Son Tae Young Getting ‘Abuse’ from Marrying Kwon Sang Woo

Son Tae Young is currently hurting after fan objections to her impending marriage to Kwon Sang Woo on 28th September at Joong Gu Shilla Hotel.

Kwon Sang Woo had hastily announced his plans to wed Son Tae Young last Friday after rumors of him dating her had spread like wildfire the day before. However, some netizens have since voiced their objections to the marriage, in particularly directing their attention towards Son Tae Young.

These netizens claimed that since entering the Korean entertainment industry as the 3rd runner-up in Miss Korea 2000, Son Tae Young has had several scandals with male artistes, with some even making the headlines.

One netizen sarcastically pointed out, “Following Joo Young Hoo, Shin Hyun Joon, Tae Young Yoon, Cool.K, it’s Kwon Sang Woo’s turn now?” Another pointed out, “Just recently on tv, she said that because of the hurt from past relationships, it’s hard for me to fall in love again…”

But there were others who blessed their marriage, “No matter what people say, as long as both of you love each other, getting married is natural. Just prove them wrong by living a blissful life together.”

Meanwhile, in reply to this “hate campaign” against his wife-to-be, Kwon Sang Woo posted a message on his fancafe earlier this morning.

These people (reporters and antis) never stops blabbering…I’m tearing as I’m writing this.

Is this the right way for these reporters and people to pass judgement about my wedding? Who has the right to judge my decision and about my wife?

Son Tae Young has suffered lots of hurt from the media. Her actions and past relationships are all laid out bare for all to see, but…

I have also experienced relationships and breakups. I’m not asking for you to understand and accept Son Tae Young. I just know that my opinion is the most important thing.

I, Kwon Sang Woo am not in love and getting married with a Miss Korea. I am really in love and getting married with a woman. I really don’t like the media fabricating stuff like she’s pregnant, comparing my marriage with Yoo Jae Suk, etc…

Money, fame. If you just look up to these, there won’t be an end to it. Let’s work a bit more, let’s earn a bit more money, let’s accumulate more popularity. There are people who gives up their love because of that. I don’t want to do that.

Not just the media and antis, Kwon Sang Woo career could be hitting the skids with his schedule thrown into disarray after his shock announcement. Even companies are threatening to terminate their CF contracts with him because of the possible backlash and it’s expected to cost him 100 million KRW.

That’s the unfortunate baggage that you have to live with as a top celebrity. Hope that they can get through this quickly and get married happily.

104 thoughts on “Son Tae Young Getting ‘Abuse’ from Marrying Kwon Sang Woo

  1. do these people really have nothing better to do than to FREAKING OBJECT someones marriage to someone else as fans and not as people who really know this couple?

    absolutely ridiculous!
    dont get me wrong, i am no fan of either. not only am i not a fan, i dont even know who is she….err… before i read that she is dating him and now getting married and that she was once miss korea

    quoting KSW
    “I, Kwon Sang Woo is not in love and getting married with a Miss Korea. I am really in love and getting married with a woman.”
    very well said

  2. euhm.. i ve never heard of her either..
    but.. COME ON PEOPLE get a life. its their wedding let them be! like who the hell are you to say such things..

  3. awwwwww he said all the right thing without being rude. handled it very well.

    i agree with the first 2 ppl that ppl really have no life.

    its the same thing when fans dream of marrying their idol and trashes ANYONE who happens to get close to them. dont they know that its hopeless and ur just causing more trouble for ur idol?

    i think they are very cute together and he is right that he should have to give up on love for a career. so many actors and singers say they will marry when they are 30, 35 because their career is rising hot, but they are probably giving up something.

    so if its his choice, and he made it loud and clear that it is his, to love a woman and marry her while still having a sucessful career, anyone should be proud and supportive.

    the big NO NO that celebrities think that if they get married, their fame will plummet, thats so sad.

    i support him and hope he proves all those jerks out there wrong. hope they have a smooth and happy wedding and have lots of cute kids. hehe

  4. I’ve never understood antis. If you don’t have anything nice to say, then just don’t say anything at all. Why can’t two people who are in love be together in peace? As long as they are happy and not hurting anyone, shouldn’t that be all that matters?

