We Got Married Episode 17 Picture Summary

am going to just let the pictures tell the story since there are a lot of memorable scenes in this episode. With Korean Sub Utd doing a good job with the subbing and releasing it just three days after the broadcast today, I am thinking of quitting subbing We Got Married anymore. You can stream and download from their website and they probably earn money from donations/advertisements through their website while I don’t and waste time doing it.

Lee Hwi Jae and Jo Yeo Jeong Nami Island outing on the program. Their last.

The princess and pimp wedding photoshoot with the cheeky photographer asking them to adopt bobo positions at almost every opportunity. But surprisingly, they never actually did a bobo at all. Among all the couples, they are the only ones who hasn’t had a bobo or kiss.

Andy actually calls Hwang Bo (really bored with Hyun Joong in Japan) over to help out with their photoshoot. She lives nearby apparently as she helps out a while before leaving before their actual shoot.

With everything in place, Andy and Solbi finally proceeds with their wedding photoshoot. They looked really compatible here and even more so in their hanbok outfits. Andy actually kissed Solbi directly at the lips.

Alex and Shin Ae wedding photoshoot which I thought looked really good. Credit must go to Shin Ae photogenic genes and their photographer.

Their setting for their wedding photoshoot with their babies (heels) beside them, adding their style and personality to the shoot.

Andy and Solbi goes to the wet market, forgot what Crown J and Seo In Young was, Alex was alone at home preparing food while Shin Ae seems to be away for a schedule, Hwang Bo in Japan asking for directions to SS501 dorm.

I think I have achieved my aim of promoting the show well enough. I see so many fan sites now dedicated to each couple so mine is quite redundant.

I will still post news on the show from time to time.

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180 thoughts on “We Got Married Episode 17 Picture Summary

  1. AN-DUEH~~~~~~~~ are you serious in quitting subbing for we got married. please don’t there really are a lot of loyal supporters out there for you. pleaseee?

  2. @sonja, yes I know. But does it matter? You can only watch on Youtube while you can download from Korean Sub Utd. Mine comes out just 1 or 2 days ahead of their schedule on Wednesday. Anyway, that’s what someone emailed me, saying that I am wasting my time. sounds true.

  3. ahh i totally get what you mean!! waiting an extra day or two won’t hurt if they can get it out inj time and it also keeps ur time free to move onto new projects or just to save ur time!!

    thanks for the subs that u’ve done up to now anyway^^

  4. woah.. the 17th ep seems really interesting
    and the thing, that andy kissed solbi, lips to lips wow lolzz

    btw, thx a lot for have been subbing the previous episodes
    you’re simply the best, coolsmurf ! pity that i’m not in sg, else i would have voted for you

  5. OMO.. don’t stop subbing………… i like your subs the best… i always wait for your subs.. i even collect them..no~~~~~

    anyway..thanks for the summary..today’s episode was indeed the best… HAHA~~~~~~~~~~

  6. omo! but seriously, i really like your translation though.. it’s much more accurate.. i’m really thankful for that.. i knew we got married through your channel in youtube. i do hope that u’ll continue subbing wgm, but i can’t force ya to do that.. anyway, thanks a lot for always making my days a happier day with your wgm epi!

  7. 😦 😦 😦

    yeah i understand how you feel about wasting time and stuff, but at the same time i’m sad cos i’ll have to wait 2 more days to get my weekly dose of WGM. 😦

    oh well. will hope that you will continue but if you dont have time then nvm…

  8. Oh..no! coolsmurf, don’t stop subbing or anything that is regarding the couples on WGM.
    No doubt there are many fan sites dedicating to each couple but your style is yours alone and I like the way you do it. You’re doing a fantastic job and I or rather your fans really appreciate your hard work.
    Lastly my thanks for episode 17 picture summary.

  9. Oh no… But I respect your choice coolsmurf. Thanks for all you have done till date. But still hoping you will change your mind.

    This episode looks so lovey dovey. Can’t wait to watch it!

  10. oh god. alvin.. how can you say that..
    that person must be having a grudge against you..

    you have a lot of supporters..
    please don’t QUIT subbing..

    and that’s a fact.. pls believe us..

    i looooooooooove all of your ANBI cuts..
    please believe me..

    god, i feel like cryng right now..
    i beg you..


  11. your subs are the best.easily understood and your video cuts are also the best!
    i like how you cut the videos for each couple. so people can watch their fave couples without going through all the videos.
    hiks. hope you dont quit.

  12. thanks for subbing the show!! Even greater thanks allowing english viewers to really get interested in the show. If not for your subs, there probably wouldn’t have been as much interest to give a subbing squad enough motivation to sub full episodes so quickly.

    thanks so much! and still look forward to reading your blog.

  13. Pls don’t stop subbing. I think ur subbing are the best cuz u sub everything, Korean sub utd miss out a lot on the writing.

    Also it takes really long to stream and doest work majority of the time.

    Pls change ur mind and continue subbing and postin WGM news. πŸ˜›

  14. you have done a really great job in subbing We Got Married coolsmurf ! thank you! im always visiting your site for updates.

  15. hey!
    C’mon!why bother bout wat ppl say?
    i do await fer ur blog to hv news regarding to WGM & stuff too
    ur blog post or blog is NOT REDUNDANT!!

    i always look forward in seeing ur blog post & make it a point to go to ur blog…

    C’mon!dun sound so sad or wateva it is…
    i believe there’re oso many many more quite viewers…

  16. HEY HEY.. kinda silent reader of ur blog..
    ur blog is really a nice place to stay at..
    it maybe lots of ppl doing the same things that you’re doing..
    but.. u shd noe there are a number of ur supporters because of ur new/ur blog/ur info..
    then they got to know WGM…
    so yeah.. i think… u did a great job to it though (:
    btw. singaporean here too hees!
    anw… i simply just love this episode.. it just rocks!
    thanks! keep up ur gd work (:
    be sure someone out dere appreciates ur hard work (:

  17. Coolsmurf, please don’t stop subbing… don’t let the opinion of one, influence you… There are still many of us who are waiting for your subbed episodes… Actually, i really hate mondays but since i know that when i get home i have your subbed episodes to look forward to, it makes my day brighter…

    I also love how you separate the cuts… So we can skip over other couples if they’re not exactly our favorites… PLEASE COOLSMURF! I’m still hoping to see your subbed episodes tomorrow… Jia You! Fighting!

