Alex Dated 14 Women Before

Alex who has become everyone’s romantic guy through MBC “We Got Married” revealed his own relationships in reality on a recent “Sang Sang Plus” episode.

In the “Sang Sang Plus” episode shown on 1st July, Alex expressed, “I have dated 14 women in total.” When asked by the host whether he has been rejected before, he said, “Of course, I have been rejected before”, and added that he had been back-stabbed also (girl dated him and another guy).

They continued by asking if he has a girlfriend to which he replied that he hasn’t had a girlfriend for a long time already. He also said that although he always thinks of way to create surprises and events for girls on programs, but in reality, he doesn’t quite care about 100 days or 1 year anniversaries.

He expressed, “There was once when I didn’t try to do anything special when it was our 100th day together but the way my girlfriend flared up was pretty cute. On the 108th day, I pranked her by giving her a shaver. But on the way back home, I gave her the real present.”

While Alex currently enjoys high popularity among females, he has however become public enemy no.1 among guys. Alex said, “There was once when I was working out at the fitness center when a guy came up to him and said he sees me often on television in a sarcastic tone. I asked if I caused any burden to him and he said yes, he’s quite angry with me.”

Through many programs, Alex had been showing his excellent culinary skills but this has irked many guys as their girlfriends would be comparing them to Alex. When asked, Alex replied, “I had always want to be a chef so it’s quite natural for me to show my cooking skills on programs. There’s really nothing to it. And also, I wanted the program to have more depth so I have been trying my best to fulfil my role as a husband on the program.”

In another interesting segment, Tak Jae Hoon tried to pair up another guest, Yoon Jung Hee with Alex after she said that she was single now. But Solbi who is also in “We Got Married” and a host on “Sang Sang Plus” said, “But Alex is already married!”, which caught the attention of viewers.

17 thoughts on “Alex Dated 14 Women Before

  1. lol, solbi is so funny 🙂 Well it’s not surprising that Alex is public enemy to guys, he’s just TOO perfect as a husband on T.V. Makes you wonder if it’s just a charade, I would love to see him ticked off one day on WGM, even though that’s a pretty bad thing. At this point AlShin are getting a bit boring because there’s no conflict, everything’s just going too smoothly.

  2. Alex comments doesn’t sit well with me.
    #Luvaniment – agreed with you on the charade statement.
    Solbi is cute on letting out her say about Alex’ status. You go girl!
    Thanks coolmsurf for this post.

  3. poor Alex being despised by the male viewers lol. Those guys must have felt burdened hahaha. It really is not Alex’s fault at all that he is such a gentleman. The male viewers should have learnt from Alex and try to treat their girlfriends/wives better.

  4. Solbi is so funny and witty. She is also a loyal friend to Shinae. That’s why people just adore her!

  5. Dated… not married… but he is “married” to Shin Ae…

    But him teasing his ex with a shaver was quite funny…

  6. Haha..I don’t see Alex as perfect netheir of AlShin is too smoothly. They are everything but smoothly.

    I think what make most of us thing Alex and Shin Ae progress is going on smoothly is their personality and character. Both of them is type A and has sort of internal understanding. They are always understand each other thinking and feelings but things aren’t going that smoothly. Shin Ae is still trying to accept him and Alex is on his guard to enter Shin Ae heart. Their conflict is internal and that can’t be feel by everyone especially based on viewers who watch for the sake of entertainment.

    Didn’t mean to be defensive towards Alex, I’m a big fan of AlShin but my favorite guy is not him in entertainment world. ( But I Looove Clazziquai ) But what I have read regarding his character since last year he is gentleman and he loved to please people who he attracted to and loved to. He said though people seems he that way but he is not like that especially when he has been hurt most in his previous relationship. Especially on what he said on CTP and Horan said about him. Horan said Alex and her never be a team ( couple ) because Alex is gentleman and she want man who are more tougher then her ( because Horan is independent woman ). He was in Canada before and dating ( going out with woman may seems normal there ) beside Crown J said he has dated almost 200.


    All the best!!

  7. btw: I found that AlShin episodes from 13-16 is wayyyy to short and that is the main reason we see a little interactions between them too and to add the fact that both of them has the character that need some time to heat up then it is why we the viewers think that they are a bit ‘slow’. Compared to others couple who are surely got an enormous time to spend times together and make fun things together!

    The things that attracted me to AlShina and WGM is the one that I found has most sincere feelings to really start a real relationship and the one who personally I feel was really meant for each other as well I viewed them as an individual who teach me something in ‘a marriage!

  8. Just want to share a video of what Lee Hyori thinks of Alex and general man in Korea. Alex may seems a man that almost impossible to have ( people who say he is pretending is getting on my nerves! ) but not all woman want to have a man like him and it is rare to meet a considerate man like him nowadays but there are still man like him. I adored him but not to the extent will want my man to be like him. Alex is Alex and he is special because his is like that. So, just let him be…

  9. Alex is awesome! I don’t know why ppl would think that he’s fake and dislike him. Maybe because they envy those gentle and sweet qualities in Alex that they don’t have.

  10. Solbi is really interesting…when she involved she will participated in her whole life..

    wow 14?that was awesomer..cos i none…

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