Alex and Shin Ae still affectionate even after the cameras have stopped rolling

MBC Sunday Sunday Night “We Got Married” perfect man perfect woman couple Alex and Shin Ae are affectionate in real life, not just on TV. It was observed that they really bring a warm feeling to people’s heart.

This observation came from the photographer who was in charge of Alex and Shin Ae’s “We Got Married” wedding photoshoot which will be shown this Sunday. The photographer wrote this observation on his own minihompy and since then, it has been the topic that Alex and Shin Ae fans talk about.

This photographer said

They are different from what they are on TV and seemed close with one another. They aren’t awkward and look compatible. Shin Ae is good at posing, a definite pro. Alex has a good personality.

He also said

It was a whole day photo shoot but (they) were happy the whole time. Alex was really affectionate towards Shin Ae…. even after the TV cameras stopped rolling. He made the whole photoshoot atmosphere fun. (He) has a good personality/character.”

He also added, “It was absolutely not scripted at all…it was true reality.”

Alex and Shin Ae had left the program earlier because the earlier had to prepare for his solo album. They were reunited one month later on the June 8th episode where they’ve gained popularity once again.

credits: o-cha (translation) | bm05om (picture) | Park Noh Bum (photographer)

29 thoughts on “Alex and Shin Ae still affectionate even after the cameras have stopped rolling

  1. I KNEW IT! they have grown closer outside of WGM!!! i’m pretty sure they probably contacted each other and met with each other a couple of times….:)

  2. WOW!!! Me parece genial xD
    Shinae se ve muy lindaaaa y Alex es un bombom…. xD
    Hacen una linda pareja

    AlShin fighting!!!

  3. On the earlier post of “Alex Dated 14 Women Before”, I commented that Alex’s remarks doesn’t sit well with me. Well, after reading this article, I do pray and hope that Alex is REALLY, REALLY SINCERE towards ShinAe.
    Looking forward to this Sunday WGM show.
    Thanks guys for the piece of news and pix.

  4. Waaaahahahaha~! I’m really happy to hear that~!

    @ teokong & grace: Yea, but at the same time, hoping that Alex really is serious with Shin Ae.

    From what we’ve seen and heard so far, I guess Shin Ae’s been through heartbreaking relationships, and she seems quite apprehensive about beginning a new one. But we can see that slowly but surely she’s opening up to Alex.

    But they really look like they’re meant for each other. I don’t know. I just feel that they complement each other in a way that is different from the rest of the couples.

    Looking forward to the next episode of WGM~!

    Thanks for the news!

  5. I really don’t care about any other couple except for Alex and Shinae because they are truly the perfect couple! They’re so real and charming! I just adore them!

  6. Just wanted to know, Y did MInwoo break up with Shin Ae in the Past. Does anybody know y?

  7. Aww… that’s cute. It would be interesting to see if any and how many couples come out of this show after the cameras stop rolling for the final time. If any there are any relationships, how long they last.

  8. i understand how alex might be considered “perfect man” (even though some may disagree, due to “fakeness” and the 100% mushyness dont sit well), but what makes shinae the perfect girl? all she seems to do is smile and be shy/awkward, and act naive. to me, they are the most boring couple.. no conflict, and especially no “charm” to the relationship.

  9. Alex and Shinae are the best! I LOVE this couple! There’ s just something special about them that makes them so lovable! I think they will forever be WGM’s golden couple!

  10. They make the perfect couple! Alex is the perfect gentleman and Shinae is the beautiful bride! Love them so much! You can tell that Alex is totally into Shinae!

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  12. Sweet! Just very sweet… everytime I think of Alex saying “thank you” and drop sideway to the sofa… man… that is bliss I figured…

  13. @sporkandfoon+ piperz+ Luvluv

    I’m totally agreed. As much as I feel entertained by others couple, loved them too but ALShin is just different. They seems to meant for each others i.e match made in heaven( well I pray for that). Say whatever you want to say about them, slow, boring but the most important they are soul mate. Haha…
    They might not make me laugh as much as JoongBo and Crown Young but AlShin tough it kind of ‘dull’ in terms of entertaining wise for some people but most importantly they are realistic. They didn’t push up things, let the things going on the way it should be and didn’t afraid to be awkward. It seems like a real relationship that didn’t appeared on tv. On how a development of a real relationship process going on. They might didn’t show us what we want to see but that doesn’t important. As long as they really into each other. A real relationship can’t be force or have pressure from outside. AlShin beside CrownYoung that seems really into each other and prepared for a real relationship outside WGM.

    @sophie: Shin Ae, maybe what you seems like an ordinary woman but there is always somebody for someone. Love didn’t count all those thing…

    Peace everyone!!!

    Thanks Alvin!!!^^

    AlShin. All the best.

  14. I love them from the start!!! Gosh!! Really hope for them to be together even after WGM ^^.. Some people are just MEAN to say that they are unrealistic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! >.< i think that they’re the best couple of alll =D esp. in ep.20 and 21!! haha!! can’t wait for the next ep!

  15. I’m still watching early episodes of WGM and omgosshhh Alex, so sweet, kind, and patient. I hope the stories of him being a cad are just rumours. And he’s supposed to be over-worked right.. Where could he fit 14 women in his schedule? lol

  16. Alex is very kind and caring….he’s been through some hard stuff himself…sorry this couple left WGM…but it seems like their affection for each other was real. It was so nice to see Alex help Shin Ae open up. She is angelic.

  17. all i can say is…the next wgm show…they can never replace the passionate heartfelt warmth romance dat alshin show…they will b the only 1…1 of a kind couple alshin…may alex and shin ae open up their true feelings towards 1 another…alshin, fightin!!!

  18. I Can’t Believe That Shin Ae Is Married Now.
    They Were So Compatible With Each Other.
    It’s Great To Know That Their Affection For Each Other Was Actually True Feelings And Not Fake And Awkward Like How WGM Tried To Make It. AlShin, Aja Aja Fighting!

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