  18. plz dun stop subbing WGM…i always download WGM from youtube n always waiting for ur subs…

  19. Hi coolsmurf, your subs are the most accurate among others. I’d even asked my colleague who is Korean speaking to find me vid with most accuracy subs but cannot find others. What I love the most about your vids is that its by couple cuts. Which I can enjoy to re-watch it with more feeling each times. Others team sub it the whole ep that makes some of us couldn’t stay in mood/feel. Maybe the person that emailed you are selfish & dont know how to appreciate others. FYI, I keep your all your vids from the very start in my External HD. Its for my personal pleasure that I’ll might treasure for the rest of my life. Thanks you so much for the hardwork that you’ve put in. I enjoy it every week. I’m sure that this show & your vids really have impact to some of our life.

  20. heyheyhey!!!
    please !!! are u serious about stopping the sub tht u had been doing????
    ur reli NOT wasting the time!!! i reli so appreciate it : (((
    and i kept checking ur site always for updates as well as youtubes and all tht…..!!!!!
    anywayyy if u reli hv decided to do so….. its ur decision and we shd respect
    anyhow thank you sooo much ALL ALONG!!! For allll the news n subssss
    keep the news going though

    im SO GLAD tht ANDY actually KISSED solbi FOR REAL YAYYY!!!!!

  21. coolsmurf,

    please….please…don’t stop subbing, yours is the only that i watch, coz english is really good…it always makes my day and i hope that you will change your mind.

    i really love this show and will miss it if you stop subbing.

    thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. awww…are u at least gonna summarize the episodes? i always read ur summaries b4 i watch it RAW, then a subbed version…already voted for u btw πŸ™‚

  23. if it is too much work for you then i understand why you want to quit subbing it….but i really don’t think it’s a waste of time just because there’s another version out there… so many people wait for YOUR subs and video uploads….and i find youtube better than downloading the whole thing anyway (well, okay, that’s more of a personal thing, but i’m sure i’m not the only one to think so!!!)

    and please don’t stop posting about the show on your blog!!! it’s not redundant, at all!!! coolsmurf’s the only blog i’m reading that’s talks about the show, where are the other’s hiding huh?! please please pleeeeeaaaase keep it up!!

    well in any case, it was already cool you subbed it until now, i really appreciate the work you put into this, so i guess i shouldn’t be so demanding heh ^^

  24. Your vids are the best πŸ™‚ The fact that you cut them into couples make that all that more amazing πŸ™‚ I don’t like watching ALL the couples, so I can choose at my own discretion πŸ™‚ Please do not stop πŸ™‚ Thanks a million πŸ™‚

  25. hey, just want to say that i am abit torn about you not subbing wgm.
    on one side is that its true that there is no point to sub it anymore because korean sub utd are subbing it. and they are only a day or 2 dalter than your subs….. feels like forever but better than nothing.
    plus you will save time by not doing double work…

    however i prefer your subs because they are much more accurate πŸ™‚ (i still also like korean sub utd πŸ™‚ ) but if i am not mistaken they upload it to veoh which alot of countries are not able to access and malaysia is one of it :(((((

    so, i vote to…erm… to continue subbing? can? :)))

    thanks for all your subs. you made me love xman and kjk!!!

  26. coolsmurf seee!! there’s really so many ppl enjoying your subbings. i dun really download stuff so your vids on youtube is sufficient enough seeing them really makes my day. ((:

  27. Hi I hope you’ll continue subbing~You’re doing great and you really made my day…I enjoy your subs alot~Fighting!!!

  28. Coolsmuf please continue with the sub as i really enjoyed your eng sub for the we got married variety show. I do not think you waste your time as alot of viewers are watching your videos. Please continue to keep up the gd work.

  29. oh nooo coolsmurf, i noe it’s ur choice of not subbing wgm anymore. but, please don’t stop subbing.. i really like ur way of translating. ur subbed version rocks my day! πŸ˜‰ & u made it very easy to understand wht they were saying..

    i’ve watched wgm thru koreansubutd before, but mann, it’s really frustrating to wait n sometimes took hours to be downloaded!
    using youtube is easier n ur videos are always the bestt!
    i really hope u will change ur mind, n really appreciated wht u’ve done to us tht doesn’t noe korean at all..

    fightingg coolsmurf~ πŸ™‚

  30. OMO!! Thats was shocking news!! you know, I always wait for your WGM video every week, ur sub everything include the caption appear on screen. I didn’t like koreansubutd version, they sub poorly and eliminate a lot of words and typing error. thanks for your hard work till now and i will always support you!!

  31. please dont quit subbing WGM…
    u r really a savior for people like us who dont know Korean language…
    pls dun stop…

  32. why? i only have access to utube and u seem to be the only 1 subbing the show. =( will be really disappointed if u stop subbing it

  33. coolsmurf please don’t stop sub WGM.
    we all think, yours is the best than other.
    it easy to understand & accurate.

    i know maybe right now you (or others that jealous of you) feel it’s wasting time.but, your action makes (us) happy.
    you making charity in here dude!! many people stand behind you.
    thank you for letting us be a part of WGM.
    i hope you will reconsidered more.

  34. it’s true…you’re subs are the best. i always look forward to them. (even from xman days πŸ˜‰ hope you’ll continue. As you can see, we totally don’t think you’re wasting your time. But, whatever you decide…i’ll still support you. hee hee. thanks for all your hardwork!

  35. coolsmurf u see all of us here are by ur side. we want u to continue and who cares what other ppl are thinking and saying. u realize that when u sub we just married videos the ratings go hella up and everyone leaves a comment. so please dont stop. we love for u to continue and we support u!

  36. i hope you’ll change your mind about stopping
    i really like what you have done so far
    pls continue!

  37. the reason why people like your subs better is because they are far more detailed than other subbers…you and quainte501 both sub the captions as well, while korean sub utd doesn’t. That’s why many people still watch quainte501’s subs even if they come out after Korean sub UTD’s subs…

    but i guess you should do what ever is best for you.
    Thank you for subbing this far…thanks to you, i was able to discover such an addictive and awesome show ^___^

  38. awee, coolsmurf, thanks for all the subbing work that you have done so far with “we got married!”

    anbi, i don’t believe them with their “too busy with activities” excuse anymore. obviously they have a date two days a week (shoot days! LOL)

    crownyoung, love the heels in their pics. and they do a lot of natural skinship aside from bobos. can’t wait for when they kiss though. =/

    alshin, their pics look sweet. ps. what’s shin ae’s schedule? i wonder what else she is up to.

    joongbo, awee unni was bored but i bet she wanted to see for how hers and hyun joong’s would be in future reference & yayaya! the japan episode is going to be previewed.

