We Got Married Episode 17 Summary

Seeing so much positive feedback, I will be subbing this week’s episode to tie up the loose ends. I will confirm again if I will continue subbing this weekend. And just in case, I am not trying to earn sympathy points.

The episode of “We Got Married” last Sunday was lauded by viewers to be a very good one as they felt that the intimate interaction between the 100th day couples to be more interesting than their wedding oufits.

The photographer had requested for Crown J to kiss Seo In Young on many occasions throughout their photoshoot but the earlier did not do that, always within mere centimetres. Crown J’s response, “Which guy wouldn’t want not to kiss her? I felt that a light kiss was feasible but no, I felt that I shouldn’t cross the line.” He added in determined fashion, “I didn’t want to cross the line. If I did, we wouldn’t be a make-believe couple anymore but a real couple instead.”

But Seo In Young wasn’t aware of her Seobang’s feelings and expressed, “Shouldn’t the husband be doing this (kiss)?”, making one felt shy surprisingly. She continued, “There was one photo where I was practically stretching out my neck”, as she started laughing. The viewers felt that Crown J’s careful treatment of Seo In Young was really nice, and compared to intimate skinship, slow progression of their relationship seems to be better.”

Andy and Solbi meanwhile had their first real kiss (Dong Wan assisted one didn’t count) in the program which caught the attention of viewers. The photographer had requested for them to have a kiss and Andy lightly planted one on Solbi’s lips. But Solbi remarked that their lips didn’t touch and asked for a retake and they swiftly completed their first kiss.

Viewers felt that they really look like a newly-wedded couple, “Solbi looked really cool asking for a kissing scene retake to make it look more perfect”, “Although it’s make-believe, it would be great if it becomes reality”, etc.

Hwang Bo came over to help out at Andy and Solbi’s photoshoot because of her husband’s work commitments in Japan. As she watched their photoshoot, she lamented in envy, “I also want to wear a wedding dress…”

Compared to the ant and sweet couple, Alex and Shin Ae who was separated for roughly a month due to Alex’s departure before reuniting, their wedding photoshoot was much more reserved as the viewers lamented their regrets.

(note: I don’t really agree with this though)

Shin Ae had posted an entry on her Cyworld on 28th June which aroused the curiousity of fans. In this entry, she wrote, “I am not sure what I should do, I don’t know what’s the correct answer, I don’t know what is reality… I don’t know who I should believe, I thought that that was the last time…” In her latest entry titled “Today Is”, she mentioned about being depressed.

The tv rating for “We Got Married” this past Sunday was 15.5% and was lower than it’s competing variety show, “1N2D” by 4.6 percentile.

91 thoughts on “We Got Married Episode 17 Summary

  1. Yeah u r subbing this weeks episode. Good news 🙂 .

    U should seriously continue subbing. The reason that i watch youtube is because of u.


  2. Pls do continue subbing, coolsmurf. your YouTube downloads help me to relax and make it through the inevitable office politics and stress…i wont know how to pass time if it weren’t for your works…my heartfelt gratitude…

  3. thanks…
    just thank you…
    your videos means a lot to me,they never failed to make me smile or laugh….
    thank you alvin lim…
    thanks coolsmurf…

  4. thanks coolsmurf for subbing this episode and i really hope you won’t stop..(see it’s 6:05am here in california but i’m still up waiting for news on this blog..that is how addicted i am)..

    i’ve watch the raw vids for this episode and i must say that alsin couple is the best..(i’m not saying this just because thry’re my fav)…although i don’t understand korean but i did’nt see any awkward moments plus they really look REAL and happy…….

    oh well, can’t please everybody regarding alshin couple and i just don’t know what more would they like to see…

  5. Thanks!!! Thank you Alvin. Im so happy now and really look forward to your video!! Kansahamida!!

  6. yeah..thanks for subbing.. i like many hope you’ll continue subbing.. cause i love your subs! =)

  7. hihi coolsmurf thanks for subbing WGM! I really hope you’ll continue subbing it cos I think your cuts are great! And you do a great job at the translation, which really allows us non-korean speakers to appreciate the humour in WGM episodes.

    Even though there are people out there who do not appreciate your efforts, I’m sure there are alot more who do appreciate it! So pleaseee for the sake of your supporters, dont stop subbing WGM~ 🙂

  8. omgosh thanks Alvin for subbing…it’s a relief to know i can come home from uni and be able to watch your videos on youtube (and actually understand them thanks to your subbing) and get a laugh out of it. v(^.^)v it really makes my day. THANKS ..your supercalafreakinAWESOME! 🙂

  9. Alvin!!…please continue subbing…i like ur vids the best!..

    i mean, a lot of people at anbi forum cant live without ur subs… i know I can’t…plz continue….

    thanks a bunch..

