUCKIN’ RAINBOW!

    ………. -_-

    We’ll miss you dearly. I want to thank you for all the videos you uploaded and I’m glad someone else is subbing We Just Married though because if they weren’t, then I would probably be wayyyy more pissed than I was a second ago.

    I hope you keep blogging though πŸ˜€

    P.S. If you ever come back to YouTube, make sure you notify us on your blog!

  269. Thank you for everything you’ve done for us…thx loads

    #326 Han
    pls do not spoil this blog…you were acting like a 5 year old girl.

  270. I’m still shocked from the news.. I can’t believe that they shut down your youtube account! I’m very sad to hear about that.. but that shouldn’t stop you from making a new account! Everyday no matter what I’m doing or where I am, I have to visit your youtube and blog at least once a day. Please reconsider coming back! You are the only person I look forward for news update about the Kpop industry!!

    Coolsmurf Fighting!!

    PS. Please guys.. sign the petition so we can bring back Coolsmurf!!

  271. Hey Alvin, guess whattt, I’m going to MISS YOU! ❀ T_T like crazyyy! Thank you for all your hard work so far. We’ll all be there waiting for you if you come back πŸ˜‰

    Coolsmurf fan ❀

  272. couldn’t they just delete the connie star king episodes? why must they suspend ur whole account?!??! this is really too much!! all ur hard work to help non-korean viewers out there understand and love korean entertainment!!!! if anything, u uploading and subbing the connie star king show will help promote her! hmph!!! im freaking mad and sad at the same time.

    coolsmurf, i cant thank you enough for all the hard work and dedication u’ve put into subbing videos for everyone in the past two years!!! u deserve much recognition!!!

  273. coolsmurf!!!!!!!
    many loves you!!!!
    i hope they will cancel the suspension…
    you’re a big help for all of us!!!
    you don’t deserve this!

    but COOLSMURF!!thank you so much for everything…
    we enjoyed all your videos esp. in we got married…we love your translations!!


  274. Although I almost never comment on blogs or Youtube, I wanted to express my appreciation for the work you’ve been doing for the past two years. It’s true that without you, I would have been a lot more efficient in finishing my homework, but I never regretted spending time to watch your subbed videos. Yoon Eun Hye & Kim Jong Kook’s Xman romance, YSMM, all the We Got Married couples.. they’re good memories that will stay in my heart and the hearts of many of your Youtube viewers for a long, long time. It’s hard to accept that this is ending, but I wish you the best of luck and as much success in whatever you undertake in the future. 加油!

  275. Couldn’t believe it when I saw your account suspended! I go to your channel and blogs almost every day!

    Really terrible news! How could they do this? Your the reason I got into korean entertainment so much! I think this goes for a lot more people other than myself!

    Thanks for all you’ve done to spread the korean entertaiment business. Sbs should thank you for all these amazing subtitling you’ve done!

    Coolsmurf hwaiting!

  276. i also share the sentiments of all the people who posted here and to those silent ones who really follow your account. you have a lot fans ya know. πŸ™‚ you made a lot of us really happy whenever we watch interesting shows in korea. thank you for all the hard work that you’ve done. a saying goes: when one closes a door, somewhere a window will open. Fighting!!!!
    i hope you still keep on blogging!!! all the best!

  277. (continued from my earlier comment)

    could you make a coolsmurf2 account? (WGM?) i think i’ll really be depressed in the following weeks until i get over the fact all your hard work of subbing those videos are gone…

    i think you’ll get hundreds of comments on this blog post with people who love your videos.

  278. oh my goodness. ): nooo! I loved your videos! the other day a star king episode on someone elses account got deleted and it said due to sbs blah blahh also. but they didn’t delete, just the video. why didn’t they just say remove the video instead of the acccount. T_T Maaayn.

  279. Please continue to update your blog with korean news πŸ™‚ Now im only left with your blog to know more about the latest korean entertainment news. Your blog won’t be suspended, you have the freedom to post anything you want. and i will always look forward to your new posts.

    its a pity that youtube has suspended your account. i hoped that at least you have a copy of all your subbed videos in your computer hard disc. ever since google has taken youtube, a lot of people’s account has been suspended, probably you may have noticed and thus be prepared for such a day too.

    Like you, i’ve enjoyed all the video clips that you have posted, laughing non-stop at the xman clips; wow-ing at the wondergirls clips and try dancing at the “tell-me”,”so hot”; gushing at the couples in WGM.

    don’t be sad.i understand its probably hard not to,cos im sad too.

  280. This really sucks! This is the saddest news so far with regards to Youtube. I cannot believe they deleted your account. You were my favorite channel on youtube! I keep checking your channel everyday in hopes of some subbed goodies. You were my We Got Married fixed. I didn’t think I would grow to love the Ant couple as much as I did if it weren’t for all your subbing. And I cannot fail to mention that I honestly think you were a part of making Charice known as the international star she is if it weren’t the subbed video of that particular Star King episode. Honestly, I’m disappointed that youtube & SBS booted your channel like that, and over Connie Talbot?! BLAH. Extremely saddened, but I’m going to hold a little hope in my heart that you’ll make a comeback… somewhere, somehow, someday. Thanks for all your hard work and videos. You rock.

  281. Alvin I’m so sorry that your account on YT have been suspended . But you’re still going to help Jessie sub WGM on Veoh right..? And Alvin we’re all waiting for you to come back !
    Alvin fighting!

  282. OMG!!!! I already miss your YT channel! You’re the best ever~ I hope you will make another account. *cries* please…huhu

  283. omg.. this… NOOOOOOOOOOO…. ahhh ALVIN!!! You are the best! I’m so thankful for your subs! You are my favorite youtube channel subscription. You intro’d a lot of korean variety shows which I am so thankful for! Sighs, they took you and Gomdorii down. I’m so mad! Thank you for your two years. I have saved up over 200 favorites and mostly they’re from your channel.

    i would be angry too, but you seem surprised that they took this long to close your account. so let it flow? =] thanks again. thank u thank u thank u for ur time and efforts. thank u from the bottom of my heart.

    ps: can i add u on facebook? LLOL

  284. omgggggg i was sooooo shocked when my friend told me !!!!!! i thot it was only temp for some reason but nooooooo !!!!! im so sad right now i could cry! i loved all your videos! we got marrried..nooooo !!!!
    you was bomb dude ! and thanks for all your time for subbing thosevids! !!!!!!!! you tube is def turning so dumbbb

  285. THanks so much for X Man and We Got Married. Your subbing has really given me so many laughs when I needed it.

  286. Wow… so many comments!
    Coolsmurf, you rule.
    YouTube sucks.
    But you’re awesome.
    PLEASE keep blogging… Your blog is my favorite.
    I check it every day, 20+ times a day… xD


  287. thanks so much for all your hardwork and effort! i’m pretty mad how youtube is becoming so technical now. Gosh. But you must feel worse! Aww i’m so sorry. your subs were the best! ❀

    please keep your blogs still going…to keep us updated.

  288. OMG, im crying. NO WAYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    thanks for everything you’ve done! i REALLLY do appreciate it!

  289. to coolsmurf(alvin)
    make an account in Veoh,its a way better site than youtube
    i guess you have backed up all your subbed videos,right?

  290. ahh…poop. ottol’kae? what to do know…u were the fastest at subbing WGM…i enjoyed watching all ur xman clips..Damn that connie talbot! its been fun….alvin FIGHTING!

  291. dontchu dare leave us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you were the first site i always clicked on to see updates and so forth!!!!!!!!! i cant live w/o you :’/ your notice completely ruined my summer :/

  292. OMG! No way… I just started to subscribe and now you’re gone! T.T… If you can please continue!

  293. It was truly great while it lasted! I loved your subs the best. Your channel was the reason that I began watching We Got Married and got introduced to a whole new world! Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  294. i hate SBS now
    for those stupid copyright rules
    they just losing madd non-korean viewers as well as koreans that are living abroad.

  295. NO!!!!!! i loved your youtube account~
    it had everything i was into! come back … please~
    you were so great at subbing and it was quick too!

  296. with 355 responses to the shocking news, coolsmurf cannot possibly close!! there has got to be a way to keep you blogging. as a non-korean fan of korean showbiz, you are my link to all the news. this is sad.
    i have to thank you too for keeping charice alive in cyberwold. i am YOUR fan. do keep us in the loop for your future plans…

  297. helll no!!! you are one of my main korean variety show sources. and it has to stop. this can’t be happening. arrgghhh. i really thank you for everything coolsmurf. coolsmurfjjang!

  298. WTF?? how on earth did they suspend your YT account without explaination. Can we [] write a petition on this just to clarify thing straight??

    wat’s on TV is for free, and you just upload on YT for those who dont have access to that channel from another country, more like promoting. is not like you selling it for your own profit……..this is so twisted.

    arfgggggggggggg…… so mad rite now!
    ALVIN, let us know what will you do next. we will support you, and alots from here and soompiers as well

  299. I’m so shocked.. I really like your subtitle… I don’t really understand to people who reported this kind of thing, don’t those people have something else to do other than mind someone else bussiness. FYI by doing subtitle, you really help others (from all over the world who don’t understand korean) to understand the movie, that way you make korea country go international thru the movie’s world.

    Thank you for your subtitle…

  300. Thank you so much for all your uploads! I really appeciate all your hard work!! I have truely enjoyed all the shows you have provided us with lovely subtitles for those that don’t understand korean πŸ˜€

    I hope that one day you may come back and continue to provide us with the lovely shows and segments!

    Thank you again!

  301. ohhh sad news!! I am so sorry to heard that,,, im your biggest fans and I like kjk and yeh too! I dont know korian language but you hepled me and other fans to know what they talked and understand … good luck to you ,, Im waiting you come back!

  302. I never got to finish “We got married” episodes.

    damn…. the family’s gonna be sad they can’t get their daily dose of coolsmurf’s channel.

    it’s a sad day for all of us that are addicted to your channel. we can only wish the best for you we’ll be keeping a lookout for your return.

    thanks for all the good memories Coolsmurf!

  303. Such sad news ❀ ): FIGHTING! We are all here to support you and back you up on all the hard work you did for us ❀

  304. your youtube account is what got me into funny variety shows, and it saddens me that all the videos that i look forward to watching are all gone.

    but thank you so so so much for working hard on all your videos. ❀ ❀

    i hope this won’t be the last that we see of you =(

  305. Coolsmurf, like many of you supporters, I got introduced to Korean variety shows thru your YT channel, starting from XMAN to WGM. This news really makes me sad. Take comfort in the thought that you have hundreds (thousands ?) of fans supporting you. We all wish you well and pray that you make a comeback soon! We all hope to continue reading your blog in the coming days (and months and years!!!)

  306. thank you soooo much for the subs alvin! i signed the petition! you’re a really good person for what you’ve done and I appreciate all very much. God bless! ^^

  307. why??!! no…
    omg, i can’t believe this, why the heck they do this??!!
    wht am i gonna do without your subs?? it’s so sad…
    i’ll support and sign petition for you, alvin

    i hope we can see you again…

  308. how could they do this to you? your vids are genuinely appreciated by us, your supporters. we’re deeply saddened by what transpired.

  309. i just would like to thank you for all your hard work through out these years. i know it’s probably been hard and you deserve a long over due break from youtube i guess. thank you for helping me ease my stress through school, making me laugh, and getting into the korean scene. i know you probably won’t come back but that’s okay, it’s understandable. so again,

    thank you

  310. oh what the hell!! i am really sad with youtube’s action on suspending ur account!

    omg, i really love all of ur subbed vids, u r a great subber! i even checked ur blog and your yt account almost everyday..

    coolsmurf, i really hope u can continue subbing all the videos, u helped us to noe korean better. without ur subbed videos, i would never noe korean variety shows, and i even re-watched all the x-man episodes and we got married..

    hope u won’t set on a permanant hiatus and please continue blogging.. i’m not forcing or anything, but i wanna let u noe tht i really support all ur hardwork on subbing korean videos!

    coolsmurf/alvin is the one that makes us all smile and laugh happily with all his hardwork.. fighthing coolsmurf! and be strong :)) i will wait for ur comeback at youtube :))


  311. I can only hope that if they’re enforcing copyright on a cancelled show/shows, that it means they’re going to be releasing them on DVD with official english subtitles

  312. oh no!!!
    no way, man! you were the best subscriber i ever had. always updated…
    dang! can’t believe this is happening! ='(

  313. Muchas gracias por haber subido todos todos los videos de Xman, yoon eun hye, kim jong kook, love letter, wonder girls, we got married, etc.. de veras que gracias a ti podia entender mis videos favoritos, espero de todo corazon que habras otra cuenta o te devuelvan la anterior..
    Mi incondicional apoyo desde South America – Peru – Lima.
    come back soon, please!

  314. Very sorry to hear that you’re hanging up your subbing shoes…your videos were always welcome

    I LOVED every single one of your Xman clips – pity it’s all gone now because there doesn’t seem to be too many people out there with your extensive collection. And I know I’m not the only one who is going to miss the We Got Married cuts on Tuesdays…

    Thanks for all your hard work – if you chose to come back, you will certainly have the support.


  315. gosh, the XMAN CLIPS were the ones that got me into kpop and i loved watching all your subbed videos. it’s such a waste that all your hardwork is gone now just because of silly YT & SBS.

    thankyou for the hard work! and i’ll definitely miss your weekly WGM cuts. take care!

  316. i’ve just watched your channel yesterday. goodness. this is such a loss!

    dumb move by SBS but i guess you’re right. connie talbot might be it.

    i understand if you feel demotivated by it all, but just know a lot of people appreciate your work and will support you.

    thanks a lot for all this while. hopefully we’ll get to see your works again, elsewhere perhaps.


  317. oh my gosh…
    i am so sad when i found out just a few minutes ago
    i was just watching your videos yesterday
    hope to see you again on YT…

    hwaiting Alvin-sshi!!!

  318. thanks for all your effort in the past. it was a shock to me that they suspended your account on youtube.

  319. i would really like to say a big thank you to you.i have been constantly visiting your channel for like the past two years,and i really do appreciate your efforts.

    You made me fall in love with kpop seriously,through you i really did learn many things about korea entertainment industry.i learnt about kim jong kook and yoon eun hye and it did bring about me many beautiful moments.i am addicted to we got married too because of you and i love the show.

    i am glad that you have enjoyed uploading the videos and sharing with us.You have brought alot to the viewers including me.

    Once again thank you for your so much efforts.i will miss your videos!

  320. COOLSMURF!! this is such sad news! You are one of the most reliable and generous contributors to fans of korean entertainment on the interwebs, i would check your rss feed at least twice a day!! Truly a sad day for all of us. I think everyone of ur subscribers and readers will agree that SBS has made a mistake and thankyou for all of your hard work in subbing. I hope you continue to post news and pics on this blog and also continue the subbing endevours, not that anyone would blame you for getting fed up and stopping it.

    You made this year a very entertaining one and introduced me and, im sure, many other people to the colourful world of korean entertainment.

    Hope to see you and you work again…Thankyou for everything =D

  321. I cried a little when I read the news. I can’t believe this. I don’t understand what SBS was thinking. You’re not stealing, you’re promoting!! PROMOTING, they should be happy you’re even subbing it. It gave the shows international recognition. I can’t believe this!