  5. omg..stupid netizens
    just let them be! STY-KSW love each other!
    Why those anti-fans bothered them??!!

  6. Wait, I don’t get it! Why would he be getting sued due to his CF contracts? That’s business and his personal matters (wedding announcement) shouldn’t be mixed! That’s messed up!

    Such a happy announcement lead with so many baggage. I may not know who Son Tae Young was but she’s human. People makes mistakes and they can’t help it if they’re a celebrity. Another sad story of being a celebrity but the Korean media should just leave the couple be. They’re getting married and that’s that. The more I read or hear about how Korean media treats its actors and actress makes me sick–it’s almost worst then in the U.S.!

    Anyway, I hope Kwon Sang Woo & Son Tae Young don’t take what is being said or being scrutinized about their relationship. It’s really none of anyone’s business and my God, let them be happy!!!!

    – aX

  7. Anyway, I hope Kwon Sang Woo & Son Tae Young don’t take what is being said or being scrutinized about their relationship to seriously. It’s really none of anyone’s business anyway and my God, let them be happy!!!!****

  8. aww KSW seems very sincere and really loving his fiancee!
    I hope this ends well and they find happiness :]

  9. what’s with this people… this fan’s are really crazy… they don’t have the right to judge anyone…

  10. “don’t judge the book by it’s cover” you’ll never know this marriage might workout when other don’t………..
    everyone has right to love and be loved, KSW will be the who will live with STY and not the antis………

  11. I’m taking bets on the date of divorce: 10 to 1 odds that they break up in 4 years. Korean people are so crazy….its young demo-crazy at work

  12. OMG. These netizens are psycho! People have to get married sooner or later! So what if it doesn’t work out, they’ll never know until they get married. Love is a question among the lovers, not the outsiders. They look cute together and they seem like they’re in love, so let them be!

  13. omg these netizens and the CF companies…soo stupid..oh well i just hope they are happy with each other =) they both deserve to be happy!

  14. ugh, these netizens…they really need to get a life…
    …or at least stay out of someone else’s life.
    seriously, why can’t people understand that celebs marrying each other is the same as a man marrying a woman? O_o
    Kwon Sang Woo and Son Tae Young happiness like any other couple deserves =[

  15. I don’t understand why company would cancel their CF deals with him. I mean, it’s not like he had an Edison Chen scandal. Is it impossible to be married AND sexy? Gosh.

  16. Stupid jealous idiots. They think only THEY are worthy of being Kwon Sang Woo’s wife. OMG pleaseeee… And if bringing down other people is what makes them feel better about their retarded selves, that’s just sad. Kwon Sang Woo and you are a dream. Kwon Sang Woo and Son Tae Young are a reality.

    I hope Kwon Sang Woo and Son Tae Young will have a blissful beautiful wedding and make lots of babies and kick those antis in their sorry ugly faces. Lol..

    All you crazy fanatic fans can trash Son Tae Young ALL you want, coz guess what? Kwon Sang Woo chose her and not YOU. Scream, bash, whatever, go waste your time. Hahaha..

  17. fan objections??? who the hell are they to object?! it’s not like he’s dating so bimbo for fun, they’re seriously planning to marry for heaven’s sake, that’s nobody’s business! noone’s telling the fans how to live THEIR lives. they need a reality check, crazy people.

    KSW’s message is really brave and touching. I hope SonTae Young won’t start having second thoughts and will go through this alright. This whole story is waaaayyyy over the top! good luck to them

  18. sigh. i just hope they get through this phase and the wedding smoothly. he’s of marriageable age anyway….

  19. -_-;; i’m KSW fan but i support his marriage! fans should realised that their idols will bound to get married.. and please wish them live happily ever after.. not hoping for a divorce..

    i’m sick and tired of hearing another divorce by celebs!
    i hope KSW will be happy forever!!!!!!!!

