Solbi Is In Love

Solbi implied indirectly that she is in love!

Solbi recently left a message beneath one of her photos which she took on her trip to Jeju Island in her Cyworld minihompy on 8th July saying

Never knew that being in love could be so blissful. Everyone has said that I have become prettier. Could it be because I am in love?! the most ‘tragic’ thing is, I might continue to be even prettier…..

You could deduce her words as being she is really falling in love.

Many netizens are curious about her boyfriend’s identity following her confession. Some netizens believe that the man in her life now is Andy Lee who is playing her make-believe husband in MBC “We Got Married” variety.

67 thoughts on “Solbi Is In Love

  1. ITS ANDY!!!!!!!!!
    hes fallen for her charm hehe
    cant wait for Sunday’s we got married, they make a great couple
    any1 agree???

  2. I hope it’s Andy too! I read on the forum at Korean Sub Utd. that the WGM PD does not allow the participants to date other people in real life or else they will get kicked off the show. They are only allowed to date their WGB partner in real life as will. So, if Solbi does have a boyfriend in real life and it is not Andy, then she will get kicked off the show. So, I am really hoping it is Andy because (a) they are so perfect and cute together and (b) if it’s not, Solbi will have to leave the show and it wouldn’t be as good without her.

  3. hahaha….HAHAHAHAHA


    they’re “opening up to each other” and i hope this is the result of that

  4. it better be andy or else. she will get kicked out of the show if she has another man. lol

    solbi please get preetttierrr more! ^^

  5. The only likely answer to her ‘mystery’ love is Andy from “WE GOT MARRIED” because surely, Solbi is a busy girl! I don’t think she has enough time to start dating someone else and then still be on the “WE GOT MARRIED” show revealing how much she likes being with her Andy oppa.

    In addition, I do believe that Andy is a gentleman and would not ‘lead on’ a taken woman–be it Solbi or not. He and/or Solbi would kindly withdraw from the show…

  6. OH COOL~~~ how everyone wish it would be andy. lets all cross our fingers and hope they really are in love!!~~ WOOHOO~

  7. Solbi looks so pretty in those photos =). I hope she’s found real love in real life too (and if it’s with WGM’s Andy then it’s just <3!!)

  8. omg is everyone serious?!

    tell me that no one knows atleast one girl who uses a love quote in her photos or just random pictures to fill in the description box


  9. oh my, i wish that’s really true about her and andy
    but i think she’s also right about how this program is a little bit dangerous and it couldn’t be said in a bad way for this couple since their just soo perfect together!
    solbi’s really pretty in these pics btw!!^^

  10. Well if its Andy or not (although I wish it was).

    I must agree she has gotten much prettier. She has blossomed as a lady. Even if she doesn’t end up actually dating Andy for real, the show and her relationship with him thus far has been very beneficial to her growth as a woman.

  11. i would DIE if the man wasn’t Andy…i think half of Korea would die as well XD

    but seriously, i think it’d be sort of weird if all the couples on WGM didn’t get together in real life eventually…how long is the show gonna run anyway?

  12. She might be in love, but the r/lship might not be official?
    Like she love Andy, but yet they might not be dating? I don’t know. THere’s really many perspective of views actually. I wish Andy and Solbi are together! Solbi’s really pretty, especially the 4th picture. Very natural shot. 😉

    Can’t wait for next week’s episode! Hopefully coolsmurf will sub the clips again!

  13. Thats obvious.. its Andy. But I hope they will openly confess that they are dating now. Anbi fighting!!!

  14. it’s got to be Andy.. it is very obvious that she does really like him.. wish they would end up together.. and yeah!.solbi does look prettier than before.. hahaha.. love does really have a good effect.. looking forward on WGM’s next episode.. excited on what’s gonna happened next to AnBi couple.. =)

  15. the pictures are very pretty. I hope Solbi’ll find the right guy who can take well care of her and love her undyingly. The girl’s such a nice and sweet girl, she deserves it.

  16. I love Andy
    Solbi not so much

    ALex Shin Ae
    Crown J and Seo In young those two couple really should get married in real life
    Cause those four meant for each other !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  17. Cheryl, I so know what you mean! Because Andy’s really reserved and sometimes, I just wish he would treat Solbi like how Crown J treats In Young. Like, I can really see how affectionate and carefully Crown J treats In Young (cos she is like a time-bomb maybe lol).

    And I think the backlash if Solbi’s guy ISN’T andy would be terrible! All these fanatics out there just PRAYING that she’s referring to Andy. can you imagine if it’s NOT andy? Omgosh! But she does look very pretty in the above photos.

