Kim Jung Eun’s Salsa Performance Thrills Audience

Kim Jung Eun rarely seen dancing ability will be broadcast to viewers soon.

In her Chocolate talkshow recording on 12th July, Kim Jung Eun opened the show with a thrilling salsa dance performance which was not previewed at all.

Kim Jung Eun expressed, “For this summer special, I prepared a salsa dance number with my dance partner.” Kim Jung Eun got an enormous reaction from the audience as she did a turn in the air plus other difficult moves.

According to the production team, “Kim Jung Eun started practising three weeks ago, putting in at least 4 hours and above daily, for her 4 minutes plus salsa dance performance. Kim Jung wasn’t really confident about dancing but in order to show the audience another side of her, she put in lots of effort and hard work. You will see the results of it on the show this week.”

This episode will be shown this Thursday, 17th July at 12.20am (KST).

8 thoughts on “Kim Jung Eun’s Salsa Performance Thrills Audience

  1. Hmm… Nice for her! will like to see her sexy dance..

    Btw, coolsmurf.. are you going to make up a summary of this week’s We got married..?

    Like to see your summary of all the couples 🙂

  2. Wow…… first i was shock when i see it and beside i can’t really imagine she was dancing on the stage…. its great fun and sophisticated.

  3. My aunt really happy when she see KJe dancing she can’t believe it!! but her response it was… wow she so talented thats my idol hehehehh….

  4. she did an awesome performance for a 3 week practice dance number. if she will continue practice dancing with difficult steps, she can continue giving dance number in her own show. she was graceful and elegant at the same time.

  5. she is very sexy lady

    but sometimes i dont like her dressing style i hope in future she will dress always showing her sexy curves and nice skin

  6. i saw the movie.she dances well gracefully.
    together with the supporting dancers.people
    were very amaze when she dance.and i even
    was very shock.sahe has a nice.talent keep up
    the good work.kje aja!!!!!!! regards here your fans
    in the philippines…..

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