  20. as a fan, you should support the idol you adore, not dictate their life.

    maybe these fans should realize (somebody, hammer them out of this please!) that they can’t keep Kwon Sang Woo single just because he’s “public property”.

    First up, he’s not a commodity. It’s his god damn life and if he’s truly found a soulmate, can’t we just be happy for him? Gee. Who cares what kind of person Son Tae Young is? I mean, do these fan ACTUALLY know who Son Tae Young and Kwon Sang Woo really are. Nope, they don’t. Ridiculous. Even if this marriage didn’t work, it’s again their life. People learn from mistakes. and for all you know, they might stay happily married till they’re old and wrinkly.

    i abhor these kind of fans. Selfish people living in their f*ckd up fantasy world thinking that their idol is theirs and theirs only.


    they just tarnish the word ‘fans’. I’m a fan of Kwon Sang Woo and if he feels it’s time for him to get married, go for it.

    A blissfully married Kwon Sang Woo = A more productive Kwon Sang Woo = more great movies, dramas and CFs = Happ ME!! =)

    who stays celebs can’t be married and still stay hot? -rolls eyes-

  21. he is a dumb ass for even reacting to those people… WHO CARES what people say??? I do feel sorry for her, because they are putting him on a pedestal and basically saying she isn’t good enough..but wtf man?? why cry about it?? and give those people the sense of power… you are marrying HER, not the public…you should carelss what those people say… didn’t he learn anything from Song Il Gook?? the man protected his then future wife to be and he didn’t have to cry all over the place…lol.. he even Ninja-ed a reporter trying to get into his business… as far as I’m concerned they look good together, and seem to compliment each other, so who the hell cares about netizens…

  22. and wow the cf issues..
    i feel sorry if this has an impact in his career… its very unfortunate, I’m not familiar with korean laws, but i’m pretty much sure this is illegal… sigh..this boy can’t catch a break..he just needs to focus on his wife to be and career..and stop minding those brainless netizens.. are they even humans??

  23. i really don’t get how netizens think their objections could stop the wedding….i mean come on..if he hasn’t married a fan by now, he won’t marry a fan.

    oh gawd. imagine when ssh or dbsk gets married. all hell will break loose.

  24. people should stop bothering them. it’s their life, geez. KSW is so sweet. lols. that means, the two loves each other, the netizens are not the one to get married so they better not interfere.

  25. We are his fans,not the his judges!actors are also humans ,they also want to marry since they have heart.
    and why the cf companies are threatening to terminate their cf contracts with him?
    Even he is married he is same person KSW is KSW.Marriage doesn’t mean his acting became bad.netizens,u are just giving him pressure.

    KWON SANG WOO,don’t care about them,do the right things.if the conpanies terminate their cf contracts let them be. there are a lot people who support u and son tae young.

  26. Very well said. All of it.
    I never imagined him as a smart and wise person, I’ve thought of him more as a macho-idol and stuff.
    But now I’m convinced the otherwise. Very good.

    Is this why Korean celebrities hide their relationships ALL THE TIME until they announce their marriage??!
    Because if they unreveal it, their rating will fall down right the way??

  27. seriously???

    fans really need to understand their idol and let them have some air.

    I mean this is the happiness moment in his life shouldn’t they at least be happy for him.

  28. Good on him. He finally found someone he loves and wanted to shared his happiness with the media and his fans. Wish him all the best in his marriage and family and career. Being a celebrity doesn’t mean they are not human. He is just being a responsible person and setting a good example.

  29. Well, Son Tae Young doesn’t really have a clean record when it comes to marriage and guy relationships. She’s often looked as the bad person because of what she did to this particular male celebrity. That’s why netizens are upset. They think she’s just a player. I wish for the best of them and set an example to everyone in the midst of this divorce-frenzy society, but I cannot see this marriage last longer than few years.