  322. you’re the coolest smurf eva! haha
    thank you for everything you’ve done for us, alvin.
    we love ‘ya dude

  323. what aSHOCK!!
    can’t believe what they do to you,not good at all

    you wouldn’t know that you got fans around the world watch your video
    we appreciate the will you do,thanks for everything

    to give you a support,always

    my No.1 channel’coolsmurf’

  324. Coolsmurf!!! can you contact me at
    i’ll need the email tt yt send you to notify the suspension.
    i’m not tryin to persuade you to continue subbin…
    it’s juz my way of expressin thanks to you… you hav really done alot for us… maybe due to the fact tt i’m a singaporean also? i understand the lack of kpop culture here… you muz hav worked hard to get all those kpop tibits for us.

  325. Just because of those 3 vids all of your work are gone….

    Fighting Alvin!! There are lots of people who appreciate your work!!

    It’s a shame to not be able to watch your good subbing work anymore bacause of some stupid business deal with that colbie talbot girl (which i have no idea who she is until i search her in youtube)

    btw, is this your vid by any chance?

    (how come this don’t get banned too! seriously pple, I don’t think it’s SBS who’s to blame, it’s the girl’s management)

    Hope you’ll

    Ps. I think this is the girl official youtube account. in case you interest.

  326. Have always been a silent reader of this site, as well as a subscriber of your youtube channel. Your channel has always been my stop for juicy kpop scopes and We Got Married videos. Thanks for all the efforts over the past two years (: it’s such a pity and quite a pain to see the account be closed down and all the videos gone without so much of a warning. But your efforts would be remembered! Thank you for subbing those videos for the past two years!

  327. omfg. PISSSED.

    you’re the FIRST thing i search wen im on youtube. the FIRST and i mean it, even your blog. asihhh. wtfffffffffff




  328. Ughh..Connie Tabolt? Are you serious?

    I subsribed to you, and favorited a bunch of your videos like Wondergirl’s So Hot, Hyori’s U-Go-Girl and Wondergirl’s G.O.D medley on Chocolate…

    I first favorited Wondergirl’s G.O.D medley from monmonsnow1, but they deleted her account too and now, again!? Arghh… what the heck… TT______TT

    I’m sad I’ll never see the Xman dayunhaji (sp?) videos…

    Are you never going to make a YT account again? D8


    Help by signing on the petition, not sure if youtube would revive his account but i think its worth a try, its after all hours and hours and even days of Alvin’s hardwork.So people please do help, maybe even hope Alvin would come back and post.There are many other platforms for instance Veoh.Alvin continue FIGHTING!

    MathiasLucius (Singapore)

  330. coolsmurf plsssssssssss…….
    make new acc…………….i want to see wonder girls performent……….and we got married…..!

  331. gosh! its so sad…… if they take away all those sub ( n those people dun even put it on their show ) then too bad… kpop will end soon.

    many jurassic years ago, i use to encourage TVB to put sub on their show as i know a lot of fans out there dun really understand Canto drama… well.. they never did….. then……. kdrama came in n OUT went Cantodrama…. even if they hv sub on most of their shows now, i think it never feels right anymore……

    SO HEAR US SBS……… if u want MORE people to watch shows, then wake up…. NO ENGLISH SUB=LESS audience in the future… maybe THAI will rise up! hmmmmmmmmmmmm

  332. Wow, this makes me like Charice so much more than Connie..
    She actually has talent and thanks Youtubers for uploading her videos, so people from all of the world can see…

  333. Oh my freakin’ goodness. I’m so pissed right now!!

    Seriously, you were my #1 in youtube and now they’ve suspended you. This is totally unfair!! What am I going to do without you now??? I’m SO sad. OMG.

    I’m feeling so mad because it’s so unfair for you. I can’t even begin to imagine how much time and effort you put into uploading and subbing those videos for us. I can’t begin to describe how sad I feel right now!! I totally relied on you and everything.

    But seriously, don’t get your hopes down, okay? I hope you continue with this blog, letting people know what’s up because you know we all care about you and your blog!!

    You’re one awesome person and I know a LOT of people support you. :]

  334. A total shock… as I was not online for the past 1 & 1/2 day and this happens?

    Thanks for all the precious moments and joy Coolsmurf…
    X Man, the Star King cut, of coz WGM… it was some of the happiest moment I had spend online and laughing like a lunatic be it 3am in the morning or stealing peeks during office hours…

    You have introduce me to some of the best Korean entertainment ever.

    Thanks for everything.

  335. >_<” what? is comes at such a surprise… i check your site and YT channel just about everytime i get on… whyyyyy? T.T i’m going to SOO miss all the WGM epi. from u every week, if u do come back please let us kno

    oh and i totally agree w/ blademaster (the person commented before me) if SBS is smart they should hire you….and also the 41st commenter, you never know it just may work and you may just be back into actions before you know it… but no pressure if you don’t want to do all that it’s totally fine

    FIGHTING!!! don’t give up πŸ˜€ … your great and THANK-YOU for all the joy you bring ^^

  336. The Charice thing…aww that’s sad..
    I want to shoot Connie now..
    She doesn’t even deserve her fame!

    YoonEunhye&KimJongKook forever

  337. this sux bigtym! tnx for all ur hardwork alvin/coolsmurf!
    i rily want someone to spam connie talbot’s YT account!
    we xud all leave nasty comments on her account!
    youtube wont be the same w/o u! dats the only reason why i go on youtube!

  338. OMG. When I found out about your youtube suspension, I was so close to crying. That’s how miserable I felt. I can’t believe through all those 2 years of subbing and translating Korean videos it has all actually gone down the drain. All I have to say is that I am really thankful for everything you’ve done with helping us fans with the disability of understanding Korean in translating and subbing Korean videos that have really satisfied us, tremendously (and I’m sure every single one of your fans feel the same way). Your excellent work will always and forever be appreciated, and all your videos will always be remembered. I also loved reading your comments in the video description, it was always interesting to read. If ever you return back to youtube, please make sure to inform us! We hope you’ll keep helping us πŸ™‚ Coolsmurf, hwaiting~!! ❀

  339. I’ve been a silent reader on your blog but now i just wanna say a big THANK YOU to you for all your hard work in subbing the videos from xman to wgm.
    Hopefully, you will be continuing with this blog~

  340. Youtube is going around suspending every youtube account that has SBS shows on there. Mine just got deleted recently too. I’m really sorry for what happen, we all really appreciate all your hard work for the past 2 years


    “Britain’s Connie Talbot, the 7 year-old international phenomenon has over 44 million viewings on YouTube…”

    I can’t believe they used CoolSmurf’s video views to help themselves…. and then they delete it.

  342. OMG! :{ how unexpected… must be really disappointing. Anyway, thanks for all your hard work!<3 i hope you continue blogging!

  343. I really enjoyed your videos. And I’m very sad that YT suspended your account.

    I do hope you keep writing though. Whatever you choose to do, I wish you well.

  344. Aw Alvin. I don’t watch your videos on YT since I download those stuff from CBs too… but does that mean that you’re gonna stop blogging about drama and entertainment news too? My korean is still not adequate enough for me to understand the whole news, and chunks of chinese translated words just makes my head spin. You’re my source of REAL entertainment (news) besides javabeans! Besides, I think the Singaporean Korean lovers need you as their connection too. πŸ˜‰

    (Psst no, Veoh is a bad idea too. They suspend videos for Japanese stuff as well. Sooner or later your stuff will fly too and history will repeat itself. Try the Korean sites. Or Chinese ones. Or MySpace videos for a change!)



  346. I hope we could file a petition.. or reconsideration.. we could just remove the connie talbot.. So sad 4m hits of charice is gone =(


    oppa if i were you just move to Veoh. Ill miss all the videos of xman and WG:((

    i just got home and went to your channels and wordpress and this is what i get?!??


    I will miss all the vedios :((

  348. oppa! can you just start again with a different name?? or alias???

    I cant believe they will do that:((

  349. WE SUPPORT YOU COOLSMURF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I hope you don’t give up and throw in the towel πŸ™‚ as we are all here in our netizen might to be there for you (over the web) and I have to say we appreciated everything you’ve done for us out of your own time and effort.


  350. OMG, I am so sorry that this happened to you Alvin! They don’t even realize what they did… they lost a great asset to gaining interest to the Korean industry. I’m so sorry that this happened to you, especially since you dedicated so much time and effort into bringing subs to us non-Korean speakers. Thanks so much! I hope you feel better. My condolences.

  351. I’ve never commented here before, but I’ve been reading this wordpress for quite awhile now. I’ve really appreciated your efforts all this time, subbing & uploading so many videos for us fans. It’s really sad that your account was suspended just because of a few videos ): Thank you for all your subs and videos; you rock! Fighting (:

  352. You made me fall in love with WGM and Wondergirls, as well as Eun Hye and Kim Jong Wook! : ( i feel depressed right now as all your hard work and my daily gulp of your fabulous videos have vanished in a flash. I hope you may reconsider on starting over, as we all have enjoyed your previous videos. If you do reconsider restarting, it’ll just be like a continuous cycle of your videos! With all of your fan’s support and your inspirational uploads, i’m sure everyone will keep in memory of the hardship of your previous account!

    AJA AJA fighting oppa!

    ~~ Hope you reconsider and maybe restart.. for your thousands and thousands and thousands of your fans? :’ (

  353. Coolsmurf, thanks for all the great things you’ve done these past two years. I have enjoyed myself greatly because of you these past years. I hope that you will someday come back and sub and upload for us once again. I truly can’t thank you enough for all the hard work you’ve done. I love you Coolsmurf. ❀

  354. I just wanted to write a quick note to tell you that your youtube channel introduced me to the wonderful world of Korean entertainment. Xman was the first and I believe the best show i’ve seen and it saddens me that all ur cuts and subs are gone. I hope after the shock is over u can remember how many people you’d made happy with all your hard work and realise it wasn’t all done in vain. If u ever decide to open your account again you’d have plenty of supporters.

    Thanks for everything

  355. Correction ** Kim Jong Kook**.. not kim jong wook >.<” i keep messing up between both of their names.

    Anyways! hope u read ALL of our posts of support! ^.^

  356. awwwwww….so you’re quitting????that’s sad to hear.
    well, it must have been so disappointing to let all of your hardwork gone in vain. It’s already heart-wrenching for us, what’s more for you. You’ve been like a saviour for us non-koreans who can’t understand korean at all and waste your time subbing WG,X-MAN,WGM, etc vids just for our own benefit. I could have sworn that you’re my first love..ahaha..jkjk..not trying to sound like a stalker here. Though you make a mistake or two in your subs, there would be no one who could replace the title “the greatest subber/uploader in the history of youtube”ahaha..sounds corny i know but even with a million of thanks, it is nothing compared to the millions of sweat you produce just for the sake of us. Therefore, i would like to take this opportunity to show my gratitude towards all your effort and hardwork.


  357. Coolsmurf, I just found about this. I am so upset. For YEARS I have been a big fan of yours uploads/posts.

    AlvinLim:)! Someday if I visit Singapore i should stalk you down and treat u a lunch or dinner!

    I just want to let you know, I’llbe signing the petition and if there is anything you need me or anyone to do to help, just make a post and we’ll be there >=(.

  358. so sorry…thank you for all the hard work…and thank YOU for bringing Charice and Korean entertainment into my life…

  359. omg. youtube will never be the same ever again without your vids. i have nothing to look forward to anymore on youtube 😦

    thank you for all the hard work you put into subbing and putting them up on youtube. i really,REALLY appreciate it.

    thanks to you, i am exposed to xman, love letter, fc shoot dori, WGM (i love love love this show), and all those misc vids you put up. i esp love xman and wgm. thanks to you i knew kjk, lee seung gi, mc yoo, ho dong, and everyone else on xman. now when i see these ppl in the korean entertainment scene it will always bring me back to the xman days.

    do keep up yr blog though. cos we dont want to be deprived of anymore coolsmurf! hahahaha. and if you ever plan to start doing this again, we will (yr fans and me) be here to support you!!! thanks alot for all the 700 over subs that was up on yr channel and we shall never forget yr hard work! we love you and will terribly miss yr vids!!!

    p.s. i miss xman already πŸ˜₯

  360. AYYYYY YO!
    thanks so much for all them videos. you were probably the number one subscriber person on youtube.

  361. AAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! I’m so sad.I first started becoming a korean show fan thru your channel so i’m very thankful for all that you’ve done on the channel and i sure enjoyed them while they lasted. Hopefully you will keep blogging and post vids at some other sites.

  362. “double u – tee – eff!” (wtf!) as they would say

    As you can see, you have so many supporters.

    I, like many others, were introduced to the korean entertainment industry through your channel.

    Thank you for all your hard work!
    Stay strong and hopefully this blog can still run?

    we love you! πŸ™‚

  363. Alvin, you did a really good job for the past 2 years. I don’t know what is gonna happen or whatever it is, we all think that you are the best.
    I don’t really know what to say but in any situation you always have all of us wishing you to get better. You ‘re not alone !!!

  364. just out of curiosity alvin are you quiting completely? means like no more blog? man that would suck this is one of the best blog out there and hella entertaining and updated anyways if you continue to upload video in the future i’d say fck you tube and find another site that host em like dailymotion, crunchyroll, or veoh. also if you do i think it’s best to keep it asian related no offense out there so taht way they wont say anything and try to suspend ur acct well anyways it was very enjoyable reading ur blog and watching those sub vids on ur acct if it wasnt for ur blog i would have not know one of my most favorite show out there WGM and of course love the WonderGirls as well

  365. i think connie talbot has just earned herself a whole load of antis…i can’t believe they did this for you, if it weren’t for your subs and videos those stars and shows would not have earned such a huge international following. seriously these people should stop being so hung up about rights and all that, it’s not like their shows get broadcasted very much abroad anyway, and they should look beyond the local market for some international recognition.

    regardless coolsmurf thanks so much for all your videos, i wouldn’t have discovered so many good shows otherwise. thank you for all the subs, i know you weren’t obliged to and it was hard work, and your fans out there really appreciate all that you have done over the years.

    and to the rest of coolsmurf’s fans, i hate connie too!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  366. this is my 1st time leaving a comment. quite a regular visitor to ur site and youtube since we got married started….. anyways thanks for ur effort. hope u’ll be back soon. gluck with all

  367. Thank you very much…
    I really appreciate all the efforts you’ve done all along.

    I really enjoyed all the videos that you’ve uploaded so far. From X-man to We got married.
    From wonder girls to (even) Connie Tablot.

    Keep on going… Alvin, fighting!!! πŸ˜‰

  368. Awww. Alvin don’t give me up! We’re with you 100%

    It’s people like you who keep the hallyu phenomenon alive. How dare they do this to you?!

  369. don’t sweat it! well, you still have us your forever loyal supporters and lovers of your work! thanks to you many of us discovered kpop and much more. thanks!

  370. PETITION!!!

    Place ur signature! It’s basically just inputing your name, country, email, and comment. That’s it.
    In case anyone is worrying about the additional cost thingy. The donation thing is OPTIONAL. You dont have to donate if you dont want to. (i think that donation thing is more towards the site.. not towards this actual petition).

    So yeah.. easy stuff. It’s the least we could do for coolsmurf!!! Sign the petition y’all!!!

  371. i totally agree with you when you said you didnt have time to react.
    i swear if everyone here knows that this was gonna happen everyone will just go busy watching ALL your vids till the very last minute of the suspension! and youtube will not even be able to support the activity!!!

    oh yah, can i please just say that if you were ever thinking of re-doing it again in the future, pls pls pls dont load it on veoh. damn veoh has banned malaysia from accessing it.

    thanks once again for all your fantastic vids im proud to say i have watch almost every single vid posted!

