Park Min Young Hanbok Image for Return of the Nine-Tailed Fox

Park Min Young elegant hanbok image for her one-act special “Return of the Nine-Tailed Fox” in KBS2TV television drama “Hometown Legends” was revealed online for the first time. Her matching white blouse and jade-colored skirt gave off an impression of a demure looking girl of the past.

The 2008 “Return of the Nine-Tailed Fox” is based on the story of the Nine-Tailed Fox-bloodline which has lived through the generations and talks about the demise of a family through greed and desires. Park Min Young will ditch her old bubbly image seen in “Unstoppable High Kick”, playing Lee Myung Ok, the youngest daughter at the Lee household. She’s a bright character who brings a light to the otherwise dark atmosphere of the family.

This act will be directed by Kwak Jung Hwan whose previous work was “Seoul’s Sad Song”. The first act of the 8 one-act drama starts 6th August.

Pink color hanbok.

10 thoughts on “Park Min Young Hanbok Image for Return of the Nine-Tailed Fox

  1. the first pic of her wearing the hanbok with iPod headphone on her ear make me LOL.
    no wonder she’s familliar, she was in “I am Sam”
    She’s so pretty. goodluck to her and her new drama

  2. wow…i almost couldn’t recognize her… she looks sooooo young with the hanbok on… very different from her character in I Am Sam…. this might be a good drama to watch..

  3. I don’t know who she is seems like Alvin loves her and wondergirls ^___________^

    she’s very pretty though

  4. I loved her in Unstoppable Marriage and I am Sam! She’s so cute!

    I’ve uploaded the whole The Nine Tail Fox (Forbidden Love) subbed on my youtube account. But episode 1 and 5 are missing if anyone wants to watch it so they know what happens in the “Return of the Nice Tail Fox”

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