  30. as if Kwon Sang Woo has clean relationships…why is it when girls have these kind of scandals, its immoral? Come on people, we’re in 21st century! why judge her just because she has a couple of break-ups? KSW is old enough to think for himself…and fans and reporters alike should respect that…

  31. No one has the right to say who’s right for who…especially the fans…just leave them alone!

    if they love each other and want to get married, then its their choice, not for the netizens to decide.

  32. Main problem here: too many people don’t have a life on their own AND have to be such an asshole just because of it!

  33. i’m sure people are just jealous, also i think he probably blindsided his fans, who thought he was single & that they probably had a chance at him, maybe if they announced they were dating earlier and then fans could get use to it instead of being surprised. but come on he’s ready, they are happy, so let them be.

  34. I agree 100% with Hay Hay’s comment.

    I don’t think many of the comments here are aware of Miss STY’s numerous scandals and relationships with male celebs after she rose to fame. And yes, considering what she did to this one particular guy and if y’all knew the story, she doesn’t really look like a sweet, loving girl but rather a player.

    Nonetheless, I hope they will get married and be happy. All the best.

  35. I wouldn’t be surprised if this wedding was called of because of these fanatic psychos! Seriously, do korean fans not have lives? It’s ridiculous that she would even be attacked this way!

  36. I think a lot of netizens are fans of KSW and wished that he found someone with a better reputation. Korea is essentially a conservative society, and STY has more than her fair share of flings/relationships – with some hitting the headlines. So, naturally, fans can’t help but express their concerns since they want the best for their hero, KSW. Although, KSW has every right to state that it’s his life and everyone can drop dead. Hehe, not in those terms, of course. But, like or not, when you’re a celebrity, your life is under public scrutiny. It’s part of the deal!

    I didn’t have much of an opinion either way till I saw this:

    Wow, what a transformation! No wonder plastic surgery is blooming in Korea! As long as you have enough money, you can be on beauty pageants and snag a famous movie star for a husband! Good for you, STY!!

  37. what can i say! blessings to him, we are not the one he will be sleeping with everyday so let him handle all he can!

  38. So the rumors we have heard is indeed true.

    I understand both parties, but it’s is their life, their options, their decisions, their risks and their own journey.

    We can just pray and hope the best for everyone as we are not them and we are not in their shoes.

    Just hopes that both of them have think really carefully and if they really love and can accept each other, well just get married then.^^ I loved when seeing my loved ones being in love and getting married.

    Finally, it is their own life just let them be happy.

  39. in fairness to KSW’s fans, they probably felt blindsided by the news of his marriage plans without the previlige of knowing first about his relationship. i guess if the news had been released in doses, i.e. revelation of the girl he is dating and an admittance of a relationship before the “shocking” wedding announcement then the fans would be given the time to digest it. this way, they will eventually come to respect his decision and hopefully the woman he chooses to marry. KSW’s fans are protective ergo the “violent” reaction, but aren’t all fans like that? popularity/fame comes with responsibility and stars won’t be stars without their fans. stars are public property so maybe a some concession to his fans’ feelings would not have hurt.
    and i guess STY, who is a celebrity herself, should expect the media madness… i am not korean (but have come to be a fan of korean dramas) but from my neck of the woods, i know KSW is a big star. this is not the only time she (and their relationship) will be under media and fan’s scrutiny.
    that said, good luck to them. i hope they find a happy balance of personal and public life together.

  40. interesting link koopa… the change was a bit dramatic don’t you think? she turned out to be quite pretty too…


  41. i’m sorry to say this…but that only seems to happend in korea……. sometimes im wondering why korean fans don’t see artists like it is….HUMANS!

  42. I read in soompi’s thread that KSW said it was his fans who made his strong and decide to announce his marriage. It was his fans that he come to the extent being brave facing the media on announcing his marriage..

    I think those who quite lured about his decision is his anti’s or those who overly conscious.

