Kwon Sang Woo To Marry Son Tae Young in September

Kwon Sang Woo has admitted in a hastily organized press conference held tonight, “We are getting married. Bless us please.” He also said sorry for hiding this whole matter. Their wedding date will be on 29th September.

The following is the question and answer session at the press conference. Credit to Azura. More detailed interview can be viewed at K Pop It!.

How did you get to know each other?
I spotted her crying in a tv program. At that moment, I had a soft spot for her. And i saw her again in a lunch appointment together with Kim Sung Soo.

It took me a while to have the courage to call her and we met and that’s how we become an item.

Where do you normally date?
The news reported that we dated in her house but frankly I’ve never been to her house before, it’s hard for celebrities like us to find an ideal place to date without being spotted.

We usually sit and chat in the car or go for a ride, sometimes we write each other letters. I never know i enjoy writing until now.

What qualities does she have that attracts you ?
She takes really good care of my mum and they get along very well, the house is always full of laughter when she’s around, my family likes her.

When was your first kiss (with her)?
I can’t remember.

How did you propose?
This was my first and I cried when I did.

There was news that both of you went for a holiday in Australia?
We did not go alone but with friends.

Will Son Tae Young continue to act after the marriage?
We have not discussed about this yet. I guess life still goes on as normal.

What is your view on marriage life?
I will be a passionate husband and surprise her each and everyday of our life.

Do you have a couple ring?
I put a necklace on her while we were on a hot air balloon in Australia, we vowed to love each other.

Reverberations about Kwon Sang Woo and Son Tae Young relationship continued around the Korean entertainment world from yesterday, a photo of them together in a photo when they were in Australia for a vacation was uploaded into the internet, lending weight to the rumors.

One netizen had posted the photo on a general forum where you can see Kwon Sang Woo and Son Tae Young (wearing trunks and bikini respectively, I believe) in the background posing for the cameras at a BBQ party in a Gold Coast apartment building. The netizen expressed that he saw Kwon Sang Woo and Son Tae Young in Australia in March, presumably on vacation.

Rumors of Kwon Sang Woo and Son Tae Young getting married was all over the papers yesterday and making the headlines of several major newspapers.

82 thoughts on “Kwon Sang Woo To Marry Son Tae Young in September

  1. I’m actually happy for him…and her but I’ve only heard of her probably once. I wish them all the successfull’ness (a word?) and the happiest!!!!

    They can just be friends too, you know! hahah Or doing a CF together in Australia 😉 Just giving hopes for the Mrs. Kwon Sang Woo fans!!! hahah

  2. haha.. BuSTED!!!
    Ok, confession moment: I’m kinda jealous!.. not kinda… WAYYY jealous.. he is just too hot, for a weak heart like mine to handle.. hehehe

    But, if they’re happy, im happy for them!

    Just kinda worried since she had a triangle moment with two guys in the past. And it was found out by the media.. Not sure, but it is what they said at the time.. but was never confirmed…
    Sometimes, too beautiful in the outside doesn’t mean the same in the inside..

    But anyway, i dont know the person, so i’ll just stop commenting on it.

  3. hehe funny, somehow i saw him as a player, guess i was wrong 😉

    congratulations to the couple!! i don’t know the girl he’s going to marry, but she looks really sweet. hope they’ll be happy ^^

  4. omg.

    5 seconds ago, I heard he’s going out with an actress and now they’re planning to get married?

    wow! haha

    it’s amazing how well they kept their relationship under wraps. =)

    ANW, congratulations mr kwon! Glad that he’s found his soulmate! I hope when the time comes, coolsmurf will do an article on his wedding!

    CONGRATS KWON SANG WOO! way time to get married already, wait a lil longer and you’d be an ajusshi. haha.

  5. Wow! That was so surprising…I thought this was just a scandal. But it’s definitely a pleasant surprise! Congratulations Kwon Sang Woo! Son Tae Young is lucky, but she’s very pretty and sweet herself. I really liked her acting in Iljimae when she came on as Iljimae’s sister – powerful performance.

  6. ahha those top pics of KSW are so adorable. I’m trying to imagine him proposing to her….crying….that is toooo cute! i’m so happy for him.

  7. i think he’s getting married now in september..i saw it on naver, something with proposal…my korean is not good heh so it’s my guess :p

    well i’m happy for him 😀

  8. wow, they really something, going in relationship dating in cars, met in laws family, go to vacation and etc etc but only get busted before they get married. Anyway, congratz

  9. awww ~ i didnt expect he’d announce it so soon.
    i wouldve thougth he’d just admit that they’re dating, not getting married. congrats to the couple! i like them both =]

  10. AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH serious! i thought it was just a rumor.. well i’m happy for him.. settling down… he’s gonna no longer be korea’s sexiest bachelor.. AAHhh the horror.. haha again.. happy for him! hahha

  11. Never trust their management! If they say their star is not dating this or that person, then it’s obviously a lie. Sooner or later the truth will be revealed. LOL

    I wish them all the happiness in the world. I hope they’re not rushing into things.

  12. aww… so happy he’s getting married…but his marriage is a reminder to me that all sexy hot korean guy celebrities will eventually get married someday… and it’s unlikely to be us….LOL… i wish them the best!


    I know he wanted to get married in atleast 2 years but wow, not a year later!!!! Aww…congrats to the couple but he’s getting married? I wonder how long they’ve been dating but that doesn’t matter!

    Huge Congrats to the couple!!!! They’ll have beautiful babies, for sure!!!!

  14. OMG!
    my mouth just opens wide!!
    im jelouse but very happy for him.
    finally he is settling down and he sound like a good husband,
    and she a good wife!
    best of luck to them tho.

