Shindong and Im I Rang An Item or Just Childhood Friends?

Korean idol group, Super Junior member Shindong is reportedly dating someone. That someone is speculated to be a korean internet ulzzang (best face) called Im I Rang after pictures of them at a movie theatre catching a movie was posted online. (More pictures of Im I Rang and her cyworld minihompy)

According to sources, this photo was taken towards the end of 2007. At that time, Shindong and Im I Rang was at a Lotte Cinema theatre in Seoul for a movie. The netizen who uploaded the photo described the situation then, “They behaved like what couples would do and fed each other popcorn.” This netizen even posted the ticket stub which Shindong autographed as evidence.

This photo of Shindong and Im I Rang actually spread at the beginning of the year which invoked many discussions among Super Junior fans.

This became a hotly search term among various Korean search engines when this was made known. With regards to this, SM Entertainment denied the allegations, “They are just good friends since they were kids.”

I just have to say Im I Rang is a really pretty girl.

I just have to say Im I Rang is a really pretty girl.

31 thoughts on “Shindong and Im I Rang An Item or Just Childhood Friends?

  1. Aw, honestly, I don’t find it a bad thing if they were dating. She’s awfully pretty, and I think it would say a lot that appearances aren’t everything if she’s with Shindong. Shin dong’s such a sweet guy, so hopefully these rumors don’t affect their relationship be it romantic or friendly.

    Thanks for sharing this bit, coolsmurf!

  2. From the first pic, I guessed she went under the knife before. She got those typical celeb prettiness which can only be achieved through plastic surgery. Yah, very doll like to me.. I smell Angelababy.. It is not natural.. Nah.. hell no..

  3. eh, it might be plastic surgery but nonetheless she is VERY pretty. Why are fans so critical if their idols date someone? It’s not like Super Junior is gonna go out with them anyways so let them get together with someone they like. But seriously, they actually look pretty good together.

  4. Wow, she’s uber pretty. They’d be really cute together. I hope ELFs don’t go after her. She really does look like a doll. Maybe she can be, if not already, a SM trainee?? Shin Dong is a cool guy, and I’d feel happy for him if they were dating.

  5. this girl is really cute but apparently fans don’t care or they’re happy to see him dating cuz these pics were made public over 7 months ago and she’s still alive! 😛

  6. ^^ they look so sweet together!
    i hope ELF won’t bother her like other fans did to soon-to-be Mrs Kwon Sang woo!

  7. she looks like a doll… pretty… but i have seem some of her younger pix and she already looks rather cute and with makeup, her doll like eyes really looks great!

    As for soon to be mrs kwon…. congratulation to them… dun break his heart!

  8. Aww.. the first picture looked so sweet..~ She’s really pretty, i must say.. dang gurl~ hahah. LOL! im so jelous.. in a good way.. i wanna be an item too! HAHAH. yeahh right, like thats gonna happen. sheeshh…

  9. Definitely only childhood (good) friends according to those pictures! She’s pretty though! 🙂

  10. I just Donghee to be happy with whoever he wants to be with! And Im I Rang is really pretty 🙂

  11. Those pics are old but I never knew who the girl was! She is very pretty but he looks seem artificial like she had alot of work done!
    Vamp Charisma, what do you mean by saying that appearances must not be everything to her? Shindong is a good looking guy! I’m sick of people acting like he’s ugly just cuz he has a few extra pounds on him! His chubbiness in combination make him ADORABLE! He’s a great guy and I find him very attractive.

    But he recently said his ideal girl is like 5’0″ tall. She looks taller than that to me! HAHA But maybe he just wanted to throw people off their trail.

  12. If the pics on ehr blog were taken by her – wah I love her style, that’sthe style I like 🙂

    I can’t tell but theres photos of a girl (maybe her) and a guy kissing so she has a bf? If it’s not, my bad hehe

  13. I love Shindong from suju
    That girls is very pretty
    Good for them !!!!!!


  14. the first pic is sweet 🙂 just like everyone says she’s really pretty whether she went under the knife or not. anyways if her and Shindong are really going out then good for them, Shindong’s one of the nicest guys in suju and he seems more fun lol but if their not together then they should be!

  15. Hmmm , I really don`t get why people make such a big deal out of it -_- but if this was really true , I`m happy for dongdong =)

  16. um.. she’s an internet ullzang and her pics from child hood have been posted before.. n she didnt go under the knife. the ppl that said “SHE’S PLASTIC” and what not..u guys sound ridiculously STUPID. n jealous. god get a grip.

  17. Well lets see…

    He’s fat, ugly, and SM artist esp. ones in oversized groups don’t make much money at all.

    Lol, he must be a great guy. =D

  18. Well Im a fan but I hope the scandal is true.
    The fishy thing about SM is that he went against this scandal but did nothing about taesu scandal. LOL

  19. hahahaha i think its ok since shin dong isnt the best looking one there but i feel sad that he might get played…

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