  43. cum on peeps give dem a chance we only hve 1 chance in life, either we make mistakes or wat but da main thing is just b happi, so ksw fans b happi 4 him,he’s not going anywhere he’s gettin’ marry….so lets all give dis 2 a big CONGRATS… nd wish dem all da best but hope he’ll continue his acting career so u fans can c more of ur favorite actor in da future…. a word of advise -fans support him nd b happi its not de ending its a beginning of a new life nd a happi life….. GOD bless u peeps….peace

  44. Well, I’m so surprised when read this news…coz before this I guess his choice is the different type of girl…kind,innocent and so on like he said but he choice so different, I’m very disappointed…I think he can make a better choice which women to be his wife…So there is no doubt that certain man sometime only look at beauty, but maybe that his fate…so I’m happy for him for his wedding. Sometime I think most of man today only look beauty,sex’s, and wealth and other hell things…really hates about that….I wish ksw has the right choice pray for your happiness……

  45. u r so rite jw i hope he’ll re-think but in de end its up to him,so hopefully evrydang goes well for him nd his actin’ career,nd hope he’ll be happi…..

  46. Hey oppa wat a quick wedding blissful is rte u have to re-thnk kwon dnt rush or u wil end up wit nthn u shld married to anthr grl frm ur cuntry like for eg song hye kyo or dat grl frm stairway to heaven ninong al ninong al totoopa i thnk inditotoian ae a unbelievable aye peepz wel its ur decision oppa keep on prayn so dat u cn chnge ur mnd 2mrw sao ai leisi koeaiga aye blissful ua tru le lve a le pea lua lea se pigi haha.

  47. Hey ate blissful is it da begining or d end of da wrld haha
    se ua quick kele feelings a kwon ate fai mai foi e a benicio
    pakit jenfr hahaha o le mea lega e maua e le pea lua lea haha ia may god bles da nw cuple suga u shld be the flwrgrl se ua ou fefe kei ua salalau rose nsde da chrch haha ae leaga ai le kai masae la lea o le veli haha malo blissful salama ate haha sigepo ofa atu ia song seung heon haha fia oo i ai atonu lava e oo i ai haha.

  48. Oo, what an ugly turnout. It’s absolutely awful that people would say such things about a person, although if she had such relationships in the past, she has only herself to blame in all honesty. While I somewhat understands the critics’ point of view, I feel bad for her, and feel that their criticism is too harsh. Who are they to say who she can or cannot marry?

    Her husband-to-be’s words are very touching, and hopefully their marriage will prove these rumors wrong. Although, what is this about MC Yoo? Did he get his girlfriend pregnant and that’s why they married?

  49. I really don’t get it.. I feel really bad for STY. I love Kwon Sang Woo, and I’m SO glad he’s not gonna end up being one of the good looking actors who are so into their work and their look maybe that they ended up fading away and alone. Well, Kwon Sang Woo might not end up alone when he’s old! And he might not be so promiscuous lonely good looking old actor. lol. Be thankful for god’s sake. If you love him, support him. If you hate him, then you shouldn’t give a crap about his life. Let the man and woman be.

  50. Wow wat can i say aye peepz frst of al congrats n bravo
    salama if kwon is mahalkita to tae-young k cmon peepz dont
    judge others bout thr commnt coz its onli a commnt its nt dat u cn jump in n marry kwon plz plz mind ur own busines aiight faapa aku lou ulu ia kwon congratz congratz wat else do u wnt me to say koe congratz tak cre evryne n god bles.