  372. I feel like crying. I can’t believe your gone..I knew I should have downloaded your videos for my own personal keep sake since you are just the best at subbing.
    I am so gonna miss you Alvin on YT. You were the best person at subbing. You gave us nothing but the best subbed videos.
    You were the one that made me a fan of X-man, Stephanie The Grace & all of the CSJH The Grace members. You made me a fan of YEH & KJK. A fan of Solbi, a fan of Seo In Young, a fan of so much more. I’m truly gonna miss you & your videos.

  373. that’s pretty unfair. but coolsmurf don’t stop putting videos, i really enjoy your videos especially charice videos. i really looking foward in your videos especially the videos of star king, and theres a news that charice will go to SK these august and im hoping that you are the one will post it first in YT…… really sad huhu

    stupid connie talbot…….

    don’t lose hope…. we will always support you

    -from philippines

  374. Wow just heard about this.. This is really terrible.. DAMN YOU SBS! We all really appreciate your hard work and hope you can someday continue to sub and post videos (on megavideo maybe ^_^).. But for now take this well deserved break lol..

  375. I’m sorry to hear about your YT account being suspended. I really liked your videos. I hope you’ll at least continue blogging. Take care.

  376. I’m so sorry this happened. I just want you to know that I viewed you, your youtube videos, and your wordpress blog as the number one best source of Wonder Girls news and media available to poor American me all the way on the other side of the world away from Korea. You’ve been amazing, providing all your hard work to all of us all over the world. A part of me wants to be selfish and ask you to keep blogging here, but I will tell you instead to do what you feel is right. Thank you for everything, either way.

  377. Thank you so much Alvin for all the hard work you have been spending during these years. I am shocked that it turned out liked this but I hope you all the best.

    You have many fans out there and we all support you… FIGHTING!

  378. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    OMG im in denial!!! this cant be happening!!!

    So sad abt this!!your YT introduced me to A LOT OF korean stars and tv programs!! how could they do this to you!! you gave them free publicity!! they will regret about this someday!

    thank you for all wonderful videos and subbing gonna miss them so much!! oh why didnt i download them before??? faint!!!

    anyway,hope u’ll keep blogging about the stars =(


  379. oh noooooooo!! I can’t believe it – all those amazing videos 😦 Thank you for all the laughter and joy you provided and good luck in the future. I’ll be awaiting your comeback ^_^

  380. I can’t believe it’s like GONE. I check ur channel every tues to watch WGM. That was seriously the best. It’s a piece of crestfallen news, though. Buti appreciated the videos. Merci.

  381. Hey, I wanted to say how much I appreciate all that you have done in uploading and subbing all those shows (WGM, XMan etc). Your subbing of WGM was the best. I only came across your channel this year but how sad that 7 months on, there won’t be anymore of your brilliant subbing. I hope you do come back but whatever you decide to do, I wish you the best!! Go Alvin GO!!!


    COME ON EVERYONE! we can do something about this situation!

    Thank you so much for subbing! I taught me korean! and I bought all my original CDs of the artistes you subbed!


  383. p.s: anyone have a soompi and asianfanatics account? can post the link for the petition there?

  384. gosh. youtube and SBS sucks crap D:
    anyways, i just want to thank you for the videos all these while.
    from x-man to WGM, i really appreciate them all.
    they brought a lot of laughter and fun to, im sure, many of us.
    thank you so much for taking your time to sub them and post them up.
    you too, had intro-ed me to many of the korean artists through the videos you posted.
    its a bad decision for youtube to suspend you. its their loss.
    you’re the best!

  385. omg! i can’t believe this is happening.. if you’ll come back again, please do let us know! fighting!! we’ll definitely miss your high quality videos and great subbing.

  386. I still cant believe this………!!!! Am i in a daydreaming or something ????!!! This couldt b happening…… Β¬ Is there any help that i can do for u Alvin?

    p/s: hey everyone….. mayb a strike will do?? what u think ?? If there is strike…do notify me in my youtube profile —> – iris8iris88 – I want to join d strike too….

  387. Hi Alvin,
    I just dropped by to let you know that though upon hearing the news of your YT account being suspended due to the demands of SBS Int., was very sudden and also your decision of completely stopping all uploads of Korean related shows, was also unexpected, us fans will remain grateful for all your hard work.

    You’ve done an awesome job throughout these past two years and all your great efforts, I’m sure, is well known among many of us who watch your subbed videos.

    Having done such projects, you were able to entertain us who are not able to understand Korean and give us the chance to watch and also be aware of their great shows.

    I won’t ask for the continuation of your work since it will seem greedy and selfish of me. I’m just happy that you even had the patience to sub and upload all these videos ^^”
    So once again, thank you sooo much and hopefully you keep us updated of your activities!

    Grace xo

  388. i’m so pissed off right now and i’m definitely sad… you’re the one who introduced me to all the korean stuff. if not for your videos which are english subbed, there will be little known about korean entertainment. damn! don’t they know that we knew them now because you helped them be known. sheesh…

    i really can’t believe that this happened. i hope you come back. we’re rooting for you.

    thanks for all the effort. but please be back.


  389. I am shocked to hear your account suspension. I thoroughly enjoyed your videos, esp xman and WGM. Thanks for all your hard work and time into this. Keep the blog going tho!

  390. coolsmurf u shouldn’t give up!
    keep it up! don’t let other push u down..
    keep on entertaining people like me with your..wonderful SUB video’s… =)
    thanx to u. we got to watch our fellow Filipino Charice, in korea singing in sbs Star King. without u, we cannot understand…what the hell their saying..don’t loose hope!!! we are all here to support u! and ur YouTube Video’z.
    Thanx 4 uploading Charice video on YouTUbe..with a unbelievable…views…=)
    because of your video’s korean showz is known not only in korea, but also in other countries…SooOo..keep it up!!!
    don’t let anybody get into u!!! GO!!!! i’ll pray 4 u.
    promise! cause i really like ur video! and hehehe… u got ur minute fame on oprah with SBS suck! for doing those kind of action!!! Double whammy for them…=(….
    they should be thankful ur doing their job!!! for their showz publicity!!!! income for them ryt?!, hahahahahah…GOD BLESS U. and carry on! my friend……

  391. It’s a real pity! Youtube will never be the same without you!! Seriously, I checked your account for update everyday….your subbed videos are the best!

    I started off with KJK and YEH videos. then Xman and so on….

    I can say I fell in love with K.Entertainment cause I watched your subbed videos.

    I just wanna say thank you for all the hard works you have done!! You have my support all the way!

  392. Hate this!!!! *Cry* Your channel is my most fav!!! Wonder what i would do without u subbing WGM…. U know ur the best rite!!! Thank you for this 2 years of subbing!!! Thnks for your Hardwork!!!

  393. That really sucks Alvin. i have always loved your channel.
    if you come back, i’ll be there to subscribe and support.

  394. my eyes nearly dropped into the bowl of ramen kimchi i was eating when i saw that your site was suspended! i was like 0_0…. then i was frantic refreshing the page and even restarting my computer just because i couldn’t believe it! now that it finally hit me …. i wanna cry! your page is the only korean vdos with eng sub that i watch EVERY NIGHT before bed. i can’t believe it! all i can say is that your page was loved by so many people! how could they? i’m so sorry, i know this pisses you off more than it does to us since you put so much effort into your page, uploading so many vdos. i’m so sorry! and all i can do is go sign the petition that someone started. i found the link over at, i signed it and left a comment too. i hope that everyone of your fans go and signs it so that they know how loved and appreciated you are! argh! i still cannot believe this! *_*

  395. thanks coolsmuf! for every WGM vids.
    you’ve worked hard! HWAITING !!

  396. Hi Alvin! im so sad to hear about your account. Id like to thank you for all the hard work you’ve done with the subs. If not for you, i wouldn’t have known about the kpop culture. I hope to see your work in the future. Thanks again!

  397. i just wanna let u a silent reader on ur blog..i really like ur YT video’s….specially charice pempengco’s Guesting in STARKING…with SUJU..=) “luv it”
    thanx to pipol lyk u..she got to guest on some shows on the states../US,and the title “YOUTUBE SENSATION” everytime she will be introduced…
    thankzz to pipol lyk u! who spend time posting video’z for us! Viewerzzz….
    as a Filipino, i really appreciate…u posted a Sub video of charice guesting IN YOUTUBE…
    A BIG THANK U TOOO…you!!!! coolsmurf UR SOO>>> COOL!!!! hehehe…..
    y?! “sh*T”…SBS suckz! and that connie..girl toOo..who the hell is she?! i don’t give a dammm…bout her! the hell i care!!!
    BRING BACK COOLSMURF in youtube! hahaha…..i’m serios!!!!!
    sbs/ just major jelousszz….
    thanx to ur hard work….korean entertainment is knownn…to other…countriesss……=) GOODLUCK! TO U!!!!! KIP IT UP! ALVIN…..

  398. i can’t believe it!!! even i am not really a big fan of your youtube video (more of a fan of your blog) but……… all the mv and variety subs!!! always bringing us first hand news and quality sub~~~ i signed the petition too. we’ll bring you back!!

  399. NOOOOOOOoo. I cant believe this! I’m really sorry to hear that,coolsmurf. Like the many hundreds of people here,i’m also one of them that learn about korean wave through your blog and your videos,and now i’m a big fan of korean wave and especially wondergirls,as you can see.Thank you all this time for all the videos and the translations.Its really unfair isnt it?You do a good deed by fulfilling people’s request to upload certain videos people requested with subs,but all you got back is your acc suspended by these videos.=( Its really devastating to hear that coolsmurf.Well,i dunno what is your next step after this,but i’ll support you all the way! Hwaiting!…and again THANK YOU.

  400. omg, this is so saddening.
    your subbed videos were the one who got me hooked onto kpop!!!!!!!!
    this is sad, but i’m really grateful for all your videos.
    thank you so much!
    esp for Xman, WGM, love letter etc etc etc etc.



  401. that’s so so sad.

    don’t give up !

    continue subbing.!!
    i’ll be looking out for your videos! ALWAYS!


  402. (hurls a million cuss to youtube)
    alvin you can’t go..
    where will all the sub-hungry fans go );
    but anyway.. i thank you for everything all this while..
    your subbed goods are invaluable.

    i hope u will come back no matter when

  403. firstly i am one of those ppl who cannot be bothered as i am like wad some ppl say a silent reader but knowing that yr YT account is being suspended makes me really sad as i wont be able to occupy my time with yr HQ videos…i sure every surfer at or is also very very sad… but we hope that u could still upload yr hq videos and also post up more kpop news especially yr WG fansite…it is one of the sites that i must to go to everyday or else i wont be able to sleep. In a way i agree that wad sbs did was write as it was copyright infringement but for coolsmurf’s case it wasn… as he was spreading kpop and k culture arnd the world. In a way we shld thank him as he help people to appreciate kpop[ like foe eg. me. im an indian but i hav no idea why i would get hooked to kpop(MaYBE its because of my mixed blood…im also half chinese). so we definetely hope that u will return…dont give up ok!!!!

  404. really…I don’t get it why you did suspended about this. don’t they also translated abroad news to korean??? it because they want to share the news just like you coolsmurf…
    Is it really the end??? what will you do next??? cause the way I see it you spend so much care and time for this….it’s your hobby…I can’t imagine you’ll stop completely. even you couldn’t do this anymore please don’t stop your creative side:)

    thanks for all you did…

  405. OMG T___T
    YOU’re the one that even started Charice’s career!!!
    You will be missed~!
    And i was in the middle of watching WGM too T___T

    Thanks for all the videos you have uploaded~~~

  406. I usually don’t comment but seeing that your account got suspended, I just had to say something.
    Thankyou for uploading and subbing so many videos, especially the clips of the Wonder Girls. Your other blog was a place where I would visit everytime I log on to the computer to keep up to date with the Wonder Girls. I don’t how I would survive without you ><
    Coolsmurf Fighting!!

  407. really …I am about to cry now ~.~
    this is sooo sad…I’ve been watching every vid of you
    even though I wish that you would come back …I can’t blame you because you’ve said that you will quit when the time comes and we should enjoy the things as long as it lasted .
    it’s time to let go even though it really really hard .

    thank you soooo much for your hard work over those 2 years and all the funny andd wonderful moments you gave all of us!!!!

    AJA AJA Fighting!!!!!!!

  408. is this why wonder girls tell me video with like 4 million hits is gone too??? eh.. usually SBS doesnt care if clips are uploaded on the internet.. because HONESTLY.. there are billions of shows from SBS that have been uploaded on youtube by whole bunch of ppl… not just coolsmurf.. it prolly either has to do with connie talbot’s ppl.. or some stupid jap that sent a request or something.

  409. this is really upsets news.

    alvin please do a quick comeback…
    i really love ur videos.
    in fact still watching WGM
    thanx for all the vids

  410. This is the worst thing youtube could have ever done. I am seriously in mourning and feel like crying.
    COOlSMURF your videos were legend and i will never forget you. You were the reason i made a youtube account, you were the first person i ever subscribed to and all my favourite videos were yours. I’m so sad!!

  411. OMG! I wanted the yoon eunhye and kimJJ vids.!!! I knew I shouldve download them. Are you going to upload some again? Or maybe we can ask for it by mail or no??? PLEASE replay backkk.

  412. been a silent reader for areaaall looong time.

    Can’t believe this is happening. I had the same thougt with some people here about “advertising” Connie Talbot. Those youtube videos helped her be known. We’ve experienced this many many times, that if you post a video on youtube, and if it’s good, you’d be famous. Isn’t that what CT wants?? I don’t get it at all >.<

    Thank you for all the videos you’ve shared with us. If there’s anything we can do, just let us know! I’ve signed all the petitions in this page, and took many friends to sign too!

    ARGH.. i’m so sad that i can’t watch Anbi-Alshin-Ant couple anymore.

  413. OMG!!! im SHOCKED! this is horrible!! why dont they realize that its people like YOU that turn us into fans of their programs and make them popular?! its not as if you’re making money off it or exploiting for your own benefit, this is ridiculous!

    im so gutted and cant believe that the coolsmurf channel is gone forever 😦 my sincere condolences

  414. Coolsmurf Hwaiting!
    I usually never comment, but you were my source for WG So Hot perf and TV shows ='(
    Damn, So Hot was over 1,000,000 views and Tell Me over 5million >__>
    So upset with YT now

  415. OMG…this is the second time around reading this kind of report from alvin…i’m so upset with that…hope this is not true.
    this site will still live “forever”…it will definitely live!!!
    anyway..i’ll still visit…just to check…T_T

  416. hey coolsmurf, ellie here from

    no problem! πŸ˜‰

    many thanks to you for being an instrument for Charice’s success.

  417. I’m sad along with all ur other fans. I can’t believe it’s over. I got my sister, who never watches any variety shows or listen to korean music additcted to We Got Married all because of U! Thank U so much for subbing. U don’t know how many lol moments, smiles, or heart felt moments you brought to everyone. I’m gonna miss all ur subbed videos. We love u Coolsmurf!


    PLEASEEEEE!!!! TT_________________TT

  419. coolsmurf please.. im begging! please continue to sub and upload korean shows… please…….

  420. coolsmurf.. is there a chance that you’ll come back with a new account? since youtube wont be the same again without your videos.. i really want to watch the old xman again.. ysmm… wg.. we got married..
    argh.. this is so so.. irritating -.-
    i totally hate whoever did this.. !!

  421. I’ve been a silent reader and subscriber to your channel for the last 2 years, and after seeing this post, I can’t help but feel depressed and a bit empty inside. Your videos and articles were what got me into K-Entertainment in the first place, and for that, I want to thank you for all the hard work you’ve put into this.