  39. no… i hope u wont stop subbing for us too…
    ur subs r much detailed than KSU… we all r used to urs and ur effort is much appreciated…
    whoever emailes u n said such things is someone who’s doesnt bother bout ur effort at all… not even thanking u for doing such great job… instead saying ur wasting ur time…
    i think u’d received many comments from us ur loyal readers… hope u’ll change ur mind soon…
    anyway, thanks lots for all the subbings n summaries…
    voted u n hope u’ll win!
    all d best…

  40. I hope you will reconsider your decision. Please continue subbing WGM. Your cuts are more detailed, which includes the captions. I like to re-watch the Anbi and CY-SIY cuts in your channel while waiting for the next episode.

  41. Hello,
    I have always been a silent reader who greatly appreciate all your effort in subbing.
    I know it would be extremely inconsiderate and rude of me to ask you to not continue subbing WGM, but I sincerely do hope that you would continue the fatabulous job that you have been doing, whether it is with WGM, xman cuts or WG performances.
    You were the one whom I found Xman cuts from, and ever since I have been swirled into the korean entertainment fandom.
    Thanks alot, coolsmurf!
    I have voted for you in the competition as well!
    All the way!

    Much <3!


  42. Ohhh…. i’m gonna be so sad if u’re quitting subbing the WGM.. even though my fave couple is HJ-Hb.. but i enjoy seeing your cut video n its true what other said that urs is more accurate.. (i think.. cos i dont understand korean) LOL..
    but i respect ur choice.. whatever it is i’m gonna still checking ur blog… ^^

  43. coolsmurf…you are greatly admired and have many fans. for a very long time your website and your translations have been the best and the first for more things than WGM. If you are stopping because of lack of time that is understandable but if you are choosing because you became discouraged please don’t be. We don’t always need to download. your enthusiasm for the show would be greatly missed…wgm without coolsmurf would be like xman without mc yoo…coolsmurf…kamsahamnida! ka ji ma…

  44. I hope you know that, I only started watching We got married after I saw your website. You did a great work, as all your fans are very thankful. I’d really hate for you to leave and not subs, and I really honestly don’t think it’s a waste of time. If you enjoy it, and sharing that is great. But if you don’t enjoy subbing this, then we all understand. We anbi fans rely on you alot, and love you alot. I hope you would reconsider, or I hope we can convince you otherwise, that what you are doing for us, is truly a gift. Thank you for all your hard work. And everyone is right when they say “Your subs are the BEST” and FIGHTING COOLSMURF. Or if you don’t continue, then thats okay. I still support you.

  45. Don’t stop subbing coolsmurf!!!!!!!! I really depend on you and wait patiently until you can post the episodes with subs. My whole family now watches WGM from your channel, including my granny.
    I like the way you do it, so don’t stop subbing please!!!

    Thanks for your hard work and people who don’t appreciate your job are babos!!!!!!!!!!

  46. Coolsmurfs,

    Your subs are the best!! they are more detailed and more accurate. The other subbers aren’t that good. I started watching this show through their subs but once I discovered your site and subs. It is a dramatic difference! your subs really being life to the show and a better understanding of the couples in the show. I was so happy with your subs I re-watched the first 12 episodes with your subs just to make a comparison. Yours is the best! I really look forward to you subs every week. Thanks for you for all your hard work.

  47. hi coolsmurf …..

    your website is in my list of favourites way before WJM and it’s because of your website that i got to know WJM, solbi and decided that andy has become one of my fave shinhwa members!

    i am not sure why the person said what he/she did, but just wanted to let u know that u have been a pillar of ANBI from day one and to have you stop subbing is a great loss. from the above, can tell u got alot of fans out there and they really really appreciate what you have been doing.

    hang in there! we are cheering for you! i have been voting for you too as i am singaporean ! FIGHTING !!!

  48. oh Alvin….if you decide to stop subbing a LOT of people will be sad. I understand how you feel about maybe feeling doing the same redundant thing as Koreansubutd but seriously for me I enjoy your subs a lot better.
    I wish you wouldn’t stop subbing WGM or posting news about WGM…but if you decide to stop subbing I totally understand.
    Thanks for all the great job at subbing that you’ve done…I’m sure I can speak for thousands of people that we appreciate you.

  49. pwese dont stop subbin on utube i cant downlaod becos the laptop i use isnt mine 😦 please remember that not everyone owns der own laptop. Plus u make it really early which is wonderful!!!!!!

  50. coolsmurf,

    here it goes, 1 vs i believe there are more than 56 people who support you for subbing wgm!

    please, don’t let that people down on you! i really enjoy your subbing and i was a bit torn after knowing that you will quit subbing! I really appreciate your subbing, and seriously, it’s not a waste of time!


  51. Hi, Coolsmurf

    Lots of thanks for your wonderful jobs until now. In fact, i found that i would prefer your subs as it is more detailed, especially with all the text in the vids. Just simply love it. Therefore, it is seriously not a waste of time. Oh, please, reconsider your decision. Yours subbed wgm vids are almost my only channels to get to understand more abt my fav. anbi couple. and iam really appreciate all your efforts…

  52. hey coolsmurf,
    I love watching your videos because your great at subbing.
    & it’s gonna suck that your quitting but I understand what you mean.
    There’s already other ppl subbing so it’s understandable if you feel like your wasting your time.
    So if your gonna quit then I’m okay with it…but do you mind posting a link to the site that’s subbing it..so I can go there & watch please?

    Thanks coolsmurf
    for all your hard working & providing all us with quick, clean subs.

  53. thanks so much for all the subbed videos, i would have never known about this program or understood it if it weren’t for your blogs and video. please keep blogging about this show, i enjoy reading or looking at pics for spoilers every Sunday morning.

  54. Heya Coolsmurf,

    This is my first leaving comments in your blog. You’ve forced me to write this :p. If you can please don’t stop subbing for us. I’ve never go and watch WGM from any other sources except from your youtube account and i think your subs is good enough for us WGM fans.

    I’m not gonna force you though because whatever you do, it’s all up to you and you alone πŸ˜€

    But i do hope you reconsider your decision again.


  55. Hahaha. Well it sucks that you’re not gonna sub anymore, but Korean UTD is doing really well so I don’t blame you. But if they stop subbing (knock on wood), you should def. come back and sub πŸ™‚

    You should still blog about it though!

  56. Please don’t stop posting and subbing! I really look forward to your summaries of each ep every sunday, it keeps me going till the subbed show comes out, plus we get so much news about the couples when they’re interviewed on other shows, I really really really like your website!