  51. we should just leave dem alone nd wish dem all da best,fans of ksw supoort his decision nd be hapi 4 him so nuthin will happen 2 his career,i hope dey r not gonna cancel his contract or else no more ksw…ate adorable ia aua le popole ia ksw sei fai le uiga a le…so plz evry1 out dea lets all b happi nd give dis 2 a big support nd hope its a happi ending… u know wat i hope ksw hve a chance to read all da comments dats posted in dis website….nd mayb he can thnx us later nd knowin’ dat dea r peepz outside of korea who r not korean dat do cre bout dea marriage..nd dis is reeaalllly cool i thought it can only happen in hollywood but korea also hve dea own celebrities drama…wow..amazing… well hope dey hve a happi life 2gether…peace

  52. it really made me sad hearing that ksw will be getting married soon with sty, at first i needed to surf from the net who was sty, till i realised that i saw her from one of the kdramas to marry a miilionnaire… i actually liked her there. well, i am an avid fan of ksw, though , jealousy was there, but come on… they are also like us… they have their personal lives. They give us happiness when they give us nice dramas and films.. so we should let them be happy also. we should accept who our ksw loves… we should love sty frm now on.
    I am calling all the fanatics of ksw.. let us bless ksw and sty wedding. let us wish them a bright married life. though, kws still have to promise us… that he would still give us nice dramas. Good luck to both of you. ksw…. you are always be my idol. break-a-leg

  53. aaah so Kwon Sang Woo oppa wont be single anymore… its harder to gaze at a man in a drama and think oh gosh hes so hot when u know that he is married.. but kwon sang woo is will always be a man where people look at and say he is fine whether hes married or not. the jealous side of me says ugh why are you getting married??? haha by why should i have any say in his marriage when i’ve never met the guy and only have been a fan of him for years..?

    i will forever be a fan!

  54. i really don’t know that kws will get married soon(just now)saw sty drama before and i love her there. maybe she does have plenty controveries and whatsoever. kws accepted her and that’s it.
    he’s not getting younger anymore. sigh. so butt out.and be happy for him.hehehe.
    hope those fans will understand this marriage and those companies will still support kws. or even though they will not, we will be still you be your fan and will always love you. do cherish each other.

  55. i don’t understand those crazy fans hurting brainless to do that. what the hell are they thinking, what if the accidentally killed her, duh!!! will kws forgive!!heck!!!!
    dang those brainless and heartless fans should leave him alone with his decision and support him. why condemning them?!?!so stupid
    i was rooting for ha ji won or khm for kws.erm maybe a bit impossible but hey do we know who will be good enough for him.kws please continue doing good dramas. hope the companies will still support him. and if they don’t its their lost. sigh we hope kws and sty will have a good and happy marriage. who doesn’t?

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  57. Actually…I’m not so fanatic like imaginary girlfriend fans outside,,,but until now I still won’t to believe that KSW will married with that girl STY, there is not jealous but I still wonder how their relationship develop so fast…yeah maybe STY really his true love but we will wait and see the wedding go through…I don’t know but till now I won’t to believe this…I hope god bless both of you…and KSW will always happy with his choice and give his all love to STY…I will support you and hope you will be more success in your carrier and life future…>>>I only want to say If you think you are in the right way just follow the way becoz if you still thinking what people around say there is no ends, you will always can’t satisfy anyone needs,,,just follow your instinct …GOD BLESS YOU FOREVER KSW!!!!!

  58. To Kwon sang woo . .
    Why do you want to marry a women who has many rumerous scandal and relationship with other male celebrity? knowing what she did to some of this guy, for me she doesn’t look like loving girl but rather a playgirl. We your fans were not against you for getting marry but we wish that you found someone with better reputation, since we want the best for you and we love you. Put it in your mind Korea is a conservative country.

    your loving fans

  59. i thought he would marry like one of da leadin’ actress in some of his dramas but wat heck is his life, ay u r rite KAMEE just imagine if ssh or dbsk get marrys, oh dat will b something to talk ’bout nd who is dbsk neway…just wonderi’…oh well ksw i hope u hve a happi life with sty, nd hope u’ll do more dramas/films even though u r gettin’ marry so soon u still da best nd hottest..ay…lol..ate tiare/adorable se tuu pea ia e alu e fai lana fiafia, e tru le mahal dose 2 ay ate….e oo…

  60. …ah,, i pity the girl!!!! bwahahahaha!!!!!!! all sang woo fans seemed to be angry of her.. good luck sa kanya..

