65 thoughts on “Yoo Jae Suk and Na Kyung Eun Star-Studded Wedding Reception

  1. yay! congrats to the newlyweds! they look great and sooo happy! i love that third picture where she’s laughing.

  2. I love this man! He made my weekends enjoyable (XMAN)
    I’m so happy for him and I see favorite kpop person of all time…. YOON EUN HYE (YEH AND KJK?) was he even there?

    it’s like a Xman reunion here! thanks for posting

  3. congrats for MC Yoo and Na Kyeung Eun…
    hoa~~~ Kang Ho Dong looks very happy XD
    Well, too bad that Haha can’t attend the wedding…
    really miss haha…

  4. Congrats to the best MC ever!!! His bride looks so cute! Eun Hye should really get her rabbit teeth fixed! Very unflattering makeup and dress!


    Coolsmurf, sorry to trouble you but if you can do up a list of celebs [no photos necessary] who attended the wedding it would be great. =]

  6. wow congratulations mc Yoo
    ahh one year by one year all the funny mc got married
    his bride is BEAUTIFUL!
    erm.. just to comment a little.. YEH’s outfit and makeup is a nono to her young face.. oh dear

  7. congrats MC Yoo….
    yay…..yoon eun hye was there…..
    reminds me the old days of xman….
    it seems that his wedding is like a friends reunion for the stars since they are so busy with their workload normally…
    great to see so many stars attending his wedding…

  8. so happy for the grasshopper!!!

    and YEH’s killer legs — WOW!!!

    but where is the Han Namja wedding singer?!>?

  9. Hahaha trying to look through the pictures one by one to see if HaHa is there but I don’t think he is. He’s still in the army then? Glad to see some familiar X-man faces though. Yay for the grasshopper!

  10. YAY!!!
    He looks so handsome XD
    Did the rest of Big Bang go? Solbi looks so nice, and Kang Ho Dong so freakin’ excited XD

    Crown J should of dressed nicer, its a wedding! lol

    Its nice to Eun Hye and Shinhwa^^

  11. Congratulations to MC Yoo!

    The guests were dressed very casually. YEH looks good and those legs.. O_O. So so jealous!

    I’m wondering where KJK is too. I can’t sleep until I see a picture of him at the wedding. Just the thought of YEH and KJK in the same place at the same time gives me butterflies in my tummy. <33

    Aww and we can’t forget Shin Jung Hwan. I don’t think he can attend because of his recent accident. I’d be glad if he could though. It’ll totally be an XMan reunion.

  12. omg!!! im so happy for him! all of the gag man are getting marries or married. lol. 🙂 and eun hye and kim jong kook will meeet each other again. awww

  13. YAY for MC Yoo~

    His bride is super pretty too!

    Wow Asian celebs just show up very casual to weddings…noticed that tidbit.

    Also…whoa who is Park Kyung Lim holding hands with? He’s mega hot~

  14. Congratulations MC Yoo… my my… the hotties are hot, the cuties are cute… but what happen to YEH teeth? not a flattering photo, happy bread Kang Ho Dong and seobang(Crown J) u look too casual yo… and PKL hubby is hwat!

    its almost like a X Man reunion… but miss Haha and SJH…

  15. hopefully somebody will take some shots/cams of KJK singing, or him talking casually with YEH *cross fingers*

  16. i spotted bits of that baby bump under the folds of her dress. did i not? lol. PKL’s got such a man for a hubby.

    oh and congrats to YJS! they look really happy together. 🙂

  17. The bride’s gown is so gorgeous, love it!
    I don’t like Solbi’s dress tho 😦 Why do I see her dressed properly so rarely… :S

    I like Eun Hye, she looks adorable!
    Paris influence is so obvious on her. 😀

  18. congrats to jae suk=D

    i often wonder about these korean celeb marriages. they have the red carpet and the photographers like it’s some…..red carpet event? do the bride and groom have their families there? friends who aren’t famous? if so, they’re not photographed cuz they’re not famous? or are the family and non-famous friends invited to a separate wedding…?

  19. oh how cute the bride has smiley eyes^^
    and yoon eun hye looks weird for some reason….maybe it’s the lipstick..

  20. yah Crown J ‘s dress is so casual ,,,not good to wear this dress to wedding party,,, and Yeh is very pretty ,,her dress looked nice,, hopefully see kim jong kook with yeh at this wedding together,

  21. YAY for MC Yoo! Bride and Groom look so cute together! The Shinwha boys look hot! Love Hyori’s summer look!

  22. whats with the casual jeans and t-shirt…. at least wear a dress shirt for a wedding.. jeez..

  23. Love Solbi’s dress. Very appropriate for a summer day wedding. She looks radiant.

    Like YEH but the dress, make-up and the hair color do not work for me.

  24. WOOOO HOOO!! you’re awesome mc yoo. ahh.. he’s the hugest goofiest, yet sweetest guy everrrr! you’re AWESOMME! i love his variety shows, but i think he’ll always be remembered for xman.. you’re loved by alll mc yoo!


    Aww, my variety heroes are all getting hitched 🙂
    Glad to see him all settled down, soo cute!!

  26. WAA~ soo much celeb !
    and i just love MC yoo!!!
    first hodong got married and now him!
    i’m sooo happy for them both YAY!

  27. Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Grasshopper! Hee hee. They are so cute together, and his wife has a wonderful sense of humor. They are perfect for one another. Wish them all the happiness!

    You seriously posted like almost all my favorite celebs here! Hee hee, PKL looks so cute with her hubby. Although I find Yoon Eun Hye’s lipstick a little too red, Solbi simply looks stunning! ❤

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  29. in the pic w/ leejin & oak juhyun, whos the other girl??? and whos the person in the pic under it??? well, i know yoo jae suk and na kyong eun will live happily ever after..lolz, best wishes to the new couple!!!

  30. i have lots of love for MC Yoo!!! [i wish i could marry him, he is so funny!] ^_^

    man, all the MCs of Xman married “sexy” people….even Kang Ho Dong!! go MCs!!!!

  31. they look cute 2gether… of course all the big n major mc’s showed up… yoo jae suk is so funny n a nice man wish his marriage well

  32. wow im so happy for him the grasshoper finaly landed on a pice of land to be hounest i never thought he would get married but now he did and i think she is the right one wow im just so happy for him

  33. the girl’s (after kang ho dong ) outfit is amazingly cute! i save that pic n gonna ask my tailor to make me the exact same dress!!! :))

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