    I, like many others here, have enjoyed your videos and posts over the years, and have found myself checking this blog daily for updates on what clips might await at the end of my day. It’s a shame to see you go like this, as I really don’t know of another source for subbed videos like yours, but I hope you’ll continue to grace us with updates on the korean entertainment industry on this blog.

    You’re right, you had a good run for the last two years, and I was one of many lucky enough to enjoy it.

    Thanks for all the hard work you’ve put into the YT channel and this blog =].

  422. oh my lame. your videos are practically the reason why I even go on youtube. If it weren’t for your videos I wouldn’t have the love I have for x-man, yeh & kjk couple, love letter, and We Got Married. And if it weren’t for your ideos I doubt those shows would even have the fanbase that they have now. I sincerely hope this suspension is only temporary, and if not I hope you still continue to sub for the fans and if not, then I thank you so much for the past two years (man I can’t believe it’s been that long).

    Alvin Fighting!!

  423. youtube sucks for suspending coolsmurfs account coolsmurfs updates on videos are my only way to get connected to wonder girls now where can i watch wonder girls vids?
    and the mv for so hot which already reached 1 million went to a waste.

    dang i hate youtube, bring coolsmurf back everyone sign the petition!

  424. omg. i’m so sad! i’ve been watching we got married and those wonder girls vids from your channel for the past dno how many wks. but i’ll still come here to visit. you’re still gonna update right?

  425. Hey coolsmurf/Alvin….I’m really sorry that your account was suspended and YOUTUBE sucks big time cuz they suspended my account too…but i never created another account there again…i just used veoh and multiply…it way better…less restrictions…dude if there is anything i can do you let me know ASAP:

    by the way will you continue updating this site?????????????


  426. Pfft, These people, as soon as something they’ve done becomes recognised worldwide (which is all due to you and other subbers of these shows) they wanna snatch it away so they can make some moolah.

    I wouldn’t be suprised if htey made a website only dedicated to english where you pay to watch their tv shows in subtitles.

    Business is about money, tis a shame.

    I hope Charice sees this and makes a stand saying you should be allowed and if it wasn’t for you she and other people wouldn’t even have been recognised outside of Asia or even out of Korea/Phillipines!

  427. Gosh!!! Cant believe this!!

    Seriously, i cannot believe this!!!! What I’m gonna do!?

    Coolsmurf, you introduce me Xman, WGM, love letters and all those interesting shows. What should I do without your videos!?

    Again, thank you so much for your hard works. You can see now how peo appreciate your works and they’re not sush a waste!

    Whatever will happen, do what you want Alvin. And please continue this page..pleaseeee.


  428. Who says it’s Connie Talbot’s Management that did this.
    They (through US label) have just produced a video for her upcoming USA visit which specifically makes a point about all her YouTube views. They have supported her YouTube exposure on many channels. No other TV companies have
    sought to prevent or pull videos. So why blame Connie?!

    SBS have received free world-wide publicity with the Yoo Ye Eun/Connie video. It’s been linked throughout the web. The story had whole pages in major newspapers and online versions too. Why decide now to pull the vids.

    They could now market ‘Star King’ as a recognised and known product across the world thanks to channels like coolsmurf’s. We need to know the facts before blaming
    Connie Talbot’s Management Team or anyone else connected.

  429. Sad about your accnt 😦 gosh, yours was the best when it comes to variety shows.

    About the petition though… sorry to burst the bubble for everyone… but petitions like that would not work. I just checked youtube help/general questions bec i also would want to help out. Unfortunately, there’s info there that says petitions such as that would not change their mind. A violation is a violation but if the account owner itself would counter the charges by sbs –that means sending a document to court, hiring attorneys and such, the decision might be reversed… that is if sbs would be nice enough to change their mind regarding their vids in youtube. 😦

  430. come back coolsmurf!!!! comeback…. pleaseeeeeeeeeee im begging youuuuuuuuu….. plsssssssss come back……..

  431. thank you for all the hard work, for hours upon hours of laughter that you gave to me and my friends, for making us addicted to korean variety shows. i hope you’ll continue with your blog. we support you. coolsmurf, you rock! ^_^

  432. Videos: 783
    Subscribers: 23,523

    Believe me you even have invisible subscribers a lot more than that!

    Thank you thank you and thank you Alvin!

  433. omg.

    but anyway yeah thank you for all your hard work, subbing and stuff, i got to know a lot of korean variety shows from your channel, thanks.

  434. SBS is so cruel. SBS never thought that their programmes are so popular because of coolsmurf sub team. I understand about the copyrights but maybe u could post up a petition considering there are already 500 plus comments here.

  435. Dear coolsmurf,
    I am really appreciate about what you did. Your work is not just effort but also for people’s smile, their tears and their love for you.
    When I typed the search word “coolsmurf” as my ever habit on utube, it appeared nothing. I laugh ‘cuz i thought my crap laptop was kidding me again. But it was not kidding.
    Yes, damn them. If they were going to close your account, why dont they also close the Youtube. There are rules but not right in any situation.
    Where is the coolsmurf that we known, where is the one that we are so in love. Please forget the word “cant do anything”, kich that out of your head. For our love’s sake, Please dont give up.
    May be you are thinking we dont know how you feel but we do as much as we love you. Pls dont!!!!

    Lots of love,


    I typed in coolsmurf and I got NOTHING!!! I was like “MWO!?!?!’ Saw my bulletin and found out that you were suspended!!! WHY OH WHY?!?!!?!?!?!

    Alvin, honestly, you have made non-korean speaking people like me HAPPY with all those videos that you’ve subbed!! I started watching X-Man 2 years ago by going to your account. I started watching We got Married by going to your account!! You’ve made us all sooo happy and I NEVER got the chance to say how much I appreciate you subbing for us all!!!

    Do do do come back to us. However, no matter what your decision is, I’ll support you.

    Alvin, HWAITING!!!

    Thanks once again for all those days, nights that I had watching your vids. ^_^

    You’re the BEST!!!

  437. You were the best, and you still are. People in the whole world should thank you.
    Thank for your hard work.
    Merci beaucoup.

  438. coolsmurf@Alvin,thanks for everthing..
    got the news from soompi,i still cant believe it till now..
    actually,i started to like korean and continue my studying in this ginseng country after watching ur subbed videos. i wanna be like you,help people who cant read korean,and share the same interests about korea..

    coolsmurf,please dont give up!

  439. Hi Alvin
    I really hope you will continue with this blog. It is a daily ritual for me, coming here. Thanks to you, I’m addicted to Korean dramas, Korean pop….etc. Your site is great! The quality of the videos, the subbs… thanks a lot!!!
    Loved your subbed X-man clips and even got a colleague hooked on it. We used to have a daily ‘chitchat’ on the episodes we watched the night before.
    Please continue your blog.
    Alvin, Fighting!!

  440. petition?? I’m up for it.. Those people don’t know how much your account meant to all of us.. U helped so many of us and introduced us to so much… Count on me if u want to petition this or take any actions.. I’ll support you all the way…

    I can’t believe they just censored the voice of the international fanbase.. Damn you connie talbot!

  441. OMGGGGG
    ….i was on about tow atch something of yours and then youtube said your account was suspended…omg what am i going to do without the we got marreid things and wonderiglrs videos…TT

  442. thank you so much for everything you have done until now! though i have only stumbled upon this blog fairly recently, i have heard of your hard work and efforts for a while on other forums and communities. you will truly be missed even by those of us who don’t need english subs– it’s unfortunate to see such a hard worker have to say goodbye, but i understand that there’s a time and place for everything.

    best of luck in all of your future endeavors! thanks coolsmurf!

  443. alvin, im really really sad this happened…really upsetting that connie talbot did this ! im one of the thousands that subscribe and always look forward to your videos…really sad news…fighting alvin! πŸ™‚

  444. WTF is going on??????????
    coolsmurf……. if u come back please let us know……….
    u noe u hv thousands n thousands of FANSS waiting for u!!
    dont give up! Hwaiting!

  445. Dear Alvin/Coolsmurf,
    I’ve never, in my life till now, ever commented in a single blog or video comment sections. My way of thinking was selfish. I’ve thought it’s not worth it or I just couldn’t be bothered. The excuse I gave was I will only comment if I’ve been touched in my heart or affected in any way. For your information, you’re my hero πŸ˜‰
    You’ve no idea how much you have affected and touched me:
    – your GENEROSITY in providing us (koreans/non-koreans) joy, pleasure, excitement, humour using your talent and skills =)
    – your UNBIASED opinions of your videos and contents of your blog =)
    – your DEDICATION to share videos and current news with us, though people like me did not show our appreciation for your sweat, your blood, your tears =)
    – your WILLINGNESS to accept and welcome us with open arms as your friend and subscriber without any questions or doubts =)
    – your UNSELFISHNESS and how THOUGHTFUL you were in crediting the kind subbers (thank you to everyone ^__^) of your videos. You always remember, you never forget =)
    -your LOVE and APPRECIATION for korean culture and korean pop. I LOVE them too =D
    I will never forget how grateful I was when you decided to stand up again after you experienced bashing and slashing from inconsiderate users. You may not have realized, but you carried on our hopes and smiles with your continued work. Do you know you, THE coolsmurf represented us? You remember your fans and appreciated and took in heart of our support for you =)
    Truthfully, I understand the sadness and dissapointment you must be experiencing now. Thus, I should understand your decision for such a drastic move to quit. But, I sincerely hope coolsmurf and especially Alvin will revive again. I missed the times of watching, rewatching coolsmurf’s videos and reading, rereading coolsmurf’s wordpress =D
    On a more positive note, do take care Alvin =) THANK YOU for your existence (hehe not exaggerated) and GOOD GOOD LUCK ~!!! Fighting πŸ˜‰

  446. I am devastated…you were one of my only reliable sources and just because of those idiots…please don’t give up, we all support you fully!

  447. I still can’t believe this…
    Thank you so much for everything!!
    We are always with you!!
    Coolsmurf FIGHTING !!!

  448. I’m from Brazil,your chanel was the only way to see good korean videos with subs..I’m so sad now,I was really addicted by your videos.


    If you came back coolsmurf,please,tell us!





    NOTE: You don’t need to donate, when you see the donation page, your vote has already counted!!!

  450. hey, ah whoever that suspended you must be retarded! -_- anyway, thanks a whole lot for all your hardwork for the past two years! πŸ˜€ urgh i hate youtube! anyway, ALVIN FIGHTING! πŸ˜‰

  451. Without you, I wouldn’t have loved wonder girls so much. I would never have heard of connie talbot if I hadn’t subscribed to your account anyway >>. thanks so much for everything!

  452. coolsmurf is very nice because im only new to know this blog. i open it everyday to check the news in korean actress and actors. because of your blog we can understand. the korean because of your sub. i know its very hard for you now. because you put a lot of effort to put and up load a very nice ved. were always here for you and suport you. from your international fun.

    thank you very much….keep to be strong..

  453. just to add one more thing..PLleeAsssssSSeeeee…at least please continue blogging. >.< and thank you again.Dont give up so easily yo! We will always be supporting you..All the best!!

  454. Man….that’s hard to accept. Like most ppl, you introduced me to the wonders of Xman which led to other Korean Variety shows. I’m now a fan of hallyu thanks to you. I do hope that you will continue blogging coz no matter what, we will continue to support you. Fighting!

  455. im one of your YT subscribers, and seeing your account suspended made me fuming mad and sad at the same time.
    haiizzzz. its your videos that introduced me to KJK & YEH
    and later on to other K-artists.

    YT will not be the same with out your videos.
    please dont give up. if you have other sites to upload
    your saved videos, please do inform us. we’ll follow you.

    thanks coolsmurf for giving us so much fun while watching
    your videos.

  456. i can’t believe it
    why it’s happen to you
    coolsmurf you are the best (^ ^)
    thank you for all your hard work for long long time
    thanks a lot for subbing

  457. i’m utterly speechless…you were my main source of entertainment when i’m away from home!!
    even with laggy connection, i will still stream videos from your channel T.T
    i’m just sad now.. =(
    hope you do make a comeback though =)
    all the best~

  458. im devastated dat dis have to happen 😦 but THANK YOU for ur time and effort for ur constant supply of videos!! πŸ˜€

  459. Hie,

    just wanna let you know you’ll be dearly missed by Ytubers and thx a lot for all the work. Now where the hell do I watch the show (subbed) online?

    ps: I thought you’re a girl untill today…sorry.

  460. Thanks for all the subs πŸ™‚ I had only recently gotten to the Wonder Girls 6 months ago and you were always the author of the videos I watched.

    Once again, thanks again ^_^

  461. hi there!!
    i’m so suprised regarding this,i’m watching ‘we got married’ thru ur channel..thnx a lot~

    i hope that u’ll be back soon….please..huh ths is so sad…arghhh..btw,thnx again πŸ™‚

  462. you’re the reason i started my korean craze 2 years ago!! i’m sorry this had to happen to you… you’ll have our support if you move on to new things…

    thank you for your hard work and effort!!! all the best!! hwaiting!!

  463. dearest alvin,
    im so sorry that you were suspended! i saw your post this morning and there were 200 comments now there are 500…. I HOPE YOU KNOW YOU ARE DEARLY LOVED!!! you have no idea how many people i converted to kpop through your videos, especially those xman ones. come to think of it, i was converted to a kpop fan through YOUR videos!!!! im your fellow singaporean…. thats how much you matter to me!!!

    <3<3 take care, i hope you will come back soon! please do!!!!!!

  464. omg.. i just came across your youtube channel not long ago.. and haven’t got to watch the videos.. :S

    this is so sad.. 😦

    Anyway Hwaiting!!

  465. I’m so sorry. The corporate world and its blind greed have prevailed yet again. It’s a pity and a shame. Please come back soon. Don’t give up.

  466. Hi Alvin.. I know you read this many times.. but still i want to say my sincerest gratitude to you for subbing all the videos of charice pempengco, whom i idolized even before she got famous internationally.. plus the fact that you also introduce your fellow koreans in the world.. like the super junior i got to know them through your videos… and also i enjoyed a lot in all your videos specially xman and love letter, i hope after you read all the comments here, it will cheer you up.. thank you…. and hope you still continue of what you are doing…

    be happy always because even you don’t know, you make people happy…… including me…

    arggghhhh my day wouldn’t be complete anymore… 😦

  467. i’m so sorry that your account had been deleted…i only found out when i visited muishie’s account and apparently, youtube’s doing a mass’s really sad that you’ve been one of the “vicitms”…thanks so much for your hard work…and good luck on your future projects (meaning, don’t give up!)


  468. It’s funny cause the corporate world does not understand how all sites, all marketing bumps their sales. Because your post was featured on the front page of WordPress, I viewed it, and viewed their artist.

    I cannot tell you how many times I chose ITUNES over limewire because I loved a track so much, I wanted to make sure that I got a clean copy, and give credit to artist.

    I post Pink Floyd and David Gilmour videos now and then, and I will be dammed to stop that! Every time I post, there are potential listeners, younger generations, that might never heard the quality of sound.

    So I agree…keep fighting. Music is the universal language.

  469. thanks for all the great videos…i enjoyed watching we got married from your youtube channel…sigh…hope you make a comeback somehow=)

  470. same as toppandrez

    You’re the reason why i’m also addicted to Variety made-in- Korea! You gave me a purpose to be ‘connected’.

    I wish you happiness in your future endeavours.

