Andy and Solbi 100th Day Wedding Album Photos + Video

Although not as much heavily edited as the Alex and Shin Ae couple mentioned earlier, there was a significant amount of Andy and Solbi wedding photos that wasn’t shown on “We Got Married” due to lack of time.

But luckily, this fan by the name of Miss Kim Eun Jin also made a “video capture” of Andy and Solbi’s wedding album at the same MBC Fair (album used by the related studio/shop for promotional purposes) and this fan took a risk in “recording” it and then sharing it on her Cyworld minihompy.

There are also pictures and although not as HQ as Crown J and Seo In Young ones, but they give you a clear indication how well their photoshoot went.

The following is a collage of the above pictures in bigger resolution.

credits: Ansol Baidu + aindy

28 thoughts on “Andy and Solbi 100th Day Wedding Album Photos + Video

  1. i LOVE WGM !!!!! and AnBi!!!! double couple rings hahaha
    please will you very kindly sub the AnBi part Alvin???
    Kamshamida!!!!!! :DDDD

  2. hahaha. i still can’t stop smiling about the double ring…. hahaha.. so cute.. can u pliz sub their part..:D..very much tenkyu 4 that..

  3. The video but not the pictures are provided by her? Anyways, I can see that she wouldn’t have been allowed to film it, but why really? It is for the audience after all, no?

    (Don’t know why, but couldn’t open the bigger pictures in Firefox 😮 IE worked however.)

  4. Owww que kawai!!
    Solbi se ve muy pero muy bien en estas fotos, y andy muy encantador hehe
    Lo que la gente dice acerca de couple rings se puede aprecias en We got married ep 19. espero con impaciencia los subs ^^

  5. lol, i just noticed, all the couples have the “Will you marry me?” sign in one of their pictures XD

  6. They look really sweet in the hanboks, and I love the short wedding dress and flowers ensemble, they look like children! Esp. the pic where she’s going to kiss his forehead ^^

    Thank you for sharing these!

  7. Solbi surprised Andy with a couple ring set; but he had already bought a couple set too.

    This time instead of just one ring (the one that got stolen) Andy bought a set.

    Now both are wearing two rings. 😀

    It must be Solbi’s ring (the one from her) that he wears on his pinky on his left hand. It seemed like it was a bit too small for his ring finger. Think he wears the one he bought on his ring finger.

    Ep. 19 is so good. All the couples were loveable in this episode. 😀

    Now to wait to read what Andy and Solbi actually said. 😀

  8. I love that picture of them on the motorbike, so cute. All the couples really look married now.

  9. OMG….. Love them very much their so lovely……

    so cuteeeee…… I’m feel a little jealous…….. they’re looked like a prince and a princess from fairytale ………

  10. thanks coolsmurf…that’s what i’m looking for…thos picture r really nice….love ANBI couple the best………

  11. i loved ep 19 to bits. every couple had a lovey moment. even for hwangjoon couple. the part where he accidentally yelled out ‘yobo’! (darling) and then got so embarrassed kyaaaaahhhhhhhhh

    and yes. the story behind the 2 rings anbi couple are wearing? adorable. i think if they really got together. this memory will prob be the sweetest ever!!

  12. can anyone tell me.. if the wedding pics are gona available in print for fans to buy? coz IMA BUY IT!

  13. finally their wedding album come out…They look so adorable in hanbook,especially solbi,she look ANBI..

  14. it’s so funny how they didn’t take off their mics when taking the pictures or had them photoshopped off. LOL anbi forever~

  15. OMG!!! love the pic! thx coolsmurf!! wah! wah! I’m going to faint seeing them too adorable!!! 😀


  16. After reading all your responses, i really hope solbi won’t get hurt in the end. After all, she seems to be the one who actually falls for Andy. And Andy is kind of like hyun joong, is less interested in their partner. I think everyone can see that solbi is finding her romance one sided. (why dose it feel like a tradegy to me?) what’s more, Hwang Bo cooked everything and Hyun joong just ate it without saying any thankful words….. I don’t understand why this program makes women look so petty and low. Maybe it’s because Korea is a male chauvinism kind of country. And women in Korea seem to feel ok with that. By the way, the ring…..if andy and solbi is not sincere about their relationship, it will really be a joke.

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