Solbi, “My Relationship with Andy, Please View it Only from Broadcasting Perspective”

Solbi, with regards to “Are you and Andy really dating?”, honestly explained.

Solbi, on the 25th KBS TV2 broadcasting of ‘남희석 최은경의 여유만만’ on one hand said “My relationship with Andy, it’s a very interesting yet hard to explain thing. But you do see a part of Andy’s real side in the broadcast. Although what we do in the show mirrors what normal married couples do, but this is not true in reality, so please don’t misunderstand it, everyone.”

Solbi and Shinhwa member Andy are currently on MBC’s most popular variety “We Got Married” portraying their true selfs as fixed participants. Using their “broadcast romance, marriage” to present this image to viewers.

On the show, Solbi also expressed her wish to get married earlier. Solbi said, “If there is someone I like, I hope to get married earlier.” She also mentioned, “Once I get married, I would like to stop working, but because of the work i have now, I can’t get married. therefore I’m troubled”, making this kind of joke.

Today was Solbi’s mum first time doing a talk show with Solbi which aroused the interest of everyone. She said, “Honestly, having an artiste as a groom isn’t that great. Compared to an artiste, I would prefer a soldier for a son-in-law”, her straightforward statement aroused everyone’s interest.

When asked between Alex and An-Seobang, who would be better, Solbi’s mother replied, “Alex romantic and Andy’s considerate components joined together would be the best”, making everyone laugh at her answer.

originally translated by coffinhouse@soompi.

42 thoughts on “Solbi, “My Relationship with Andy, Please View it Only from Broadcasting Perspective”

  1. Aww… well, it came close. Let’s hope they might just like each other enough to give it a try…

  2. A lot of Andy fans will be happy reading this. It was starting to get a little fuzzy between the lines. Even Crown J said something about the rings. lol.

  3. I think Andy has a hidden ego :p This is my only thought so dont get to mad but For him Solbi may not be pretty enough. Though she is very pretty to me and a lot of other people. He may have higher standards thats why he used to always say Kim Tae Hae was his ideal type. In all honesty i think KTH is out his league :O

  4. Good one neji055… LOLL… very honest! i like!! Hahahha… This program is very entertaining but honestly, it’s complicated. It’s supposedly a reality show right? So then what is the purpose of playing make-believe couple in a reality show? To please us viewers of course. But it’s kind of like what if along the way one of the them starts to like the other for real. But the other one doesn’t have feelings in return and is just doing it for the sake of it. So it’s like everyone’s just playing with feelings for show. My bet is someone will definitely be emotionally turmoiled along the way for real and we wouldn’t even know. Lol. It would be easier to call it professionalism if it’s purely fictitious like a drama or something. But it’s a drama/reality show and fans are already taking it for real. LOL.. I dunno but I find it a bit complicated.

  5. I bet they will have a hard time dealing with their emotions ^^ we could see how crown j was holding back not to kiss SIY just to keep the line …it’ll be interesting but i wonder how they really feel!!

  6. i think with all of the couples there is probably 75% acting that goes into what they say & do. also i think if they were really liking each other they would go for it. Andy has said he had some % of dating Solbi but if it were 100% then something would happen, but i think they have to be each others type, & he said Kim Tae Hee is his type of girl.

  7. That statement along with her (now hidden/deleted) recent blogs makes it even more complicated. Maybe her & Andy won’t work out afterall! 😦

  8. aiya….would be the best if everybody gives a way for AnBi to be a real couple …. ¬ ouu…i really looking forward for this…. *_Y

  9. seeing how they are on the show..i don’t think it’s fake or acting… the settings and situations may be scripted, but i think the feelings displayed is real…

    solbi making this comment is a very smart move to protect both herself and andy from further rumors and allegations…ANTIs are very harsh and i think solbi may be feeling it these days from those jealous of her… andy is simply not the type who is comfortable with skinship, even himself said that… his skinship with her is more than we have ever seen of him!!!

    andy and solbi are going to pull off a stunt like Kang Kwon Soo and Son Tae Young… they deny all allegations of dating… then BAM!!! MARRIAGE ANNOUNCEMENT!!!

  10. i think people are pressuring them too much… it’s probably getting tired for them to always explain… so it’s best if they keep their REAL relationship private…

    i believe these two do genuinely have feelings for each other… but they’re not going to tell the whole world if they’re dating or not… so much have already been displayed for the world to see… so it’s right for them to keep their relationship to themselves…

  11. In response to jj, I think in the beginning it was real, but after a few episodes and when the show became a hit, you could tell that the PD’s started to control the couples.

