Fans Outraged at Alex & Shin Ae We Got Married Editing

No wonder there seems to be something missing since Alex and Shin Ae returned to the show. The PDs are the cause of this.

I am still doing the cuts by the way but just doing it at my comfortable pacing. I considered just doing the Anbi cut only but decided not to. Patience.

There has been chaos in the forums of current hit Korean reality show, We Got Married, due to the cuts of Alex&Shin Ae as it was leaked by an inside source that all progress and intimate scenes of the couple were being edited out by the production company to project an “awkward” concept between them.

According to the article, there have been days when the couple stayed up all day laughing and having fun with each other until the wee hours but yet the production team never showed that side of the couple and is apparently trying to work up some “one sided love” and “awkward” concept between the two, stirring up impatience among the viewers.

Recently at a “wedding photoshoot” on the 100th day, it was mentioned on the private Cyworld of the photographer that Alex and Shin Ae spent the whole day taking pictures and there was even a “kiss” scene. Filming lasted till the wee hours but the couple’s cuts only made it to 7 minutes of the approximately 70-80 minutes program out of 4 couples. Without the kiss scene.

It’s also mentioned by an inside source that, out of 3 couples, Alex-Shin Ae couple were the only couple whose’ wedding pictures weren’t reviewed in public, unlike remaining couples, although there was apparently a scene where the couple looked at the printed album together. Which was, by the way, sweet and tenderhearted to watch. That didn’t make the cut either.

Fans are outraged at the state of film edits and the forums have been in chaos in recent weeks as the “Romantic” couple of the program is getting much less airtime if compared to every episode. The other couples are getting too much airtime if compared to AlShin and fans hope that the production team would even out the airtime for all couples.

Alex-Shin Ae couple were brought back by demand after Alex had to leave the program to concentrate on his first solo album but fans are disappointed because they don’t seem to have enough airtime anymore and important scenes are being severely edited out, causing misjudgment within viewers regarding Alex and Shin Ae.

credit: jukechat@asianfanatics

84 thoughts on “Fans Outraged at Alex & Shin Ae We Got Married Editing

  1. Im glad Alvin that you are still subbing. HURRAY~! I will wait patiently for your subs.

    As for the outraged fans, they got that right, cause I AM one of them. Seriously wth is wrong with the PD’s? They are seriously ruining everything.

    They better shape up, and start showing the actual scenes without editing the good portions, and give AlShin more air time. ;{

  2. i’m so glad you decided to continue subbing, yours subs are seriously detailed so i think they’re worth waiting for.

    the pds strategy seems to have backfired on them, alshin used to be so popular but now everyone thinks they’re boring, and now we find out it’s due to lousy editing

  3. i noticed that the PD is editing a lot… i don’t pay much attention to the editing made to Alshin, but for Anbi couple i can tell that there were so many parts cut… i just can’t understand why must he make a prototype. i ACTUALLY STARTED TO GET ANNOYED BY ALSHIN BECAUSE OF THE LACK OF PROGRESS, JUST TO FIND OUT THAT IT’S ACTUALLY (AGAIN) THE PD HAND. Isn’t he realizing that by doing that he’ll loose the audience trust and people won’t watch anymore? What was to gain if the Alshin was an awkward couple? really….

  4. Yeah, I am so happy you are continuing subbing. We (I think I am speaking for all your fans out there) really appreciate your hard work and for patiently getting all the subs out. You don’t know how much I look forward getting all your subs – I mean all of them.

    Again, thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  5. that is SO LAME. now what in the world would be the point in editing out juicy scenes since the audience who is invested in the show made enough ruckus as to wanting AlShin’s return :/

    well i hope the PD realizes that this show is made popular because the audience is expecting signs of real love in the making. not boredom πŸ˜›

    hope subbing isn’t too draining on you! although I haven’t kept up with any of your cuts because I understand Korean, your cuts on youtube is how i stumbled upon this AMAZING show. so thanks a MILLION! πŸ˜€

  6. Thank you for continuing to sub. Much appreciated.
    Truth to be told, I was getting tire of AlShin as there wasn’t much skinship. Now I know the reason, mianhamnida.
    AlShin fighting!!

