Top 10 Finalist of Most Entertaining Blog in Singapore

25th July Update: After being No.3 for the past weeks, I have dropped out of the hall of fame. Anyway, I never thought much about winning this. Only a few days left before it closes on 31st July. Thanks for the effort in voting for me.

3rd July Update: Was unplaced before I posted this entry asking for votes. But since then, I have been in the Top 3 for the past 2 days at #3 which is quite remarkable I feel. Thanks for voting and you can continue to vote for me once everyday until the end of July when voting ends.

An email came into my inbox today


Your blog is one of the top ten finalists in the Most Entertaining category of omy’s Singapore Blog Awards 2008!

Well, I just joined for fun and never thought that I would be in the final 10 among the 177 entries submitted in the first place. And I don’t think I will go any further from here on since 30% is determined by public votes (and I know most of my readers are from overseas) and the voting process is quite complicated, troublesome and requires registration.

Voting starts today and ends one month later on 31st July 2008. So if you are Singaporean, appreciate my efforts on this blog and Youtube (yes, I’m Coolsmurf here and there), try to vote for me and you could win travel packages to Bangkok, Vietnam and a luxurious resort accommodation package in Phuket if you get lucky. You can vote once each day.

Anyway, regardless, I will continue my work as long as it interests you and me. Sorry for such an irrelevant post from the usual. Haha =p

76 thoughts on “Top 10 Finalist of Most Entertaining Blog in Singapore

  1. FIRST!!!

    yay for you!
    that’s exciting… If I lived there, I’d def. vote for you!
    Hope you win!

    Alvin Fighting!

  2. Ahh! i live in singapore! But i cant seem to figure out how to sign up and vote! It /is/ super complicated!

    Hope you win! This is one of the best sites on all things korean! Thank you so much for all the updates!

  3. Yay i live in Singapore~!Just voted for you and I just read that we can vote once per day.(Will try to vote for you everyday heehee ^^).This is to show my gratitude towards you for posting my fave show โ€œWe Got Marriedโ€ with subs heehee!

  4. omg i didnt know youre singaporean! HOW DO YOU MANAGE TO GET ALL THE JUICY NEWS SO FAST?!?! hahaha anyway, i am on team coolsmurf! ๐Ÿ˜‰ a form of thankyou for all the we are married updates and video subs, ive voted for you! seriously, how do you get all the uptodate news? XD

  5. coolsmurf!!!!! heeee i already voted for uuuu ^^
    anyway i js wana say thank you soooo much for always subbing and updating us about the news of WGM!!! without you i reli wudnt know wot to do etc heee haha
    so yeh….i reli think u deserve the prize : ))) thank you once again you rock!!!

    go anbi!!!! fighttinggggggg!!!!

  6. gyah,….. BUTOFCOURSE we will vote for you! heh heh
    Coolsmurf JJANGiya!
    Happy that your blog got into top 10! ^___^

  7. Yayyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!
    Congratulations for being top ten and wish u to win at the end :)…ahhhh…too bad I live in Netherlands ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

    …ur blog is the third page of my daily routine (after my mail and general news)…

    Anyway, cross fingers for you ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. Too Bad, i don’t live in singapore!
    I really want to support your web as this is my favorite web and I read it almost everyday (though sometimes you don’t write everyday, but I keep on waiting. ^_^)

    good luck Alvin!
    I really hope that you could win it!
    Don’t feel down as the registration is complicated or whatsoever. You should really give it a try!!!

  9. Hey, foreigners are allowed to vote too. ๐Ÿ™‚ Only thing is they cannot win the prize if they can’t come to Singapore and collect it lah.

  10. CONGRATS coolsmurf.
    Yeah i’m from overseas so sorry i’m unable to vote
    but i wish you luck & hope your fellow Singaporeans vote for you.

  11. Congrats on the nomination!
    I think your blog is entertaining and informative for sure.
    I hope you’ll win the whole thing.

  12. grats! i wish i could vote for ya! u are so awesome!!!!!
    i have ques.- since u r not do you know korean or have u learned it in order to snub?

  13. Congratulations Alvin!!! and good luck, i really hope you make it, you definitely deserve to!!

    and it’s so good to have a blog about kpop that’s not made just to criticize and bash everyone out there ^^ i hope you’ll win and continue to spread the kpop-love ๐Ÿ˜‰

  14. well whatever the results…THANK YOU so much for keeping us entertained and I really hope you keep up the hard work…

    Thank You from the UK..