    For example when Shinae made a statement that Alex and her seemed too perfect and she wanted to have a fight like In Young and Crown J

    and the fact that Crown J’s romantic lines seem too rehearsed now and In Young and Crown J seem to be playing catch-up with Andy & Solbi. In Young and Crown J have not had their first kiss yet but I actually like that about them.

    I just find the show now, less reality and more pandering to the fans/viewers request. It ‘s too staged and has actually lost the elements that had me watching in the beginning.

  12. Optimist say they hide and protect their real relationship with announcements like this, realists find it complicated to understand the whole situation, and pesimists say its probably just acting and drama. 🙂

    I don’t know what to think myself!
    It really does seem to me that there ARE emotions involved.
    But I guess none of them knows what to do, I bet they don’t even know theirselves if its make-believe or real, or what’s actually becoming as time passes by.

  13. I could care less about Solbi and Andy
    Andy is such a stuck up and Solbi can be too annoying
    I like her mom though so straight and forward

    I absolutely love my (ghetto couple) SIY & CROWN J -A town couple

    Shin Ae & Alex such a cute couple I honestly do think they have some feelings for each other u can just easily see on their faces

  14. I wish they will show uncut stuff sometime down the road or something.

    like “Toni” said at first it seem more genuine and you were getting a better understanding of what was happening. Now with all this editing its actually made the show less enjoyable and causing so much misunderstanding of the couples.

    Some scenes seem like real situations and emotions but some stuff really feels acted. I really miss some of the awkwardness and situations where i felt all tingly lol.

  15. Yvette, I agree. Celebrity couples actually never admit their relationships as this would greatly affect their careers. By denying their relationship, Solbi is shielded from anti-fans and haters. However, actions do speak louder than words – her anguish in the confession room when the ring was lost, their evident skinship in the last few episodes, 2 sets of couple rings, etc. The feelings are real but the time is not yet ripe to make it “official”.

    In Come to Play, Andy said he wants to marry early but Solbi says she does not want to yet. Now, she is saying she wants to marry early. 🙂 Sounds fishy.

    Before Andy started to be showy with his feelings in the lastestt episodes, Solbi in other shows was either defensive or long-winded when asked about Andy. She would readily admit/complain Andy not answering her calls outside of WGT, etc. But now, Solbi seems to have a ready answer – which means for me, they have talked about what to say – dont admit the relationship.

  16. I think she should take her own advice! She’s the one who makes it seem as if she’s really in love with him! Especially when she appears on talk shows!

  17. I also think she’s only saying this to protect herself and Andy from anymore publicity. If this whole thing is just for show, why did she cry in episode 15? Why was Andy so disappointed in her losing his ring if it didn’t mean anything? Why do they both still wear their couple rings outside of WGM? Why, with Andy’s beyond-hectic schedule, does he still want to film WGM with Solbi?

    Seriously, if Solbi instead said “Yes, we have some real feelings for each other”, my guess is that the media would continue to press questions on them. This way, they can avoid all the pressure and abuse, and let’s face the truth.

    Only the two of them know where their relationship stands. 🙂

  18. I think a lot of viewers are just wanting to wish them the best based on what they just see on tv – they seem like a decent couple. Though from a behavioural science perspective, there was always something amiss between Andy and Solbi. They were cute, but something just wasn’t ‘right’ when you compare them to Crown J and SIY. Because it’s not what happens ON the show that people should be paying attention to – it’s what’s happening outside of the show what people should look at.

  19. They should really stop commenting about the show and how its just all make-believe. We all are fully aware of that and the ‘feelings’ that’s going on so them saying this is like totally ruining the show and its charms. The reason why I liked WGM is because of the feelings — supposedly real, that’s blossoming and them saying this, is a total bummer.

    Just keep quiet lol

  20. Solbi is a jewel… if Andy doesn’t see that, then it’s his loss…

    nt saying Kin Taehee is nt wonderful, bt Solbi is just as wonderful, if not better.. i think Andy let’s things hold him back from what he shld be treasuring..

    i think if Andy made a move, Solbi would definitely accept n be over e moon.. bt if he remains passive, Solbi will be disappointed.. n they’ll both keep using excuses like work and whatnot to avoid e issue..

