Gillian Openly Reveals her Wish to Marry Lee Jun Ki

The media must be really BORED to come up with this.

The No.1 female lead in the infamous Edison Chen scandal earlier this year, Gillian Chung has openly proposed marriage to Lee Jun Ki which has generated lots of interest in Korea after it was made known.

This was revealed during Gillian’s wedding photoshoot recently where she expressed that she would like to get married with Lee Jun Ki.

Everyone knows that Gillian is a Lee Jun Ki fanatic and during her wedding photoshoot with Charlene Choi, she was asked about her ideal wedding partner, Gillian replied without hesitation, “My prince charming is Lee Jun Ki. I like him very much. He is a really adorable man. I want to marry Lee Jun Ki.”

Lee Jun Ki had signed on with Emperor Entertainment Group last October for big money and became colleagues with Gillian as a result. Gillian interest must have arosed during December last year where she did a photoshoot with Lee Jun Ki.

But apart from expressing that it was a interesting news, Lee Jun Ki’s management said today, “Gillian’s comments are just her own thoughts, Lee Jun Ki has no relations with her whatsoever at all personally.”

49 thoughts on “Gillian Openly Reveals her Wish to Marry Lee Jun Ki

  1. lol, i honestly don’t think Gill REALLY meant what she said…people shouldn’t take her words as the truth. i mean, she adores him, so she’s just saying that. i’m sure some of us fans out here occasionally say “omgg i want to marry: ________” but do we REALLY REALLY mean it?? nawh…at least, i don’t think so.
    anyways, those are just my two cents on this matter

  2. ugh, the HK media always makes little comments from actors/actresses into these HUGE deals all the time O_o

  3. only in her dream that Junki will marry her….jst keep dreaming Gillian ehheheeheh
    and join in the line of thousand Junki girl-fans

  4. Might she be using his name (and fame) to recover from the scandal? I mean, I heard she wasn’t very popular with the public after the Edison Chen scandal. So, she might be using Lee Jun Ki (name or reputation) in order to get into the public eye again?

  5. “Gillian’s comments are just her own thoughts, Lee Jun Ki has no relations with her whatsoever at all personally.”


  6. the HK news are so imaginative!!

    i’d be rooting for junki & hyori first!! then gillian.. 😦
    hahahhaa.. LOL..

  7. (the HK paparazzi may be making this up but still…)

    i’m sorry gillian but, whatever. -rolls eyes-

    and judging from what’s been released from his management (for all you know, it could’ve been his own statement! lol!), it’s clear that he’d want to steer clear of her; for the sake of his career.

    sorry for sounding a lil’ harsh. It’s just that I’m never fond of her and the Edison saga heightened my distaste towards her. Judgemental? I know but that’s how fans are like worldwide.

    Lee Jun Ki and Gillian Cheung? Hell no! If the korean netizens (they are well known to be very good spies; even better than CIA. LOl!) ever gets wind of this, Gillian would be very popular indeed.

  8. It’s old news and old magazine. Plus this news is made up by Korea media not HK. Gillian have said that she admire him and seen some of his works but definitely not love him and it long time ago.

    And i agreed the Korea media must be really bored cos this piece of news are stupid.

  9. Wow LJK’s hair is amazing. What is that style called? I want to tell my stylist to cut it the same way.

    As for the news itself, if this is an attempt to gain public’s forgiveness, it’s not working =\

  10. LOL.. Gillian’s adorable but perhaps she can just join in the long line of Lee Junki fangirls.. We all wanna marry him. And well, Lee Junki’s type is someone like Lee Da Hae.

  11. to #12: dude, how can this be made up by korean media? when the source IS from HK magazine! there’s even video clip of Gillian saying she admires and wants to marry LJK. Gillian is practically unknown in Korea. So why would they care of what she said?

    And of course, any management would distant themsevles from Gilian after that scandal.