  10. oh god. thanks so much for subbing ep 17. i really hope you can continue to sub WGM seeing how many ppl are supporting you to do so.


  11. thank so much… hope u will continue to do it 🙂 cant wait 4 ur subs n been checking ur channel like a million times hehehehe

  12. Thank you for your reconsideration!
    I’m really happy to hear that you will continue subbing!
    Thank you, Alvin!!

  13. thanks a lot for wanting to continue subbing this week epi.. i really hope u’ll be continuing this in the future.. i’ve been refreshing your thread and YT for i don’t know how many times just in case u’ve uploaded.. you vids always makes me feel happy and good especially when i’m feeling depressed.. which is always i could say.. hahaha.. thank you again for everything alvin..

  14. Thank you coolsmurf! This is such a pleasant piece of news! Yay!

    Please please continue with the subs, even though they take up so much of your time. It’s really worth it. You make all of us happy! I hope you are too.. 🙂


  15. wow, that’s indeed good new for us that you will be subbing WGM’s latest episode! I agreed with everyone , you subs are the best, I always check you site for the latest updates when i get home from work.
    thank you Coolsmurf!

  16. Hi Coolsmurf,

    Seeing all these comments have propelled me into telling you that your website is the one I go to first everytime i turn on my laptop. I have been very busy with studies and with what little time i have, i make sure always to check this webpage as well as your wondergirls page. Your youtube cuts have fuelled me through endless over nights writing reports. Thank you for all that u’ve done n u deserve to do what makes u happy!! 🙂 thx again.

  17. I totally agree with “[d]enise” above. This website is the one I go to first everytime i turn on my computer…and the second is our youtube videos….. Thank you always for your hardwork.

  18. thank you so much alvin 🙂 i think your subs are the best available!

    are the ratings for wgm dropping though?

  19. Yeah …….. ya hoo……… kam sahamida ……. you are cool smurf. Alway like your subbing. Keep it up n we are all behind you …… I like all the couples but my favourite is definite AlShin ……….. It’s a pity that their segment is shorter than the other. So Mr. Cool ….. Fighting

  20. YEA! coolsmurf HWAITING!

    Your cuts and subs are what I always look forward to when I tune into youtube.

    Please do not put a stop to what you’re doing. Your efforts provide non-korean-speaking individuals (such as myself) with the chance to enjoy good Korean programmes.

    Glad to hear you’ll be subbing this July 6th’s episode!
    Thanks a lot! You’re the best!

  21. Thanks so much for the subs and summaries, coolsmurf. I come to the site everyday and I really enjoy them.

  22. Thanks so much for continuing to sub coolsmurf!I’m always looking forward to all the news and videos you post.N i’ve been voting for you on the s’pore blog awards.Wish you all the best!

  23. Thanks for reconsidering, I’m sure, like me, many of your blog-followers and channel-surfers appreciate the effort your putting into your subbing. THANK YOU!!

  24. omg i cant believe the rating is LOWER!!! i mean…how can it be??? thts ridiculous….lol….
    thank you SOO MUCH coolsmurf u reli deserve a big round of applause!!!! keke
    well done and thank you soo much once again for the sub and detailed description of the episode : )))
    gosh i stil cant get over the fact tht the rating is lower lol
    anyway….thank you once again!!!!! u rock ; )))
    GO WGM !!!

  25. thank you… i really appreciate the efforts you put in subbing for this program… hope you continue subbing, i like your style best…..

  26. This episode was sooo nice.. mm im cry with Hwangbo part when KHJ sings aaawww so adorable i want a husband like him ^^

    The other Couple was (blush) Crown J looks so happy like a kid eating a ice cream… Alex and Shinaeh looks beautiful but Andy and Solbi just win the pot the kiss was OMG so real… so cute ^^

  27. DON’T STOP SUBBING! lol, and thanks for this summary. can’t wait till i get back from a rough day at work so i can watch it. lol—i always watch WGM after work because it picks me up so much. PLEASE don’t stop subbing!

  28. I’m so glad that you are subbing it. I love the cuts. No one else does the cuts like you. Despite the e-mail that you got, you’re not wasting your time. You’re a great subber (if that is even a word), i’m sure everyone appricates it a lot, cause I know that I do. Thanks for all the hard work that you have done. I’m looking forward to next WGM ep that I hope you will be subbing for us.

  29. Wooo! Props, man. Look at how many fans you have. :D/ Don’t let some lametard put you down.

    Crown J was smart to do that; they look cute together but crossing the thin line of reality/fantasy… Can’t say the same for Andy/Solbi. [has been wanting them to kiss]

  30. Hey Coolsmurf! Please continue subbing cos my family and I love your subs. We don’t get Veoh here so if you stop, it would literally kill off wgm for us!!!! 😛 A big Thank You!!!
    Friends out there, if you have not voted at the Singapore Blog Awards….do so now!!!! BTW love KJK n YEH

  31. coolsmurf you are the best.