  61. That means KSW is a great guy and responsible man I’ve seen ‘coz he doesn’t care about other previous experiences, but he is only looking at the present. Everyone has a mistaken experience but if we are stick to that experience, how can we pass that terrible life find any further happy. Let it passes and do the best for your future.

    I’ve seen many couple dated only a short time but they can continue their marriage life until the end of their life. On the other hand, I’ve seen some couple dated for a long time, some more than 5-10 years but they have to end it up after getting married for a shot period. So, pls do not consider others from the cover you’ve seen.

    I think KSW is old enough to think who is right for him. As he said that if he meets a great woman, but if it is not the right time, she is not his. So, this is the right time for him, right!

    Love last long forever. KSW LOVE!!!

  62. not all fans r angry @ sty some wishes dem da best its just amazin’ 2 c dea r otha fans of ksw seems do cre bout him,but in de end its his decision nd no 1 else,a ate tiare sili ai faapa le ulu ale auvaega lea……oh well “OPPA” hve a happi life nd just b ur self nd hofefully ur otha fans will love nd adore ur wife 2 b… ate fai se tala ile pea lua lea…..e fia pai ai…lol…peace

  63. To Kwon sang woo

    As you said “Money, fame If you just look to these, there won’t be an end to it”, we know you have plenty of money now, but this is not the point, We your fans are shock without knowing first about your relationship you make us blind, as if were not important to you, I agree with cookie popularity/fame comes with responsibility and your fans who support you and put you where you are now are taken for granted as if were not exsisting. were not against your marriage and you cannot blame us for expressing our concern since we want the best for you.

    From FANS

  64. oh oh Mr. Kim Sung Soo, you did not do a good job as a matchmaker, Mr Kwon, your fans felt betrayed, how sad for you at your prime stage in your career will it now be history……

  65. ay u r rite NOT UR FAN dis wil b history 4 his career…nd dat kss did not do a good job as a matchmaker either he should stick to actin’…oh well no more ksw….sop.sop.sop..4 da fans…but hope deas a miracle nd he’ll change his mind oh wat i’m…hve a happi life …..ksw…

  66. How long us their relationship they have?

    What we have is prayer the best for both of them.

  67. sorry typo: How long is their relationship going on..*I’m sleepy at that time.

    Hope the best for them.

    Thanks for keep blogging Alvin.

  68. KSW – I am a great fan of you! In my opinion, marriage is a big decision in life and it is very personal. So if you think you make the right choice, then go ahead and you shouldn’t feel guilty because of STY’s tears.

    You are very kind, friendly, caring and compassionate person. I guess that is why everybody admires you. It is proven by so many feedbacks and critics about you. It means that everyone cares for your success, and you’re popularity has not been diminished.

    God bless you.

  69. u r so dam rite KSY he’s a luvin’ nd carin’ person dats why we(fans) luv him so much, he should re-think ’bout dis whole marriage fiasco nd put his career 1st but den in de end is his decision i just hope he reconsider nd re-think again…GOD bless ksw nd his career…se ate tiare fai mai se tala….

  70. Why STY suffered hurt from the media, she cannot take it? that her past relationship are laid out? why she cannot accept it? No, she should accept it because that is the TRUTH . . .
    You know KSW, man experienced many relationship is different from a women, man is man

  71. to KSW,
    you did the right thing man… if you really love her then why not marry her… loving a person is loving and accepting all the things that happened and will going to happen to his/her life. everyone has his/her pass relationships before getting into marriage. so let us not be judgmental about it. just be a good husband to your wife to be. congratulations to you and best wishes to your wife… just be strong for all the challenges and never give up… just hold on… ok…

    to KSW FANS
    I know u support kwon sang woo all the way. we love him so much as he is. so let us not be a burden to him. let us support him whatever his decision in life. if we really love him, let us love the person he loves. let us never turn him down. no one can judge a person just looking about his/her passed. let us see about the future. so i know we understand him a lot… ok…

  72. Hello Fans of KSW, if you are really a fan, you should be happy that he has found a woman he loves enough to marry and risk his career for. Whatever her reputation, we as his fans should respect his decision and know he is not stupid! I just saw a korean drama “My Last Scandal” and the famous actor in that drama reminded me of KSW’s current situation…we all don’t really know the whole truth re KSW’s wife to be so don’t judge her. If she is worthy of KSW’s love than she must be a fantastic woman! All the very best to their marriage and may they prove their critics wrong and stay happy… till death do they part.