  12. she better stay away from him! he’s too good for her…and not just because of her scandal but I never really like her…I demand other good girls for LJK…ahehe^^

  13. oh and I forgot…as a Jun Ki fan girl…I prefer Lee Da Hae sad thing they’re just friends >_<

  14. Lol seriously gillian is NOT good enough for LJK. All the more so with her shameful scandal with Edison Chen. And of course LJK’s management would not want him to have anything to do with her, lest his reputation gets tarnished by being associated with her.

    Gillian, keep on dreaming yea. And join in the queue of Junki girl fans. Just because you’re a HK celebrity does not mean you get priority in the queue.

  15. Lee Junki can do wayyy better than Gillian! I actually like Charlene more! She’s so cute! But both of their acting skills need major work though!

  16. Don’t do it Junki! Edison slept with hundreds of girls before getting to her, so who knows what she could be carrying.

  17. well, when she was with ed, she said they were just friends. here she says she wants to marry lee jun ki, i bet they’ve already gone out together and that’s why he isn’t interested.

  18. I am not a huge fan of Junki, and I am definitely not a fan of Twins, but .. Junki is way too good for her.

  19. no a fan of both of them..

    as a fan i do occasionally says “i want to marry XXX” but for an artist..this sort of statement kinda like a “publicity stunt” although this is rather a stupid one.. -_-;;

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  21. I guess his management heard about her ~scandalous~ past.
    But I totally laugh so hard at that. It’s like they’re implying her to dream on.

  22. HAHA! I love what Junki’s people said about the issue. That’s so funny. It’s like them saying, “Ha, silly girl~~!” XD And isn’t this old news?? o.O Anyway, the whole Edison scandal has already ruined her image. I used to be a HUUUUGE fan of Gillian. I even looked up to her until I got a hold of Edison’s pictures, and I’m like, “Dang, stupid girl.” Such a waste.

  23. first of all doesn’t junki look weird in that pic???….
    and hell no she better step back !!!
    junki is mine!!

    like they said join the millions of girl fans rooting for junki
    and wantting a piece of him too! =D

  24. Hell NOOOOOOOOOO!!!! Jun Ki… If he doesnt want to ruin his image, then get away from Gillian!!! She’s too much off a b*tch for him!

  25. whattttt!!!! correct me if i’m wrong…that girl name gillian was she a chinese actress??? with such issue like sex scandal with that damn hottie actor “i forgot his name”??? well, if she’s really is…better shup up girl….LJK doesn’t deserve ur admiration!!!!!

  26. if it werent for the scandal gillian would still be such a lovable gal to everyone..
    but now…. >.> the results…

  27. hmmm..NO to Gillian!!!
    Junki is not for you…He’s like what everyone here say “he’s way to good for her!”
    I clearly remember that Lee Dae Hae have a crush on Junki, but Junki don’t..and he’s more interested to Lee Hyo Ri..

  28. lol.. I think Gillian thinks of lee jun ki just as a ideal guy to marry the the dreamprince.. It´s a difference between an ideal and an actual guy a girl thinks of.. at least it is for me.. I have a whole different picture of the guy in my dreams and the guy I inreal life get attracted to!

  29. stupid girl. she should know, LEE JUN KI has a CLEAN image.
    and another.. there a BILLIONS of girls who wish to marry lee jun ki too! hahaha!
    including me… (hahaha!)
    “Gillian’s comments are just her own thoughts, Lee Jun Ki has no relations with her whatsoever at all personally.”, thats the way to put it.

    sorry gillian, you might as well go to the end of the line
    of girls who wants junki..
    or better yet, just stop dreaming and just make more
    scandals for yourself..
    you’ll be more famous.. rather than sayin u wanna marry junki!

  30. From watching Junki Lee during award shows (he was a presenter and recepient) this past december, I have a feeling the words spoken here were not his manager but his own words. He can be a bit sarcastic in a funny sorta way. The part that states, “has no relations with her whatsoever at all personally”… THAT is so his personality. It is that type of thing HE would say out of his mouth. LOL!!

  31. Excuse ME Gillian, Stand behind me.
    Maybe it wasn’t intentional, she is just obessed.

  32. who is gillian? jun ki is mine okeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey……stupid girl!!!
    junki don’t like gillian!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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