Baby Vox Re.V Makes Comeback with Name Change

Yet another Korean girl group made their comeback but with changes. Baby Vox Re.V who debuted last year has changed their group name to Baby Vox.

Baby Vox second album title song is a cover of popular Thai song “I Believe” by Tata Young and was rearranged by famous Korean composer, Kim Chang Hwan who made many hits for former dance music duo, Clon. There will also be covers of songs by the original Baby Vox plus another from Tata Young.

The members of Baby Vox expressed, “We have seen a noticeable improvement in our overall group performance under the guidance of teacher, Kim Chang Hwan. We will not drag down the name and the Baby Vox legacy which our seniors established. We want to pass down the name of Baby Vox and keep it going with our efforts and hard work.”

With Kara making their comeback today and the immense popularity enjoyed by Wonder Girls and SNSD, it’s not going to be easy.

Baby Vox – I Believe Comeback Stage @ Music Core 080712

Baby Vox will fly to Malaysia, Singapore and other countries in Asia for concerts after ending their Korea promotions in August.

16 thoughts on “Baby Vox Re.V Makes Comeback with Name Change

  1. 7/12? Wow, it’s so quiet. Usually a comeback is a big deal, but I didn’t even realize it. Does anyone even talk about it? Korean netizens wise.

  2. Is the song considered Thai if it’s in English though? Cause Tata’s I Believe is completely in English off her 1st English album.

    When I saw Baby VOX’s comeback live I did not even realize it was them. Was weird.

  3. They’re much prettier than Snsd (all together) so I think they have a chance in Korea! hahah And their song is not bad but not great either! Good luck! 🙂

  4. lol…i saw singapore on the list…
    pretty lame…
    they are not even super famous in korea and then come to singapore for a concert?
    will be a disaster =P
    please bring snsd or wonder girls instead~

  5. in my opn, i think tata’s voice is more powerful than BBV girl and their melody is similar to original song.

  6. You know, this group launched way back in December 2006, when they had little in the way of competition.

    Unfortunately, their agency decided to have them debut in Ulan Bator, Mongolia. No kidding.

    You can see why they’re struggling at the moment.

  7. So many groups debuting this summer. Godsh. why do they have to be “Baby Vox”, why can’t they just make an original group name.

  8. its such a shame. i LOVED the old baby vox. =[

    these girls need to think of a different name, please.

  9. Good lord…They’re horrible. lol

    Yep…keep proving that the old Baby Vox will always be the best even with their awful squeaky voices, they still managed live perfs. better than these…

  10. They need to target the 20+ y.o. audience in Korea, because WG an SNSD have the strangle holds on the teens, right now.

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