Shin Jung Hwan Work Dedication Being Commended After Serious Accident

Shin Jung Hwan will be back in work today, participating in the recording of his “Cheerful Hero” variety after suffering serious injuries in an accident last week.

Shin Jung Hwan suffered multiple injuries in an accident on 3rd July, falling head first after losing control of his bicycle. He was immediately sent to the hospital for treatment and discharged 2 days later after his condition improved slightly. But because of his severe injuries, he had to miss the recording of “Immortal Classics” and “Golden Fishery” on 8, 9th July respectively.

According to “Cheerful Hero” production, “Shin Jung Hwan hasn’t quite fully recovered but he has confirmed that he is recording the show today.”

Shin Jung Hwan’s management expressed, “He had 40 stitches on his forehead, cracked pelvis, etc and so he should be recuperating in hospital because of the severity. But because of his celebrity identity and afraid of causing a burden to other patients, he decided on being discharged instead. He still has difficulty getting around and it is quite a torture for him to record anything frankly.”

15 thoughts on “Shin Jung Hwan Work Dedication Being Commended After Serious Accident

  1. He should rest…. I hope he will get enough of it after he records what he must due to commitment and then fully rest. Get well soon!

  2. WOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! we love you miss shin! it sucks he didnt fully recover yet, but im really glad it wasn’t that serious! keep us laughing miss shin! you’re awesome!

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  4. 40 stitches on his forehead? He should take a rest for awhile. I can’t watch him with those stitches on TV.

  5. Shin Jung Hwan is one of my favourite gagman! I was seriously worried when i heard he got injured. It’s really great that he’s so dedicated! Hope he gets well soon! Aja!

  6. Sorry, but does this mean he wont be punished in future in ways concerning his forehead? That is really bad news, cause it was one of the funnier things about his and the punishment itself 😮 Sorry.

  7. omg BE CAREFUL MISS SHIN!!! Y___Y
    not long ago another korean star died because of such an accident. hell, are the streets always so dangerous?
    glad that he’s well again.

  8. He is FANFASTIC on shows
    he is a wonderful, giving person (seems to be put down alot) but despite is funny, and great anyhows in dancing.
    I WIsh him all the best recovering.

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