  15. Nice. I really hope they both continue, more or less, as usual. I really think she is a good actress, and it would be really unfortunate if she would stop.

  16. wow wen i first saw this a total shocker!!
    i can’t believe he’s getting married!!
    but im happy for him
    just look at his facal expressions
    he’s like a little kid!!!
    how cute!!

    congrats!!! =]]

  17. nooooooo! my first crush from a k-drama is getting married. Still I’m happy for him and her soon to be wife.

  18. I KNOW! I KNOW! I’m with everyone else…..didn’t know he even had a girlfriend and now he’s getting married?! What a shock! I’m a little sad…but I’m still happy for him and wish him and his new wife all the best!

  19. i like the girl. she has this aura of a sweet and gentle girl.
    not the bitchy and full of pretension person. i’ve watched her in some of her dramas and movies.
    congrats, sang woo. i hope you will love each other thill death do you part.


  20. Big blessing for them. The girl is son tae young who play in iljimae, isn’t she? She’s so pretty and charming….. Hope they will have a happy wedding life and love each other….

  21. ah.. i love kwon sang woo.. hope they live happily ever after
    and wow.. the first time he met her was when she was crying in a tv room.. euhm.. drama much? haha he even gave her a necklace when they were riding on a hotairballoon and vowed his love for her oooh.. perfect drama.

  22. Congratulations! I think it’s a right time for you to build your own family. Don’t worry anything KSW. it is your life, you have to respect yourself and respect your decision. Even though it seems to be a hard time for you, I think it will be only a short period of time because your fans haven’t heard about this news before, so they seem a bit shock + surprise! Wishing you have a wonderful family. Always be your fans and to supoort your wedding day.

  23. she’s a very very lucky girl to kwon sang woo as her future husband… damn!!!!! anyways, i wish them all the luck and hope that she’ll take good care of him.

  24. awwww~ there goes my ideal man… haha… but they really looks good 2gether… wish them all the best and a happy marriage~ ^^

  25. Just want to say…congrat,hope you both have happy life together and forever…proved that you are happy so there is no matter what others say!!!!

  26. Congratulations !!! MARRIAGE is road to a lifetime challenge. LOVE, RESPECT. and DEVOTION is key to succeed. My thoughts and prayers will be on your wedding day. Best wishes !!!!

  27. wow… this is such a suprise to me cuz i never heard anything about ksw dating anyone… hehe..
    congrats to them and wish them happiness…

  28. wow…….I happy for kwon sang woo. He find his love… Son Tae Young. Do you know? Best wish for couple.


    We are very happy to hear that at last u r getting ur lov although we r a bit………………………..
    But as ur real fans we wish u

  30. congratulations oppa
    we r indians , wishing u HAPPY MARRIED LIFE although we r a bit …………………………….
    Our best wishes are always with u
    We will be ur fan forever

  31. noooooooooooooooooooooo i dont like son tae young. young ?????? no , she’s old. she doesnt deserve sang woo. he said that there is happiness in their house when she is there. but how could he be sure that this happiness can last long. isnt she the same girl who had so many link ups in the past. now its kwon sang woo’s turn.

  32. i am so jealous….T_______________________T
    why dont he came to sydney??
    we have beach here too…

  33. oppa…shiro….. we gre? hajma
    dont marry her you dont deserve to her I know you like her but i cant belive it you are marring her
    ok this is not my business ihope you will have anice couple
    anice family if you love her so much then i love her too because i love you too so much not like other people ilove you the rest of my life congrulation be good to her i know how you are to people again love you so much(*saranghe*)
    keep working


  34. I love kwong sang woo and he wiill marry soon.this news make me crazy.But it’s his choice. Live happy! congratulation! Don’t feel sad girls.

  35. la verdad me agrada q se case pero porq con ella acaso no era con la actris choi ji woo la verdad hacian una linda pareja y parece q choi ji woo lo quiere mucho si estas leyendo esto mi lindo kwon sang woo piensalo !!!! una de tus fans q te quiere un monton

  36. hi kwon sang woo i love u so much m from cambodia now in my country is very like u
    hey your future white is very beautiful
    i wish u and your white have good luck
    bye bye

  37. I’m happy for Kwon sang woo that he found his soulmate. I don’t know much about his wife but he said she made him laugh, and take care of his mom. I think that all you need in a woman, who love you and your family.They look good together, and they will have cute baby… I had been married for 21 years and very happy…^-^best wish in the future no matter what love and trust each other until the end.

  38. i don’t think that son tae young is a good girl . i’m sure that son looking now for kwon’s money and fame .. let’s see what will happen after 10 years !! no money no fame !!!!!

  39. im hepi 4 them…congrats……come to malaysia to honeymoon for a next time..ok…daaa…terima kasih

  40. piolo pascual cried when he found out that kwon sang woo married , you know that he is gay .

  41. hey guys i’m going to change my mind about son tae young because no 1 agree whith me .wawawa ok kwon and son god bless u i’m not an evil girl anymore hehe ” i love u kwon don’t tell son that” hehe ..bye

  42. congrats, even it hurts hehehe, i still hoping that they can stay together forever, every one knows that in showbizness, nothing is permanent, but still, with love and devotion I know that two of them will last a lifetime. Aja aja fighting……

  43. i discovered that my crush Kwon Sang Woo got married already. he married a Ms. Korea beautiful girl named Son Tae Young on Sep. 28, 2008. They have an 11-month old baby boy who is older than my 10-month old son. This means they got married because he got the girl pregnant.

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