  21. Sigh…we will never know! the torture! lol

    But I do think that it’s been more 1 way – she’s always liked him more i feel. Like someone said above, I think he has higher expectations. And maybe it was also a combo of what everyone said above. It might have been somewhat real on Solbi’s part from the beginning but after they got really famous as a “couple” I think it turned into more “how to profit from this” from their companies. TV shows together, matching outfits, releasing lovey songs at the same time, the pressure, it probably turned more fake and not fun for them compared to the other couples.

    Oh well…we’ll never

  22. I think just waiting until they finish with the show will tell all.

    Solbi’s mom I had to laugh when she said she’d prefer a soldier. It only made me think of Andy when he has to fulfill his military duty. He’ll become a soldier then. 😀

    Publicly they both admit to wanting to date; but like Andy said, he has a lot of thing to do and that comes first.

    The show may not want them to be a couple in real life yet. It’ll spoil the anxiousness fans all over the world have right now. The guessing game seems to make them even more popular and the ratings are high because of everyone’s expectations.

    Same would go for Alex and Shin Ae. Crown J and In Young well; I think I’d faint if they ever share their first kiss. Only now he’s showing more skinship than before. 😀

    Just my thoughts after watching episode 20.

  23. not to be negative but hope that everyone knows that is show is partly drama meaning it includes some acting….im a crazy fan of wgm but i doubt that these couples will get together in real life. its what we fans want and i think the couples get pressured by fans like us to like each other more or show more affection….

    (to the antifans…don’t hate on anbi couple…..theyre my fav)

  24. I Find this entire solbi- andy situation contradicting. Although, this is just a reality show and despite all the PD’s cutting and pasting of parts to create their story. It is very obvious that their is some sparks between solbi and andy. Emotions is very hard to hide.

    On a sang sang plus season 2 ep 5:
    when Kim Dong Wan and Jun Jin were guest… they asked solbi if andy asked her out for real would she go out with him? if you look at the video the reaction was obvious… she was hesitant and shy answering ” yes” to the question.

    As for solbi recent interview… i think people are putting too much pressure on the couple … I won’t be surprised if the public wants to see them pop out 3 kids by the next episode. A Relationship need time in the oven to bake just right these things cannot be rushed. I guess the interview is solbi’s form of defense to tell the public slow down and give them time to figure it out themselves.

    Also, someone mentioned earlier andy might think solbi is not pretty enough… I think solbi represent real women not some super flat and super skinny. she’ very charming and beautiful in her own way and have a homegrown quality about her that shines beyound the typical ideal image.

  25. It doesn’t really tell us much really. Only that it’s basically none of our business if they were dating or interested. I just really enjoy their interaction with each other on the show, so I’m just happy to see that.

  26. coolsmurf do you have any news about Andy leaving the show in August?

    Some say he is stopping his WGM activities on Aug 3 because he is going to start a new musical and concert, but others are saying that is just a rumor.

  27. it’s just a rumor. they are saying dong wan is coming in with someone else to be a new couple to replace andy and solbi. again nothing is confirmed. just nonsense for now.

  28. Awww. Did everyone notice that Andy and Solbi were matching on their couple vacation with the t-shirts?

  29. Also was she sitting on his lap when they were returning after the chubby guy surfed on his butt?

  30. i really like to watch Andy and solbi part it really cute.their so sweet together. pray for their successful in careeer.anbi fighting

  31. I just watched the interview when it aired in Hawai’i last week.

    It was so funny and not quite what I expected the subs to read.

    Solbi’s mom took the whole interview and even cried talking about how she overheard someone talking about how short Solbi’s legs were.

    Solbi said she didn’t know her mom had gotten upset.

    Her mom blamed herself because Solbi was born only 2 kg. About 4 lbs.

    Solbi just gained a lot more fans and with her mom saying she’d love to appear on tv shows well that made me laugh; especially since Nam Hui (something) said he wanted to be her manager. 😀

    Wouldn’t be surprised if Solbi’s mom gets a call for Celebrity families….then if I were Solbi I think I’d worry a little. 😀 Her mom is more outspoken than Solbi. 😀

    It really never seemed like Solbi’s interview but her mom and sister’s interview. Her sister is really like Solbi. The 3 are so close; more like best friends than sisters (daughters) with their mom.

    To me it was like things were talked around Andy with Alex being brought up. Most times whenever Andy was brought up.

    Solbi’s mom admits Andy is a good man….but left it short and simple.

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