Iljimae and Eun Chae, Yong and Bong Soon Romantic Entanglement

“Iljimae” will be hoping to edge closer to the magical 30% television rating after revealing what will happen in episode 15 tonight.

In episode 15 tonight, Yong/Iljimae (Lee Jun Ki) will be having a kissing scene with Bong Soon (Lee Young Ah) before kissing Eun Chae (Han Hyo Joo) later on.

Yong finds Bong Soon and tells her that he is letting her go (she and her father had stole his money earlier on and were under his control). Unknowingly, Bong Soon suddenly comes up close and kisses him. Bong Soon was really happy later on after learning that it was Yong’s first kiss.

On the other hand, Yong transforms into Iljimae and tags along with Eun Chae back to his home when he was a kid. Under the memorable plum blossom tree, Yong listens in to Eun Chae’s confession, “At this place, I met my first love.” Yong was noticeably shocked after learning that he is Eun Chae’s first love. Eun Chae then says he wants to see the person behind the mask. Yong proceeds to tie his mask over Eun Chae’s eyes and secretly kisses her.

With regards to the kissing scenes and their future developments, Lee Jun Ki replied, “Eun Chae and me treat each other as our first love. However for Bong Soon, because she was saved by Lee Geom (Lee Jun Ki) when they were kids, she is very grateful to him. Their relationship is purely one way with Bong Soon having a crush on Yong. But they are more of a brother-sister relationship.”

So there you have it, it’s very clear where everything stands. Even the way that the kisses happen tells you the big picture.

18 thoughts on “Iljimae and Eun Chae, Yong and Bong Soon Romantic Entanglement

  1. awwwwwwwwwwwww~~~ can’t wait for tonight !!!

    although it’s obvious that Iljimae love Eunchae but i dont think they will end together in the end…..TT_______TT

    thanks for the spoiler coolsmurf ^^

  2. yeah. why do i have this bad feeling that they’re not gonna end up together too?!

    thanks for the spoilers! :):)

  3. idk which ones which
    but i want him to be with the girl whos kind of loud and obnixous and stuff
    i love her
    which ones which?

  4. =(( but i dont want him to end up with eunchae. i want him to end up with bongsoon. bongsoon is too unfortunate. she lost everything already, will she lose him too? i hope not but looks like she will =\

  5. i still think bong soon is a better choice. haiz… how i wish i can change the storyline such that he will marry bong soon 😀

  6. *sighs* i wished he liked bong soon instead of eun chae! bong soon is so cute! eun chae doesn’t suit him at all!

  7. yahh..
    i agree with all of u in here..bong soon more suit with him in this drama….actually i already watching the drama till de end…but i’m bit confusing with it ending…wat actually de story behind???

  8. I agree…eun chae annoy the hell outta me with her “goody good” crap. Shes so damn useless too, all she does is cause iljimae troubles rather than saving him like bongsoon did. Eun chae doesn’t even deserve him -.- stupid iljimae

  9. i agree with Kelly! i thought that she acted too innocent. i like bong soon cause she’s heka funny and is always there to save him. unlike eun chae! i gotta admit eun chae is prettier but bong soon is cuter! she’s a brave person. u gotta love her! not eun chae.
    if i was in the movie i would SLAP the heck out of that innocent lady!

  10. I love Iljimae and Eun chae!! I’m so sad they weren’t together though… 😦
    I don’t like Iljimae and Bong soon she’s a bit obnoxious

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