    Playing for sympathy? No one would have come forward to post asking you to keep the subbing going.

    You have a lot of followers who love that you take time to sub for us.

    You’re loved for your generous nature just by making us happy with your subs. 😀

    Looking at the amount of viewers that can’t get enough from what you download for us; it shows just how much everyone truly cares for what you do. 😀

    Mahalo nui loa. 😀

  32. “I am not sure what I should do, I don’t know what’s the correct answer, I don’t know what is reality… I don’t know who I should believe, I thought that that was the last time…

    Shin Ae….. 😦 …

    I somewhat can feel what she feels about this..

  33. thank you so much!!!! hopefully you’re going to keep on subbing the future videos too!! again, thank you!!!

    …but it’d be even better if u just kept on subbing PERIOD ;]

  35. Thanks Alvin, and many thanks because keep continuing to do what you enjoyed and loved.

    Thanks again.

  36. Wow! cool coolsmurf you’re subbing. Thank you so much.
    Keeping my finger cross that you’ll continue subbing. You’re
    the best!

  37. ” compared to the ant and sweet couple, Alex and Shin Ae who was separated for roughly a month due to Alex’s departure before reuniting, their wedding photoshoot was much more reserved as the viewers lamented their regrets. ”

    Alvin, can you please explain this sentence, what is some of viewers said that their photoshoot is much more reserved.?

    Thanks again.

  38. You English-subtitled Korean video clips were the ones I watched from the very start and still doing so. You brought me to the world of Korean variety shows! Because of you, I was able to understand and enjoy the shows. Thank you!!! I hope you continue to do the subbing. Please… Please… Please…

  39. @anastasia, compared to the other 2, Alex and Shin Ae seems awkward. But I think it’s the editing.

  40. Oh, that’s the case. Then we think that too..:D

    Actually we have been discussing about the heavily cuts of AlShin scenes which is has been cuts from 5 hours only to have 9 minutes for them.

    As for the awkwardness I tend to disagreed and I have to says many of AlShin supporters in Soompi’s think so too. This is the episodes where we can say that Shin Ae has totally being in laughter with Alex, being playful and so much comfort with him.

    As your previous post which mentioned of the photographer who said that actually both of them was comfortable to each other off-screen and he too has posted in his minihompy that he kind of regretted that AlShin ‘kiss scene’ has been cut out too. Now the photographer has been an official of AlShin fans..Hehe..

    Anyhow, this episodes is everything but awkward. I just found that Shin Ae has posted some of AlShin clips on her minihompy with Loveholic version of Flowerpot. LOL.

    Thanks again Alvin!

  41. oh thanks alvin,
    thanks for continue subbing.
    My friends and i depends on your coz we didn’t understand korean. I always looking for your video in youtube.

  42. banzai !!!! you’re subbing. I hope and beg you to keep subbing the future episode too. I really enjoying your sub.
    ” this subbing is great it’s almost like the professional subber’s work ” that my Korean friend said.

  43. thank you very much.. but please do continue to write..i love your work..you always keep me update every time.. and now i’m back to my college, i really need some summary of wgm every week..please keep subbing.. u’re indeed a pro..
    anyway this week wgm were the best so far.. i really liked it.. every couple were very nice and beautiful…

  44. You are seriously SO awesome. I look forward to your videos EVERY week. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your hard work. Whatever decision you make about subbing, I’ll support you, but I just wanted to let you know that I will be super happy if you continue subbing!! ^_^

  45. Im glad your subbing this weeks ep………..and i really HOPE u will continue subbing THE WE GOT MARRIED ur my only hope….of watching and understanding this show……….i WILL BE VERY THANKFULL TO U if you continue subbing the show…………..

  46. Please keep up the updates/subbing! I was introduced through your subs and I also other things once I went to your site. It’s all very well done and keeps me informed. I personally don’t know of any other place to go other than dramabeans and occasional other youtubers who post? I like YOUR take on it; It’s pretty balanced.

  47. coolsmurf…there are tons of people who loves your awesome work!!! you do an tremendous job in making everything make sense to us people don’t know a word of korean… all because of you….my whole family has become obessed with X-Man and WGM… i know my parents and i will continue to check your youtube account, regardless if you continue to sub WGM or not because we love your work!!!
    koreansubsutd does an awesome job too, but they don’t sub the captions as much as you do and that does really make things much easier to understand… i really do hope you continue your work!

  48. I hope my support and all of the others will mean something, but you are really doing a great job with this blog and with subbing and everything you do!
    I mean really, it’s all done perfectly with no mistakes and everything! It’s so good and acceptable that we all got used to your type of work and concept!