  15. WHOA, GOOD JOB!!!
    it’s already pretty impressive to be in the top ten =]

    i WOULD vote for u, but i dont live in Singapore…

  16. i might sound extreme for saying this but COOLSMURF i love you! you rock. thanks for doing what you do and congratulations!
    i’m so happy for you… too bad i don’t live in singapore. I’ll vote for you in my heart.

  17. What do you mean irrelevant?! You totally deserve it. Congratulations! Regardless if you win or not, you are way too COOL, hence your name “COOLsmurf”.

  18. Vote for you ??? ABSOLUTELY !!!! You’re the one I clicked in my Favorites after I check my e-mail… you got my vote dude.

  19. I hope you win!! I am in the US, so I can’t vote *cries* but let us know if they open the votes internationally!! ^^


  20. yay voted for you already..eventhough most of the time im a silent reader, i will vote for you. you and your blog are the best.


  21. You will be my all time favorite blogger cAlvin. It very hard nowadays to found a blogs like yours which is very entertaining and comfortable to be in with and blogger like you who are way too cool and nice at the same time..My daily breakfast, lunch and dinner everyday is always with coolsmurf!


  22. Am Singapore PR work and stay at Singapore. Congratulation!!
    surely vote for you. Thx for all job done….sarangheyo…

  23. Congrats!
    I love your blog and I really appreciate all the effort you placed into it!
    If I was in Singapore, I would definitely vote for you (but I’m not D:)!

  24. I’ve been visiting this site for quite some time and I never knew that you’re from Singapore! Haha, I’ll vote for you btw =D

  25. wooot ๐Ÿ˜€ congrats alvin !
    if i only lived in singapore i would most def vote for you (:

    good luck !
    fighting xD

  26. I think we also can voted for Alvin and I have tried it as one of the commenter’s here stated in the earlier posts. It is very simple and it is just we can’t have the present..

  27. i’d voted for u if i could! ๐Ÿ˜€
    love ur blog! keep up the good work and congrats! ๐Ÿ˜€

  28. Hello Alvin,

    Congrat!!!! Already vote for you. Will try to vote everyday and thanks for all the hardwork and effort, veri veri interesting. LOVE IT!!!

  29. Ahh..can vote from overseas!!!

    Remember! You can cast ONE vote in EACH category EVERY DAY!


    of course I must vote for you.. i shall try to register and go through all the trouble, because you are worth it!!!
    You do so much for us….I shall vote!

  31. i wanted to beat the odds, but it looks like I might not be able to vote.. i shall advertise for you then.. oh .. Seriously though, I enjoy your work, both blogs and your youtube account… you rock..

  32. yay! haha thanks for all your efforts yeah! (: i’m glad i visited this blog 2 weeks ago for “We Got Married” because after that i almost dropped by your blog everyday! (:

    am a sgrean so will vote for ya!

  33. Pingback: Vote Rally Time!!! ๆฅๅ•Šๆฅ๏ผๅคงๅฎถไธ€่ตทๆฅๆ‹‰็ฅจ๏ผ | ๆ–ฐๅŠ ๅก้ƒจ่ฝๆ ผๅคงๅฅ–

  34. wow! congratulations alvin!

    i’ll try to vote if i can… i’m not from Sing though!

    if i’m a Singaporean.. i would definitely vote for you because you bring me such delight each day!!

    take care always!

  35. Congratulations!
    I believe you really deserve it.
    Although I haven’t seen other Singaporian blogs, I can tell your blog should be one of the most entertaining blogs in the whole world!

  36. congratulations! a well-deserved nomination. i’m in hawaii but still tried to vote for you. they wanted my passport # during registration. ooooo…wasn’t comfortable with that. sorry =( but i sure hope that those who can vote will vote for you because you rock! thanks for all the hard work!

  37. Now… I just need to get to Singapore, become a resident, and vote. Not that hard is it? ๐Ÿ˜‰ Good luck Alvin!

  38. congrats for being top 10!
    im feeling guilty nw i voted only once for u and i forgot to vote the day after.. ); sheesh
    continue blogging, i love this blog

  39. love your blog..really!!
    it’s like my daily “newspaper”
    keep up the good job!! love your korean updates!

  40. Ha? Oh no! Now that the people I’ve PMd said they voted and not just once. Maybe next year when you get notified earlier then we can all vote on time and can inform others too.

    Anyways, to us you are the WINNER!

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