Lee Ji Ah The Violin Player in Beethoven Virus

Actress Lee Ji Ah has recently transformed herself into a violinist for Beethoven Virus drama and photos of her playing the violin was released today.

MBC drama Beethoven Virus which will begin it’s broadcast on 3rd September sees Lee Ji Ah starting filming for the drama for the first time. According to production staff, “Lee Ji Ah is a 27 year old violin player and the first drama setting happens in the subway. This particular scene sees her playing the violin to earn money, with her looks and tears added to the mix.”

This person added, “The past few weeks, she has been practising with the violin until the wee hours. Her violin playing ability was finally displayed for the first time in the subway scene. Although she was a little nervous but with the support from staff and the other cast members, the shoot was a success.”

Lee Ji Ah had started learning the violin earlier this year to prepare for her role. Even when she went to Japan in June for TWSSG promotions, she also bought her violin along and would practise whenever she has time.

According to Lee Ji Ah spokesperson, “To play it well, Lee Ji Ah has been practising hard everyday. She will try her very best to reprise her character because this is an interesting and moving drama.”

Besides Lee Ji Ah, other confirmed cast members for this music drama include Kim Myung Min (male lead), Jang Geun Suk, Lee Soon Jae, Song Ok Sook.

26 thoughts on “Lee Ji Ah The Violin Player in Beethoven Virus

  1. Because I play violin myself, I’m usually judgmental when an actor or actress “plays” violin because they don’t know how, and they don’t try to learn at least the basics. I’m glad she actually took up violin and practices! Just from the last picture I can see that she knows. It really annoys me when actors hold the violin incorrectly when they play their roles.

  2. this is cool~!! haha. i want to her her play the violin. ohh, the drama really seems interesting!! ^^

  3. getsmesumrice, i know what you mean. i also find it really annoying when an actor holds the violin weirdly or holds the bow akwardly. i’m glad to see from the last pic that she knows what she is doing. i’m definetely going to catch this. looking forward to jang geun suk as well =)

  4. i hope she is good, but it would have been better if they hired an actress that already knew how to play & was really good at it, but that might be too difficult.

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  6. Wow this show sounds really cool. I used to play the violin and still have one and mabe this will inspire me to pick it up again.

  7. I am so pumped for this drama!

    I was worried that this would yet again be one of those music dramas with super-fake playing but now that I’m reassured that it won’t be I’m excited.

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