Breathless After Watching Iljimae This Week

I am not sure if it’s just me, but the way things went in Episode 17, 18 this week in Iljimae, it seems like Pandora’s Box was being opened. So many things just happened and it just kept speeding away, leaving you breathless.

Episode 17 kicked off with the death of the lovable Swedol, Yong and Shi Hoo’s foster father after he was beaten to death for impersonating Iljimae. It was a really sad scene that lasted nearly 20 minutes as everyone grieved for his death. Thankfully the drama is at its very end because he was very much an integral part of the drama with his comedy and great acting.

So what else happened? Plenty of stuff. Iljimae was framed for the death of the two remaining ministers that helped the current king to power. In his quest to find the truth, Iljimae finally fights Shi Hoo 1-on-1 where the earlier was clearly superior to him. But Shi Hoo manages to injure him after Iljimae decides not to have his life for indirectly killing her real sister. Bong Soon finds out that her foster father killed her whole family and swears revenge.

Iljimae also discovers that Eun Chae’s father had a hand in killing his father, Lee Won Ho as he breaks off ties with Eun Chae under the plum blossom tree, leaving her heartbroken at his sudden change of heart.

In Episode 18, the action didn’t let up. Iljimae decides to let Byun Shik off after the latter manages to bluff his way out by saying everyone that had a hand in killing his dad was dead. Yong decides to forget about this Iljimae identity.

Then we had a lot of sweet Yong and Bong Soon moments which culminated in Yong saying that he would bring him mum away from here and asked if she would want to follow him. He also say that he has someone in his heart and it would probably take a long time to get over it. But Bong Soon doesn’t mind.

Very soon, Yong’s identity is discovered by Bong Soon and another of his friend who decides to help him in his quest to storm the palace grounds. From the map given by his friend, Yong realizes that someone else is behind the killings instead rather than what Byun Shik had told him earlier.

Eun Chae is however implicated and held hostage as the assassin head wants Shi Hoo to cut off her finger as bait to lure Iljimae. But he cuts his own finger instead. Yong decides to risk his life and save Eun Chae after seeing the severed finger but Bong Soon pleads with him not to but he goes ahead saying he loves her as Bong Soon is heartbroken (Lee Young Ah was excellent).

We have the final showdown at a rundown warehouse as Iljimae and Shi Hoo combines for a while to get Eun Chae away from danger. They then have another 1-on-1 duel where Iljimae wins again. Shi Hoo is seething with rage and warns that he would not back down next time.

Final scene sees Iljimae settling Eun Chae down in his secret base as he leaves. But Eun Chae hugs him from behind, telling him that he is her first love and her last love, “Let me see your face”. And the episode ends like this, DAMN!

I missed out on certain things but I don’t have time to write them down. I just feel that with two episodes left, I hope the ending wouldn’t be a major letdown. The character development and story progression has been excellent thus far. Lee Junki must be really tired with all the action scenes, heard that he has to be put on drip during breaks in filming. Hope they exceed 30% for the finale!!!

20 thoughts on “Breathless After Watching Iljimae This Week

  1. Hi Coolsmurf,
    I’ve been a big fan of your youtube videos for a while, and I just found your website. Thanks for all your hard work in bringing us Korean news ^-^ I was wondering, where do you go to watch Iljimae? I really want to see the new episodes but most of them have been taken down from youtube T-T

  2. NOOO swedol dies AHHHHHHHH im still in shock from ur second paragraph. AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. dude, go to they have iljimae series until ep 12 already. by d way, i don’t really like the story….

  4. lee jun ki on drip? everyone’s been saying how his voice seems to getting hoarser in the new episodes..and if that’s true, i can’t believe he did that flying kick/flip in ep 18 against Shi Hoo….Jun Ki’s so talented 😀
    30%+ for Iljimae!! Finale! Finale!! (i can’t believe it’s almost over TT_TT)

  5. WOW…I totally agree, this week’s episodes were full of emotion and danger…I really like the picture lamp that Yongi made for Bong Soon…that was so sweet!

  6. episode 17 and 18 were soo GOOD!!!
    but now i dnt noe where to watch it ㅠ.ㅠ
    by chance do u noe?? or where do u watch it??

  7. OHMYGOSH! WHOA WHOA WHOA!!! SEO DOL DIED?!?!?!?! OHMYEFFINGGOSH, COOLSMURF! YOU GOTTA LEAVE A WARNING OR SOMETHING! I just started watching Iljimae two nights ago, and I’m still on Episode 10!! AHHHHHH! ㅠ.ㅠ Now, it’s going to be extra sad seeing Seo Dol!! HE WAS MY FAVORITE CHARACTER!! WAAHH!

    I watch it at , but only up to 12. I think Iljimae’s been taken down everywhere else. =(

  8. Check out vincet57 at youtube. Here’s the link:

    Most Youtube users will not put the title of the drama, just the date and episode number, so it’s even harder to find. Sometimes using the chinese title for the drama to search will help you find them.

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  10. same here…i also breathless…well the truth is i didn’t understand korean at all well just view words maybe, i watch it at with no english sub, so ijust follow the feeling to catch what they are saying..ha ha ha. 😀 so reading your recap makes me understand what really happen, i’m a fan of Boong Soon…so eps 18 i cal it..”Boong Soon naaaa…” she is like going to give all her life for iljimae…i hope she stay alive 🙂

  11. OMG!!! I can’t believe that Lee Junki is pushing himself so badly. His voice is definitely hoarse in the latter episodes, and is very coarse. He’s practically croaking sometimes, however the quality of his performance never wanes.

    I totally bawled my eyes out when Seoduri died! Wah~ He was seriously one of my favorite characters, so I’m kinda glad that it happened much later on… although I’m beginning to think they might kill off Bong Sun. No more deaths please!!! TT.TT It’s just too sad.

  12. i usually watch iljimae episodes on youtube but the user got suspended T.T and now every iljimae episodes were taken down….AHH!!! i need to watch epsiodes 19 and 20!!!!!!!

    does anybody else know a site where i can watch iljimae??

  13. The pace of this show really picks up after the first few slow episodes. Its really heart-wrenching to see his father die, especially after knowing he didn’t have to.

    I hope they can pass 30% too. 🙂

  14. I just finished the whole story! and O.M.G!!! it was amazing…!!! and it leaves room for a sequel!!! yayyy hahahaha!!! which I hope they would pick up.

  15. I watched the whole story too…
    It’s very sad at the end and i cried several times watching the last few epi…

    I hope Iljimae 2 will be casted by the same character…

  16. I don’t know about you guys, but I find Bong Soon and Yong to be a very cute couple. I was rooting for them too, but I guess the obvious answer was for Eun Chae. I finished watching it and when I did, I was actually sad because the ending was kind of disappointing (to me). Oooh! And I cried so much at episodes 17 and 18. xD Poor Swe Dol. :[

  17. Oh yeah, for part two, it’s nothing! It’s just another Iljimae movie that is directly from the book. Not like the one with JunKi in it. I don’t like the second one though….I would like it where it leaves off from the end of the first movie, Iljimae that came out in 08.

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