Iljimae Will Not Extend Beyond 20 Episodes

“Iljimae which has been enjoying high popularity with viewers will not have a drama extension nor an increase in broadcast time”, expressed Director Lee Yong Suk in a blog entry on his Cyworld minihompy recently on 3rd July.

This is a big decision considering that most Korean dramas tend to add more episodes or extending it’s broadcast time once they get a good reception from viewers about the drama or the ratings are on the high side. But Director Lee Yong Suk has confirmed that there are no plans to do so since it’s a big budget drama and they have already spent quite a lot already.

He added

The entire team has been working their butts off from last year till now filming this and it’s a pretty tough call for them to keep their energy levels going strong. Instead of having a great start but a lousy ending, we decided to stick to our original plan of 20 episodes and will give it our best shot right till the end. We hope that everyone can continue liking Iljimae and we need all your support.

Many media outlets have reported that “Iljimae” is unable to ask for a drama extension mainly due to severe budget constraints. But this is actually illogical because their contract with screenwriter, Choi Ran states that they must follow the script entirely without changes. And they have actually been filming it exactly as stated on the script from start till now.

Another reason why I’m enjoying watching it.

7 thoughts on “Iljimae Will Not Extend Beyond 20 Episodes

  1. i think they made RIGHT decision!!! instead of extending more episodes to gain more popularity… sticking with the original plot is better i think…. i like the fast progress of Iljimae now and i dont want want it to be too draggy…(like Princess Hours^^”) it will be ruin their great work too

    moreover, i dont want Junki and whole team to be too tired hahaha…. They have not rest enough for months !!!

    i’m proud with the PD’s decision ^^ Thanks for the news coolsmurf

  2. Wow, impressive to hear they made the right choice! Seems like I should watch this, although there was some less good reviews of it.

  3. although i felt that the first 6 eps were kinda slow, as long as this serie doesn’t have a disappointing ending then i’m happy with their decision.

  4. Wish they would make a Iljimae, the Return…
    I miss watching it already.

    Wonder if they are going to sell it and when…

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