Kara Reveal Their 2 New Members

Kara who will be making their comeback on MNet M! Countdown this Thursday, 24th July revealed the identities of their two new members today.

The two new members with innocent and cute appearances are Gu Hara (17) and Kang Ji Young (15) born in 91 and 94 respectively, lowering the average age of Kara to just 18. Gu Hara’s charismatic big eyes resembles actress Lee Se Eun while Kang Ji Young gives a cute impression like Hwang Bora.

Kara will make their comeback this Thursday on M! Countdown with “Rock U”, a pop dance track which will fit their bubbly and refreshing image perfectly. Their mini album will contain five tracks including “Rock U”.

They are also scheduled to perform on Music Bank, Music Core and Inkigayo in succession making it a busy week ahead for them.

The two new members expressed, “Every night, along the tracks of our school stadium, we will rehearse our live performances. We want to become good singers just like our Fin.K.L unnies”, as they stated their ambition.

33 thoughts on “Kara Reveal Their 2 New Members

  1. good luck to them
    they have to face SNSD and girl big bang
    plus they’re doing cute concept

  2. Third and fifth from the left are newcomers. I guess the one with big eyes, the fifth, must be Gu Hara. It would be great if the song and all is good, but i don’t have any high expectations really. Don’t know how much the ages varies, but i have never felt that big differences there are good. Feels like a desperate way to grab more peoples attention.

  3. Dang, whichever one is 15 … doesn’t look 15. Because all of them look at least 18, in my opinion.

  4. I’m actually looking forward to their debut! This was the only girl group who I thought could actually pull off good live performance! I’ve been wondering if they were ever coming back and they are!

  5. red top with white vest = Jiyoung [94-er]
    the one with the solo picture = Hara [91-er]

    original members:

    green with white top = Nicole [91-er]
    white with blue = Gyuri [88-er]
    Yellow = Seungyeon [88-er]

  6. dont know who they are, but please dont compare them to Wonder Girls. i see some comments already. makes me very sad. i hope they’ll do well with the newcomers on their comeback.

  7. I just in the stage of want to know about Kara ( the old members).

    I thought they are like others girls group while they have surprising me when they are not especially they have really decent and harmonize vocal.

    I really respect and salute Kara’s while trying to learn of their music before though I’m not their fan. It is just a pity that the members with the most decent, beautiful, strong and excellent vocal has to quit because of studying.

    With the new members I just hope the best with a wish they will displaying a real music , being themselves and deserve what they work for. They are totally talented.

  8. Why are they posing like the Wondergirls? They’re hairstyles is even the same…WTH! Ripoff and does Korea need another Korean girl group?

  9. Based on the 1st picture…the Wondergirls lookalikes are in this order (from left to right):

    1. Sunye 2. YeEun 3. Yoobin 4. Sohee 5. SunMi

    My point is, (only) based on the pictures above, they’res nothing to say or think but to compare them!!! It’s unavoidable!!! hahah I think it’s pretty funny but they need their own originality…

  10. Wait! Are they posing as Wondergirls TODAY or the “Tell Me” days?! Because SunYe has short hair now! hahah

  11. ^

    hehehe: KARA is an old group with a new members. I think they have been trained earlier and debuted earlier than Wonder Girls and much great3x vocal then Wonder Girls- if want to be objective.

  12. erm.. they shd try a diff concept and can DSP spend some money on their outfit to at least make it more fashionable?.. :/ Seongyeon and Gyuri’s are way too simple.

  13. They look for their age,even tho I didn’t expect that, because usually Koreans look younger for their age, so now I practically expected some girly girls. πŸ˜€
    They’re pretty tho, dunno about the previous members.

  14. KARA’s debut album was super! They are stronger vocally of course but since their lead singer left I wonder how the new members fair. The new members are the one with the pink earrings and orange stripped top. I feel pretty sad that you guys can’t recognize the older members -_-. But yay for their return! Gosh DSP should get better stylists. I too agree with lynn, I love their performances. Especially their special stage with Lee Hyori last year β™₯ Thanks for the news!

  15. Their first album was amazing! They definitely have great vocals. They’re not trying to be like WG…I’m tired of the comparisons.

  16. Lord have some mercy for those little girls
    I just saw the comeback performance song “rock your body” is awful vocal was awful dancing and the way their all dresses was hideous.
    They just all looked very confused not ready for comeback what so ever ………………..
    It was allmost painful to watch that performance

    the girl who goes to school with WG’s Ye-eun she had a decent voice and looked little bit more performer
    but other four I’ll pray for u guys

    Seriously …it was that bad

  17. β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…
    OOhhh i used to lovee kara so much =)
    bak in their debut days…
    now they totally changed their concept.. and
    i cant see the old goood kara anymore in them…
    and i rllly dont like this ‘cutesy’ concept,
    no offense to kara fans (kamilia)
    but it seems like they r snsd&& wg wannabees
    i wish seung hee didnt lv!!
    i miss her so much..

    well speaking of kara…
    many netizens already expected
    them to fail (since they sang
    not-so-well on their comback perf)
    and b/c of very little attention during their
    1st album/debut days, they thought the same
    for this time too…
    however, wht netizens find quite surprising & ironic about this group is tht
    B/C of their terrible live singing on their comeback
    they r actually getting a whole lot of attention by making issues such as ” 카라 의 κΈ°μ°½λ ₯ λ…Όλž€” ppl saying they used to be way better in their debut, and now, what has happened to this poor idol group?
    they r getting millions of fame on top ten hits by this issue.
    …and as ppl mentioned here, maybe the reason they remind u of wg&snsd is tht: the new memeber gu hara; (top picture on the farthest right) ppl r saying she is trying to copy so hee from wg since she doesnt sing LIVE very welll like so hee & the costumes&& hair style on stages are almost identical.
    Plus, the concept is similar to snsd’s

    well anyways the 2nd para is not my opinion!
    dont bash at me for wht i wrote! T_T

    im just trying to follow the k-pop society nowadays.
    && trying to answer ur quesitons.. ^__^


  18. Before, i think their theme is way more different and much mature than SNSD and younger than WG. I Miss their Hip – Hop mature beat music that makes me dance.. Unlike this Bubbly and boring song….. Its good but not as good as If You Wanna and Break It and Secret World… I hope this childish theme of theirs wont last that very much long and return to their concept of making people DANCE to their beat

  19. i’m quite disappointed with the two new members. i was hoping that they can be as good as the last member. (i’m talking about the voice.)

  20. hey u guys!!! kara gr0up is m0re g0od than w0nder gilz n snsd..haha..i’m juz kidink..d0n’t take it y0!!

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