Fate or Coincidence? Andy and Solbi Prepares Couple Rings for Each Other

The 20th July broadcast of MBC star wedding variety “We Got Married” saw Andy and Solbi preparing couple rings for each other as this amazing “coincidence” left viewers feeling touched. (this was the twist previewed earlier)

Because of the ring loss incident earlier, both Andy and Solbi even had a small quarrel over this. But through their couple rings gift, they expressed how sorry they were for their actions and also showing their feelings through this.

But ironically, both Andy and Solbi seem to share the same thoughts as they prepared couple rings separately. How did they hand their couple rings to each other? Well, it was quite hilarious and you have to see if for yourself.

Andy said, “When I saw her tears in the last recording, I realized how hurt she really was. To soothe and makeup for her tears, I wanted to do something for her. Compared to just giving Solbi something, I felt that couple rings would be better”, as Andy explained the reason behind his couple rings gift.

Solbi had the same thought, “I was really sorry because I didn’t take good care of the ring and eventually losing it. So with the thought of placing more trust in each other, I felt that couple rings would be even better”, as she once again expressed how sorry she was and her feelings for Andy through the rings.

Solbi at the same time: ” The first time i received a ring, because i didn’t look after it properly thats why i lost it, i really felt sorry. With the idea on the importance of trusting each, a couple ring would be better” using a couple ring to once again express how sorry she is and her feelings for him.

Solbi said during her black room interview, “I didn’t want to just give him directly so I prepared his favorite eel rice meal and an event”, at the same time preparing the event to happen when the lights were switched off.

I’m not going to do any summaries because there are other sites that do a better job now. So here are the sites which you might like to bookmark.

London Facehttp://londonface.wordpress.com
All Seoul’d Outhttp://allseouldout.blogspot.com
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24 thoughts on “Fate or Coincidence? Andy and Solbi Prepares Couple Rings for Each Other

  1. yep! totally fate!!!

    FATE brought them together on the show…(cuz Kim Hyun Joong was originally supposed to be Solbi’s partner, but he was too busy…so Andy came!!)….

    FATE helped them fall deeper in love (thanks to stupid thief for stealing Solbi’s purse…without it… they would never be where they are at now!!!)

    and finally…FATE showed them and us all how alike they have become and how in love they are (both deciding to give couple rings on the same day!!!)

    they are truly a ‘Match Made In Heaven’!!!! NO DOUBT IN MY MIND WHAT-SO-EVER!!!<— even Andy said this to Solbi when he gave the couple ring to her!!!

  2. hahahah Are you serious?!?!?!

    I can’t wait to watch it with English subtitles…I’m about to watch it without….

    Unless the producers had something to do with the ‘rings’ incident, it is coincidentiatly FATED!!!!!

  3. Thanks Coolsmurf/Alvin for the blog link to London Face!! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Am doing some rough translations for Andy/Solbi on my blog but will still await for your awesome videos!!

  4. I think a lot of the show’s scenarios have to be scripted. There are way too many coincidences and unlikely situations, just like most reality tv shows. I still think its one of the best k-shows i’ve seen in a while, but just seems too good to be true.

  5. nah….it can happen… especially like Andy said in CTP, “couples become more alike each other”… so to me…i think their way of thinking through things about “them” is becoming similar… so it isn’t impossible things like this happens in life… especially between two people in LOVE!…

    i’ve seen my friends and their BFs or GFs give each other same gifts on anniversaries… that’s just how lovers are!!!

  6. Does this mean they each have 2 rings now? wow!

    One for each other and one for themselves x 2?