  471. Honestly, I dont know who the heck is this Connie Talbot fella .. but hell .. you rock, Alvin .. you always do =)

  472. aww.. man you were the one who got me hooked on variety shows.. especially WGM and XMAN..

    so sad.. but thanks again for all the subbed videos..
    and i hope that you’ll comeback again ..

    good luck on your future projects…

  473. awww ALVIN

    it was such a shock not getting to your youtube page

    it was SUCH a shock

    i love everything while it lasted
    honestly, the kpop industry should be thanking you, you got so many international fans

    i love your work and hope to someday see it again


  474. omo omo
    this can’t be true~!
    i can’t believe it!
    why suspend you when you’re doing no wrong~?
    what rights do they have?!

    i totally agree with the rest that YT will never be the same w/o you~ darn it!
    where am i gonna get my clips of quality-subbed WGM??? esp clips of AlShin~
    oh mann~ this is terrible!

    alvin, keep it going there, please?
    don’t quit~ there’re many people supporting you, heck, from all around the world~
    hang in there!

  475. omg! how is that infringing ?! =/
    we’re all going to miss you . T__T
    and thank you oh so much ❀

  476. alvin, u have made hella introduction with your korean variety shows videos – it was your channel that started me on Xman and the rest is history.

    i can imagine how u are feeling but if it’s of any consolation, u are one solid selfless person for all the time and effort spend with your videos! coolsmurf will always be remembered among us and if u are going to keep at it, u have a ready bunch of supporters!

    many thanks, i really appreciate it.

  477. I can’t believe they got you too! I know exactly how you feel right now, because my account got axed too. Agh, youtube is a pain ain’t it? Mine happened exactly like yours; I had no idea they sent me an email to remove some videos, and bam I tried logging in and it said my account has been disabled. I opened up a new one, but just thinking of all of those videos gone makes you feel like you don’t want to start all over again. That’s why my account is so dead right now.

    But really, you have so much people coming here to show support, so please don’t give up! It’s a nice way to start fresh, and always check emails when you upload new things because everyone else will end up like us both. =S

    Take care and when you are ready, come and join us again. Take all of this positive energy from everyone and come back bigger, stronger, and better! =D

    Really, thanks for all of the awesome videos! I’ve enjoyed them all a lot~ I will really miss them; I’ve been rewatching some of the x-man cuts these past few days because I’ve missed x-man. Now it’s gone. It’s good while it lasted, eh?



  478. dude, this sucks major! thanks for all ur hard work, gluck on ur future endeavors & keep in touch if not through here, there’s always facebook! take care, ttyl! ^^

  479. this is honestly disappointing. i dotn think your videos were copyright infringement at all… many of us international fans got to love kpop even more because of you. YOU got me anticipating for we got married..i got my guy friends addicted too thanks to you=)
    we’re all going to miss’d be awesome if you cameback!
    alvin sarang!

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  481. coolsmurf!!!

    OMG, I can’t believe this happened. Your website is like my daily “newspaper”, thank you for all the hard effort that you have put in, I REALLY ENJOYED reading your post on xman, we got married, star king and about kpop, kdrama stuff. Thank you.

  482. coolsmurf! I went on youtube today wondering where your account went and I decided to check your blog site..and BAM i get this bad news!!!!! I normally don’t write any comments…but I just have to say that I absolutely LOVE all the videos you subbed! Thanks so much for all the time and effort that you placed in helping us understand the korean entertainment! Good luck!!!! aja aja fighting!

  483. Cant believe it. OMG I CANT BELIEVE IT!!! How can they do this to you?! URGH STUPID YOUTUBE!!! All the great Xman vids, the great memories. Nobody did it as well as you did. OMG Im going to miss it so so terribly…..

  484. I’m writing to Youtube…If Coolsmurf is going down, I want to take Connie/her people with him…this is what I wrote (feel free to copy and paste and email Youtube also)…
    Subject: Youtube DMCA counter-notification.


    Coolsmurf channel was recently suspended. Please see note below by owner of channel:

    “This is to notify you that we have removed or disabled access to the following material as a result of a third-party notification by SBS International, Inc. claiming that this material is infringing:

    Star King #65 – Blind Pianist Ye Eun & Connie Talbot
    Star King #65 – Connie Talbot Interview and Sings Again
    Star King #65 – Connie Talbot Sings Over The Rainbow ”

    Connietalbotonline also infringed on this copyright. Please see links:

    (Star King #65 – Blind Pianist Ye Eun & Connie Talbot)

    (Star King #65 – Connie Talbot Interview and Sings Again)

    (Star King #65 – Connie Talbot Sings Over The Rainbow)

    Please forward this to the party who submitted the original claim of copyright infringement.

    Thank you for your time.

    I don’t know if Connie has her own youtube account, Connietalbotonline channels seems to be a fanchannel…but if we get her Star King videos deleted, I’m sure this will impact her somehow…and let Youtube and Connie’s people know that WE are a force to be reckoned with…

  485. (continued)


    According to Youtube help page, they will forward it to “the party who submitted the original claim of copyright infringement”

    All my fave YT uploaders are being suspended!!! Whats happening, is Yt on a roll or something ??? It saddens me greatly to actually read about your farewell. I hope…this is only a temporary thing? For sure we’re gonna miss you so much on YT, you know you are loved much right?? ^^ Anyway if you decide to make a comeback sometime in the future…please notify me? hehe Thanks for all the hard work so far, we really appreciate it <333

  487. heys..

    was quite shocked to hear about your account..

    anyway just wanted to say thanks for all the subbing you’ve done all this while. we’ll be supporting you if you choose to start subbing again! (:

    coolsmurf fighting!

  488. OMG I was so shocked to hear about it…Feel the pain for you too but I am really so sad that you are quitting. I think I can safely say that the hallyu wave and the many people who got featured in the videos got more famous because of fansubbed videos like these that allow more people to know them. How can they do this??

    I have always tuned in to your video…really hope you will be back *sobs* Gah I wanna complain to the idiots who did this

  489. You introduced me to korean entertainment through your xman vids and for that I thank you. I’m gonna miss all those xman clips, and I’m sure its more painful for you…

    Coolsmurf hwaiting!

  490. Nooo omg. I can’t believe this happened =(
    anyways..we all LOVE YOU! and THANKS SO MUCH for everything you’ve done. It’s people like you that make this fandom amazing. You’re amazing.

  491. i respect your decision and i have to say really, thank you thank you thank you for every everything. you were the one that got me into star king and xman and especially WGM.

    Thanks for being the best subber around.

    We’ll still look forward to your blog at least?


  492. You are seriously the best person on YouTube, now they stab you in the back like some backstabber?! OMG, I will miss you, Alvin. Don’t give up hope and keep fighting. D;

  493. You are seriously one of the best source of videos around.
    Thank you thank you thank you for all of your hardwork and everything alvin.


    Please don’t lose hope or give up!

  494. Really sad hearing this news. Thanks for all the subs and hope you would come back again with your great vids and subs.

    But THANK YOU.

  495. ah jeez this sucks but thank you for all your hard work it’s been such a long road I am a silent reader and I comment a couple of times in your video honestly I wasnt that interested in to korean entertainment than I watched a clip of xman and I came across you if it weren’t for you I wouldn’t have know so many great korean artists in the entertainment world. I had a lot of laughs from your videos and loved everything you subbed. Yoon eun hye, haha, kjk, park myung soo, chae yeon, wonder girls, etc all those people I wouldn’t have known if it weren’t for you so thank you it’s hard for us fans but it must also be hard for you

    cool smurf fighting!


    Thanks for all your hard work …. can’t believe they screwed you over, after all your work introducing all the great shows and individuals in the kpop world. They shouldn’t be suspending you, they should be giving you an award!!!!

  497. I was shocked when hearing ’bout this…I don’t really understand why they did this..But this is a pain, not just for you, it’s a pain for us too.
    Your channel is my subscription on Youtube site…I feel sorry ’bout this…
    Hope you’ll comeback~
    Anyway~ Thanks alot for what you’ve done..
    Thank you with love

  498. this is really sad;( i love ur vid, especially we got married,
    i hope you will be back…im one of ur fans…

    coolsmurt aja~aja~hwaiting!!

  499. μ•ˆλΌ!!!
    GOSH!!!! like many other YouTubers, i *waving*, am a HUUUUUGE Fan of yours! seriously… u don’t need to appear on a reality tv show n vying for people votes!!!
    You’ve been loved by everybody now…

    wow, as a subscriber myself, i appreciate how much effort u’ve put on to get all the videos n subbed them..
    it sucks how an authority came in n spoils everything… γ… _γ… idk why, but isn’t this another way to virtually expose their artistes to the world??

    mannnn… anywho, Thanks a lot for sharing the awesome videos…!!!!

    p/s: i’m still a fan! in SG!

    another p/s: btw, did u managed to catch the cutie Yoo Ye Eun when she came to S’pore for a charity event??

  500. Alvin,

    According to the Youtube help page:

    After we send out the counter notification, the claimant must then notify us within 10 days that he or she has filed an action seeking a court order to restrain you from engaging in infringing activity relating to the material on YouTube. If we receive such notification we will be unable to restore the material. If we do not receive such notification, we may reinstate the material.

    See? Do you think SBS would seek a court order to restrain you? I HIGHLY DOUBT IT…

    So if Youtube doesn’t receive such notification WITHIN 10 DAYS, they may reinstate the material…


  501. alvin, i just went to YT and search for new accounts, it’s that really you with the COOLSMURF2 account?.. the account was created July 26, 2008…… i subscribe to it already…

  502. please do what rangelbabys said! pleeeeaaase!

    even if you don’t continue after this incident, at least get all your hardwork running again, instead of letting it bite the dust without a fight.

  503. ah~ no wonder it was all blank when i clicked your name~
    thanks for all the effort all along!
    i was always your fan in youtube =D
    thankies! ^^

    and… SBS is efficient…haha…

  504. OMG I couldn’t believe it when I found out your account had been suspended! You’re the one who introduced me to Kpop a year and a half ago. I’m gonna miss you and youtube will never be the same. I mean come on you were the one who introduced the world to Charice Pempengco!!!! Stupid SBS!! I hope you will find a way to come back though, I loved your videos. T_T


    Damn.. .. this is the saddest thing to happen.

    I couldnt believe how I cant see your videos again.. Firstly Veoh, then this……. DAMN.

  506. Oh my god. Now that’s a bummer! Where will I see ‘We Got Married’ now? And all the other fun shows you uploaded AND subbed? Gosh. This is sad. *kicks YouTube*

    Coolsmurf hwaiting~

  507. i used to check every day to see if you put up anything new. I’m so sad that your videos are gone. Good luck on everything.

  508. ALVIN!!!!!!!! I have nothing to say but to be depressed at this moment. I miss you so much!!!! You were the best channel on youtube!!!! I never thought this day would come… I just wanted to tell you you were awesome! Thanks so much for everything!!!!!!!!!!!! I’ll never forget you, coolsmurf!!!!! ❀

  509. OMFG!!! NOOOOOOO! I loved ur videos on youtube i enjoyed watching we got married and all those star king ep’s. I will miss you very much on youtube. SBS is stupid. If your ever gonna come back we’re gonna support you all the way

  510. duuuude
    this is the second day and i still can’t believe it

    all my friends watch your videos
    we’re so freakin’ bummed out


  511. this is truly heart wrenching, you must’ve been one of the main reasons i even knew about youtube T_T

    all of your hardwork and effort through these past two years will always be greatly acknowledged! I guess it’s about time you got your break from all the subbing mayhem. The rest of us will just have to cope.

    But nevertheless i will continue to support you! and we’ll all be checking your wordpress daily as we had been doing with your youtube account!

    coolsmurf! you will be missed on youtube but not forgotten!

  512. I cant believe that COolsmurf is suspended …EVerytime I go to youtube, i look for something new from him..but..arrrgg..>.<
    P.S: HWaiting! coolsmurf..I hope u comeBack

  513. it’s sad to see you gone. we’ll miss you dearly.
    thanks for all your hardworks for the past 2 yrs.

  514. that sucks,sad to see you go coolsmurf. =[ it was a good 2 years thank you for all your hardwork. there will never be another coolsmurf!

  515. Thank you so much for subbing videos for us! I truly appreciate all of your hard work. I will miss you! T_____T

  516. oh gosh, I’m so sad and so sorry about what happened to your account. (they totally suck!)

    but thank you Alvin for being so dedicated to subbing those videos for the past 2 years. If it wasn’t for you I wouldn’t love Korean variety shows, and I never would have taken the chance to get to know the singers and cast members and just plain fall in love with Korean Entertainment. Thank you! Thanks for introducing me to Yoon Eun Hye and Kim Jong Kook. Those two will always be close to my heart, as will you and the memories of your wonderful account!

  517. why can’t they just leave him be…i need to punch someone in the face for this…GRRR!!!

  518. OMG….you dunno how shock i was when i heard this suspended thing..
    you sure didnt do anyting wrong..
    what the hell is SBS trying to do???
    so out of their mind..!!!!!!

    be strong coolsmurf..Fighting!!!!

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  520. Firstly, a tremendous thank you for all of your amazing videos and first-class subs, Alvin! Almost half of my Favorites on YouTube were your videos. We will miss you more than you know!

    Damn Connie Talbot’s people… >_<

  521. omg sbs is claiming everything so pretty much all the korea shows we watch by sbs will soo be removed how will we watch it !?!? for thoes that dont no korean what will they do godmii or whatever soshified etc. all the big youtube channels are getting suspened 😦 well miss all your great vids like wonder girl and we just got married thanks to all !

  522. Noooooooooo! You were the best! I have so many of your videos saved as “favorites.”

    Didn’t say it before, but Thanks for all your hard work. I know it takes a lot of your valuable time. Hopefully you’ll come back one day. I’ll be looking forward to it.

  523. hey Alvin,

    just wanted to say thanks for the past two years. i can’t believe it’s been that long since i started watching your xman videos.

  524. omg your account was like the best….i got into suju and charice bcoz of your site..we even used your site for our asian month project for school…im gonna miss your account..thank you for all the fun shows youve uploaded…

  525. omg!!! i am soo sad!! it feels soo weird loggin into youtube and your videos not being there!!! thanks again!!!

  526. My account was permanently disabled. So at least your account is still suspended, but might eventually become disabled also. If you every do feel like uploading more subbed clips, feel free to email me and I’ll send you the site that I use to upload streaming videos. You could just post it in your blog since so many of your viewers already bookmarked your blog.

  527. wow already 641 comments?! I commented yesterday and it was up to 87 so far.. shows just how much support and viewership you had (have) coolsmurf… thanks again and keep your chin up

  528. i really couldn’t believe that your account just got deleted
    it took a long time for it to sink in that all your wonderful videos are gone
    but i don’t get the fact that you’re quitting everything?!
    i mean, i understand that you are sad about you’re account being deleted and i think you know that there are thousands of people out there that visit you’re channel everyday to watch your videos that they love
    especially seeing how WGM is soo popular these days, your channel was the only place that people trust for a quality sub video
    we could always watch whatever it is in the other subbers channel but so much of us stayed loyal to you
    and now to just say that you’re quitting everything is a bit mean
    i’m sorry if i’m being harsh when this has probably had a bad effect on you already and now i’m adding to it but please
    reconsider your decision of quitting (since there are many more ways to keep uploading your videos) and i hope that you will change your mind and please think about all your fans on youtube

  529. omg this FREAKING SUCKS ASS man! WTH????
    Who the hell is Connie anyway? I doubt it’s SBS doing, since Coolsmurf had other SBS stuff that didn’t get deleted but it was Connie’s videos that got deleted.
    Why couldn’t they have just deleted her vidoes? why the whole account? this is so unfiar!
    Coolsmurf, thank you for all the hard works. it’s really really unfair that your account was delted. really enjoyed your videos for past 2 years.