  57. as far as i’m concerbned, i would’ve never gotten into WGM if it weren’t for you.. so no, you weren’t nor aren’t wasting your time… u have done soo much for us nonspeaker…and always brought us fresh updates in everything.. i’m very gratefulllbut if you think its your time to stop, then i support your decision… you are my fav blogger.. E-V-E-R!!! don’t get discouraged….

  58. wait, don’t stop subbing! i wouldn’t have gotten into WGM without you! and i love your blogging! and i don’t even know anything about that other site that subs and since my computer sucks with downloading youtube is the only way for me to go. please, please, PLEASE don’t stop subbing. i dunno, why anyone told u u were waisting your time because many ppl appreciate what u do and don’t see it as redundant at all. i mean, your site is the onyl WGM site i know and love. so please don’t stop! =(


  60. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ ( at all the L’s that you see from the previous statement from me WGM fanatic

  61. coorsmurf please don’t stop subbing. ur subs are awesome and i don’t think others can be as good as urs. U’r definitely not wasting ur time so plzzzzzzz don’t quit subbing~~

  62. AW…Alvin Im really gonna miss your subbing.={

    I hope that, perhaps, you will change your mind. If not, I understand. Like others have mentioned I definitely wouldnt have gotten into WGM had it not been for you.

    Thank you for all your hard work. It is very much enjoyed and even more appereciated. =}

  63. I almost always watch your video on YouTube shortly after it’s uploaded, always! Before that I watch an unsubbed version. And later, I see the whole show from where you mentioned.

    But I do save your videos (LQ ofcourse) because it is so nice to see watch one couple a time! And if you watch the whole show they tend to go back and forth.

    Because people see your version first it’s not a waste of time. But I see how you can feel so.

    IF you now would stop subbing this, you do what you think is best, then what will you start subbing something else?

  64. Alvin please don’t stop subs and summaries! I don’t know why that person sent u this email but i am sure he/she doesn’t know the impact you’ve made on us all. U have a large base of devoted fans and we are all so grateful for the work u’ve done and the hapiness you’ve brought to us. Don’t get discouraged by ignorant people! Lots of love!

  65. To everyone worried about not getting to see We got married, due to bad download etc. That other site also offer streaming.

    I really like to watch Coolsmurf’s videos before seeing the other work, but maybe it’s time for him to find another great program to introduce to us? πŸ˜€

  66. pls pls dun stop subbing.. the onli place that i can watch wgm is ur account.. i could not even open that korean sub united website.. my dorm internet is very very slow.. jus to load 1 cut of wgm takes me 1 to 2 days.. but im wiling to wait cuz somehow very addictive.. u are not wasting ur time.. that website would not open here.. so pls pls don stop subbing..begging u….T_T

  67. As a request to this non speaking Korean person, please continue your subbing. I know you get really frustrated when you read things that is blown out of proportion but I for one really anxiously wait for your subbing. That’s how I got hooked on WGM.

    So, please continue for us who really benefit from your subbing.

  68. eventhough their subs come out that fast… their subs dont have all the quotations and screen caps on it.. and those bunch shoutouts from everyone while you watch each and everyone sceencaps and stuff… and your is much more entertaining.. i watch yours then i watch theirs 2-3 weeks after… i learn sooooo many words in slang in your subs… please continued to subs WGM… that my input.. thank you

  69. Thanks for the picture summary!
    Aww, I liked your subs, because I could actually read them..

    I tried downloading from Korean Sub Utd. but it takes like 6 hours for one episode E___E

  70. Hey coolsmurf~! I respect your decision for not wanting to sub WGM and would like to thank you because if it weren’t for you I wouldn’t know about WGM at all. <33 Thanks for everything you’ve done for us! ❀

  71. I really can understand why you don’t want to sub and upload anymore
    and if you don’t want to do it anymore I should just respct your decision
    but here are some reasons why you shouldn’t quit XD

    I just love your subs ,they are really the bestt
    sooo accurate
    I am pretty much shocked …even though I knew about
    korean sub utd a long time I still prefer your subs and I don’tc are about other blogs posting about WGM
    I always go to coolsmurf domain to get new information about the couples !!!
    even though you’re one of many bloggers you are my favorite one !!
    at least I am hoping you’ll keep on blogging about the couples ^^

    Anyways thanx for your hard work!!!*aja aja Fighting *

  72. coolsmurf, this news makes me sad.. PLEASE don’t stop subbing… i became a fan of WGM because of you.. you can’t imagine how many times i visit your blog and YT account every single day.. i avoid sleepovers with friends and relatives because it is a must that before i go to sleep, i check both of your accounts..literally speaking my laptop is on my bed!..this is how huge a fan i am of you.. your work is truly amazing and i don’t know if i’ve mention before but it’s because of you that i became really interested of korean entertainment ( it started when charice sang with kyuhyun of SUJU) i saw that in your YT account and from there i became a fan almost anything about korean stuff…..

    i really hope you change your mind..

    my opinion, there are some that really sub fast JUST to divert fans attention to their channel..maybe because of envy?.. really don’t know but with a subsciber of 20 thousand plus and channel viewed near 2 million..can’t help but think..

  73. Coolsmurf πŸ™‚

    You should know that ur sub is THE BEST of all out there!!
    Your sub is easy to understand and make sense…

    I think all of ur video in youtube are very popular.. and you’ve so many fans as well πŸ˜‰

    Please do continue subbing WGM and posting their news too..

    Thank you

  74. hi I’m the 80th reply so, you c u have so many fans worldwide who support your cause so plzzzz don’t quit. Thanks

  75. i’ve watch the raw vids and i must say that i LOVE alex and shin ae photoshoot. They look so real and very cute plus i think their photographer did a wonderful job.. this couple is really really really my fav..Next couple that i love is hwang bo and hyun joong, they look good and hwang bo is blooming nowadays (wonder if hyun joong got anything to do with it….. )..overall episode 17 is very cute and for sure made a lasting memory for the couples..

  76. actually? i rip your youtube clips >.< but i don’t re-up them. i just do it so that i won’t have to go online to watch it. and ur subs are fantastic! i’ve been a follower since your starking cut of charice and kyu and you really sub good clips! for WGM. i love your subs because you do the cuts per couple. i’ve never actually seen the entire show so i don’t know how taht will be. anyway i really do appreciate your effort. i hope you continue subbing, but if RL constraints stop youm, and i totally understand that, i just wanted to say that i appreciate your effort and really you made me discover this show and i’m really glad i did. take care and hwaiting! πŸ™‚

  77. Aww please dont stop subbing! I check your Youtube all the time for the new episodes!

    But you do a great job!

