Lee Seung Gi Buys His Own Pirated CD in China

Singer Lee Seung Gi revealed that he actually bought his own “compliation” album that he had never released before in China.

In an episode of Happy Together Season 3 on 10th July, Lee Seung Gi revealed something that made him happy and sad at the same time during his 1N2D Baekdusan Special. He revealed that while they were filming, he actually found copies of “Best of Lee Seung Gi” compliation album being sold.

He expressed, “The cover of the pirated album was actually photos of me at my concert and when I was being interviewed and put together. There were a total of 19 songs and I even bought bought one for keepsake.”

17 thoughts on “Lee Seung Gi Buys His Own Pirated CD in China

  1. at least he has sense of humor, because many would have been really angry. In an end, all their hard work and promotion is for selling their albums, right? so the person that made that album made a nice sum of money out of nothing. Wonder if the person that sold him the cd realized who is he selling too….

  2. LMAO gotta love Lee Seung Gi! ā¤

    I totally agree with the first postee regarding LSG’s mindset towards the pirated CD. I too wonder why the seller didn’t recognise him haha what a fluke!!!

  3. Omo… i find its funny… haha… well,i’ll be happy and sad too if i am a singer but they pirated my songs. But i will laughs at the same time if i saw my own pirated cd on the shops. hahaha…
    haha… he is such a cutie! (^o^)

  4. haha actually if i was lee seung gi i would be pretty curious to see what they put in the dvd and buy one too haha

  5. @ anna
    i also wonder how the seller’s expression????

    LOL Lee Seung Ki really have a good sense of humor…. hahahaha. Sad and happy in the same time……

  6. OMG I actually laughed out loud! XDDD

    Lee Seung Gi is pretty sensible I guess ’cause there isn’t much he can do about it! Might as well be humoured, eh? šŸ˜€

  7. woah.. *claps* i must say he’s so cool! i think other artist would be mad..but he got a good sense of humor!

  8. HAHA! That’s so funny. LSG is so cute. It’s definitely something you should have mixed feelings about. At least he’s cool enough to be humored by it. =D

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