    ❤ ANDY & SOLBI!

  18. I’ve noticed that she is a pretty vain girl. You can say she’s just joking, but you can tell she DOES think pretty highly of herself when she talks about herself. And she likes to bring up her “popularity” on every show she goes on. Yeah she’s pretty, but the girl’s gotta learn to bit a bit more humble! And this is just my opinion but I think Andy can do better!

  19. Just like the rest of the world… I really want to shout… “Oh come on! Andy and Solbi, just get together!” hahaha…

    @ sure….: Actually, a popular running gag between gag women in Korea is when they think highly of themselves or call themselves pretty or gorgeous. lol… Humor much? Hahaha

  20. I think it’s someone else. Ppl can say Andy is reserved and shy but from what I’ve seen he’s just not really into to her as she(and fans) would like to believe he is! I can see that Andy has become fond of her but it’s not like the other couples where you can tell that the feelings are there. I’m a fan of Solbi too, but sometimes I wish she would stop trying so hard! I really don’t want her see her get hurt anymore!

  21. Cool. IF it is Andy, which seems most logical, doesn’t that mean that this arranged wedding thing is actually working? I mean, what you normally would associate it with is disaster, imprisonment and so on 🙂

  22. @ja mes:
    that would be HILARIOUS, but disappointing at the same time.
    Solbi looks MUCH better with Andy =]

  23. I say it’s Andy…I don’t care who says it’s not, it’s andy because i’m pretty sure when you start the show you have to be single. The PD of WGM doesn’t want someone that is in a relationship because it’ll cause drama.
    So if Solbi was single during WGM & now is in LOVE I’m saying it’s Andy because she spends alot of time with him & she’s being saying it from the beginning that she is falling for him.
    So it has to be him, whom else does she spend time with, with her busy schedules.

  24. lol. i love andy but am not into the pairing..

    ever since WGM, people tend to associate everything with their partner on the show. it happened to Shinae as well. (though i’m an AlShin fan, i rather not to simply put a hope on nothing solid.)

    i guess it’s normal. people are just riding the wave of the season. it makes them happy to believe so.

    in the end, no one really know what they’re not told. ;D

  25. Gosh, that’s so pathetic. If this was concerning someoneelse than Andi she wouldn’t post it.
    And due to the fact that this is just a show she’s makin a hype around herself -__-“

  26. Maybe she IS referring to Andy, but he just doesn’t know it yet…….because really, who could it be? She’s always talking about him and how much she likes him on every talk show she goes on!

  27. Wow, that is really shocking!!! I really don’t know what to guess about that. I mean, I really hope that Solbi and Andy are together, because they have such great chemistry together, but I have my doubts. On Shinhwachangjo the international fanboard, there was news from Eric that Solbi and Andy are not getting along really well, that they had some sort of fallout. While Eric did not reveal any details, I’m really not sure what this means. Is Andy mad about Solbi and another guy? Or is this just really late news after the whole ring incident? I’m really curious.

    Although, Solbi said she was “in love,” that doesn’t necessarily mean she has a boyfriend… though I am definitely crossing my fingers! Thanks for sharing this coolsmurf!

  28. If solbi is referring to andy that will great. I really hope thats the case.. they really make a great couple. You could tell she has fallen for him I highly doubt there is someone else involved the things she does on the show, her body language, facial expressions tells a lot… those things are really hard to hide.

  29. Anyone take notice, Solbi’s way of dressing has drastically changed?

    I’ve heard other entertainers always telling their girlfriends not to wear their dresses too short, because they don’t want other guys eyeing them out. 😀

    Seems like even Solbi’s hair is kept down making her look prettier on every show. She’s sporting a more soft look now and I think she’s absolutely beautiful now.

    She’s lost her cuteness and suddenly grew up overnight. When I saw her on Good Eats as a new co-host I was so impressed with her. Even her way of talking has changed. 😀

    Hope it is Andy; they seemed a lot closer in the newest episode.

    Now I can’t wait to read what was said when she was massaging Andy’s feet. The look on his face was priceless and she ended up getting so embarrassed. 😀

  30. Wow!

    Great to being in love..

    But has to agree with @Erica and others that I feel to that eventough AnBi is cute together but it seemingly like they didnt really seem to meant for each as what I feel regarding AlShin and CrownYoung.

  31. @ ja mes
    shin jung hwan from sang sang plus sea 2 ????????

    omo…….. that’s a little bit impossible he dating some one else while in WMG she tried hard to confess her feeling to Andy.