  7. They already removed the 5th couple(on which they only eat 5-10 mins of airtime) and still can’t balance things out, What the heck?

  8. thank you for continuing to sub=)
    BTW, did you all guys see the album that was shared by a fan of AlShin couple? its worth seeing for so you can see more or less how was the editing was done.

  9. No Wonder…
    It’s almost impossible for this couple to be boring, the editing sucks big time. I just hope that at the end, maybe they will put up some special air time ( Korean thingy with the special part .. you know,,,,)

  10. Thank you so much for continuing to sub the series! It’s really appreciated, thank you for giving your time to this – the pace you sub at is perfectly fine, no rush.

    Alshin is seriously not getting enough time. Why is it so little compared to before…? It’s not like it’s as crowded what with a couple leaving… I was wondering why there was so little affection shown between them, now we know why. (20% scripted 80% real, and 100% edited <<;)

  11. no wonder i always felt there was something missing between those two.. Editing is a powerful tool… can do pretty much anything!!!… now I WANNA SEE THE KISS!!!
    lol.. glad u are still subbing…cheers!

  12. arghhh my sister and i have been like, why is alshin so boring to watch now?? and have gradually shifted to hwangbo and hyunjoong. but now we know why!!!!

  13. thanks SO much for continuing to sub!!! i would rather you go at your own pace instead of killing yourself O_o

    yeah, it really seems like the AlShin couple has gotten pretty awkward from the editing…but i could still sense that they’re actually more intimate from some of the cuts
    lol, THANK GOD for the WGM forums =]
    hopefully we’ll see some REAL not-edited-to-fit-a-concept interaction between them soon ;]

  14. Ugh, they need to fire those PDs and hire ones who actually know what the fans want. 😑

    On one hand, I understand that they want to show the “awkwardness” to make the progression of the relationship seem more natural and hesitant (especially since Shin-Ae is kind of known for being too cautious now).

    But on the other hand, if they have progressed a lot farther, then it shows how deep their relationship has become and how strong it stayed even when Alex left. So if it is so strong, why not show it in the episode and give the fans what they want?! Gah, so annoying!

    Anyway, thanks a bunch for subbing! I love your subs lots. πŸ™‚

  15. i noticed how the they are getting way less air time and they seem to be shown at the very end. i like them a lot, so i am pretty upset at the pd, what are they thinking? the awkwardness makes them boring, if they showed them getting closer i’m sure the ratings would be better. they should have teased that & shown it. do the pds hate them or something? no wonder those segments have gotten boring. those pds better change it.

  16. omg i knew something was weird for the alshin couple, cause i knoticed most couples had to wedding photo sharing stuff and they did. i thought it was because their photos didnt came out good. these dam pds they should just show what we want and the ratings would be even better.

  17. Ahhhhh no esposible….. AlShin son mi pareja favorita…. y estoy muriendo por ver algo mas de ellossss…. y ese beso que editaron es lo peor que pudieron hacer… no se dan cuenta que haciendo eso lo unico que hacen es que la gente se aburrra… 😦

    AlShin fighting!

  18. Anbi fans suspected that there was a lot of editing done on their cuts to make it appear that it was one-sided love on the part on Solbi. I never noticed that the PD is also doing it to Alshin. The editing caused a lot of frustration on the Anbi fans so I can emphatize with the Alshin fans. Good thing that Andy is now showy with his affections that no amount of editing could hide the fact that both Andy and Solbi have affections to one another. (it also helps that the ppl in the Anbi thread at Soompi are so good in analyzing the cuts lol).


    Those PDs !! I wanna shot them for doing this! they scripted out Al-Shin I wonder why Al-Shin didn’t complain..

    Ever since the first episode, Alex was always the love genius, and I found it weird that after he came back to the he didn’t do anything =S
    And I agree with the airtime comment, they’ve been getting what, 8-10 minutes per episode? While other couples get up to 30 minutes!

