Alex and Shin Ae 100th Day Wedding Album That Was Not Shown

This is a follow-up to the earlier report about the “We Got Married” PDs cutting the scenes of Alex and Shin Ae to make them look “awkward”.

Basically, a fan by the name of Miss Kim Eun Jin made a “video capture” of Alex and Shin Ae’s wedding album at a MBC Fair (my guess is that the album was used by the related studio/shop for promotional purposes) and this fan took a risk in “recording” it and then sharing it on her Cyworld minihompy.

It’s infuriating the amount of things they didn’t show us in the episode itself! Scenes of the other 2 couples going through their wedding album was shown in last week’s episode and so you ask, why was Alshin’s one not aired?

AlShin must have had a great time doing the photoshoot that day. Just look at these photos and the concepts that we never got to see! And it’s incredible how many other photos were NOT included on the album itself.

It’s pretty sad that all these wasn’t aired at all during the program. But at least deep down in their hearts, AlShin know it more than anyone else what had happened. Credit must go to the fan for the video and the photographer.

Many thanks to bm05om@soompi for the information.

34 thoughts on “Alex and Shin Ae 100th Day Wedding Album That Was Not Shown

  1. wow gosh thts a bit over the top isnt it??/
    i mean…they reli shd hv shown everything….to giv us the real feel if not this is not a reality show //
    they r js making their relationship mysterious hoping to get more attention from more audience???
    sighhhh kinda disappointed….
    im sure theres actually more sweeter stuff tht happened wif other couples too for instance AnBi but they js dint show it….
    im stil gona love this show.
    thank alvin : )

  2. The pictures are gorgeous (to say the least). AlShin Hwaiting ^_^

    (Note: Korean wedding photos are so much better than other wedding photos I’ve seen)

  3. hm,, and I think there are a lot doing on with them, not like what is shown on TV!
    so many skin ship as I saw on the photobook

  4. me personally like their wedding photoshoot than 2 other couples..they’re matched each other when they taken the photoshoot..
    and so bad that WGM’s PD cut their scene when their wedding photoshoot was the best between the 3 WGM couples…
    thanks for sharing info..

    AlShin fighting~~~~

  5. yep. i was sooooo sad when i saw this because this is was, in my opinion…soooo much better than everyone else’s shoot….but happy at the same time because it was. i hope they get a longer cut next time!!

  6. It’s so sad to see what the PD did to ALSHIN,I think the PD did the same to another couple (ex: ANBI couple…)I like ANT’s couple photoshoot the best,because it look very glamour suit their personality well (even my favorite couple is ANBI).Anyway ALSHIN fighting…

  7. awww..the PD’s were so wrong -_- these pictures are gorgeous and i’m in love with this couple..they are so lovely

  8. I was so mad when they didn’t show their wedding album in the episode! And now seeing how beautiful their shots look … I’m even madder! D:<

    Some people are doubting the rumors that AlShin’s scenes are being so heavily edited by the PDs. They don’t think the PDs would ever go so far, and some just think that maybe AlShin is not as romantic in real life as some fans are hoping.

    Well, now that we see this album and realize how it was purposefully not added to the episode, I think we can safely say that the PDs are really screwing things up for real!

  9. OH.MY.GOD.

    they took SOOOO many shots!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i wanted to see them actually taking some of these T____T

    compared to the others, i’d say that the AlShin photoshoot looks to have been the best :/

    thanks for the info

  10. lol…the fan keeps on saying “nomo ippo da” (so pretty….i think that’s wat it means)….which is soooooooooooooooo tru….how come they didn’t show it?

  11. their pictures are amazing!! i love the one ShinAe is leaning on Alex’s back…as if he was piggy back her… that was just plain beautiful!!! thanks coolsmurf for sharing…

  12.’s kinda outrageous what happened..absolutely ridiculous.It’s unfair to AlShin and AlShin fans.Btw I made a video tribute to AlShin’s wedding album,compiling all the photos available of Alex & ShinAe’s photoshoots(including the ones that didn’t make it into the final wedding album that they eventually got) :

    Alex & ShinAe – “Always” the Wedding Album Tribute

  13. out of all the couples photo shoots. ALSHIN are the best of the best. I cant think of a reason why would PD cut their part and only show 2 other couples. however, there is a glimps of ALshin looking thru their photo albums in ep 18 just before Shinae get up to changes to go to work and when Alshin drinking powder drink with album on Shinae’s lap

    Iam so thankful for the fan that capture those photos and post on her minihompy. Let hopes that next eps wont be edit out so much otherwise fans in Korea will go crazy heehheehehehehe

  14. You also need to think of the PD… They have a limited time slot… they need to make the snow a certain amount of time… that is why one of the couples were “divorced” because they just didn’t have enough time to show all of couples…

  15. even without seeing this photobook video I think AlShin had the best photoshoot. The photographer really made the pictures come out beautifully.