  78. that’s ok coolsmurf. you do a lot more for us than WGM so it’s completely understandable that you’d do something more important with your time rather than doing something that’s already being covered by others. But thanks for all that you have done! πŸ™‚

  79. there will always be people who feel like that they need to put you down to make themselves feel better. You’re not wasting your time, the only people that are wasting time are those who feel the need to leave negative comments.

    no subbing website group will ever replace you for me, you’ve never disappointed me with any of your uploads. i hope that you won’t let those people discourage you at all for doing what you’ve done.

    keep your spirits up =)


  80. coolsmurf! πŸ˜€ i’ve been a loyal supporter of you for quite sometime now, always checking your channel for any new updates for videos & i love your subbs. please please don’t stop subbing WGM, i, like a few others too got to know WGM through your wordpress & we’re begging you to continue subbing. please dear boy?

  81. I understand that you think that seeing the job is being done by a subbing group that your work is repetitive but it isn’t. I really do think you give a clearer and more accurate translation (especially taking the time of subbing the text remarks). I actually usually watch your clips first and skip whatever parts I watched on your channel on koreansubutd. So in my mind, your translations always come first.

    Regardless of whether or not you do decide to change your mind, I just want to say thank you for your hard work! Really. really appreciate it.

  82. NOOOO your subs is the best!

    You are being loved by many people for your work.
    It was because of you i discovered that korean shows are the best and so is the korean people.

    So please, if you continue subing, you will get more loved and your name will be big.

  83. I feel guilty that this is the 1st time writing a ccomment since I’ve enjoyed your work for so long and never sent you any praise or encouragement. Yours subs and cuts really are the best.

    It’s a lot of work so if you aren’t up to it then I am sure your fans will respect your decision but if it’s because of other reasons then please don’t stop sub WGM.

    I only just noticed the donations box so I will make a donation and I encourage others to do so too. I love the fact that your blog is ad free!

    Keep up the great work!!

  84. Alvin,

    After seeing subs from at least 3 different parties including you, I therefore determine that your cooperation with the soompi-ers is the best.

    Yes the way KoreanSubUtd does the subs are good, but no one can beat you in making the subs flow along with the program. You and the soompi-ers take the effort to even sub the captions that appear during the show, explaining the many emotions that the couples harbour.

    Oh well, it’s still your choice.

  85. coolsmurf =[ ur work doesnt go unappreciated. just look at all these people that love your work.

    in the end, its your decision and i’ll respect it whatever it may be. but i do love your work.

  86. Sorry to hear that coolsmurf, i really like your subtitles. I understand and respect whatever choice you make in the matter though i will be sad if you drop it.

  87. hi coolsmurf…

    please dont stop subbing…
    cause i only watch andy and solbi cuts….
    i never watch alex and crown j parts…

    and plus i can download them from YT….
    no need to download the whole episode from Korean Sub UTD……^-^

  88. OMG!!! please dont stop subbing!!!!!! id rather watch the subbed videos from you rather than to download them!!!! please keep subbing!!!!!!!!!! youre doing an awesome job too!!!!!

  89. This is sad! Why would you stop subbing!!!???
    It might seem a waist in time to some other, but we AnBiHolics appreciate your effort and the time you spend to do it.
    I came to like ‘We Got Married’ because of your channel.
    Pretty please!!!
    No subbing team (site) would always be able to replace you!
    You always sub the captions and all!!!
    Its going to be your decision but, please we ‘AnbiHolics at Soompi’ beg you not to stop subbing.

  90. PLEASE DON’T STOP posting news and subbing WGM!!!!!!

    There are many fansites now but yours is still the BEST and whenever we wan’t to know about the latest news about WGM we come here!

    and your subs are great!!! We love yours cuts!!!!

    No matter how many subbers and fansites of WGM there are…
    you’ll always be the most supported and loved one!


  91. THanks for being one of the first….. no wait I think you were the first… THANKS for being the first to sub it though. I appreciate everything that you do!

  92. coolsmurfs,

    although i’m korean, but i love your subs than koreansubutd.

    your subs is suΒ·perb!

    I really respect you..

  93. why would you not subbing? I think you make sub very good and easy understand for someone english not good.
    i read your sub since xman. Your Sub very good why you stop?

  94. Look at the supporters u have here. See how popular u r to have your own antis.. hehehe

    Do continue to sub for us!! Honestly your youtube subs are much beta esp for working pple like me coz i can watch it during office time (sssh!!)

    So really hope u carry on with all the fantastic work u done so far!!


    Steff (Rgal)

  95. coolsmurf, pls don’t stop subbing WGM! your subs and couple cuts are the best! you’ve been doing a fantastic job all this time and i really do hope you will continue doing it. so many people (incl me) appreciate the hard work you’ve put in and we’ll be rooting for you!

    really hope you’ll change your mind but nevertheless, thx sooo much for everything you’ve done for all the WGM esp AnBi fans out there:D

  96. hey coolsmurf,
    ive been a silent reader of your blog and silent watcher of your channel for the longest time… i seriously go to your youtube page like 10 times a day seeing what new videos you have up.. i would stay up till like 4AM waiting for the new WGM epi -_-
    i just wanted to (finally) say that youre awesome for doing what you do! and i guess it does make sense that youre going to stop subbing WGM since someone else is doing it..but i was wondering… are you going to start subbing a new show? i noticed that happy shares company and 1N2D are some of your favorite shows and i was wondering if you ever thought of subbing those? im not asking you to! im just curious…
    anyways thanks for all your hard work! ill continue to go to your blog and channel 10 times a day!

    ps. your subs ARE the most accurate πŸ™‚

  97. coolsmurfs,

    although i’m korean, but i love your subs than koreansubutd.

    your subs is suΒ·perb!

    I really respect you..

  98. i watch WGM cause of your subs! ):
    but if you really don’t want to sub anymore i guess we can’t do anything? :/

  99. Alvin,

    I hope you read my comment.

    First and foremost, I write this not because of WGM or subbings or whatever it is. The desicions and the subbings is your own decision and you have your own right to do whatever you want to do.

    But I write this because of coolsmurf. Because it’s identity.

    I have encountered your channel since last year and greatly enjoyed your channel. Since early of this year I have stopped watching K-Entertainment and have encountered your blogs again when I search about AlShin and greatly enjoyed being here.

    It is just you have your own identity, your love sparked through your channel. It feel so warm whenever I watched your channel.

    For me, coolsmurf is never because of WGM or else but it because of you. You are special. That’s it.

    As for all the subbings, I leave the decision to you, we are the one who enjoyed the handworks you make so we didn’t have any right to say anything.

    Whatever it is, I know we shared one things. AlShin’s love. That for sure.