  21. That’s really messed up…I kind of had a feeling because some things were just not adding up.

  22. Hi coolsmurf, i’m glad that u still continue subbing WGM
    I’ve made myself ready for the lonely days without ur WGM subs and posts, but now i’m happy again
    Thanks for AnBi cuts, and i’ll wait patiently for the other couples πŸ˜€

  23. I’m so glad you’re still subbing Coolsmurf. Thanks in advance. πŸ™‚

    Frankly speaking, I was not enjoying watching AlShin as much as I used to. But now that I know it’s not because of them per se, but because of the PDs, I am both angry and relieved. Relieved because things are going good between AlShin and angry at the PDs!!!

  24. Alvin thanks a lot for subbing WGM. No wonder, i just felt something is missing ever since alshin came back. I think it was alright to protray the awkardness in the beginning as its normal for everyone to be awkard to meet someone you have never met for a long time. seriously even between friends, sometimes the atmosphere will get awkard. So I thought that for the first 2 starting episodes, its okay.

    However as the show progresses on, especially on the episode they start to air the wedding photoshoot episode, it kinda became boring as there is nothing to anticipate. I was actually anticipating for Alex showing his charisma to shinae. Another problem was that alshin was given lesser airtime.

    Even though one couple was taken out, supposedly there should be sufficient airtime for each couple, alshin recently is getting lesser airtime. But I think it just happen that the other couple, HB-HJ, they are facing HJ going to japan soon and thus after HB going to Japan to find HJ, so i think PDs are focusing on them. Frankly speaking I’m anticipating about what will happen when HB goes to Japan and meeting HJ, HJ’s reaction to HB arrival. Hahas πŸ™‚

    But then again, the PDs editing alshin to make their relationship seem awkard, i hope they do not edit them to make them in this way again! aLSHIN Is my favourite couple! No! πŸ™‚

  25. Thanks Alvin for the subs and this posts.

    I’m speechless actually. We knew their scenes have been heavily cuts and edited but watching their wedding photo shot pictures which is A LOT and not shown in their wedding episode ( 17 ) and their previous scenes ( 18 ) is so damn what the heck!! Arghhh…

    I always thought their wedding photoshoot is beautiful but seeing the others pictures in soompi today which are not displayed to us I’m totally deadly shocked! It is so classic, lovely and so real..

    But I remembered once Hyun Joong said in 16th epidose of WGM

    ” If you see everything then it will be meaningless ”

    I so want to see more of them and I’m begging the PD but what matters most is off screen and their true happiness.

    No wonder Mr Photographer admired and loved this couple. He sensed something special and real about them too that most of it we are missing..Waaaa.

  26. NOW I KNOW WHY!!!!!!!!!!!! GOSH I WANT TO SET THE PDS ON FIRE LIKE RIGHT NOW. LOL just kidding… but I’m seriously dissappointed! 😦 I’m an AlShin fan myself but I’m extremely tired of people comments of how boring they are… even myself questioned myself why AlShin couple doesnt feel like before?? I really did sense something wrong between them … but now we know… ARGHHH PDS!!!!!!!!! T___T THEY BROKE MY HEART. I hope this dont happened anymore ..ALSHIN COUPLE FIGHTING! πŸ˜€

  27. ……………….and I hate when people talked about other couple while the blog post talking about other couple instead.

    *points at 11*

    cant you dont know how to be sensitive??? >:((((

  28. Coolsmurf, thanks for getting the word out there. Hopefully it will restore some faith from the general viewing public for AlShin

  29. Not surprising… since they edit alot of stuff outta anbi couple to make it seem like its just a one sided thing on solbi when andy has been showing alot as well recently….

  30. thanks for the subs!!! and wow, they’ve been cut? the reason why i didn’t watch any alshin stuff was because it was tooooo awkward. i would love to see some intimacy. hopefully, its real.

  31. I have been stalking/lurking the sites for days hoping for a WGM update! Patience. I am so glad you are continuing, phew… please do at your own pace, we will all be waiting.

    Yes yes to everything above and beyond, been reading all sites, blogs, forums big and small and am so glad majorly most have the same concensus… that we know it isn’t so between our fav couple. That restored my faith a little coz I thought I was the only one that was affected by their chemistry (or lack off) or shorter cuts than other couples.
    But just glad I can scream out loud that IT ISN’T SO! ITS THE PD!!!

