Lee Hyori Creates Internet Mania with U-Go-Girl

Although Lee Hyori has met with controversy one after another before her album release like image copying, MV copying, etc, it has not affected but instead boosted her popularity. The numbers following her album release on the internet on 14th and offline on 15th was astounding.

According to MNnet.com yesterday, “After U-Go-Girl was released on the internet, it became Cyworld’s Best Seller Top 500 number one for 14, 15 July. On the charts for 15th, Hey Mr. Big was no.9, Lesson was no.10, Do You Think It’ll Be Ok? was no.25, Sexy Boy was no.37, Red Car was no.38, Unrivaled Lee Hyori was no.40, My Life was no.46, 8 songs were ranked in the Top 50s of Cyworld chart.” The numbers showing the high popularity that Hyori enjoys.

MNet Media also revealed that U-Go-Girl is enjoying high popularity on various music charts now. The U-Go-Girl MV which has come under “heavy artillery” since the teaser was released, finally made it’s full debut yesterday afternoon at 3:57pm on MNet.com website. On the contrary to criticisms that it was a copy of Christina Aguilera’s Candyman MV, well there were no traces of it. The controvesial revealing nurse image concept in the teaser was totally omitted from the full MV. The MV director had insisted that he did not copy any MV and would quit making MVs if he was guilty. Looks like his claim is valid afterall.

Meanwhile, Lee Hyori will make her official comeback on Music Bank this Friday (18th July) and subsequently over the weekend on Music Core and Inkigayo as she officially becomes a singer once more after a two year hiatus.

45 thoughts on “Lee Hyori Creates Internet Mania with U-Go-Girl

  1. does it bother anyone else that she can’t say “girl”? I love her and everything but its girl not Grrril.

  2. ^ lol me too!!! it’s funny i think. anyway before the video came out i was skeptical but i like it! cute song, (not so much the voice) but overall very cute and refreshing image. goo hyori!

  3. LOL I Think I found my girl crush already…. Hyori- unni, you are so pretty!!!!!!! T^T

    I love the meaning of the song, its so motivating!! Be confident! Yeah!

  4. omg you managed to get this thing subbed already??? that’s pretty awesome!!

    now if there was only a way you could get her to stop saying ‘guhl’ ^^

  5. It’s not the copy….it’s just too american…the song is very hahahaha exotic??????, hahaha and the lyrics….well, i don’t like it too much but it’s ok…..the rhythm is soo good!!!….. And she is very pretty so……

    if the message is change to get the man that you want….i probably write something more agressive….


  6. im so happy for her
    even tho im so sad she left change and sang sang plus
    i love herrrr
    but dont mean to be a let down
    but the part where shes dancing and HYORISH is sparkly in the back reminds me soooo much of pussy cat dolls
    they always have sparkly big letters in the back
    just saying
    who cares
    i love her

  7. after watching the mv. it seems that the mv was a whole mishmash of mariah carey, christina aguilera and barbie from the 60s…overall though, great visual appeal and hyori looks smokin hot

  8. btw the way she’s saying girl is not how it’s pronounced in english by how it’s pronounced in Korean…. of course that’s what I hear and think…

  9. I loved the MV!
    It was so cute and colorful! But I also liked how she says girl. She didnt like griil she said it was like gurl or garl. But the way she said it was cute too. Plus the dancing was cute too!

  10. i love hyori! she’s so gorgeous for her age. I hope she gets to sweep all the music shows award this week(and more of course)..<3

  11. Can you really trust Mnet’s numbers? They are biased in the first place and now that they own, I mean manage Hyori they have all the more reason to lie.

  12. The video’s really fun, and in the end it didn’t look like candy man… and i really like the “pep talk” message in the song, Hyori really did a good job, i’m happy for her, she seemed to have quite a hard time of late ^^ thanks for translating the MV Alvin! 😉

  13. Hyori is still Kpop’s reigning queen! Knew this was gonna be a hit even with all those haters out there! Already got my order in! Hyori Fighting!!!!

  14. Stupid how ppl say she copied this and that! If you can’t watch without picking out the smallest things to criticize than don’t watch at all! I don’t understand what’s so hard about it! This MV ROCKS!!!!!!

  15. My instant thought was just of U-Go Girl from X-Statix. She’s certainly ripped that name off lol.

  16. YAY for Hyori! Love her new songs and the mv is so cute, funny, and sexy! The ngs at the end were super cute! Hyori unni is the best!

  17. This mv looked like it was a lot of fun to make! I can see why it became a best seller! It’s really hot! Hope they release a “the making” vid soon!

  18. The video looks so fun! I really liked it, but I have to agree that the dance break reminded me of Pussycat Dolls. =/ She’s still got it though! She’s still gorgeous!! I love all the colors in this video.

    It definitely annoys the heck out of me that she says, “gahl” instead of “girl”. But it’s just me… It’s the fact that she says “gahl” so many times in the song, yet she can’t say it right.

  19. I think her accent is cute! That’s what I love about asians! They’re accents and their music!
    Anyway, the MV is great! The storyline is really funny and cute and she rocked every single outfit! My fav was the green one! I’m gonna have to figure out a way to get my hands on the album now!

  20. The nurse scene was completely omitted, but honestly, it was only like 1-2 seconds in the teaser vid. It’s amazing how one little thing like that can cause such a big deal.

    Her MV turned out better than the previews IMHO, because instead of coming off as just completely scandalous, it was more a message about self-confidence, though dressing in tiny outfits is questionable… best way to say I’m confident? Probably not, but the actual MV itself has no traces of what they claimed were copies of. The preview just made it seem that way. Props to Hyori. It’s nice to have her back in the music world to give some competition.

  21. It’s a nice mv but i gotta say that the first thing that came to my mind was not christina aguilera so much, but Pussycat Dolls.

    They also have a lot of MVs with a black background dancing and with “Pussycat Dolls” on the back in neon lights.
    Correct me if I’m wrong.

  22. I Like the song
    And i don’t mind the ‘Guhl’ or
    the fact she copies other MV’s
    It’s not like she is the only one

  23. omg.
    i think how she says girl is SOO cute.
    shes so hot. ♥
    i love this whole mv.
    but i still dont get the controversy..
    when did she stop making music
    that she had to turn to the internet..o-o?

  24. i thought the whole mv was cute.
    even if there were TRACES of other mvs..
    i think it was cute and creative
    and overall,
    and now, is that what counts? p:

  25. unfortunately…she’s got a orginality problem “i still love christina aguilera”…

    fortunately…i do like the entire video…especially when she “whack!!!” at the steel pole. why don’t that guy she love get the pole and whack it at her forehead….niyahhha

  26. Hyori’s still got it! Her performances are hotter than ever and I can’t get enough of her!

  27. its not her fault
    its korean way and its not grll
    its like
    geol–its the easiest way to say girl using koreaqn alphabet and soudns
    i guess she should practice it? well idk
    it doesnt bother me soo

  28. OH YEAH Hyori ROCKS ON!! the first time I heard the U Go Girl song and it just keep on playing in my head~

    Hyori ahh! Your songs were really addictive!!

    *-wanting for more & more addictive treats! SARANGHEY~ :p

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