    To their CF companies…don’t be stupid and cancel any contracts coz KSW has many fans throughout Asia who rejoices with his decision and support him all the way and waiting to see more of his dramas/films!!!

  73. Wow, yah I agree that netizens these days are way in over their heads, but then again everyone is free to speak their mind. Just sucks that they can’t do it to their faces. lol

    Idk, it’s his choice as to who he marries, but it’s well known that most people don’t look at Son Tae Young too kindly because of her past love triangle with Shin Hyun Jun and Joo Young Hoon, the latter who attempted suicide after their breakup and lost a LOT of weight from the depression. The media blew that story over in the past, which is probably why she still has so many anti fans.

    Personally, I don’t really think highly of her either not just for her previous problems but cuz I just don’t think she’s a good actress. :p But it is their decision, and with such backlash from Kwon Sang Woo himself, I think people should just calm down and give them a chance instead of ruining their careers. *Shrugs*

  74. it must be so hard being a celebrity over there…i really feel sorry for them cuz the people over there are so aggressive towards them and what they do and their personal life too! makes me really mad sometime!

  75. poor dude. and her too. but yeah, come on. he’s an idol. that’s just how it is.

    i’m’ jealous yo. i wish i was marrying him. ;p

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  77. Just be happy for Kwon Sang-woo and Son Tae-young. They deserve to be happy because they really love each other.

    Congratulations Kwon Sang-woo and Son Tae-young!

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  79. I really like kwon…he’s special and good actor….well I didn’t want him to get married but he seems to love her.they look appropriate for each other… luck ..

  80. Yea, this is why Korea is the heart of drama and still the best at it. With or without the camera rolling, they still have drama going outside of the famous life. lol. I think korea people just have issue problem. Won’t be suprise if he or she kill themself.

  81. I just watched Bad Love and it’s the first time I’ve seen him in a drama. I really liked him there and I was totally shocked just now when I knew he’s already married. But anyways, congratulations to them both and best wishes. It’s not like I or any other fan can stop people from being in love. (^O^)/

  82. i willl not say inything …even u think that i’m a bas girl for saying that let’s wait for two or three years or in the best situations let’s wait until KSW will not famous and will not young …. mybee no money too then do you think that son tae young will be a good person and still living with him ?? i’m 17 years old !!hard question for u all …no it’s very easier answer for me …. i really want u to thing about it …… sorry Kwon i love you and want the best for u .

  83. We should be very full of respect and let them do what they wanted. We’re not in the situation though. Although, we love kwon, it doesn’t matter.. we still not have to very selfish and claim him. he has his own life. We should not be bothered.

  84. Dear fans,
    is Son Tae Young virgin when she marry Kwon Sang Woo? or she already had sex with other men before marriage?

  85. i think KWS and STY have the right deciscion to get married,,,,,,they need to accept what is the people feel about their marriage…….because they are fans…… the fans-netizens you dont have a right way to tell that to the couple because they have also a personal life even they are actors or actress,,,they need to have a privacy,,,to their relationships………….if you dont want their relationship,,,do not post that you can hurt someone>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  86. Koreans have a problem. What kind of life do they want their celebrities to have when they are not permitted to date anybody or marry? What kind of crazy fanship is that? These people have a life to live like any other person and are entitled to love like any other person. I believe the celebrities should break the jinx and live their life and sooner or later this hide and seek date game will be history. Wishing the couple happy married life.

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