  530. Coolsmurf,

    I just wanted to thank you for everything you have done in the past two years. It was because of you that i became a big Korean fanatic…lol
    Because of your uploading Kim Jong Kook and Yoon Eun Hye clips from X-Man, i became a huge fan of them and the show, which in turn made me get into other Korean things.
    I think it was about two years ago i got interested in Asian music and tv shows, and ide have to say that you were one of my biggest influences when it came to me becoming a fan. Because of all your hard work uploading & subbing, i was able to be introduced to a lot of things i never knew existed and awesome music, tv shows, and people. For that i am truly greatful. If it wasnt for you taking time to translate and post videos i would have never been introduced to all of what i am now. Because of you i know Charice Pempengco is one of the most amazing singers ive ever heard. Because of you i now am a Anbi-holic, and watch “We Got Married” religiously…lol
    If anything, i think SBS should thank you, because people like you help to introduce us foreigners to Korean Entertainment, and become dedicated fans.
    I truly appreciate the hard work and time you have put into subbing and uploading, all for others to see. Your amazing!
    I thank you sooooooo much!!! πŸ˜€


  531. what the…?
    i was gonna subscribe to you again when i make youtube account. -____- so sad.
    coolsmurf fighting!

  532. I’m so sad this happened to you too. I didn’t want to believe it until I came here and read things for myself.

    Mahalo for your hard work….I’ll never forget how I got so anxious just waiting for the next subbed episode of We Got Married.

    You will never be forgotten. πŸ˜€

  533. i just cant believe this!
    well i just want to say thank you for everything in the past 2 yrs u have shared and much love to ur hard work!

    man i will miss those old xman episodes!
    hope for ur comeback everyday!

    much love and respect x

  534. wow after 650 responses, i dont have much to say since everyone’s already said it…….

    you will be truly missed….

  535. i’m suprised to find out that your YT account was suspended. i am a huge fan and viewer of your videos. from xman, to MVs, and WGM. i’m so sorry that you have to leave.

    if ever you’ll return to make videos, please, i’d love to know. good luck with what ever you’ll pursue after this.


  536. I am so sad to hear that you are quitting. I recently came across your blog and find it so much fun. Thanks to you I have been introduced to Korean dramas and variety shows. It is such a shame that you will be leaving us. Pleae reconsider.

    Your fan always!!!

  537. OMG!
    like honestly…i want to cry
    your site was like the site that i visited every day to see what was up
    HONESTLY?! LIKE…i don’t know what you say
    i think we should like COMPLAIN like crazy to YOUTUBE
    like without COOLSMURF…heck…connie might not be as well known
    SHEESH! why is youtube like this -.-
    GOSH! i’m seriously…pretty upset with the people at youtube right now T_T

    on a nicer note…
    thanks a lot for the past 2 years…
    like honestly…your videos have taken stress away πŸ˜€
    i’m truly thankful for the time you spent subbing and uploading things on youtube!
    you will be missed by lots!
    and please! if you start up again…
    let us know!

    I’LL MISS YOU! so keep us updated mmk?
    best of luck, and i’ll be waiting for your comeback!


  538. omg.. i am so sad that your account is gone. i really truly appreciate all your hard work put into your videos. i honestly check for your video updates like everyday! seriously..thank you i had a lot of laughs watching xman and enjoyed we got married a great deal. good luck to everything that you do in the future =)

  539. You win some, and you lose some. Don’t like this be your setback.

    On another note, thanks for everything. From WGM to music videos, your subs were really the best. No one is dedicated like you, even though you have hundreds of projects going on, you still managed to keep your fans happy.

    I guessed I wouldn’t be so irritated if your account got suspended for a Korean show/artist but Connie? WTH?

    I wish you the best of luck. Thanks.

  540. hey there coolsmurf. i just wanna say that ur work all this while is nothing short of amazing! (^-^) Ur my no 1# source for korean vids n i’m sorry it had to end like this… i hope youtube will take back their decision so that u’ll be up n runnin again! meanwhile, all i can say is…
    Alvin, Aja! Aja! Hwaiting!!!

  541. We will seriously miss u…
    Coolsmurf FIGHTING!!!
    n i’ll be waiting for ur Comeback special^^

  542. coolsmurf….sorry to hear that…i just notice about it this morning…i wish u good luck…miss your WGM video and u…

  543. I just wanted to say I am soo sorry to hear that this happened to you. I am SUCH a fan of WGM thanks to you. YouTube just won’t be the same now. And no matter what you decide to do when you get over the shock, just know that myself, and thousands more like me appreciate all your hard work and effort!!!

  544. People get suspended all the time! Please don’t make this the end! I mean look at all the other fan subs that always get back on their feet!

    YouTube listens to petitions, you didn’t do anything wrong. You always just do clips anyway. Please stay strong… for all of us who rely on your to translate Asia’s gifts into the English language.

  545. Alvin you have been nothing but awesome..
    I wondered why some artists didn’t realize that youtube is a perfect channel to promotes their music and themselves as an artist. How many ordinary yet talented people has succeed in reaching the star through youtube. Unless we didn’t do it to taking advantage of their copyright then they should be REALLY grateful to us.

    For all your handworks and kind efforts for all this time we owed you a big thanks and we do appreciated all your works. I think even words can’t reflects our feelings of appreciation.

  546. ^ sucks to be that number…who ever it is above me….

    Anyway….Alvin!!!! I’m so sad for you! If you’re crying, I’m crying with you. You put so much effort into translating. I hope you will continue this excellent blog.

    As for SBS, they should be ashamed. You were the one who made Star King popular and internationally known. They’re so ungrateful.

    Alvin Hwaiting!

  547. T_________T nooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!
    Gosh, I’m so sorry for all your hard work. This is so unfair! This is so stupid! I always hated Youtube, now I hate it even more! God!! -_- If it wasn’t for your subbing, I wouldn’t have any freaking idea what k-pop is! You’ve made K-pop a part of my life and thank you!
    Don’t give up, but if you do, I just wanna say thank you!!

  548. what?!!
    i cant believe this…
    why they do this to u?!!
    i feel bad for you..
    if you open a new act anywhere..
    plzzz…plzzz… let us know!!
    Thank You for your vidss..
    Really cool…

  549. Although I am a latecomer to your blog but it has kept me entertained on a daily basis.

    It will be good of you to reconsider your decision but I wish you the very best in your future under-takings.

    Thanks for everything!

  550. im sad… if it wasn’t for your subbing i wouldn’t love watching korean shows…

    maybe they should hire you or something like acknowledging your effort for making shows and artists known in YT!! damn…

    how am i suppose to watch my daily dose of we got married!!!DAMN them!!!

    your subs are the best in YT!!

    keep fighting,coolsmurf!!^___^

  551. it’s really a pity!!!
    i’m brazilian and i don’t understand a thing in korean, although i just love the programs and music!!!
    you saved me big time for the last two years!!!
    sbs and connie talbot are definitely morons!!!
    please, keep up your blog at least!!!
    it’s one of the best i have ever read!!!
    thank you for everything!!!
    cheer up!!

  552. O.M.G.
    im so sad that you’re not going to do this anymore.
    i only found this blog a couple months ago, but i always really enjoyed all your subbed videos on youtube. thank you so much for giving everyone so much joy these past few years.
    i really loved your subs the most. they’re the clearest AND you have great translations =]
    wish you luck in the future. thanks for everything you’ve done!!!

  553. I’m so sad for you. I was a subscriber and with your wonderful videos I learnt to love X-MAN, YEH, KJK, We Got Married and Wonder Girls. I can’t believe your account is gone.

    Do you intend to continue posting We Got Married and WG videos?

    Thank you so much for everything, keep fighting!

  554. I’m speechless.
    I really want to thank-you. You’re videos and subbing have brought so much joy to those who don’t understand Korean, like me. AND personally I really want to THANK_YOU!
    I REALLY REALLY HOPE that you’ll continue subbing.

    i really can’t bare to imagine the following week.

    I’m waiting for your “”comeback””…!!!



  555. ugh, connie talbot.. ugh..

    thanks for continuing to provide us with content. Ive been a silent viewer and reader for a while now but I never got to say my thanks. so thank you SO much.

  556. i’m speechless.


    anw, i’d still take the opportunity to thank you for your dedication in subbing, thus satisfying my crave for korean videos.

    without you, i would’ve missed out on the most hilarious show ever; x-man.

    without you, i would’ve never changed my perspective towards seo in young. you brought me into the sweet world of “We Got Married’ and brought smile to my face every week.

    for that, i thank you. as others have mentioned, youtube will never be the same again. =( but all the best alvin, and remember that there are people everywhere standing strong behind you. =)

  557. Hi all,

    This is what I’ve commented in the online petition:

    “Please reinstate this account by allowing him to remove current non-Korean video uploads that are violating international copyrights. Old & even current Korean shows’ video clips should be allowed to remain in Youtube as they are not available for sale outside of Korea (therefore no profits impact to SBS) & even if they’re on sale, probably not with English subtitles. This account is the only reason why people out of Korea gets to know about SBS’ variety shows.”

    Hope we can add in some serious reasons to justify our petitions for coolsmurf.

    I just started on X-man 2 months ago, so this is really a big big shock to me. Coolsmurf, please find another avenue to share back all your “heart & soul” video clips. Although 2 yrs worth of effort is tough to track back, we shall be patient and be with you all the way. Probably take this chance to make all your X-man, LL, WGM subbings & uploads even better…

    Thanks for all sharing all your love & joy with everyone in the world, even Peru! Amazing…!

  558. so sad really…your KJK-YEH subbed vods help me get through my hard days…watching makes me feel better..i keep going back and watch.

    thanks so much and Godspeed!

    you will be sorely missed…maybe no words can make you feel better at this point.

    just want to say thanks thanks so much..for your generosity..which was abused sometimes by those who cant even wait….

    thanks so much and Godspeed!

  559. ur back coolsmurf [2xD] i wuv u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  560. Nooooooooooo,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

    even though i want to thank you for everything that you did,
    but, i’m so sad that this will eventually come up.

  561. What a ride indeed coolsmurf! I truly enjoyed your vids & blogs and I’m one of the millions who have watched Charice’s vid on SBS starking and let me just say thank you! We are fortunate to have been witness to a phenomenon, “Charice phenomenon,” that will be hard to duplicate. You and falsevoice started this phenomenon and we will never forget that! There’s nothing to be sorry about and this is definitely not the end. Keep on bloggin & postin!

    From the Philippines,


  562. This is so sad and unfortunate all your hard work over the past two years has been deleted. 😦 I really appreciated and enjoyed your subbed videos. You were one of the only people I subscribed to on youtube and I looked forward to your video updates everyday. But now…I don’t really have a reason to go on youtube anymore. And lots of other people’s accounts were deleted also in the past two days. *sighs* Thanks for all your hard work. I really appreciate it. I hope that one day you will upload videos again on youtube.

  563. omg T____T i hate youtube for that!! how can they do that? i mean you did all this hardwork for those who can’t understand korean and subbed all this shows etc.. T___T
    they really don’t have any idea how mad all the people who subscribed you/or not are right now -.-‘
    2 years.. omo~ i’m thankful for all of your videos and hope that the petition that is going on right now will help to get your account back (if its possible)
    anyways~ thank you soo much for your hard work! i really do apprecitate it

  564. Damn, this sucks. I was just thinking of going to your channel when I saw that it was suspended. What the heck. When I read your post, all of the sudden I had this dislike for Connie. Lol. Anyways, thank you so much for all your hard work. I really enjoyed your subbing and videos. You were the one that got me into all the Korean Ent. Thank you so much. Hopefully you’ll come back! We love you Coolsmurf! Please come back!!

    i hate youtube & SBS T____T
    everyone’s getting suspended

  566. OMG….
    I am really really REALLY upset.

    …I don’t even know what to say to you.

    I can’t believe this happened! WHY? Are they MAD!? Its thanks to you that many of us are even INTO Korean entertainment …. damn it.

    Srsly man, your account … it was my lifestream for entertainment online.

    I am so so depressed. Please coolsmurf, please don’t leave. We will wait for you to come back…however long it takes.

    Honestly Alvin, I am being so honest….”coolsmurf” became a big part of my daily internet life. I want to remember what I used to watch. Its sad to know I can’t ever go back to your account. I almost grew attached to it.

    Man…I should have saved those videos while I had the chance ;__; Any chance you will post your subbed videos up for download for fans of coolsmurf? I want to remember and store your hardwork and subs on my hard drive, since … I can’t ever view them again 😦

    I really hope you don’t shut down this blog.

    Alvin, PLEASE consider posting up downloads to your videos. You gave us all so many memories, laughs … amazing content and made our lived a little happier…. it would be shame if others unaware of k-ent never see the awesome stuff you subbed so that we could laugh along with it. The funny shows, the laughs, the memories… =(

    Coolsmurf should still live on.
    I am glad I ATLEAST have your XMAN subs from soompi, burned on my DVD. Please consider releasing your other ones?

  567. I have signed the petition 9 and I am going to try to get others to as well.

    I hope there is a way to revive your account. Did you try contacting YT?

    You should have atleast gotten a warning. An account suspension with hundreds of videos based on only three is ABSURD. You should have gotten the three stirkes.

  568. ooowwww man….
    just becos of those vid!!!
    wat wrong with them??? they even suspended other uploader too… i will miss u…
    where i can watch wgm now???it is suck..
    hope u make ur comeback….

  569. hey, thanks for uploading the xman episodes, you are the best, loved it all the way. and thanks for uploading the wgm clips. awesome job.

  570. so sad to hear about this, its make me feel like lost a friend…

    for Alvin,
    Thanks a lot for all the wonderful videos you have posted and also the subtitle videos..We will wait for you if you want to come back…your supporters will be always with you!
    I hope you continue to update your blogs. Will we miss coolsmurf fighting!!

  571. I was so sad when I found out your account was suspended… how will I ever watch We Got Married? You were the only source for it. It was the only thing that got me through each week unfortunately. And all those videos gone…

    Thanks for all your hard work though! I sincerely appreciate it!

  572. I’ve gotta say, your suspension from youtube has affected me more than any other suspensions of other people ever had. Your videos on youtube have been the ones that I have been looking forward to all the time which I checked daily on youtube for any updates. If there were no updates, there were often times when I would go to your nicely organized playlists (that are truly worth praising) and find something to watch-which often happens to be xman & before I know it, hours have gone by already and so has my boredom. Your videos have gotten me interested in a lot of korean entertainment, especially variety shows such as xman, love letter, star king and we got married. If it weren’t for your videos, I would never be as interested in Korean entertainment and would probably know nothing about Korean celebrities! Thanks for taking the time to upload and sub all the videos for the people out there, we truly appreciate it. I’m sorry about your suspension, I don’t know what to look forward to on youtube now. But if there’s any chance that you will come back (which I truly wish for), I know that you will have a lot of supporters. Thank you Coolsmurf!

  573. oh noooo!!! why why why!!!
    youtube will never be the same be without you=(
    how could this happen?!
    i’ll miss all your loadings especially your xman videos that always makes me laugh=(
    i’m so freaking sad right now!
    it sucks!! your videos introduce how beautiful and fun the korean entertainment can be, even made me study hangul and visit korea=( urgh!!
    i’ll miss you coolsmurf!
    your suspension is totally heartbreaking=(

  574. thank you very much for uploading all those wonderful videos from x-man to love letter to wgm!! thank you very for all your hardwork!! I sincerely appreciate it!! you are the best!! I hope you will continue blogging. thank you!!