    I hope not him… Why I hoping so much it was Andy….. she wrote that she’s in love that may be she just in love not dating some one. But ” I might continue to be even prettier” give many speculation it could be her love are not for one side love. And he was have some one….

    Hope it was ANDY……..

  32. @ ja mes
    shin jung hwan from sang sang plus sea 2 ????????

    omo…….. that’s a little bit impossible he dating some one else while in WMG she tried hard to confess her feeling to Andy.

    I hope not him… Why I hoping so much it was Andy….. she wrote that she’s in love that may be she just in love not dating some one. But ” I might continue to be even prettier” give many speculation it could be her love are not for one side love. And she was have some one….

    Hope it was ANDY……..

    Btw i have a bad feeling coolsmurf have not sent the WGM ep 18 summary or picture yet. It mean that he will realy stop doing WGM things?

    I hope not i always waiting for his sub in youtube.

  33. Pingback: Solbi Is In Love

  34. Hmmmm, I wonder if Andy has read this? He’d probably freak out! I feel like most of the time he’s affectionate with her it’s because he feels sorry for her cause he knows that she likes him so much. When ppl ask him on talkshows if he’s interested in Solbi, he hesitates every time before giving an elusive answer. I think fans just read too much into his answers and his actions towards Solbi! Hopefully Solbi has found someone who truly loves her back!

  35. According to something I just read; Eric (in an interview as of July 11th) said Andy and Solbi aren’t getting along right now.

    He hopes they’ll mend things….but its up in the air.

    This really has become a daily drama. Everything changes by the day and week.

  36. Have to put 2 cents in on Eric’s interview. I forgot that many things are put on hold for awhile before being released.

    He could have been talking about the time Solbi lost the ring; which is now history and an old interview.

    I remembered Solbi’s interview on Entertainment Relay; the only reason they aired it was because Solbi became so popular but it was an old street interview that finally aired.

  37. I am really curious about who she is currently dating.

    Like many others, I am hoping that the special person is Andy =)

    If it isn’t him, I hope none of the two will feel awkward when they get together to film “We Got Married”.

  38. Has anyone seen the July schedule for shinhwa members posted on July 10 my-shinhwa.blogspot? For Andy they list his recording and broadcast dates of WGM. The last (?) & only recording date for him on WGM is July 1 and then only broadcast dates til July 27 thereafter. Then saw on korean sub utd there was the posting of Solbi’s diary entry for last day of June on her mini-hompy (which was removed) where she was saying goodbye to somebody she cared for. I know Andy’s doing Polaroid but does this mean he (& solbi) are done with the show? The timing is a little coincidental for both. Also considering Eric’s comment. Coolsmurf can you get more info?

  39. @jenlov

    Eric’s interview was recorded the same time the ring incident was still being aired. I think he only assumes with what he watches, because he was laughing when he said it.

    Solbi’s diary entry was about her friend and roommate who was moving out, and she was a bit depressed about that.

    According to a schedule I found (but can’t seem to find again) Andy and Solbi are doing heaps of pre-filming all through July in case they don’t have time in August. I think there will be plenty of episodes with AnBi instored because, like the goddamn ring issue, they can stretch one day into four weeks.

  40. Hmm, really hope that andy and solbi will really be together…if not they will be kick out of the show…which will really kill those andy and solbi fan to keep watching that show…and i personally is andy’s fans, from my point of view…i think he and solbi really great being together in real life or in show too…=)

    Hoped Andy is finally touch by all the things solbi had done…=)
    Andy (V) Solbi Forever….=P

  41. Hmmm… whoa. Is this serious?? Because many girls say these kind of things for nothing on their sites.

    Solbi is looking gorgeous in those pictures, though!! WOOHOO!

    And if it’s true, would she really reveal it in that way through her mini-hompy?? I don’t think so.

  42. this is kind of hard for both andy and solbi … right now their popularity is stellar, but i wonder if they can really maintain it after a break-up… i think most of their fans will feel betrayed and even conned by their ‘acting’…

    scripted acting doesn’t even feel this real… fans will start to think negatively about them… ppl don’t like to feel stupid by putting hope on a make-believe show…

    but again .. that will depend on how good they and the PD cook up stories to make fans sympathize with the break-up…. only then they can maintain their popularity

    either way … they’d better off be together :P… not good for future business : ) they risk losing ‘betrayed’ fans and getting more anti ones…

  43. I hope they’re a couple in real life, but my six sense is telling me that Andy’s not her boy. Maybe.. one of thy Shinhwa members, Like Eric Mun. Eric’s been weird.

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