    Thanks for all the hardworks!

  100. Don’t quit, man. I totally prefer YouTube to downloading. Not all peeps got fast Internet; I sometimes feel like chucking rocks at subbing sites that only offer download links. Grateful and all but jesus, the PC can only handle so much.

    coolsmurf subs > the rest

  101. I love your subs too! Your subs introduced me to WGM and Andy & Solbi ~ THANK YOU!

    I’ll support whatever decision you make about continuing or not continuing to sub WGM ~ please do what is best for YOU and not everyone else.

  102. One more things, your hard works for me is everything except wasting time ( in my humble perspective ), aren’t all the loves, warms that you have give to us can considered wastining?- by the one who emailed you. Regardless everything I didnt mind to watch tru Korea Subs, but to think what the person has emailed to you is quite sad for me. How could she/he?

    Hopefully you will have a lovely day ahead! All the best!

  103. Ignore that person’s email…aren’t all these comments above mine proving that its NOT a waste your time?
    Whatever your final decision is regarding the subbing though, I’ll support it..
    I do hope that you’ll continue to write summaries up for WGM though!!

    Looking forward to seeing what you sub next ^^


  104. When I started watching We Got Married, I watched with your subs. After watching some of Korean Sub Utd’s subs, I found your work to be much more enjoyable, especially since you sub side comments, etc. that Korean Sub Utd does not sub.

    I would have not noticed Alex attempting to hold Shin Ae’s back in episode 16 if you hadn’t pointed it out! Korean Sub Utd version did not state that at all. Although you and Korean Sub Utd both sub the same show, I would not consider your hard work a waste at all since you provide for online viewers and not everyone can download due to many reasons. You focus on certain parts of the show while the latter focuses on the whole show, and not all the We Got Married viewers watch the whole show.

    I do prefer watching your subs for Alex/Shin Ae and Solbi/Andy while I watch Korean Sub Utd for Crown J/In Young. You provide us with every little detail there is in every scene, and that is why my friends and I appreciate your version much more. We need every detail we can get! ❀

    There will be people that leave mean commentary, but there are many more people that care and appreciate what you have to contribute. πŸ™‚ I only hope that you realize many people appreciate your subs and do not think you waste your time. I hope you reconsider~

  105. I don’t read other blogs only yours! Why go to others when
    yours is the best? Very up to date, and accurate. I like your style of writing, I love reading it esp if its about WGM-AnBi.

  106. Thanks for your hard work and I hope you continue with the summaries as they are really useful for those on the “go”.

  107. Coolsmurf, please please don’t stop subbing We Got Married… It was through you that I got to know Xman, then now, We Got Married.
    Mondays used to be a bore for me, but now because i get to watch We Got Married on Youtube on Mondays through your channel, I LOVE MONDAYS.
    So please please please don’t stop subbing We Got Married. If you really do stop, there’ll be many heartbrokened out there.
    We love you subs! They’re the best!
    And we love you for subbing them!


  109. sigh, i really appreciated u subbing the WGM cuts practically RIGHT after the episode gets broadcasted, but i guess it’s understandable that u don’t feel that it’s necessary anymore. i’ve actually been watching the full episodes that With Korean Sub Utd subbed and honestly, i think that your translations are more detailed and accurate, but i guess i’ll just live with what i can get =]
    btw, for everyone who doesn’t know where to watch the full subbed epiosdes, you can watch it on Crunchyroll…

    I still hope that you’ll post WGM-related news on this blog. I love all those little extra news stories that just make this reality show more reality ^^

  110. Coolsmurf,
    PPLLLLSSSS don’t quit the subbing of WGM, yours have so much more detail & accuracy. You are the first site I check for the WGM subs.
    I really appreciate all your hard work.

  111. I love your subs too. I think yours is unique in the sense that it’s cut into the different couples. And your subs always give me the feel of the show.

    I can totally understand if you’re not going to sub cos of time constraints, but I hope you won’t quit just because of one bad comment from a person!

  112. Aww… I understand, but I will really miss your subs. I have been downloading from Korean Sub Utd, but I always look for your subs religiously at the beginning of each week. They will be missed. 😦

  113. No! Please continue to sub and do cuts of WGM! You are not wasting your time!!! All us WGM fans truly appreciate your time and effort.

  114. i like your subbing. its clear and i like the way its in cuts. you noe in jst less than one hour of your post, there were hundreeds of viewers already. this is how much your work is appreciated. ty for subbing. hope in the future you would sub fun shows. like hi-five (the makeup episode), happy shares company – the one with the cool ppl, & starking! no one ever subs star king.. 😦 hope u sub the ones ive requested πŸ™‚ ty for subbing πŸ˜€

    all the way in australia love you bro.

  115. Awwww I’m sad to hear that your not going to sub WGM anymore. I always go to your site first to check for new updates. However if you don’t feel like subbing WGM anymore I understand it’s your choice and that it does take lots of time to sub. I appreciate all your hard work!!

  116. just so you know part of my DAILY routine when going online is checking for any updates on your utube.. u have always been my source of my xman fix and now my WGM fix.. thanks for all the videos and i hope u don’t stop subbing but if u decide to do so i still support u!!

  117. NOOOOOOOO!!!! Please don’t stop subbing!!!! I love reading your subs!! *sign* But if it’s what you really want to do…..NO!!!!!!!!

    Well, whatever your decision happens to be, I’ll support you….*sign*……

    Thanks for the summary!!

  118. thanks for all the work ^^ no matter what you end up doing

    it’ll be nice if you continue subbing though lolz

  119. coolsmurf, please don’t quit subbing… your subs are the most accurate. you don’t know how much i look forward to your WGM subs every week. however, i’ll respect your decision if you’re gonna quit subbing…it’ll be a big loss (sobs..). but we’ll continue to support you…

    thanks for all the subs… *sigh*

  120. Dear coolsmurf,
    i really hope after u read all this comments u will not stop subbing WGM..juz ignore wat ppl said to u n u r only my source to WGM althou sumtime i watch WGM on crunchyroll but i really like ur sub itz more fun 2 read :)….PLZ DUN STOP SUBBING WGM…. 😦

  121. Annyong Coolsmuf, pls pls don’t stop subbing. Your subbing is a lot better. I like your subbing n yes yours is more fun to read. I download all your WGM so that I can watch it anytime. Don’t give up on us u are one cool person. Fighting!

  122. Hi

    I hope you change your mind in quitting in subbing the WE GOT MARRIED bec your the best even though there are so many account in youtube subbing the WE GOT MARRIED yours is still the best…………PLS PRETTY PLS DONT STOP SUBBING THE WE GOT MARRIED……….IM BEGGING YOU………..

