Kang Ho Dong To Become Father Next Year

Famous Korean MC Kang Ho Dong will become a father in March 2009. According to his management company today, Kang Ho Dong’s wife Lee Hyo Jin is now 6 weeks pregnant, leaving the whole family in joy. This is considered to be double bliss for him especially as he had just signed on with WorkWonders recently on 22nd July, becoming colleagues with Yoo Jae Suk and Shin Dong Yup.

Congratulations to Kang Ho Dong and his wife.

48 thoughts on “Kang Ho Dong To Become Father Next Year

  1. I have nothing but respect and love for that dude, he has given korea the best gift of all which is joy and laughter through his humor and wit. Glad he finally got a kid haha he always talked about being a father hahaha btw his wife is really pretty

  2. Yay!! Such good fortune for one of my favorite MCs. I miss seeing him on shows. Used to see him everywhere. :[

  3. congrats! ^^ i bet u its going to be a life changing expierence for him, i wish him the best

  4. KHD is going to be such an awesome funny dad!!! Congratulations to him!!

    Wow….i still can’t believe that the “old virgins” from X-Man are all now married and having kids… truly amazing!!!

    Kang Ho Dong–>married with child on the way
    Park Myung Soo–>married with child on the way
    Yoo Jae Suk–>just married and i’m pretty sure we’ll hear happy news from him too

  5. congrats to him! aha now he doesnt have to treat shinee taemin as a 5 year old and act like the lil boy on sk that does tell as his song aha omg he’ll be a good dad

  6. Congrats KHD!!!

    I have vision… that his kid, PKL kid… Yoo Jae Suk kid when he have one and Haha after he get married and have one…

    Their kids will all play together and it will be kids version of X man… ho ho ho…

  7. oh yes and Park Myung Soo kid… how can i forget that….

    I just love to laugh when he does that face comparing thing he does with kids that appear in Star King… super funny…

  8. awww.. congrats to kang ho dong!! im sure he’ll bring great laughter to his kids!!! 😀 such a cool pap!

  9. AW, CUTE! Congrats to him! He’s always great to little kids, so I’m sure he’ll make a great father. What a fun little family they will have! And ohmygosh! I’m glad the others reminded me. PKL and PMS will each have a child, too!

    Whatta great vision you have conceived! That would be so cool! XD aaahohohohoho!!

  10. what beautiful news!

    congrats HoDong oppa!

    —and yay, since they’re under the same company, i hope MC HoDong&MC Yoo do another show 2gether!!!

  11. OMG, i’m so happy for him!

    and i rem there was this prophet girl that appeared on star king saying that he won’t be getting a kid in the next few years. well…. i guess somebody was damn bloody WRONG!! lol

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  13. hehehe, felicitacions KHD!!
    Hace unos años me reia cuando les decian : “old virgins” en X-Man, ahora ya estan todos casados ^^

  14. Hi Alvin, thanks for this great news..

    Congrats for both of them..

    They will be a loving and great parents.
    I remebered once he said in YSSM that he addiction to others things has gone but only one thing never left; Addiction to his wife..So sweet..

    Take care Mrs Kang!^^

  15. Congratulations Ajussi, I wish you and your wife many luck in the future and for the upcoming baby offcourse !!

  16. Oh I hOpe that our Kang Hodong will keep continue is job as a wonderful MC.. I think he’s reaaallly funny !!

  17. Best news I’ve heard all day! I am so, so happy for them! Love Ho Dong to bits!

    He is going to be the best father ever! I adore watching Ho Dong interact with kids on Star King…

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