Nam Gyuri Leaves SeeYa Temporarily for Solo Career

Update: Nam Gyuri has denied today that what MNet had said yesterday about her leaving SeeYa isn’t true. She is just leaving the group temporarily to concentrate on her solo activities. Just smart to create publicity yesterday and then leaving herself a way back into SeeYa should her solo career flop.

Both Chae Dong Ha and Nam Gyuri were both once in the same company and were leaders of SG Wannabe and SeeYa respectively. And so it seems natural that Gyuri would in time follow the same path as Chae Dong Ha.

News of her departure broke today and was confirmed by her management, MNet that Nam Gyuri would leave SeeYa and become a solo artiste instead. She had participated in the OST recording for her debut movie “Gosa” on 12th July.

Nam Gyuri debuted in 2006 with SeeYa together with Lee Boram and Kim Yeon Ji. They were labelled as the female version of SG Wannabe because they were trained by SG Wannabe and sang the same genre of songs.

She was caught in a wardrobe malfunction controversy in 2006 when her right breast was exposed while SeeYa was performing Beyonce’s hit “Crazy in Love”. The pictures spread like wildfire over the internet although some viewed it as a publicity stunt. This however raised her profile even higher than before.

During the course of filming “Gosa”, Nam Gyuri had receive many acting offers with some even asking her to quit singing totally. Although she rejected the offers then, but after discussions with her management, she decided to become a solo artiste and leave the group temporarily.

As this is her debut movie and song, famous composer, Cho Young Soo was roped in for the soundtrack and Nam Gyuri’s sad ballad will fit in with the movie theme of anger and sadness.

7 thoughts on “Nam Gyuri Leaves SeeYa Temporarily for Solo Career

  1. So does this departure mean that she won’t be coming back to SeeYa (not some solo-album-then-go-back-to-group move like how artist do?)

  2. i don’t know whether i will like it or not. I really love both SG Wannabe and Seeya, and when I knew Chae Dong Ha will be leaving SG Wannabe, I was really sad. But now, Gyuri will leave SeeYa, and that means there will be no SeeYa! Puf,, ya! I’m sad! They are really good!

  3. I really hope it’s kinda like Shinhwa where they do their solo projects and whatnot, but still stay together. But I have a sinking feeling it’s not going to be like that.

  4. If she is successful as a solo, I doubt she would return back to the group. And I don’t see why she wouldn’t be just as successful. Sometimes SeeYa seemed to be presented as her group, and the other girls were just back up singers.

    Its funny, I just saw an old interview with them on YouTube where Gyuri was saying how she wanted to stay in a group with her “sisters” forever.

    Shows what a starring role in a movie can do.

  5. Ohhhhh, bad bad bad idea! I thought she said that she’d never leave her “sisters” because they had gone through so much together! Her first starring role has definitely gone to her head! To me she’s just a pretty face and lovely voice, but from what I’ve seen, she’s got no personality at all!

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