    About my fav couple… I just don’t get it. The PD brought them back due to viewers demand and then the editing make them so awkward and it make it seems like…
    I just can’t help think what was portray does not align with their black room interview… Its like so X Files and you are wondering if you are watching 2 different things sometimes…

    I also can’t help but notice that the editing, illustrate
    Alex as always waiting and Shin Ae always unresponsive…
    it’s just that the editing make Shin Ae seems cold when I don’t think she is… she can be really witty from what I had seen in their Come to Play special… and this always resulted as Alex seems defeated and Shin Ae makes that awkward throat clearing sound, which I am so sure most of the time, that some portion to the conversation prior to that was edited away… And its not nice to think that Shin Ae is sounding like some ahjushi clearing their throats…

    If not for Mr Photographer and the internal source, we would have the PD trick us into thinking that the couple is awkward when we that could not be further from the truth…

    Come on PDs… don’t do this our our fav couple…
    AlShin fighting!!!

  32. oops sorry for the post…

    OK, I am turtle-ly slow… just been to your youtube ac and I am so glad that you are continuing subbing WGM Coolsmurf!

    Kamsa hamida!!!

  33. You mean the Alex-Shinae parts are only 7 minutes long?!!?


    Alex and Shinae are THE MOST BORING COUPLE EVER!!!

    Shinae is so f-cking meek. Girl, get a life! Speak for yourself!
    And Alex? Boy, he is just unreal. Hello? Man up, loser!

    I honestly don’t know how you can like this couple. How can anyone like Shinae? The only thing she has going for her is her face…even her body is just mediocre.

  34. ^ Leelee, not to start up an argument but this is not a place for bashing. If you don’t like them then why bother coming in here?

    Anyways, thanks coolsmurf for posting this article and letting us know the truth. At first I kind of lost faith in this couple but it’s good to know now that it was the PDs that were behind this. I really hope the fans don’t let this issue go unnoticed. Hopefully things will improve from here. If they keep this up, not only alshin fans but other couples’ fans, like the anbi fans, will lose trust in this show as well.

  35. i wish they would release an uncut edition on dvd or sumthing after the show ends so we can see what the couples were really like together.

  36. oh my seriously??? no wonder their videos are so short! it’s pretty unfair. they are sucha sweet couple!! thanks for the english subs and the cuts. pls dun give up! :))

  37. That suxs I want to see them be less awkward together I think it would make people even more interested in watching to see the changes. Thanks for subbing!! You make my day

  38. Actually their uncut versions was loads and more likely the most beautiful moments, intimate, fun, entertaining moments together so that the PD’s cut that scenes to display them as awkward couple. ( Damn that PD)

    Their leaked version of wedding photoshoot, Mr PYN ( Photographer) version is indeed very beautiful and I have to say as being objective the most prettiest, wittiest, funniest photo shoots and pictures ever as I have seen it. They have fun and so funny together but IT ALL HAS BEEN BUT CUT DOWN.

    AnBi cuts still is bearable when they still have lots of interaction being displayed and lot’s of airtime but AlShin cuts is so freaking lots of people pissed of coz not only the edited, the chosen scenes but the heavily cuts scenes!

    Remembered only this couple in 18 episode we can’t see them watch their album together. Due to the fact on account fans and MBC’s peoples says that when they watched the album lot’s of lovely and entertaining moments. Moreover, through the album, we can see lot’s of their photos who not being out yet show how exactlly they are NOT AKWARD AT ALL. Being on screen or off-screen.


    LOL. Look’s how effective this whole damn editing, cutting and choosing scenes has done to people and make them hate this two wonderful people.

    Let them as we knew who they really are.

  39. I KNEW IT! I was pretty annoyed too when there were so little cuts of WGM’s favorite couple! We want all of Alex and Shinae!!!!!!

  40. thanks for continuing to sub Alvin.

