Crown J and Seo In Young 100th Day Anniversary Wedding Photoshoot

Our favorite gaemi (ant) couple Crown J and Seo In Young have released a set of 11 photos from their recent 100th day wedding photoshoot for their fans. I have gotten 11 pictures without watermarks and in HQ. If I missed out on anything, just comment and I will update accordingly.

Since starting on their make-believe wedding journey in February this year, Seo In Young and Crown ushered in their 100th day anniversary recently. To commemorate their 100th day together, the show had given them a mission to have a wedding photoshoot. After this episode was broadcast on tv, their full of attitude wedding photoshoot became the talk of the town.

Among the photos, the one where they had their beloved shoes in the background and the one where they nearly kissed came out as the highlights.

Which is your favorite ant and witch couple photo?

Off-topic, I managed to get one white and black ‘A’ t-shirt from Korea. A! A!

82 thoughts on “Crown J and Seo In Young 100th Day Anniversary Wedding Photoshoot

  1. Crown J and Young is the coolest couple! Loved them and AlShin…

    The ant suddenly become mushy and poetic..I remembered that….

    So lovely wedding photos!


  2. ^ Exactly! Their fashion style so suits each other.

    Oh forget, love JoongBo too. I loved AlShin the most and enjoyed JoongBo and CrownJ on different level.

    But Crown-Young should just get together. For real…:)

  3. WOW. all the pics are super awesome. i am already having a dilemma on which to put as my deskstop background
    maybe i should change them every 1 hour. HAHA.

  4. wohhh those shoes!!! I also luvvvvvv shoes and see them as my ‘precious’ ant and witch are definitely couple and they’re so fun to watch coz both of them showed affection for each other. I can’t say that about the other couples

  5. ah seriously?
    where can we get the “A”! t-shirt?
    wanna get one black one for myself too….

  6. Yay!! I’m so thrilled!! I’d been hoping to get my hands on their wedding photoshoot pics cos they’re sooo pretty n unique!! I like all the pics but there’s something about the one where Crown J is carrying In Young that looks really tender and sweet =) Now I just wish AnBi and AlShin couples would release their pics too…

  7. Aww…they’re sooo cute together!!
    Love all the pics but my fave are the 1st and 8th pics…
    thx coolsmurf

  8. sorry double-posting…
    i’m hoping tht Alshin couple also release their wedding pics, i’m soooo curious about their “kiss” pics…

  9. I don’t really like the quality of AnBi couple photos….I prefer Ant couple photos a lot better cause it really brings out their chemistry eventhough they had some awkward moments…

  10. I do like the Anbi photos, it’s VERY them but for sure the Ant couple were way more cool and very unique in their own style. Ah I agree with Soyboy, I LURVE the “love is” pic that Crown J had framed up. In Young is so gorgeous I’m so jealous!

    Oh coolsmurf, where did you order that “A” shirt from? I WANT ONE!!! Hahaha! *getting swept away by the ant-mania wave*

  11. theyve officially become my favourite couple
    thanks coolsmurf for the picturess
    i was hoping theyd release it! 11 pics is okay (;
    i love em alll!!!
    where can i get the A! t shirtsss

  12. OMG!!
    the picture turns out to be a really great picture!
    It’s different than those Anbi and Alshin.
    I dunno how to explain, it’s just different!!
    But i love it so much!

    I’ve never watch them actually, I realy like Alshin and Anbi!
    But right now, they turn out to be one of my must seen couple!
    Thanks coolsmurf!

  13. OMG these are SOOOOO beautiful!!!! the “A!” and the pic of their ‘children’ are the BEST

    thank you SOOO much for sharing these. seo in young looks SO gorgeous– even with that haircut ^^

  14. oh yeah that Love Is picture is very cute too. WOndering if u have them. ๐Ÿ˜›

    Crown J: “Instead of me, imagine “my””

    my love is-in young!!!!

    they are so cute

  15. hoho..coolsmurf..

    thanx for those photos u uploaded..
    btw can u upload andy and solbi wedding pics t0o..
    really appreciate that!