  49. 9 hours condensed into a mere 6 mins is totally a loss. ;_; I decided to not care how others can’t accept AlShin’s progress.. I think it’s going on fairly well, taking into account a lot of things other than just for the sake of the show’s entertainment value.

    I applaud Crown J for choosing to do that. =)

    Thanks for deciding to continue subbing. I’ve been repeating your AlShin cuts whenever I feel like watching some warm loving. ❤

  50. wow….thank you for subbing this show!!! i really like it.. and can’t wait for the episode 17!! hwaiting!! hehee

  51. Alex and Shinae are the most beautiful couple! I can never get enough of those two together! Thank you!!!!

  52. What CJ did for SIY, i think, many girls want her man to do that too.

    Not only ShinAe, me too, i don’t know what is reality anymore…-*-


  54. coolsmurf, please,

    if you have the HQ picture of these photoshot, upload it please,
    i really want to see it, esp. for Shin Ae and Alex
    they’re just drop dead gorgeous!!

  55. For those who said that they wish they were in S’pore so that you can vote for coolsmurf, well you don’t have to be there. Just click the link and register. Now, for the I/C #, which threw me off before, but actually, I tried 7 random numbers for my I/C # and it worked! After you register, Click the entertainment blog and you’ll see his picture. Its not really THAT hard, so if you really want to show your appreciation for COOLSMURF, vote for him. Lets make sure he wins coz he REALLY deserved to win. Don’t you think so too?

  56. i am soooooooooooooooooo in love with crown j-in young couple.
    the most real and make sense couple out of the 5 couples.
    crown j is such a sweetheart 🙂
    i would love to have a bf like him..
    and in young is sooo funny.
    she is like a tough lady that WANTS to be conquered by crown j, but he has to overcome the obstacles first.
    dont you think?
    i love themmmm!!!
    mannn…i always wait for their parts the most.

  57. @muize: Don’t be sad muize, i hope your favorite couple will be happy together and enjoyed each others company at least in the show..

    As for Shin Ae’s feelings, the post of ‘ I didn’t know what is reality’ was the old post of her minihompy and know she even has put some of her favorite’s clips with Alex in her minihompy with Flowerpot ( Loveholic version ). Haha, indeed she has show ‘real affection’ to Alex outside WGM and that’ s important. 😀

  58. hey thanks for subbing WGM!!!
    i saw some picks of Hwang Bo,Hyun Joong & Alex,Shin Ae couple at the beach together, apparently the show split the couples up for their trips. Crown J, In Young & Andy Solbi couple are headed for the mountains… is it true Alvin? if so i can’t wait for that epi to air.
    thanks again for the great work!

  59. @anastasia: Thanks for the website regarding ShinAe cyworld in jazzholic. Can’t get enough of Alex and ShinAe.

  60. eps 17 rocks… the craziest ep ever… for the 3 x 100 days couple.

    feel bad that LHH + YJY couple gotta leave and Hwang Bo sad about her hubby trip to Japan..

    but the 3 couple… i am still laughing myself silly when i think of all the funny scenes…

    alex for once after being speechless with his pretty bridal dressed wife, is speechless with her “princess illness” of flying away with balloons… that is so darn cute!

    crown j’s “good morning” and he is his sweetest ever and being totally mesmerized by SIY… i am so charmed by crown j in this episode…

    andy to hwang bo… “ya… me sunbae” to her hubby’s idol group… hwang bo is really close with the shinwa guys… quite cute to see andy playfully push hwang bo head when she was dispensing advise to solbi… and solbi she never let go of a bo bo chance with her hubby…

    thanks alvin… without ur subs i won’t understand a single thing and have all these sweet memories! so thank loads for your subs…

  61. hey coolsmurf… do you know the osts in this ep?… i really love the last song in alex and shin ae’s part of the ep…do you know if its still mocca or someone else? kahmsahaminda ^___^

  62. Thanks a lot for subs WGM…i really enjoy your subs
    So far, that i watched Korea show subs, you are the best man
    Please keep going and i wish you all the best (><,)

  63. Coolsmurf, please continue subbing We Got Married…
    I love your subbing

    i love watching Shin Ae and Alex part but the PD cutting their part ><
    and also i enjoy the Ant couple too ^^

  64. Thanks, coolsmurf, for subbing WGM. I’ve always only watched your version and love your accuracy in the translations. Really helps us non-Korean speakers out so much. I would love to see you continue your work but truly appreciate how much you’ve already done. Thanks for everything. Fighting~ =^.^=

  65. thank you so much for subbing “We Got Married” I’m utterly addicted to the show >.<!

    please do continue if you can! ^.^

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