Lee Hyori Shows her Sexiness with It’s HYORISH

Sexy queen Lee Hyori has once again showed everyone how sexy she can get.

Lee Hyori who will be releasing her 3rd album, “It’s Hyorish” on 25th July, offered fans a first-hand glimpse with three of her album jacket photos. The photos were shot in Hawaii showing Lee Hyori in her undergarments on the bed, showing her figure in a white bikini, a green undergarments revealing outfit, etc, showing another level of never seen before sexiness.

According to MNet Media, “The album will contain 60+ photos and they are just like the samples. It’s like a giant pictorial collection of Lee Hyori. Every photo concept will show Hyori’s unique sexiness, confidence and her bubbly charisma.”

Her album will be released in a normal CD and LP version. There’s a limited number of LP versions produced to raise the collectible value. Once news of this broke, pre-orders all over Korea for the LP version were snapped up.

But you have to wonder, is she selling her pictures or music? It seems like they are marketing it now based on the pictures now. But anyway, it’s like killing two birds with one stone for her fans. Hope the music is decent enough.

Lee Hyori will make her official comeback on all gayo shows next week.

32 thoughts on “Lee Hyori Shows her Sexiness with It’s HYORISH

  1. How is this album different than all of her other albums? Isn’t it the same as all of her ones? The same goes of the pictures.

  2. OMG!!…(Love’s Bakery Truck..LOL!!) I know where that is. It smells good when you pass by on the freeway or anywhere near there lol..I love their bread LOL!…(sigh) can’t stop laughing …One question: Why there!? Of all places in Hawaii, she goes to do a shoot there…on a bread truck????? LOL.

    If there are 30 or so pics included in her album thats probably how she’s making her sales lol..not from her voice.

    (Sorry, I just had to comment after I saw the first picture )

  3. Wow, I thought she was trying to move away from her sexy image since she was reaching her 30s.

    Still really hot and pretty though. Guess she’s still trying to reap it as much as possible.

  4. I cant wait to hear what her new album sounds like since she’s collaborating wit so many ppl like eric, wheesung and ock ju hyun

  5. she is funny. she is selling her photo album not her music.
    does she even write her own music or does she even have her signature sound? all i see is her signature pose trying hard to show that S-line…she is sexy alright, but if she is a professional singer like SHAKIRA, she need not over-used her body just to sell her music.

  6. OMG HAHAHA i know what your mean ‘missy’…..i love “love’s bakery”….it would have been more funny if she took it at “Zippys” or “Meadow Gold dairy” or better yet at “L&L” hahaha and to top it off its gotta be at kalihi side!!!!!

    gotta see those pics lol…..she still hot

  7. i say she has a great body and VERY SEXY… but is all that skin necessary for her to look sexy? i’m not dissing her in any way cuz she looks sexy, even with clothes on…but i was hoping she would try a mature kind of sexy… besides the bare-it sexy…. something appealing to gals too….

    nonetheless… she has proven that age doesn’t matter when it comes to sexiness….you just gotta have the groove!

  8. although i think she still rocks in e sexiness category.. shouldn’t she be starting to think about re-packaging herself now?

    but she is, admittedly, looking absolutely stunning in e photos.
    She looks like e total epitome of seeexxxxxxxxxxxiiiiiiii…

  9. on July 8, 2008 at 11:47 am2 Kat

    She has nothing else to offer more than her body which will not last for long she’s almost 30 or is already. ”

    well said. sorry hyori.

  10. Seriously guys, give her a break. I’m not a big fan of Hyori but I really don’t have the authority to judge her in anyway aswell.
    If that’s how she wants to gain popularity in addition to selling her CD’s, then it’s her choice.
    Think about it, Lee Hyori’s level of “HYORINESS” do not even come close to how many artists nowadays do THEIR photoshoots. Others even go to the extent where a topless shot for their cover and just having some kind of item covering their privates is made. This is literally NOTHING in comparison to those pictures.
    Actually, she’s just being smart. With all the tough competition out there in the music industry, if she’s got the body, why not use it?
    As long as she’s not doing anything to REALLY and I mean REALLY degrade herself, like making a “Sex Tape”, then she can do what ever she wants.

  11. Not trying to be mean, but Lee Hyori was just asking for it by using the name “Hyorish.” Sounds like… “whorish.”
    It’s whorish.

  12. “Not trying to be mean, but Lee Hyori was just asking for it by using the name “Hyorish.” Sounds like… “whorish.”
    It’s whorish.”

    Lolz, that’s what I thought when I first heard the name of the new album. XD

    The first two pics are cool, but the last pic was a bit…. much for me. I’m kinda looking forward to her new album, but I’m a bit doubtful a song to which I will be truly addicted to will be present. Hyori isn’t really known for her “musical” talent. But she has many other things to offer! Trying to stay positive since I myself, am not the biggest Hyori fan.

  13. She is age of 30 & can’t denied that her body is really sizzling HOT~~~!

    She must have took tremendous effort to keep tt up.

    Never heard much of her songs except for only “” 10 Mins”” . Is her voice great?

  14. she’s hot and stunning…but really..these kinds of photos are not necessary if you’re promoting an album…what..she’s offerng over 60 or something photo inside her album jacket..

    people are gonna buy thr album because of the photos not the songs…

    ..it’s almost pathetic…

  15. She’s so freakin’ HOT! Hyori is amazing and can’t wait for her album! It’s gonna ROCK!!!

  16. wow soon to be 30 and looking like that!!hyori sure is the epitome of sexy!hey give her a break her songs r really good!I hope she does well in all her comeback stages and album..looking forward to it!

  17. i’m not a fan but let the girl do her thing. over 30 year old wonders like namie amuro and DOUBLE can do it and if MADONNA of all ppl can do it, hyori can too.

  18. Love hyori unni!!
    muy aparte de ser sexy, tiene una personalidad de la PM. 🙂
    (debe de estar ejercitandose duro para que conserve esa figura ^^)

  19. holy cow.
    im preordering now. ahh hyori unnie is so sexy xD
    ahaha hope her music sounds good.
    can’t wait for her comeback next week !

  20. Hyori is simply divine! She’s still got it and looking hotter than ever! Sooo can not wait for her album to come out!

  21. i’m not a fan but let the girl do her thing. over 30 year old wonders like namie amuro and DOUBLE can do it and if MADONNA of all ppl can do it, hyori can too.

    =============> thank you 🙂

  22. dude the book on her bed is “can you keep a secret” by sophie kinsella… pretty good read xD

    yea it seems their moreso profitting off of her “sexiness” rather than her music… oh well thats the industry for yah

  23. Her body is going to help her “singing” career for another 10+ years or so. I mean look at Uhm Jung Hwa and Kim Hye-su, ladies in their late 30s, but still look spankin’ sexy. However, compare to Hyori, they’re actually talented.

  24. o.O
    its Love’s Bakery
    my dad works for them

    wow why the bakery lol
    but anywho its awsome to see her next to a hawaii icon label

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