  575. Awwws, i was quite sad when i found out they suspended your account, now i don’t have any youtube channels to surf!
    well thank you for your hard work~
    appreciate very much~
    don`t quit blogging (:
    hope your videos get back up!!
    ❀ We Got Married~


  576. So sad about hearing the news so late…
    I can’t even watch WGM anymore…
    I’m also shocked about reading the news about you…

    But in the history of Kpop you’ve been a part of it!

    To those millions of viewers of your’s, you made them happy and you become a part of their lives hehehe…

    Thanks a lot Coolsmurf!

  577. This is so screw up. D:
    i was looking at my subscription page n saw ur page blank
    i was thinking *why didnt he upload anything today*
    Then i went to ur hommie n all i see was suspendeD D:

  578. no!!!!
    you are my source of kpop….
    all the xman vids and other vids with sub!!

    thank u so much for the happiness and joy that you bring through ur videos…

  579. sob… how can i watch we got married and other korean shows????? im canadain and i just depending on ur vids with english subs =( pls comeback!!!!!

  580. Ummm…is coolsmurf2 you, Alvin?! The link is below…I noticed that you’ve stated you’re done with everything considering Youtube has suspended your previous account. I was just wondering if you can clarify whether or not you’ve started a new account….or is it an imposter?

  581. thank you so much for everything~!!! i enjoyed your videos very much!! i knew of all these variety shows because of you! and thank you for all the wonderful subs!! you’re the best!! i hope you consider a return in the future!

  582. So sad!!…
    Thank you so much for your vids, hopefully youtube will consider get your vids back?? is it possible?

    Why SBS and Connie’s mgnt did this to you?

  583. I was really shocked when I heard news of your youtube account suspension….You were the one who got me exposed to YEH and KJK in the very first place. Damn! I should have download those videos when they were still there.

    I know its really not easy translating and uploading those videos and I’m amazed how in the world can you find so much time to translate and sub all those videos which you upload. Thanx for your effort and dedication to subs those shows including Xman, WGM etc.

    I really don’t understand whats with the copyright issues…. Don’t they spend loads and loads of money on advertising to promote their stars/shows? So isn’t it good for their shows/stars to have a wide exposure all around the world?
    I don’t get why SBS will do it unless they are trying to sell DVD/VCD with English subs of their programmes.

    I’m sure alot of people here(including me) will support you whatever your decision is….

  584. OMG!!!
    that is bad!! i just want to say that you are extremely and undoubtedly AWESOME in posting videos and providing us with the latest Korean entertainment news!!! I love the we got married the best!! Thank You for all that you had done in the past and please jeep your wordpress running!! Dont stop!!


  585. Hey man,
    i really love ur videos that u were posted, it’s like im checking ur account 4-5 times a day to get the translation..
    i feel bad about this matter too, but just keep move on man,
    cheers ^^

  586. hey!
    i just want to say that, without your XMAN videos, i would have known about KPOP FANDOM AT ALL. thank you sosososo much for subbing the videos. they really kept me going…
    i was just wondering if you could still let us DWL the videos that you subbed to watch? i depend alot on your videos and it’s really sad to see them all gone like that D;

    but still, you have been a really great all the way, and i got to know lots of people through your videos.


  587. OMG no!!!! Your XMAN videos kept me up till’ the break of dawn. Those were the bestest! But thanks so much for having them on there. It made me smile watching them. Youre the greatest ❀

  588. hope u r happy in future undertakings. u mean aloads to us. dont stop in writing! we will miss u n extremely expected for ur comeback! do comeback pls. im not korean n u’ve made my day with every single video n i believe everyone feel d same. it wouldnt be the same watching korean videos without u. thanks for all great works u’ve done n we’ll be waiting for u forever.


  589. without you, charice would prob not have been so big

    niether would i always have something to watch or rewatch when im procrastinating

    fare diddy well from youtube….

  590. NOOOO!! How can youtube do this?! WTF.

    This is such a heartbreaker… I used to come to your site for all my info on the WG’s man 😦

    Please keep up your hard work… and please let us all know when/if you open a new account. πŸ™‚


  591. I just wanted to thank you for all your hard work and say that i’m very very sorry about your suspension. Here in Germany we normally have no chance of seeing the least bit of korean TV, but because of people like you we are able to enjoy all those great shows!
    So thanks again for the videos and your wondeful blog!!

  592. Dear coolsmurf, its been two days and still the moment i log onto youtube, i click your account and get that depressing message. things are so not the same without you. thank you for all that you’ve done subbing wondergirls (hearts!), we just married and KJK…i am eternally grateful and missing you sorely!!

  593. Coolsmurf, I just can’t believe this is happening, I really enjoy all your hard work! You’re definitely one of the reason whyI go on youtube. Please fight them on this! Truly lost right now! I just can’t believe it.

  594. Dailymotion isn’t as restrictive with copyrighted material like YouTube, however YT has more exposure.

    Even though it’s a real damn shame your vids are gone, at least you weren’t sued. :\ Some companies can press ridiculous charges just to get money.

    Anyway, I appreciate your hard work sharing Korean entertainment with all of us. Your generosity won’t be forgotten. And thank you for posting mostly unbiased translated news (it’s ironic that there’s more sites with the same gimmick of bashing celebs or exaggerating news).

    The saying, “one person can make a difference” holds true in this case.

    Thank you, Coolsmurf.

  595. hey dude!

    sorrie bout the account suspension. I seriously like your account alot. It’s something that I check everyday. Thanks for all the hardwork all these year.

    I really hope you do not quit this line. Wherever you are, we will always support you. Keep us updated through your wordpress. And if you have a new account, we will still subscribe to you.

    PS I’ve joined and wrote the petition to help you out. That’s the least that I could do for you for whatever you had done all these while.

  596. thank you for your vid and yr time

    i think kjk has thai fanclub cuz you(cuz ur x-man)

    T^T it’s very sad

    (plz) fighting – -V (i mean plz cheerful not be sad toomuch)

  597. sad to hear very thankful to your videos..
    because of that, i have known a lot of korean industry and i really really enjoy watching ktv.. =(

    we love you coolsmurf! thank you for your hardwork and effort

    if you plan to have another account, plz plz let us know..

  598. Coolsmurf.. i was so surprised when I realized I had no subscription updates from you recently and found out why! Really really from the bottom of my heart thank you SO much for all the subbing you have done for us. YOu are truly one of the reasons i was able to become SO addicted to Xman, WGM, and kpop. I still appreciate your blog and the updates you share with us on the stars of Korean culture. If you do decide to become active again,we will surely support you again!!!!

  599. Oh Alvin..I want to cry right now…
    Yours was my fave channel.
    I loved you WGM, wonder girls, and charice videos.
    Yours were comprehensive and got really good eng subs.
    I really dont care who Connie Talbot is, for me shes just some cute little mess who joined some Brit talent show. If it werent for your account not many people would know her. Gosh I hate the connie talbot people and them doing this to you only makes lots of CT haters too.
    How come it’s copyright infringement when you only post parts of the shows? Were you given warnings before Youtube suspended you?
    Holy shitzu, if youre going to make a new account, dont upload CT videos no more, she brings you down darn.
    Just keep on blogging! We all love yah! Alvin fighting!

  600. GRRR youtube sucks big time X_X
    sorry about your suspension.
    i know how it feels like since
    you spent time subbing & uploading~

    i`ve gotten maybe 2 youtube
    + another 2? veoh accs suspended
    with quite a bit of videos uplaoded~
    but i never stop & keep uploading
    because right now i don`t really
    mean to the world that much, so i
    decided to upload to feel a sense
    of acomplishment, you know the
    feeling of promoting + sharing..
    (but of course with credits.
    i do hate leeching off though i
    did without being aware -.-)
    though nowdays i`m getitng busy
    & lazy to upload anymore~

    but anyway you always have us,
    fans of yours behind you =)
    we support you! hwaiting ok?!

    hmm maybe changing to
    another streaming site?
    or ermm changing titles so
    it could not be easily search?
    but anyway i guess you want some
    time off to recover from your shockness,
    sadness & sort out your thinkings on if
    you still want to upload~

  601. Whoa, as you can see with the number of comments already, you are a very popular person with K-pop & Entertainment fans who do not understand a single video without your subs! I just wanted to take some time out to write how much I’ve appreciated your hard work over who knows how long, and that you have a super huge fanbase grateful for everything you’ve done for us. Thinking of the time and hard work that you have put into for fans is amazing, so thank you! Corporations like SBS really don’t realise how much exposure you are giving them to international fanbases. Ugh.

  602. oh my… many were suspended.. why?hehe… well can we do anything about it?id have to agree with the people who commented here… such a loss.. and im not a korean so if we got married will have no subs anymore?how will i ever understand it!? ahhh…. so sad!!!!!!!!!! who the h**L… ahhh ok wont say anything more!

  603. Hey Coolsmurf:

    I’d like to say a big THANK YOU to you for all you’ve done for us. No words are enough to express my gratitude, but please know that I appreciate your efforts with all of my heart! πŸ™‚ I’ve signed the petition and earnestly hope that they will restore your account, be sure to know we’re supporting you all the way! FIGHTING~!!! ^^

  604. I visited of youtube to see on the english sub for the show and finding you on the first. It’s mean that you’re number one of subbing supporter for people around the world that did not understand on Korean language then cause to we love/like on Korean show. If youtube no sub may not too much people come in.

    Coolsmurf, pls. take a rest for a while. I will pray for you to get the return account in soon.

    Thank you so much for the work so hard for our non Korean. Coolsmurf flighting. AJA…..

  605. coolsmurf..

    we really love your site.. theres not a day that i dont check your blog especially about wondergirls^^ i really hope that they will restore your account.. i signed it too.. heheh.. thanx for always updating your blog^^

  606. Coolsmurf, you truly are an asset to the KPOP community. Thank you for expanding Korean culture to international fans! Expending all that effort on subbing was a really selfless thing!

    Best of luck in whatever you do! I’m sure anybody who visits here will always support you too! ^^

  607. its really not a good news. still, im happy that your blog really last this far and i get to watch most of the video you uploaded. im gonna miss u though and all your hardwork on subbing and uploading.and thank you for having the time to do it. good luck for upcoming days and i , as one of your fan will support you always..

    miss you, coolsmurf..
    don give up!!! fighting!!=)

  608. Whaaa sadly no more we got married? I was searching for the VDO which help me through my bad condition situation but just today I seaching for your very BEST account….T.T

  609. first time i read this…i’m totally i create something for u.

    On this street i meet u by a change
    Even now i still don’t forget that
    And maybe for the rest of my life

    Through u,i know a new world
    A new world that only have sweet ,nice n wonderful
    Through u,all sad things gone
    Gone as fast as a sunset in the evening
    Through u,only sweet memory left
    Sweet memories that makes life better

    Through your miracle hand,a new life start
    A new life that make everything wonderful
    Through your miracle hand,a light ignite in the dark room
    A light that make everything clear
    Make the dark go away
    The dark that confussing and sad
    Trought your miracle hand,a garden become beautiful
    with colourful flower
    A garden that make makes everyone fell great

    the first time i know korea is from your video Xman variety show.From that point,i know lot of korean actor/actress.Since then i become korean fanatics and also become one of DBSK fan.It really change my life.Through your video i also can speak korean (a little).
    Yesterday i read this post n totally shock.I fell like lost one of my friend

    Whatever happen,just belive that we are beside u
    Even if a violent rain is falling
    Even in strong wing
    We will be by your side
    And u can get a strength from us
    Like a snow white get a courage from 7 drawf
    Like a husband get a courage from his wife


  610. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!! NO CAN BE!!!!

    Oh my! i only know about this just now! i was away from my home for 1 week and i didn’t check the recent update and news, when i log in to youtube and try to check for WGM vid update at your youtube account and can’t access it then i realize that something’s definitely wrong! @#$@!!

    It’s a really dissampointing what youtube has done to you but just to let you know, THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING that you have done for us WGM fans!

    I hope that something can be done about this


  611. …Dear Coolsmurf/Avin, your videos have been my joy since I discovered your channel through the subbed Charice’s Star King perfs last Nov.
    I’ve been watching the WGM vids lately and now they’re gone. I’m saddened by all these.
    If SBS is really the one behind this suspension thing, then they don’t really know what they’ve just done. You were instrumental in making their vids popular to the point that it was used so many times in promoting Charice’s performance, making them known all over the world but instead of recognizing your efforts and hardwork, they slap you with infringing on copyrighted material. Who the hell would understand their shows if they weren’t subbed in English? Would everyone have the time to learn Korean just to be able to understand their programs? They should be thankful for fansubbers like you! Or grateful!
    Anyway, I, like your millions of fans, would like to thank you for all you’ve done and will be looking forward to your next projects.
    …Love and best wishes from Reno,NV. Jiayou!

  612. I’m bummed out when I heard this news.

    I just want to say thank you for all the hard work that you’ve done subbing and uploading all those clips.

    We will miss you on Youtube for sure.

    We will always support you Alvin.

  613. i was really glad to see so much information about your new account and just want to add to all the thanks in here
    thank you!

    i hope, really really hope that you will continue on subbing shows like on your last account

    it seems pretty selfish of me to hope that after i said thanks but i think it’s what everyone hope

    i’ll be going to your channel now ^^

  614. Oh, Coolsmurf! I loved your channel and will miss it very much! Thanks so much for a wonderful channel while it lasted. ❀

  615. i am sadden… but grateful for all your english subs… and i look forward every week for we got married… thx so much!

  616. Unbelievable !!!
    The bad vedio about my King still in Youtube But your great vedio was hit.

    I am really sad becasue I loved all of your channel.

    I hope we can enjoy all things as soon.

    Thank you for everything!

  617. first… thank you! for every video you shared to all of us…. my nights are never going to be the same anymore! im like a lost kitten! i dont know where to go! watching your channel became a habit for quite some time now… from xman… to charice! i know its frustrating for us and i cant imagine how frustrating it is for you…. we can only hope for the best!

    second… i think SBS did one terrible mistake for korean entertainment! can we post comments on their homepage and flood them with all our frustrations?

    third… we are all hoping for the BIG comeback! we are all hoping that it is not yet the end…. we are encouraging you to rest for a while…. and surprise us all with your BIG comeback!

    see you soon Alvin/ Coolsmurf!

  618. thank god your back with a new channel! im so happy , i almost cried. thank you for not giving up on us alvin ! we will all continue to support you, a day never passes by without me logging to your site…-:)

  619. YouTube will never be the same without you! It’s such as shame that one of K-Entertainment most greatest advertisement around the world is gone! You really are one of the greatest Korean influences out there, in fact i’m sure your one of the reasons why people begin their korean studies is because of you. In fact in the fall I am going to actually take a KOR101 and I’d like to thank you for that since your one of the main reasons I discovered and maintained an interest in this at all!

    Much love and respect! I hope you at least continue blogging!

    P.S. – I don’t know if you found this already but here are some messages that are dedicated to you!

  620. Dude, I’ve been watching your videos for the longest time, I remember when you only had two pages worth of videos and how you’ve grown so fast in just a couple of months that soon blossomed to years. I really appreciated your subs and I’m truly grateful that you subbed them. Thank you so much.

  621. People – please read coolsmurf’s AMENDED paragraph at the top of this.

    An apology to Connie Talbot:

    “…I am sorry to Connie Talbot and her fans because after being suspended over 3 videos with her in it, who can I blame at that very moment? I know that it’s not her fault nor her management now.”

    It was absolutely nothing to do with Connie or her Management. So please stop blaming and flaming her!

