Shin Jung Hwan Suffers Multiple Injuries in Accident

Update: Shin Jung Hwan will be discharged from hospital tomorrow and will continue hosting his programs even with his injured forehead. He is expected to only recover fully from his multiple injuries in two months time. Will he attend MC Yoo Jae Suk’s wedding tomorrow, that’s a big question mark?

Korean gagman, Shin Jung Hwan met with an accident yesterday and it’s still up in the air whether he’s able to continue hosting his existing programs.

Shin Jung Hwan was riding his bicycle yesterday afternoon where he had to make an emergency turn to avoid hitting an onrushing car. It resulted in his bicycle flipping over as he hit the road head-on.

He suffered multiple injuries to his forehead, pelvis, knee, and back. Just his forehead (which he always hides) alone, he had 10 over stitches for it. He is now recovering at Soonchun hospital and under observation.

Because he holds several hosting positions on popular programs like Sang Sang Plus, etc, his injuries comes at a worst possible time and could have an effect on the programs. We wish him well on a speedy recovery.

33 thoughts on “Shin Jung Hwan Suffers Multiple Injuries in Accident

  1. damn! SJH’s got to recover fast because the programs that he co-host will suck ass without him.

  2. Oh, I am just glad he survived! Stupid drivers always miss to notice bicycle-drivers, that’s why so many of them die all the time. Everyone should take for granted that everyone are idiots in traffic, and drive thereafter 😮

  3. Omo! Shin Jung Hwan! Poor guy! I’m so sorry to hear that this happened to him. Hopefully he recovers soon. We sure could use his humor. ❤

  4. oh no! i hope he gets better soon. i love shin jung hwan! even though he isnt the best looking guy around his humor and personality make up for it. he makes the programs that he is on fun to watch and he livens up the atmosphere. get well soon!

  5. How heartbreaking to hear this news! T.T Jung Hwan is my favorite gagman. Best wishes to him for a quick recovery!

  6. wahh! get well soon shin jung hwan! get lots of rest! i’m sure he’s makin’ jokes and is as bright as ever while staying in the hospital. he’s hilarious and always so entertaining to watch. always keepin the viewers and fans entertained.

  7. noooooo omfg. that is soooo sad!! i love Jung Hwan. =[ hope he will be better. who cares about the show.. shiii… your health is more important.

  8. Hope shin jung hwan will get well soon….We will be supporting him all along….. “,

  9. Aww…..i hope that Jung Hwan will get well soon! He’s my favourite gagman next to Yoo Jae Suk! Pray that he will have a speedy and absolute recovery!

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