Kang Ho Dong plus 6 Others Brings You Ya Shim Man Man Season 2

SBS “Ya Shim Man Man” will be making it’s comeback soon with Season 2.

The program was stopped in January 2008 and after 6 months of waiting, “Ya Shim Man Man” will be revived again with Season 2. Since it’s debut in 2002, it has been an A-List talkshow program where celebrities spill juicy gossip about themselves. It was also one of SBS premier programs with it being the top-rated program in it’s timeslot for years until it’s demise.

Kang Ho Dong had said before on the final broadcast in January that “Ya Shim Man Man” will definitely be back with a totally new concept. With news brewing recently that “Ya Shim Man Man” was making it’s comeback, many viewers have been waiting to see what changes would be made to the program.

The Season 2 concept will see “entertaining players” training hard to get reborn as improved entertainers just like athletes training at Tae-Reung training center for gold medals. The 7 entertainers who have checked themselves into the “Ya Shim Man Man – Entertainer’s training center” are Kang Ho Dong, Yoon Jong Shin, Kim Jae Dong, MC Mong, Jun Jin, Seo In Young and Nic Khun.

Under the guidance of Kang Ho Dong, these entertainers who have varying degrees of popularity and career paths will engage in a “threatening” question (antagonizing and embarassing questions, similar to Golden Fishery) and answer session with their different guests weekly. The PDs explained, “Beside this new concept, we will also have other talkshow concepts in place.”

“Ya Shim Man Man” Season 2 will start broadcast on 28th July in the same timeslot as the past, every Monday at 11pm. They will face their old adversaries in KBS “‘Beauties’ Talk” and MBC “Come to Play” once again.

credit: lazenca0 (translation) + kris@soompi (pictures)

35 thoughts on “Kang Ho Dong plus 6 Others Brings You Ya Shim Man Man Season 2

  1. ohhh boy i’m excited to see nichkhun! i wonder how much his korean has improved. plusss seo in young is hilarious! i can’t wait to watch thisss

  2. Evidence of how WGM has me completely hooked: I yelled IN YOUNG! when I saw her face and completely overlooked Jun Jin.

    Never happened before. Haha! Wait, does this mean WGM is ending soon, since In Young is becoming a regular on another variety show which should take up alot of her time?? Noooo!!!

  3. when i first saw the picture, i saw nic khun and was like, homg, nic khun on ysmm! and then i was like, wait…why would he be on ysmm? but then i read the rest of the article and then found out it was really him :]

    i’m excited for ysmm now :]]]]]]]

  4. you could stop uploading we got married, are could sub YSMM if it turns out to be a fun and popular show . That would be heaven . This was by far the most entertaining program ever !!! So glad it’s coming back !!!!

  5. Sweeeeeeeeeeeet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope someone uploads the episodes with subs when the time comes. I really looooove YSMM, it used to be one of my favorite programs. Thanx so much for the great news!!!!!!!!!

  6. thanks for the news, i saw this before but i had to read it again because i’m so excited for the show and i come on this blog daily anyways. hehe

    still wondering how this concept is going to work
    i really enjoyed the old concept
    kang hodong never fails to entertain me, so i’m looking forward to it.
    they have a pretty nice cast here!
    i’m satisfied ^^ V

    @yeli, nickhun is a thai JYP trainee popular from the MNET show “Hot Blooded Men”

  7. nic khun is hot!!! haha. i just checked his profile. OMG junjin and SEo in young!!!! wooot woot!! i hope someone will subs YSMM2 when it come out! ^^

  8. OMG, I TOTALLY MISS YSMM!!!! i’m so glad it’s finally back =D

    but i hope the new format is as good as the old format…

  9. aaaaahh nic khun !!!!!!!!
    i’m really looking forward to see the season 2 because of him!!!!
    he’s so cute and talented !! and HOT !!!!!!!

    NIC KHUN!!! MY LOVE!!!!!!!!!

  10. Sounds like they changed everything about the old format! Why do they always have to go and change a good thing? Why not just leave it alone! I was anticipating this show, but now I’m not too sure!

  11. yeahh!! go jun jin & mc mong!! woot woot! excited for this!
    look at jun jin’s cheeky smile. soo cute!

  12. oh YAY!!!
    i just simply LOVE YSMM! and was really sad when it stoped but now there’s a whoooooole new season coming so that’ll be really something to look foward to~

    but i hope you won’t stop subbing WGM since new celebs could be on there and i want to see who’ll be the next couple and also how things are really heating up right now. since you’re the only one who’s subbing most of WGM eps and i think a LOT of other sub-ers? will sub the YSMM so yea, hopefully you won’t stop with WGM

  13. OO! I totally agree with loveholic on Jinnie’s hair!

    He’s gonna be one of the regulars on YSMM so he’d better look good!


    I liked Jinnie’s ‘coconut-like’ hairstyle way back in 2004.
    He was ADORABLE!

  14. @sporkandfoon

    I kinda wish he would go back to the hair he had in ‘Forbidden Love’. *drools*

  15. Wait, that’ll take too long!! xD He should just stop slicking it to the side, it looks weird!!!

  16. I hope you sub parts of this as well.. like you use too… ahah…. i can’t wait until it comes back

  17. Nice. But I guess this wont be subbed by anyone as well as other shows have been subbed. It’s too bad since it’s so much gossip lol 😀

  18. NICK KHUN!?!?! I thought my eyes were deceiving me for a moment hahaha…Anyway, I’m glad to see him on variety show and I can’t wait to see until Jul 28 ^_^

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