  16. Too bad the photobook didn’t include “KISS” photo
    I’m dying want to see the pic ><
    Alshin fighting!!

    Btw, I’ve seen Miss KEJ minihompy, she also recorded Anbi’s photobook. But the way she took it, quite counfusing to watch… But still you can see it clear…

  17. it’s so funny how the lady who works at the place specifically tells her “you can’t take the photos out of here” (meaning in any way or form- ex the video) and she did!

  18. I’m not a fan of AlShin, but looking at the recent issue of heavy editing by the PD on this couple, I can’t help but wonder; if the PDs are taking so much liberty in editing so that the couples are portrayed in certain ways according to their wish/plan, then how much of the show is truly ‘reality’? Sure, the PDs made a statement about how the show is very minimally scripted and the celebs act/react the way they would naturally, but if the viewers couldn’t watch how the couples act naturally the whole time due to heavy editing, isn’t that just the same if the show is scripted, anyway?

    The way I see it, there’s a possibility that we’re watching these couples from the eyes of the PDs, meaning to say, we’re watching them only in the ways that the PDs want us to see them. And of course the obvious example would be in the case of the AlShin couple!

  19. Nice pictures of them!
    so dissapointed that it wasn’t shown on tv! sobs*
    Hwating alex and shinae! love them lots*

  20. i love how she keeps going “nomu yeppuda!!” hahaha. Shinae’s really photogenic, the photograph must have been great as well cause the pictures all look beautiful ^^

  21. Omana…..The pic is gorgeous…….. they really have a couple’s aura n those photo. Shin ae is looked like a fairy in those photo….

  22. Soooooo ADORABLE!!!!!! I LOVE this couple so much! They really need to hook up cause they look perfect together! In my opinion, Alex and Shinae are the BEST looking couple!

  23. for those waiting for the kiss picture…the photographer said that he might post those pics on or after July 25. Hopefully we’ll get to see those.

    Their wedding album is so beautiful that I’m still a bit mad that it wasn’t shown at all.

  24. After seeing all the albums, I have to say this is my favorite! They really do look perfect for each other and the chemistry between them shows through the pictures! Sigh…..they really need to hook up!!!!!

  25. Dear Alvin,

    I can’t say how much I really appreciated your posts here. Many thanks, Alvin. The heavy editing is surely is understated. It is not a rumor and has been proved by Mr Photographer’s entries ( just go to his minihompy ) and this unreleased and unshown photo’s.

    I love the piggy back, Shin Ae touching Alex’s nose and rub it with a cake. Many skinship that we are carving for.^^

    They are sure have lot’s funs together.

    I have to say I agreed with most of you here except the fact that AlShin heavy editting is not merely an editting but chossing a scences and DID NOT DISPLAY their interaction, and cuts their segments into the shortest time ever. While some of others couple or all of couple’s have their own editing yet they are difference in two ways:-

    1) They still have lot’s of air time together.
    2) They still given the chances in the airtime of uncut of their interaction.

    Both of its really effect a lot of the viewers respond towards certain couple which normally if one couple get an editing that could lead to misunderstanding, confusion BUT if they still get an enormous of airtime and the PD still didnt cut and show their interaction then it wouldn’t be the same as the case of AlShin.

    Anyhow, I loved your words here Alvin;

    ” It’s pretty sad that all these wasn’t aired at all during the program. But at least deep down in their hearts, AlShin know it more than anyone else what had happened. Credit must go to the fan for the video and the photographer.”

    It really touch deep down my heart. What most important is their true own happiness, regardless we knew it or not. As AlShin is not merely a ‘ guilty pleasure ‘ for those who really loved them but a real interaction, development of relationship as a [sensitive bud who slowly going to blossom].- Lending a words from Dreamelephant in Soompi’s thread.

    Slowly but surely it is. 🙂

    AlShin Hwaiting!

  26. even though the show is fake…
    i dont think their hearts like that….
    but so poor…
    shin ae married to the other guy………:p
    wish u happy……………….

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