Kwon Sang Woo and Son Tae Young An Item?

Hallyu star/actor Kwon Sang Woo and former Miss Korea/actress Son Tae Young are rumoured to be an item by the Korean media.

Son Tae Young management have denied the allegations which stated that they started dating at the turn of the year with everyone concerned about whether it’s real. The allegations of them being an item started when Kwon Sang Woo started filming for KBS2TV “Bad Love” drama (which ended it’s run in February). At that time, Son Tae Young was once seen at the set because she was visiting Kim Sung Soo whom she has good relations with and belonging to the same company. She thus had the chance to have dinner with Kwon Sang Woo which lead to rumors of them being an item.

Furthermore, when Kwon Sang Woo completed filming for “Bad Love”, he went overseas for a photoshoot while Son Tae Young also went overseas at the same time leading to people suspecting whether they are an item. According to people close to them, Kwon Sang Woo went to Australia while Son Tae Young’s destination was America. However, she had originally planned to go to Australia before changing her mind at the last minute.

Son Tae Young management denied the rumors, “They just had dinner once”, as for their overseas trip, “That’s not the truth”. There’s even new speculation brewing in the aftermath that they are planning to get married.

According to sources that know them, “Their relationship has long been approved by their parents. But because of their career, only their close friends know about it.” “There’s great trust between Kwon Sang Woo and Son Tae Young and the latter’s behavior has made his mother really satisfied, approving of their relationship.” Kwon Sang Woo has also stated his wish to get married in several interviews in recent months.

Son Tae Young meanwhile went about her work this afternoon as per normal and didn’t show any reaction about the rumors of her and Kwon Sang Woo. After the recording, she left the set immediately with her manager. Both sides are currently adopting a silent mentality, refusing to comment further on this.

12 thoughts on “Kwon Sang Woo and Son Tae Young An Item?

  1. Congratulations to them if they are really dating.Hope their relationship last.
    You picked a nice pic.Kwon Sang Woo look ridiculously hot.

  2. if they’re a real couple, congrats!
    they make a really good couple…both pretty people =]

  3. ye, she’s acting in iljimae right now. They look really cute together, hopefully it lasts!

  4. I can see why it’s so difficult to date in the hallyu world, mainly because netizens jump up at every opportunity to make a big deal out of it. I don’t see anything bad coming out of this, so props to ’em if they really get married. Hopefully they can clear the air on it soon though.

  5. GONGRATS!!!!!!nd hve a happi life 2gether nd a new begining nd hope 2 c more of da 2 in future films…

  6. will always love and support kwon sang woo umba ne。and love son tae young too a sweet beautiful lady, i wish this couple will be the most sweet and happines making a sweet romantic smaill lovely family together。 umba u are the best guy ever , a good gentle handsome sweet guy and that the best to marry to a beautiful lovey lady like son tae young sister ne。 love u all and will support umba forever 。

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