  123. I don’t get why so many people are asking you to not quit when it is really quite true that you are wasting your time. I’m not saying this with negative feelings, but rather from a neutral stand. Appreciate all that you have done for WGM, but if there’s a faster subbing group, you should really just shift your attention to something else that you enjoy doing. Thanks for all your efforts esp for the summaries which I have been constantly following!
    &I wish you all the best in whatever you decide to take up next (:

  124. Your subs have always been appreciated, and I like how you always group the couples together, not to mention the side comments which other subbers leave untranslated – I really hope you don’t stop subbing this program. That said, this is your choice – it’s your time. But it really will be a pity to see you stop!

    If you do stop, thank you for all you’ve already done! I only began watching this show because you subbed it, and I love it now. I’m extremely grateful πŸ™‚

  125. hey coolsmurf, im sad that you think that your time has been wasted because i dont even watch koreansubtd anymore after i found your channel, but i understand time constraints and stuff because you are doing this for all of us….but if you do decide to stop subbing do you think you could still sub the previews at least because koreansubtd doesn’t do that and i always wonder what is gonna happen next week….

    thanks so much for all your hard work!

  126. I do understand that problem about wasting time so much, I was in the same position. But seeing how many people supporting, you should not quit when you don’t want to, especially just someone said it was a waste. What do you think is more important, do what you feel the best since this is your “Subbed WGM Special”
    Wish you all the best wishes.

  127. OMO! Nuuuuuoooo… dun quite subbing! I like ur subs the best and r owes looking 4ward to it… >.< sobs sobs… but if u really tired of subbing WGM, its up to u then. I’ll owes support u in watever u choose! FIGHTING! (^_^)
    Ah~ i’m more than excited seeing those pictures… and act giggling to myself… hahaha… thx 4 d summaries! ^^

  128. just want to say ur subbing is the best!!!!!!!!
    ur the best coolsmurf!!!!!!!
    from this blog i get to know wgm…….
    thank you very muccccccccccchhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!

  129. @ 137:

    1) How do you know he not enjoyed doing this? From what I knew coolsmurf enjoyed doing things which he loved and feels strong about i.e He loved WGM and loved doing the cuts etc. He has been subbed and doind clips for various variety show which he loved and I believe he enjoyed doing that. If you said he didnt really enjoyed that, they you didn’t know him well.

    2) Why there is some people who dared to pointing out his works as wasting time when his subs and clips is nothing at all the same as Koreansubs!!!! If saying that due to time constrain and let him finish his prioritize first then it is ok, but who are we to decide what he want to do. He never complained he is busy nor did he said he did this because of people until someone emailed him and said those words!!! Arghh..

    Knowing that, if once people pissed him of, our coolsmurfs who always cool can get upset to. My words, do whatever you like alvin, and make a decision that will please you and not because of someone emailling you or asking you.

  130. Hi!

    I really want to say thank you for all the subs,you do,I am french and I don’t understand Korean,but I understand English, so the only way for me to understand the shows is to see your videos with your subs and I always come to your site because I think that their is so much interstings news about korean entartaiment!I really like what you do and I think I am not the only one in this case.So about the subbing,I really want you to continue and I think the number of your viewers,who wait for your subbing ,show how much we like your subbing,the people who want you to stop are just jealous or want to take your place but we only like what you do.But the fact is that you have to continue,if you want to and if you continue to like what you do.If you think it isn’t the case so with a lot of regret we have to respect the decision you choose.

    I really like your blog and I vote for it,I hope you win.

    Thanks for all you did
    A faithful reader and viewers of all your works

  131. Coolsmurf! Please dont stop subbing WGM/do the weekly updates!

    I know you are busy and have your own life to lead. But many of us here depend on your subs! You are definitely NOT wasting your time!
    I even collect your WGM episode cuts on my iPod!

    Hmm. Looking forward to your upcoming work. Don’t give up! But it’s still up to you to decide πŸ™‚

    Coolsmurf fighting!

  132. nawww.. i understand it`s a waste of time but everyone waits for ur subs! i love u subbings !!!

  133. Coolsmurf, please dont quit subbing WGM, coz I really loves it! Actually I have a poor connection here, so I cant download WGM with High Quality…

    I only wait for your subs on Youtube, I even collect them from the 1st episode, seriously. ^^
    I know you’re busy and have your own life.
    But I wish you won’t stop subbing WGM episodes..
    Thank you very much,coolsmurf ^__^v

  134. i’m so glad that there’re actually people in Singapore who enjoys watching We Got Married as much as I do. Yay fellow Singaporean! ❀ I love your recap! I always read them before I watch the actual videos.

  135. I cant believe sum1 actually said to you dat you’re wasting your time. prob just jealousy.

    You’re not wasting your time at all considering your work is being watched and appreciated by so many ppl.

    I wish you’d continue subbing WGM buh my comment wont make a different. Just wanted to say do whatever is best for you. I respect your decision. thank you so much and best wishes!! hwaiting!!

  136. please do not stop subbing WGM, from all the comments posted, you can see that you have a lot of supporter. if you did not mention it i dont even know about korean sub Utd!!!! and why should i care…from the start until now i always waiting for you sub…Jangan merajuk o.k.

  137. Gee! Wish anything on earth could possibly change your mind Alvin!!!

    Pleaseeeeeeee dun quit subbing. We love your sub it’s the best and the only!!!!

  138. Hey coolsmurf

    Just like everyone else said,
    your subs are really accurate and easy to understand.
    I thankful of what you did for us though
    but please continue to sub πŸ˜€
    i’ve never watched koreansubutd before, well i did once..
    but so many grammar errors and all.
    and I really do love your cuts.

    but yeah..
    it’s up to you now ^^

  139. @147 guest
    Yeah, I do admit that I don’t know him well, thats for sure. And I don’t watch WGM with English Subs so I have no idea that his subs are of better quality. Sorry for that comment then. I’m just pointing out that there’s no point in having two groups subbing the same show, perhaps they could collab or sth because it is a waste of resources if not time.
    I don’t understand whats with the whole “stop listening to those saying its a waste of time, they are just jealous” because I’m nothing close to jealous. I’m just a random passerby voicing my thoughts about this.
    Sorry if I’m not supposed to even do that. In any case, my opinion doesn’t even matter considering they are so many of you wanting him to continue subbing WGM.

  140. I agree to them..
    i prefer watching your subbed
    its not wasting your time
    since a lot of us are waiting
    for it….