  622. Thanks for all the subbed videos. I’ve watched the Dangyunhaji segments over and over, they never get old. If you ever start subbing again we’ll be here to subscribe immediately…an alternative could be offering downloads but it’s entirely up to you. I would support you either way. But it’s amazing how many people read the soompi thread at any given time, there were 20+ when I was just there earlier – beats even a concert thread on the day of.

  623. o….m….g….. T__T
    i really appreciate how much time you spent subbing xman, we got married, etc. for all of the non-korean speakers, including myself…i just wish i had more time to watch all that you subbed…


  624. WE CAN CONTACT SBS INTERNATIONAL TO COMPLAIN TO THEM.. and let them know how stupid they are for suspending coolsmurf…

    here are the main points of our complaints:
    -coolsmurf NEVER made any money from his subbed vids
    -coolsmurf subbed and uploaded for the sole purpose of PROMOTING korean pop culture to non-koreans
    -SBS is foolish for thinking that something has been stolen from them, because if anything, coolsmurf’s videos only HELPED expand their audience..

    i dont know if its also SBS international who reported other korean show uploaders such as momonsnow, soshisubs, and vickyisVIP who were also suspended recently..

    SBS International
    Address: 3530 Wilshire Blvd Suite #1000, Los Angeles, CA 90010
    Phone: 213-381-2121
    Fax: 213-381-2131
    E-mail 문의:
    SBS λ―Έμ£Ό 지ꡭ
    SBS LA지ꡭ 3530 Wilshire Blvd Suite #1000 Los Angeles, CA 90010
    Phone : 213-386-1234
    SBS μ›Œμ‹±ν„΄μ§€κ΅­ National Press Bldg #979 14th F Street N.W Washington D.C 20045
    Phone : 202-637-9849
    SBS λ‰΄μš•μ§€κ΅­ 75 9th Ave. 6th Fl, SBS NY Bureau New York, NY 10011
    Phone : 212-645-2881

  625. coolsmurf!…i will forever be grateful to you who introduced a lot of korean variety shows to me =)…and the charice pempengco stuff…haha…REALLY VERY THANKFUL =)…if you ever decide to make another account i will definitely be a subsriber…until then…i guess i’ll just get my updates on your wordpress domain =)…THANK YOU AGAIN!!

  626. COOLSMURF did that girl steal your subbed video without your permission? cause you could flag it. the video doesn’t even credit who subbed it.

    as 401 FERNE posted above:

  627. awwww alviinnn T0T
    i miss all your WONDERful videos. TT-TT.
    We will get you back through the petitition :[
    commeeeback. we miss your wonderful videos :O

  628. ^everyone try to flag that vid. i’m so upset. wtf. how come SBS isn’t going after that girl’s channel? also using coolsmurf’s subs & vid he uploaded without crediting him.

  629. COOLSMURF (:
    i reeally appreciate all the effort you made into subbing for us NON-koreans. it is soo sad that it has came to an ugly end. ive always went on your page, EVERYDAY and i literally mean EVERYDAY to check for more subbed shows that i LOVE. if you do decide to keep on going, we will support you !

    HWAiTiNG, SBS doesn`t know anything, you are like basically helping them promote themselves, not like we can watch SBS here anyways… (:


  630. don’t leave us! You are one of my only 3 friends on YT and not to mention the fact that I check your account for new videos religiously everyday while eating breakfast.
    Well, please consider coming back… we all love you!

  631. hi!.Alvin.. just learned about this just now.. really shock and sad about this news.. im a fan of your subbing.. i appreciate all the efforts that you’ve put in all those videos.. it really made all those non-koreans and those who can’t understand the language like me.. very much happy..

    i know and understand what you said about putting subbing at the back of your head.. but if ever you get back to subbing.. we will be all happy to watch your videos and support you!!!., thanks a lot for the great subbing.. hope to see you soon.. Fighting!!!!.. =)

  632. I am sad that YT suspended your account. How can we ever view those videos again? I am starting to love korean TV shows and now here we goes.

  633. wtf i cant believe that youtube did that to u..what bitc*es but i just wanted to let u know that ur the best and no one will ever come close to u..ur videos were the best and not i dont have a reason to go youtube anymore..i even close my account..u dont know how much ur videos means to me..ur videos helped me out alot when i was depress or sad..well hopefully youtube will let u back..again thank you

  634. Can’t believe this is happening!!! Thank you so much for your great effort.. I owe you so much for introducing me to korean TV shows.. Hope this will not dampen your spirit to continue subbing.. Hwaiting!!

  635. If you do a new YT acc, you will get back the 23 000 subscribers without all the other vids.

    I dont know how you worked, but dont you still have all the videos on your computer? I mean all the Xman and stuff.

    Maybe you could try again, research of what you can upload and not, cuz isnt Xman allowed to upload for example?

    You’re the man anyways, you have so many thousands of Fans and lovers from what you did. We dont need the other 800 videos, we just need you…

  636. I’ve been a silent reader/YT watcher for a while, but thank you for all your hard work. I hate youtube for deleting your account. You’ve contributed a lot to the growth of kpop and Korean entertainment internationally, and SBS doesn’t know what they just lost. You really were amazing and dedicated, and you don’t know how much I appreciate subbers like you πŸ™‚

  637. Well, thank you for sharing the videos…though they were now part of my memories.

    I love charice!

    Don’t you ever know that even Ellen Degeneres and Oprah’s staffs watched you YT videos of charice?


    All regards from New Zealand!

  638. OHHHHH!!! NOOOO!! i will miss you! thank you so much for all the videos!! i loved them all!!
    awww…i don’t know where to watch Kvideos now… =(
    if you do come back, you have to let me know!!

    Thanks again for all the hard work!!!

  639. Coolsmurf keep i up! don’t stop posting video’s…
    i really don’t get it why bg companies…like sbs..need to complain..on those..thingzz..,well itz their stupid ruleszz…
    look what happen to FALSEVOICE his YT account is permanently disable!!! because
    ABS-CBN inc..complained!
    and Every show guesting/interview of charice in the philippines..she keep on saying thank you to Falsevoice and all the people who posted her YT.. she said not for them..i won’t be known by ellen or oprah or internationally…=)
    well at least..she recognize..people like u!
    i guess..I Think its not connie’s fault.
    But its..SBS.and all.greedy companies..who want to earn big selling their video’s….
    lets face it youtube is free…all the company get, is popularity! of their artist…they want moreee…….profit!!!!

    THANK U….for posting!

  640. you are kidding me.. they delted your account??? i watch we got married ALL the time.. and now theres no subs.. wow.. youtube.. pathetic.. this guys rockss.. he subs all these videos for others to see.. and hes gone 😦 im sure you can make a new account ^^ well.. thanks for everything.. and i hope you’ll be back up soon.. get a petition started people!! ^^ x

  641. Coolsmurf! I was overwhelmed with shock and disbelief when my friend informed me about what happened your YouTube account. I’m an avid viewer of your “We Got Married” subs. You are, without a doubt, one of the best subbers out there and your work is greatly appreciated by so many people. Thank you for the fantastic subbing job and for uploading HQ versions of your videos. I always look forward to your weekly uploads.

    I sincerely hope that this isn’t the end. When you’re ready and up for it again, please come back and share with us the videos we all love and enjoy watching. YouTube won’t be the same without you, and “We Got Married” won’t be as fun without your incredible subs.

    There is only one Coolsmurf, and you will be terribly missed. ❀

  642. Coolsmurf’ i just wanna let you know…
    i support people like u.
    who give’s time…uploading video’s for millions YT viewers..
    without ur video..Kpop..wouldn’t known in other countries..
    without people like u Artist like connie,charice and etc..
    won’t gain their stardom!
    I don’t want to compair u with falsevoice..but u shared the same..fate! his account got deleted also.
    because of violation of copy right issues….=)
    “falsevoice is behind all the video of charice YT without his videos..charice wouldn’t be in starking! ”
    my point they should be thankful, for this kind of people who don’t get paid! for their doing..
    Goodluck and keep going what u do best coolsmurf! =)

  643. sigh…ur vids made me laugh when i was sad…now hwat?!?!?-_______- u were the first account thingy i checked out when i searched up subbs…and i totally got hooked on all the shows:( now i cant watch subbed vids!!!!wtf is youtube thinking?!?1?!:(:( well..GOOD LUCK!hope they will change stupid rules later on so we can ALLL enjoy english subbed stuff:D

  644. No one must feel as horrible as you do right now because, DAMMIT, you put in a lot of effort in those subbed videos and OMFG, YOU EFFING HELPED PUT CHARICE WHERE SHE IS! And your WGM clips were just win and I feel so bad, but please know I am among the people who really enjoyed your clips (OMG I HOPE U AT LEAST HAVE BACKUPS OF YOUR CLIPS). And just thanks for sharing all of your subbed clips. Man I wanna give you a hug right now. T_T

    Just thanks and @_@ *still in schock. see?*

  645. Coolsmurf, you introduced me to X-Man, WGM and Love Letter and for that I am extremely grateful! X-man was my favorite korean variety and I was so happy that you subbed many parts of it. And thanks to you, I was able to discover WGM. I hope SBS knows what they’re doing. You have spread so much variety love around the world, that without you, I bet those shows won’t be as popular as they are! So thanks for all your hardwork and hopefully we can get you back up!

  646. i feel like i lost a huge part of me. i selfishly wish there was a way for you to come back. there will be no end in my complaints. Thank you for all the hard work you’ve done. You will be terribly missed.

  647. Do you know your page being suspended is 50% of the ending of my you tube world! This soo sucks, after I got suspended for the second time I decided to lay on the low and just be a viewer, so I don’t know what to say to encourage you to continue when I don’t have the intentions myself .

    Would be interested in other sites if your totally discouraged by you tube?….that’s if you ever decided you wanted to start up again. If you do let us know because we totally love and appreciate what you do for us fans. So thank you soo very much Coolsmurf <(β—•β€Ώβ—• <) ~~~~~~β™₯


  648. Thank you for all the hard work and the video you’ve subs and shared with us via u-tube.. i always looking forward to your channel and it was too sad to know that they suspended your channel for that matters.
    Hope this wont discourage you to work harder and we are here to support you!

  649. YO MAN
    u got like 1200 signed petitions
    and on going, don’t give up hope!
    if anything, hopefully we(your fans)
    will wait it out, and who knows, maybe one day
    you’ll be able to work for SBS or MBC or KBS,
    Maybe one day this unfortunate event create a HUGE impact on korean media, and maybe this event will be on the news, and your name will be recognized throughout Media History FOREVER..
    your our Voice, Keep it STRONG!

  650. Since yesterday i was already having a bad day bec my laptop got broken………….and now it got worst knowing that you account got suspended………….this week is going to be a really bad and sad week for me…………..Hope you can come back in youtube……….and pls tell if you can come back…………i will always support you no matter what………..

  651. i only noticed that account was suspended yesterday — so sorry to hear about it….. i was so sad when i saw the “suspension” thing coz i know it’ll lead to that — the videos that you’ve been uploading for all of us have been truly a huge effort on your part and i would like to thank you for it — the videos at you tube even the blogs here at wordpress are so much appreciated… your videos are treasures for all of us… THANKS SO MUCH ALVIN!

  652. wows.. out of town for the weekend and i missed coolsmurf’s account being suspended! AAHHh thanks for all the laughs you’ve shared with all of us! you’re awesome!!!

  653. Coolsmurf, I’m a big fan of Charice,and your posted videos
    of her got me hooked on you tube.For me,It was the best.
    I’m really saddened when your account was dileted.Anyway
    I’m one of your supporter.Good luck,and more power to you.

  654. omg..this was devastating..had my accounts closed once,and still I cant even imagine how you must’ve felt when you discovered what happened (T_T) ..just subscribed to your new channel,and will always support you and your wonderful works!alvin himnaeseyo..aja!

  655. I’m so sorry to hear about this! I clicked on your page to go find the show “We Got Married,” but it said that your account was suspended…I couldn’t believe it! I was trying to finish watching the episode with the 100th Day Anniversary Wedding Photoshoot, but I guess I’ll have to find it somewhere else…I just want to thank you for taking your time to sub all those shows for non-korean speakers to watch! Even though you don’t have your account there anymore, keep this page going strong because I come here alot for Korean news! Coolsmurf, don’t give up, we love you and we’ll support you!!

  656. I’m so sorry about your account…You have gave us so much joy in watching Korean shows with the excellent subbings…We really appreciate for your time and efforts in translating all the Korean shows…Don’t give up yaa and we, the fans out here will always support you…I wish you all the best and hope you come back real soon yaa…Take care and hwaiting!!!

  657. PLEASE come back!!!!!
    you really had a lot of subscribers, one of the most in youtube.
    please, many ppl have started over and made their new accounts a success.
    you can’t stop forever and quit now.
    so many ppl count on your videos, you have no idea how popular you were.
    ahhhh, this sucks!

  658. OMG!!! can’t believe…

    Today, i get in you tube and find WG 20 from ur account.

    It was too bad but it’s not ur false.

    well, I’m cheer u up and fighting!!!

    Thanks for all upload and all the subbing u made in u tube.

    U r my idol.

    Many Thanks.

    I don’t know what to say to u more than thanks a lot AND

    Keep walking. U know that u have many fans on u tube.

    WE’ll support u.

    If u come back pls, let me know.


    God bless!!

  659. is coolsmurf2 is your account? if it is your account then welcome back coolsmurf……wuhuuu……..looking foward to the videos that you will upload …


    we will always support you coolsmurf

    —-from philippines

  660. crap.. just been away from a vacation to greece and now I get this news?
    aye.. this was such a good site.
    You did a really great job ^^

  661. I couldn’t believe it when I checked my subscriptions and you weren’t there. I thought youtube was going hinky on me again. I was just checking to see if you had gotten any WGM 20 parts subbed (cuz sometimes you’re really fast with it) and…nothing, just empty space. All of your hardwork gone over three videos. It makes no sense. Why couldn’t youtube just remove those three videos? It’s stupid anyway. If it weren’t for people like you who sub the videos for non-Korean speakers many of us would not even have gotten into k-pop in the first place. And what happens when we get into k-pop? We buy k-pop stuff. Really, Korea should thank you for generating revenue for them. If I hadn’t gotten into k-pop I wouldn’t have taken three holidays to Seoul and I wouldn’t be moving there at the end of August. Keep your head up. There are a lot of folks who support you.

    P.S. I also want to say I felt honored when you subbed that old episode of X-man with HyunBo’s Daehyunaejae (sp?) and mentioned my name in the sidebar. It was cool, to me, anyway. Thanks.

  662. Alvin, is really coolsmurf2 your 2nd account??? Why don’t u reply us at least a single dot. We’re worried.

    Keep on fighting! bao zhong!

  663. AWW!! Youtube is horrible now :/

    But did you know your name was on the Oprah Winfrey show? She was talking about Charice Pempingco and it was showing the video on youtube and it showed your name

  664. Alvin!

    I don’t know if you still remember me, but I surely remember you^^
    You were the first one who sent me a message when I had my 2nd account suspended, you were the first one who welcomed me back to youtube again and you also help spread the news about my new account. (Well, that account’s long gone as well)
    I just heard the news, I’m still in a state of shock right now.
    I cant believe how all of us old uploaders have already had our own share of suspensions. It’s sad to know that you are retiring from it, because if ever you come back, I will be among the first ones who will welcome you again just like what you did to me^^
    I hope you wouldn’t give up, I didn’t ^_^. After all the suspensions that I have had, I’m still in youtube, fighting!!
    Everything will be well dude! Cheer up!
    If you need any help or anything at all, I’d be willing to help you out.

    -badstar (bea)