    As for the PDs…I want to smack them on the head. I can’t believe how much good stuff they cut off AlShin. Their wedding photos were so great and the two of them have great chemistry during shooting….too bad the PDs got snippy happy with editing.

    I agree with alexandra –20% scripted, 80% reality, 100% edited…hahaha.
    I know they edit stuff a lot but I’m flabbergasted as to why they want to make AlShin appear awkward while in reality they’ve become much closer.

    Much props to the photographer from Alshin’s wedding photoshoot for showing us the pics and setting the record straight on his minihompy.

    I hope the PD will be more fair with the portrayal of AlShin on the show.

  41. Thanks for continuing to sub! It means a lot to me and I don’t mind waiting a couple of days :]

    As for this piece of news, I’m even more shocked than I was before…I already thought they had very little airtime and since I read the other news article about the photographer saying AlShin were very close at the photoshoot, I thought it was really weird how they were presented as an awkward couple…

    SO NOW, I’m glad that netizens are complaining because it’s not fair for them to be portrayed as something they’re not…cuz they are comfortable with each other now!! Jeeezz

  42. thats what happened?i love that couple but they were starting to get really bored.. watching them even made ME feel awkward. i hope they start showing some actual scenes.

    anyway, thank you for subbing ! =)

  43. Yes, I’ve noticed this too and I started to enjoy the other couples and forwarded Alex & Shinae scenes because they’ve been awkward since they returned. Stupid editors!!!

  44. DANG!! I was wondering why AlShin became boring at times. Their cuts have definitely been shorter recently. I thought it was just me that got tired of them, but it turns out to be the PDs’ faults!!! GRRR!!!

  45. Pingback: Top Posts «

  46. “Article by No Cut News, 09/07/2008.

    Briefly Translated Content:

    Alex has admitted that his character was made by the production crew.
    He said “We have alot of fun moments like CrownJ and Seo InYoung but those moments were cut as what the production crew want is the romantic couple”.
    But he said even though their concenpt was made, what they show in the show is all natural without any kind of scripts.

    “Even though there are many cameras around us we are not bothered and just be normal. I think that is why many people are enjoying the show. If it was 100% scripted, we would have gotten the Daejong Movie Award”.

    “Other couples tend to look alike each other and they have the similar tastes. But we are alike in a way that we like to be considerate and careful towards each other”.

    We have asked Alex if they were dating for real. He answered with a laugh, “If we are, do you think I would tell you the truth?”
    “Maybe we(Alex&Sinae) might be the most realistic couple as people’s love are all different”. ”


  47. BANZAI…… Alvin thank you for keep subbing.

    I think alex and shin ae are the most realistic couple and interested to watch at first but i seem like it getting bored since there are to many cut.

  48. Thank you so much for continuing subbing coolsmurf! You rock! Yes, I found it odd that many scenes just seemed empty (if you get my drift). I mean, judging from what the photographer said, they have very good chemistry together. I don’t see why it would be necessary to promote this “awkward” concept, when I find that more apparent with Hwangbo and Hyungjoon (which is more natural I find).

    I think the PDs need to rethink this, and yes, the times are pretty uneven. I wish they would just kinda give everyone their due time. I mean, they have so much material, why cut out the good stuff? It’s what the fans love. Thanks for sharing this bit coolsmurf. Always good to know people feel the same way I do. Haha.

  49. editing = power basically.
    i thought that alex and shin ae had gotten so boring. no more picture taking, no more singing, no more reasons why i loved them in the first place. LOL, i thought that it was because they left for the two month hiatus and shin ae closed her heart to alex now and all sorts of weird mess that i wouldn’t have been thinking if the PDs were more honest about the relationship. if a person takes time to watch the show then they should be truthful about what they give to us especially, if they are progressing far already. they should have just shown us the inbetweens quickly and get back to the romantic parts since everyone else is dominating (since they are being shown as having growth, not moving backwards as a couple). i want the essential alshin back. =)

  50. Seriously…why’d they even bother bringing them back when all they’re doing is “butchering” everything about this couple…PDs are idiots-PERIOD. aaaaahhh its just so retarded ..why not show their true progression…???