  16. Crownyoung has been my fav couple from the beginning and I’m rly happy that they’re getting more popular cos Anbi and AlShin were getting most of the attention (I love them too!) They just match each other so well and have such an interesting relationship. The witch and ant!! โค

  17. omg i reli reli wan an A t-shirt too where did u get itttt
    anyway i reli reli love the one when crown j lifts in young up on the stairs
    they were js sooo close and cute n sweet
    i also love the one when they are both in black holding the mic
    very classic indeed heheee
    anywayz alvin please please please keep updating us news of WGM….thank you soooo sooo sooo much once again for all the updating and subbing : ))))
    i reli reli appreciate it! : )))

  18. aaaaaaaw…i love them all!!
    and you just got back from korea!?!?!?!
    you’re sooooo lucky!!
    im so gonna go there someday.hahaha

  19. great pictures… personally I like the “A! – marry me” photo.
    Crown Js face makes me giggle like a 10yrs old girl.. ^^;

  20. love all the photos, hard to say which one is the best cas all are lovely. i do hope the other couples will release their photos too like Crown J & SIY does, all couples are my faves!!!!

  21. i think my fave was the second one that crown j had enlarged.because they both looked really nice in there.

    now..if only alex and shinae released theirs because i think their shoot was the best.

  22. I love this couple! thank you for the pictures, my favorite is the one with Crown j piggbacking Seo in Young, they look so happy^^ and the other is with CJ carrying SIY down stairs *.*

  23. i like a lot of them. the “marry me/A” one..and the one where he’s carrying her down the stairs. beautiful beautiful

  24. I think their photoshoot was the coolest one, but my favorite’s not here. My favorite one is the “love is” portrait that Crown J had enlarged and framed. But in this set, I like the piggyback one, the one where Crown J’s holding the mic for In Young, and the one where they are surrounded by shoes while Crown J’s arm was on In Young’s tummy. My other favorite was when they were reaching for the bouquet like it was money or gold.

  25. I love this couple! Thanks so much for subs~!
    My favorite pic is the one where Crown J is carrying In-Young on the stairs. They look really cute in that one! ^_________^

  26. thank you sooo much!! I’ve been looking everywhere for all of the couples hq wedding pics!! you have no idea. that is awesome you got an A shirt. hahaha.

  27. Beautiful and creative wedding photos. Seriously, this couple is ‘connected’.
    Thanks coolsmurf for sharing. Cheers!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  28. Dear Alvin,

    This just awesome. I enjoyed this couple since the beggining though I have to learn to understand In Young and in the 10 episode when In Young treated his mother well it just blew me up. When a woman respect elders then it is a key and essential point to show she got a respectful manner. Beside, in episode 9, even In Young didn’t like the guest but she keep doing the chores and said in the black room that her weaknesess is elders. Somehow ( her character and style remembered me of YEH (in Coffee Prince. They are good friends, aren’t they? ) I really respect her after that. Their segments, AlShin and JoongBo is the moments that I enjoyed and loved most on different level.

    The picture that I love most? Erm, I kind like the picture marry me but I think that most eyes catching pic for me is the pic when Crown J piggy back In Young with a blue sky on the background. It is such a very soothing and heartwarming scene.^^

    In this episode too, they seems awkward in a sense they an awkwardness because they have feelings for each other. Hope the best for them..

    I hope AlShin released the unseen photo’s because they are indeed are dorky, funny, and the unseen photos who has secretly captured by a Korean fans is just different then the actual photos on the show. Totally so much affection, chemistry, skinship, funny time together. ( Mr PNB aka Photographer even eat popsicles together. ) Totally contradict with what the PD’s want us to see of them and the displaying scenes on WGM.

    Oh, Crown-Young is indeed just so popular don’t worry dear and their of course was so unique and has their own charm which really attracted me as well!^^

  29. Thanks so much for this coolsmurf!!!
    Just when I thought crazy Friday was gonna kill me…
    These pixs are a treat!

    “A’ couple…
    “New/Limited Edition” couple
    “The Ant & The Witch” couple

    They may scream and bicker like no tomorrow… but I love it that though they may portrayed that way, they both are actually more sensitive and sensible than that…

    I thought it was really tender when Crown J said, who wouldn’t wanna kiss IY during the photoshoot for the 100days anns…., but he said it will make make-believe into reality… that was cautious but sweet…

    And Crown J and his “look at you baby!”
    And IY with her “seobang”…

    As much as I heart my fav… I love the other couples at different level… I am looping “Too much” on my player… that explains a lot huh….

    “A” couple fighting!!! Yeah they should get together for real!