  141. thank you…omg..you cant give up…today i was watching we got married ep. 17 without sub and i was wondering why didnt you post up any video…is that why..who ever email you..should go bye bye..=/ you know lots of ppl support you =]

  142. Really, me as a foreigner and as someone that really has no idea of korean puns or well known stories, is very thankfull for your translation because you often use to add some details or explanation! No one else does -_-“”
    But thank you anyway

  143. please….. don’t stop subbing…. please…..
    please cont what u’ve started…. u leave me hopeless here…
    urs r the best…
    i’m not a korean… but i love korea…
    u’re the one who introduced me to WGM, now u wanna leave…
    how should i holding on??? (T-T)

  144. I only starting watching WGM because you subbed it so well coolsmurf (I had subscribed to your videos earlier after watching XMAN a year ago – I was so happy).
    Everyone trusts your subs, your cuts are great, and they float around EVERYWHERE on the internet.

    If it wasn’t for your subbing, I would have missed out on so many amazing korean variety shows and missed many laughs. I owe it all to you xD (I am not Asian, so I had no idea what I was missing!)

    I totally respect your decision, what ever it is, because I don’t want you to tire yourself out for the viewers. You aren’t a machine…relax and sub whenever you feel is best time for you. I think I can wait and anticipate more! Even if its weeks after, I love the archive of videos you have on YT so it would be a shame if it wasn’t finished.

    You are cool 8D (and I am not lying)

  145. Hi Coolsmurf, I’m just wanted to say Thank you for all the hard work you do in subbing WGM. I love this series because of you. Please don’t stop. You’re the reason why I’m so addicated to the show now. I sorry that you got those bad email. Please don’t listen to them. I like the way you break up the video, so you can watch your favorite couple without interruption.

    By the way I would love to vote for you. How do i do that

  146. Coolsmurf! I too am a silent reader but everyday I come to your site faithfully. I live in the states and thoroughly enjoy your website and all the hard work you do. I know it takes alot of time but it is greatly, greatly appreciated.

    Thanks again for all your past and present work in giving us english subs.

    God Bless

  147. Alvin,
    Thanks for your great work. You totally rock! I don’t know if you have an idea of how much your work means to our sanity and world peace! I am glad you decided to come back and contribute to this daily effort!
    Thank you!

  148. wows, you’ve got a lot of supporters! not surprising though haha. thanks a bunch for your subs, not just these.. but i ADORE xman.. cant count how many times i’ve rewatched my favorite scenes like when tony got in touch with his younger side.. thanks for everything! jia you! (ok, i dont know how to say that in korean.. haha)

  149. Please dont stop subbing! I’ve been keeping track of WGM on your blog and youtube account every week since it started! Don’t matter where else it’s subbed or who says what, i only wish to watch your subs! I truly hope you’ll continue! with all your supporters, every minute of your time shall worth the work! we all cherish your work so please don’t stop!

    Fightinng! : )

  150. Like another person earlier, it’s a shame I never commented much on your blog earlier, but I’ve always been a kinda silent reader/supporter. Thank you so much for all yours subs of WGM! It would truly be a shame though if you stop subbing them, simply because I like the style in which you sub, as well as the accuracy of it. I am not a Korean speaker myself, but sometimes the subs are WAY off, and the viewing quality is poor. Therefore, whether or not you decide to continue subbing WGM is obviously up to you, but thank you nonetheless for all you’ve done! Hopefully we can see more of your work in the future. I have my fingers crossed!


    Lots of people love you still ! So don’t quit on us, okay?
    I know others can upload & do subs but yours are the
    ones I am looking for each week. I know others will feel the same way as mine.

    Oh, I’m not Singaporean so terriby sorry I cannot vote for you on the “Spore Blog Awards”!.

    Lots of people are grateful for your hard works. We appreciate your sacrifices greatly in terms of money, time & energy! We thank you for that! REALLY !!!

    Keep up the good works. We all love you!!!

    ALVIN LIM, fighting…!!!

  152. aww. don’t quit subbing!
    your wayy better than they are!

    you actually have like the best blog & [sub]videos!

    COOLSMURF there is no other blogger that
    is way better than you are! your actually a multitasking person!

    you bring us the latest new, take time to sub WGM
    [which is awesome subbing!!!], a great critic =) & a spectacular person!

  153. aww. thats too bad. well thanks for subbing it all, or else i wouldnt be addicted to the show. keke! XD i dont mind downloading it or watever.

    could you at least provide a link for this korean sub utd??

  154. Coolsmurf Domain is in the top 3 for the voting. Keep voting once a day; we can really show our support with a win for Coolsmurf Domain. πŸ˜€

  155. i really loved what you been doing with the blog and subs for WGM. was it a troublesome or a hassle for you? if it was then i can totally understand but if you enjoyed it then i dont see how one opinion should influence your works since theres so many people loyal to your subs.

    personally i am.
    although i like your subs better and how they’re cuts, it would be great if you don’t quit but i respect whatever choice you make and thankful for the subs you’ve done.

    I got to know this show because of you so really, thank you so much!

  156. tahnx u very much for your subbing. i know i know wgm from your site, so please don’t guit to subbing it. thanx

  157. Anbi!!
    love them really much.. love the reality show!!!
    makes my daya happy day!!!
    know it from my little sis
    WGM makes my mother, my elder sis, my little sis n of course ME! crazy about it..
    bcoz of coolsmurf sub’s We all can’t wait to watch it through ur channel!!!

    You have become one of the parts of WGM.. plz, don’t quit..
    we all support COOLSMURF coz u r so COOL!

    Kambate! chaio!! Aza! aza! Fighting!!


  158. Hi guys. i know your really bummed about Coolsmurf not subbing WGM anymore, i am too. but we have to respect his decision and accept it. i would just like all the WGM fans out there to know that all hope is not lost. we can still get the subbed WGM episodes. although they are not as quick and efficent as coolsmurf, on Crunchyroll.com they have the new subbed episode out on every wednesday(most of the time) although its too bad your not subbing anymore Coolsmurf, i thank you for all your previous subbed WGM episodes and wish you the best. thanks again for all your hard work. You rock =)

  159. Thank you for subbing WGM. Me too like the way you cut the episodes by couple. So I can choose the one that I want to watch. But, today your account at youtube is suspended. So sad, I cannot watch your work anymore.

    I also vote for you. Is it only Singaporean can vote? If I am from Malaysia, so the vote not counted?

    Whatever you decision, I’ll support you.

    Thank you again.

  160. Why don’t you ask from other people especially to those who supports your subs to donate something…between $1-$5. If they want to donate then that will be good..if not…aww…thats really sad.

    Ask them if its okey for them to donate or not.

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