    Ok… I am dizzy already…

  7. hahah fated?? is that the name of the PD by any chance?? :p hmm, it seems a bit much of a coincidence. Although i could imagine that both thought about exchanging couple rings separately, and then the pd told them to wait until the right moment and then made them give each other the ring during the same episode without them knowing. Or i may just have way too much imagination!!

    thanks for making summaries until now Alvin! and thanks for the links ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. either it is fate or coincidence…it’s something really good for both of them…but for me, i did believe they two had lots of fate..as what yvette said..as at first, it should be someone else for solbi’s partner…but then, it’s andy and their chemistry…

    i don’t really think that PD involve in this…bcoz this is the first episode recorded after andy heard solbi’s blackroom confession about this scary show on studio..even their 100th day recorded b4 andy knew that solbi really fall for him..and i did think that andy felt really sorry for solbi’s tear (confession+blackroom’s confession+salon), so that’s why he really want to make up by giving couple ring…..

    no matter what…anBi is really make such a great couple…..luv them both…

  9. OH MAN~!

    bulleye! i totally wished that andy would give solbi another ring. and it really happened. and furthermore, solbi so coincidentally got a couple ring for them too. speak about fate!

    i totally hoped that the both of them would bring this relationship to a whole new level (:

    Thanks coolsmurf for this mini summary. more than enough to make my day!

  10. omg! ๐Ÿ˜€ can’t wait for this episode! ๐Ÿ˜€ i hope it’s going to be this week’s one!

  11. I love this episode, finally can tell they have similar tastes, now i want them to date for real!!!
    I always like them out of all the couples, i do like other couples but they stood out for me.
    thanks for the summary.

  12. I’m not sure if it’s frustrating, but when you’re the first to do something, then when it gets more popular, others begin to do the same thing.. subbing, summary, etc., by then, you have nothing to do. It’s like what’s the point of everyone doing the same thing.. difference of only a few days.

    I’m somewhat off topic. ๐Ÿ˜›

    Fate? Coincidence? Or scripted?

  13. Fate? I don’t think so! Coincidence? What is that supposed to mean? Scripted? Probably!

    This couple seems a little forced (especially on Andy’s part). Oh well, good luck to them both and hopefully they won’t get hurt at the end!

  14. @ 17 and18.

    I believe that is somehow half scripted and half of themselves. While the PD’s can decide the scenes and scenario for them I agreed but I believe that Solbi’s feelings is true but I’m not so certain on Andy’s part. I believe to that even if it is scripted, the feelings cannot be scripted i.e the feelings of want to make other party happy by making a meal and giving the ring(whether it is scripted or suggested by the production team), the sincerity of want to learn about each other and their own happiness is what matter most.

    AnBi, all the best.:)

  15. i just finished watching the 1st part of AnBi that you sub, Andy is really cute…thanks for continuing to sub WGM !

  16. like hwi jae said during the studio recording when they were watching…it’s fate (him & his fate..lol) but yeah i think it’s fate as well…

    oh & crown j as the end when he asked “doesn’t it make it real then?” i mean yeah i think it’s real now because both have couple rings & they are both wearing it.

  17. It’s most likely ‘scripted’…
    the PDs have been dabbling in the show so much that I now view WGM as more of a drama than a reality show.

    Best of luck to Andy and Solbi.

  18. Thank you coolsmurf for subbing. I could not say it is fate. Somehow it is more of a coincidence. I know Solbi is being herself but somehow I doubt Andy because of his hesitation to show his true emotions. I also find myself leaning to the idea that it is “scripted”. I like this couple but it would be disappointing especially for the hard core fans if Andi would not be able to carry on the responsibility of what they did. Giving couple rings are symbolic that they have acknowledged their feelings for each other but if they just doing it just for the show, it would be a shame.

  19. After reading all your responses, i really hope solbi won’t get hurt in the end. After all, she seems to be the one who actually falls for Andy. And Andy is kind of like hyun joong, is less interested in their partner. I think everyone can see that solbi is finding her romance one sided. (why dose it feel like a tradegy to me?) what’s more, Hwang Bo cooked everything and Hyun joong just ate it without saying any thankful words….. I don’t understand why this program makes women look so petty and low. Maybe it’s because Korea is a male chauvinism kind of country. And women in Korea seem to feel ok with that. By the way, the ring…..if andy and solbi is not sincere about their relationship, it will really be a joke.

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