  30. @porcelain: Oh dear! Should we just do ‘ a high five ‘.

    Yah, I totally love whenever In Young called Crown J

    ” seobang “. This is my most favorite ‘music’ in WGM. As she said that which so much tendency and full of love.:D

    I loved wheneven I heard that ‘seobang’.

    They really should thinking to be together. Like for real.^^

  31. theyre my favorite couple
    seo in young is so gorgeous
    and crown j might be the funniest thing everrr
    the pics are so gorgeous

  32. i absolutely love the two pics where they’re in their normal clothes โค
    these were really unique wedding pics!

    i wish that all the couples put their pics up…i would totally cry in happiness T__T

  33. Hey Coolsmurf! great pics you got up here. My fav. is where Crown J is piggybacking Seo In Young. Absolutely adorable. But you don’t have it up here, the photo of them with love is… in the middle. That would be my most favorite!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. They are so awesome, cute with their own style. The second and the last photo is my fav. Thank you so much Coolsmurf. I hope i can see ANBI and ALSHIN ‘s wedding photo, too.

    Some of you know where i can see that????



    They’re really the greatest couple!!!!

  36. Cuteeeee, but I was hoping for the one that they had a big print of in the episode (the one where it says “my love is”)

  37. My favorite picture is the one where Crown J is walking down the stairs and holding In Young…its so sweet!

  38. My top 3 fav pic of there photo shoot are the fourth pic where they almost kiss then the one where Crown J carried In Young in his back and the last is when there holding this card saying marry me………..I just hope the ANBI and Alex&Shin-ae 100 weeding pic will be release too

  39. These are in amazing quality, plus they have no watermarks! Thanks so much coolsmurf! They look so compatible in these. It’s really cute. Thanks once again! So glad to hear that you’re continuing subbing at your own pace! Much appreciated!

  40. I posted earlier abt the ‘A’ tee shirt which is cool !

    Wonder if i can get it in mydeong or dongdaedum๏ผŸ

  41. the one that he carries her and she laughs… look real… all the photos are fantastic… and on the wheel one, she looks like an angel

  42.…the photoshoots re really nice….Thanks coolsmurf…
    BTW do you know where i can get the photoshoots of ANBI couple???

  43. OMG she looks GLOWING!!! He looks better without the hat. My favourite has got to be the one on the stairs. And I didn’t notice the first time that the one where she’s alone, with her dress spread out, she was holding SHOES! >.<

  44. thanks!

    i actually thought the one with them doing hand gestures on the see saw thingie was really cute! lol

  45. The first two photos are such a fairytale ๐Ÿ™‚ Love it!
    they make me wanna get married,lol. ๐Ÿ˜€

  46. aaahhh..
    kamsahmanida coosmurf ssi..
    waaa..i love the theme of their wedding photoshoot..
    so Hip-hop and modern..

    the couple pics taht i like definitely the ‘Love Is’ pic and the staircase pic..
    so natural..
    i know they were matched made in heaven too like AnBi..n_n

    thanks so much for sharing these..^^

  47. love the ones with the shoes and my number one pic has to be the one where crown j is carrying her princess style on the stairs ! they look so blissful in that pic xD

  48. i love the pic with them on the stairs and crown j holding seo young up
    it’s so real, little posing
    i love how they work, realistic, at least in my opinion
    they were the first to catch my attention
    and got me to watch wgm.

  49. absolutely adorable…i have to go find the picture of the “love is seo in young”….sooo cute!

  50. hehehe love this couple!
    in my opinion. their pictures were the best! ๐Ÿ™‚

    i love their FAMILY PIC !

  51. Crown J and In Young are like the “realest” couple on that show. I love themmmmmmm!

    Awww, I wished the picture where Crown J told her about “My love is” made it. These are already goooooood.

  52. nvm, i jus saw the links ๐Ÿ™‚ but to reply on the actual topic. i love crown j nd in young. they’re one of the most realistic couples.


    At first, Alex n Shin Ae used to be my fav. but after Crown J and Inyoung’s wedding photoshoot, they became my first fav. couple! Then Alex and Shin Ae!


    Thanks for the pictures, i love them all ^^

    p.s: They should SERIOUSLY get together in REAL life โค ๐Ÿ˜›


  54. Thank for the pics, they are very pretty. The ant couple are my favorite. Does anyone know the studio name where they took the pictures?


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