  51. thanks for continuing to sub! yay! i’m patiently waiting.. (can’t afford at the moment to download HQ stuff from other source).. so please please pleaseeeeeeeee.. keep subbing. thank you!!!!

  52. wat da??? pd should be fair on this..
    don’t just focusing on anbicouple n crownj&iyong..
    it’s unfair….i wish i could see tht scene…
    it’s must b cute + romantic compare to others….
    no wonder alshin couple got da lowest vote…
    no matter wat thy do…aja2 hwaiting alshin….
    i’ll still voting u guys n always wish da best 4 u 2…

  53. hmmm..why does this sound like another case of a big star blaming his shortcomings on the poor PD. Alex owes his new found fame and album sales to We got married and the producers so its not fair to blame EVERYTHING on them. The cuts that they DO show are seriously awkward and if he and Shinae are not acting, those scenes are REAL.

    He said the cheesy romance thing was a concept…so what the heck is he like in real life, that couple should be honest and be themselves like everyone else. I think the reason for their awkwardness is not the PD’s fault, they let the reputation of the show get to their heads so their trying to market a product no one is interested in..people want character development and those 2 are the only ones who are the same as when they first met.

  54. ^— In the article, it didn’t say anything about Alex, himself, complaining. It’s just the fans that are outraged.

    I only complaint I had from the editting was from the wedding photoshoot. It was suppose to be a special episode for all the original 3 couples. Althought AlShin didn’t stay for all the 100 days, I think they stayed long enough to deserve just around 7 min out of the 80 min air time. I mean wasn’t this episode suppose to showcase their photoshoot, why did they also show the parts where Crown J was at his radio gig? I mean they could’ve used that time to show more of the parts where Alex and Shinae were having fun. And I’m only saying this because the video where someone was recording the AlShin pictures looked like it was really interesting. That’s just my two cents. I’m not being biased or anything, I just thought that that episode should’ve been SOLELY about their photoshoot. πŸ˜€

  55. Ugh! Wth is my problem? I mean they DESERVED MORE than 7 minutes, I swear it’s too late in the night.

  56. @ Shocking.

    LOL. So funny when you can’t differentiate between Alex and his fans. It is his fans who outraged about the editing things.

    While even you didn’t like them we can’t denied their scenes was heavily cuts, the chooses scenes was so limited, their air time was so short, their interaction didn’t being display.

    Me too, at first that their awkwardness are real, but when people whom being with them off screen i.e Mr Photographer and fans account who saw them not being akward at all.

    It is proven in two ways:-

    1) Mr Photographer
    2) Fans account especially those who are working with MBC.

    If you are studying filming, you will know how much an editing, scenes will effect to the flow of the story even if the actor/actress act their best. The same goes with AlShin even if they are not awkward, no more and being themselves but if the editing is sucks then the result will misleading to an absolute result that the PD has stated at the end of the road.

    I didn’t know if people like you still exist, but is sure freaking annoying me..Out your hatred in the rubbish please..

  57. Plus, please be objective while stated things otherwise you will misjudge people and treated them unfair. Do you want to be treated that way?

  58. even though, im a bit late. I just started watching We got married and when i reached the photoshoot episode, I too felt that it was too unfair for my fav group..bc the airtime, I wondered why we didn’t get to see the album and romantic scenes..sigh*..dumb production crew

  59. Dear Alvin,

    Thank you very much for the subs….
    Please take your time…
    We do appreciate your effort though…

  60. ya but thanx to those fans efforts now the PD is giving much more airtime to the alshin couple (episode 20-21)..also u can see that there is nooooo awkwardness displayed especially when alex feeds her and plays with her hair and face

  61. hey…i am a new viewer here..good job on all the news that you are posting here!! Are u subbing We Got Married? Where can I watch it? Cz the website which i am watching it from does not sub some parts and i read that you can sub very well..

    Keep up the good work! ^^

  62. do u know where i can download we got married eps with eng subs??? i’ve been looking but it doesn’t seem like any website has the links anymore because of copyright issues and stuff with mbc…. i really want to watch the rest of the series…. please tell me where i can download… thanx so much

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